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  1. There are so many photos from internet by the looks. Can you confirm which photos are of the actual units for sale?
  2. Important detail to note this is P-03 Universal will also play DVD output over HDMI.
  3. Thanks for the clarification Frederick, I was wondering mainly due to the transport mechanism which I believe is a CD-ROM DRIVE. Cheers Chris
  4. How old is this CD player? I see the GNSC mod is dated April 2011...
  5. Are all WBT banana connectors included? Some appear to be missing?
  6. What is your budget? Can it stretch to Voxativ? If so, I highly recommend you consider their 5inch wide band drivers which are super efficient and scary dynamics that would be hard to beat PLUS they are very accurate. https://voxativ.berlin/products/af1n https://voxativ.berlin/products/af26 Good friend here in Perth has a quartet of these driven with 845 SET amps in a huge 4way active system and they sound superb. Cheers, Chris
  7. Surely he could not have paid anywhere near RRP? I do not know him but given retail is $30,000 more than he is asking for this current model in mint condition, he is literally throwing huge money into the mouth of a volcano?
  8. I agree everyone tends to lose out when items are turned over but losing $30,000 on a purchase approx 12 months old is totally off the charts !!!
  9. For the record this is a superb amplifier. I am the very happy owner of a pair of Absolare Altius 845SET monoblocks and have had the pleasure of hearing the Absolare Integrated in several systems including Absolare's room in Munich earlier this year. It is stunning.
  10. $22.5K is a massive $30K discount on retail cost and an absolute bargain for someone looking to buy one of these. It looks to be almost in untouched brand new condition! I was wondering what speakers you were driving with this beautiful amplifier?
  11. OK understood and correct – as stated, this AP35 does not have MDF side panels they are solid aluminium alloy.
  12. No it does not have a phono stage. I’m not sure what you mean by what version is it? Model is AP35. I do not recall there being different versions of the AP35?
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