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  1. Yes please Baz. Let me know shipping to Leederville 6007 and I will pay as per normal arrangements, Cheers Chris
  2. Please advise by private message what cost to ship to Leederville 6007. I will take these. Cheers
  3. Yes, understood – I just wasn't sure if you knew Chanh has another 14 to play with which I am certain he will do in due course : )
  4. Hi John just checking the cores of these sheets of Kapur marine plywood are totally voidless? There appears to be some small voids visible in the layers of cores in the photo where the stack is inscribed "18 KAPUR"? These gaps appear as small gaps or inconsistencies in the edges of the separate pieces butted edge to edge to form each core when laid up in assembly process just prior to being pressed. Some years ago, I commissioned a stack of Australian made 29m custom pressed marine plywood (manufactured using plantation grown Hoop Pine). This was for a speaker project that never
  5. I assume there is no Australian retail pricing because these are only available in US AC plugs ? US Retail = 249 USD European retail = 250 Euro
  6. OK thanks for the feedback. Can you describe how it is connected within your system?
  7. How did you find this DC Blocker affected the sound of your system?
  8. i have over 400+ NOS 6SN7 I am gradually selling off. What are you chasing?
  9. I have been using various implementations of Panzerholz in my system since 2010 after meeting Rainier Weber from Kaiser Acoustics in Germany who pioneered its use in constructing the extraordinary cabinets for his outstanding Kawero speakers. I use it in its laminated form in equipment supports like the Pyon Sounds supports like the Spira – see attached.
  10. Ahah so many wonderful 12AU7 tubes but some so ridiculously rare only a few ever found in years hunting and unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) some of them proved the best performers like these 5 rarities: Thomson-CSF black plate, folded foil getter, 6189-12AU7WA (Saint Egreve factory) c1966 France. NEC black welded plate, vegetable peeler getter, 12AU7 (Tokyo factory) 1950 Japan. La RadioTechnique grey plate, mesh getter, RT 12AU7S (Suresne factory) 1956 France. Siemens welded plate, large D-getter, ECC82 (Copenhagen factory) 1953 Denmark. Tungsram welde
  11. Carried away, washed down the river and plunge over the waterfall : ) But no better way to learn what is the best 12AU7 in my equipment than try to listen to almost every type of 12AU7 ever made I suppose...
  12. Hahah yes quite a bug that....yes me too but I ended up with over 600 NOS 12AU7s!?!?! Time to say farewell to most of them now though...
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