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  1. Amazing bargain to be had here – that is for sure! Just to clarify the photos are not of Eagleyes system as he clearly states:
  2. Yes understood – but I would venture that two flat surfaces under compression possibly have a better chance of maximising potential contact than two cylindrical forms one inside the other? I have used both of these options specifically – and yes, you are correct there is NEVER absolute surface contact in purely mechanical fixings in audio equipment – or most instances for that matter unless there are enormous forces involved and the metals are sufficiently malleable (as in pure copper) to deform into each other – but beryllium is relatively hard and in this instance added to the copper in the banana plugs to increase its tensile resilience to generate its 'springiness'... No absolute truths here of course – all good fun and reminds me of fascinating time I spent a few years ago with an artist friend working with several research nanochemists and engineers working with Atomic Force Microscopy (ATM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) exploring the Midas phenomena where atoms are transferred (exchanged) between materials under certain contact conditions.
  3. With all due respect Andy (noting I have used Multi Contact gold-plated beryllium copper banana plugs and binding posts myself for DIY projects in the past) and not disputing your maths on the surface area calculations, I would suggest that just because it is a 'tight fit', I am not sure that you can assume the outer surface of your banana plug is making 100% contact with the internal surface of the binding post? But as far as banana plugs go, If I had no choice but to use them, these are the type I would use : )
  4. Well of course the Mundorf binding posts came fitted to my Absolare monoblocks : )
  5. I tend to disagree in so much as it depends entirely on which binding posts you are using with spade connectors. When properly tightened, (only finger tight) the Mundorf binding posts on my Absolare monoblock amps grip the Oyaide spades on my Echole speaker cables like they are welded together. I know this because I have just relocated my amps after 12 months and undoing the binding posts to remove the spades was not easy at all: )
  6. Welcome Ersin. I have visited Istanbul many times – one of my favourite cities in the world. Cheers, Chris
  7. Haha I can barely look at those sideways photos for a few seconds...without getting a sore neck... So frankn – you found no improvement in sound from using them? Cheers
  8. I think the depth of the shadow on the black material on the door you can see in the photo two posts above tells you a fair bit about how non-reflective they are. Compare it to the reflection of light within the shadow of the painted wall.
  9. Good to hear you got it sorted and I agree 100% system synergy is incredibly important. As a matter of interest, if your new room 'measured' OK in acoustic terms how do the AC supplies feeding both your old and this new room compare – do you have dedicated isolated circuits feeding your audio system? I found that alone to make a considerable difference in my room. I assume you had the exact same system set up in this new location as what you enjoyed in your old room – but you have multiple options that enabled you you to change the combination to better synergise to the character of your new room?? Happy listening.
  10. Sandgropers? Haven't heard that word for decades... Should I be offended : )
  11. Yes less than $70/m + shipping – as you say relatively cheap : )
  12. For what its worth, just to contextualise his comments – with all due respect – I am not sure Kal (the reviewer) Rubinson's system (especially his digital source) can quite compare to Chanh's : ) Kal's review system was noted as: Digital sources: Oppo Digital UDP-105 universal disc player, Baetis Prodigy-X PC-based music server running JRiver Media Center v25 and Roon, exaSound e38 Mark II D/A processor. QNAP TVS-873 NAS. Preamplifiers: Audio Research MP1, Parasound P7. Power amplifiers: Benchmark AHB2, Hegel C-53, Classé Sigma Mono, Parasound Halo A 31. Loudspeakers: Revel Ultima2 Studio, Vivid Kaya45. Cables: Digital: AudioQuest Coffee (USB); Analog interconnects: AudioQuest Earth/DBS balanced, Kubala-Sosna Anticipation (RCA); Speaker cables: Benchmark Studio&Stage (NL2 to banana), Canare 4S11 (Blue Jeans Cable); AC cables: Kubala-Sosna Emotion, SignalCable MagicPower 20A. Accessories: AudioQuest Niagara 5000 and Brick-Wall BrickWall 8RAUD power conditioners, HDPLEX 400W ATX Linear Power Supply, CyberPower 850PFCLCD AC battery backup (supplied with Baetis server). Listening room: 24' L × 14' W × 8' H, furnished with 2 MSR Acoustics Dimension4 SpringTraps in the front corners, 2 Ready Acoustics Chameleon Super Sub Bass Traps to the sides, and moderately sound-absorbing furniture. Front wall has large windows partly covered by fabric drapes and 4" thick 2' × 4' OC 705 panels. Rear of room opens into 10' × 7' foyer and a 12' × 8' dining area.—Kal Rubinson
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