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  1. Aperalim

    Hello from Perth

    Oops one key word I missed in my last post... How MUCH would you like to spend? : )
  2. Aperalim

    Hello from Perth

    Hi Chris, Welcome. I have three questions: What amplifier are you using now? How would you like to spend? How would you like the sound to change? Cheers Chris
  3. Aperalim

    SOLD: FS: Rega Apollo CD Player

    Any photos? How old is this player?
  4. Yes I was fortunate enough to ultimately engineer a solution that didn't require any binding posts at all in my Voxativ 9.87 speakers. Hence these beautiful WBT Nextgen 0703Ag were simply not required.
  5. Item: NEW UNUSED WBT-0703Ag pure silver Binding Posts (set of 4) Location: PERTH Price: $350 incl standard postage in Aust (RRP $375 + shipping) Item Condition: MINT NEW Reason for selling: NOT REQUIRED Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: I purchased these 4 WBT-0703Ag binding posts to upgrade the binding posts on my Voxativ field coil 9.87 speakers (rear loaded horns). Fortunately I managed to bypass all connectors completely by connecting my Echole Limited Edition speaker cables directly from my amps to the Voxativ field coil drivers by feeding the cable through the Voxativ's horn mouth up into the speaker cabinet. These are widely regarded as some of the best binding posts available but as they say the best connector is NO connector at all : ) . Therefore these were never used whatsoever and are not required. (Purchased from Krispy Audio where they will cost you $375 plus shipping). A full set of WBT puzzle key mounting washers are included. Pictures:
  6. Now SOLD pending payment.
  7. Aperalim

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    I did too for over 35 years until now. A friend has used these in his system and they are incredibly effective. Did you watch the video through completely? I thought Max explains the physics that clarifies that by comparing velocities of the distortion feeding into cabinet from mechanical coupling versus the driver's sound wave propagation.
  8. Item: BOCCHINO AUDIO Alpha13 Banana Plug (Alphababana MkIII) AS NEW Location: PERTH Price: $150 + shipping Item Condition: MINT as supplied by Bocchino Audio Reason for selling: NOT REQUIRED Payment Method: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER Extra Info: I purchased this set of four Bocchino banana plugs last October from Bocchino Audio as a temporary solution for 2 months to fit my Echole Limited Edition speaker cables to my Voxativ 9.87 speaker system. Now that I have successfully installed my Echole speaker cables directly into my horn loaded enclosures and bypassed all other connections to secure them directly to the Voxativ field coil drivers these are no longer required. These made a wonderful improvement in my system when they replaced a standard set of gold plated banana plugs. Highly recommnended. From Bocchino Audio’s website: “The physical construction of AlphababanaMkIII assists in attaining a very high torque and holding pressure on the speaker cable inserted into it. The Hex outer body enables the use of two spanners, or a spanner and a socket or two sockets, to lock the wire with MODERATE force. This assists in maximising transmission efficiency from cable to connector and hence to or from the loudspeaker or amplifier respectively. The Wire Holding Body is Pure Copper (99.94%+ Alloy C11000 ) and the locking bolt is Brass and incorporates an M11 Ultra fine thread and considerably longer than previous versions. This enables better security and holding torque on the wire filars being gripped.” RETAIL List Price = $60 AUD each $240 AUD set of four. MY ASKING PRICE = $150 AUD for quick sale. Pictures:
  9. Aperalim

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    I would be interested to learn if anyone has experience with these Ecstasy Props? Looking closely at these Swedish feet I expect the biggest difference is these are not damped like the Townshend Seismic supports that Max demonstrated was a critical aspect of his design that had demonstrative advantage over just springs alone.
  10. Aperalim

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Hmm something very weird happened to my two posts about Max Townshend's videos about speaker isolation?? First one mentioning Max Townshend's compelling ideas has lost its video link completely and replaced with something that Addicted to Music posted earlier? Then my second post with the link to what I described as Max's ideas in a nutshell, has ended up with the longer video link and the short Townshend tutorial has ended up in someone else's (addicted to music) post dated 3 hours ago?!? Oh well at least both youtube links are still visible even if the video links have swapped locations somehow...
  11. Aperalim

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    And here is Max Townshend's speaker isolation message in a nutshell:
  12. Aperalim

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Max Townshend has some compelling views on speaker decoupling which some of you may be familiar with and many of you may find counter intuitive but it is worth hearing him out:
  13. Aperalim

    Room Query

    Sounds like you are making some progress NKMA. As mentioned by someone earlier if your listening seat is close to your rear wall you may benefit from some wall mounted acoustic treatment to absorb and therefore minimise reflections. Good luck with it all.
  14. Aperalim


    Dear sootshe, PM sent with intent to buy. Cheers Chris
  15. Aperalim

    Room Query

    With all due respect Trevor I have had many systems in many different rooms over many years and given NKMA's system sounds unsatisfactory as it is configured now (which all things considered most would assume would present optimal outcome) I only suggested an alternative is trialled . in case your advise does not yield the desired result. As I suggested the only way to really understand how anything will impact sound is to experiment and hear it for oneself. Of course I agree with your advice that it is important to have unequal distances from speakers to rear and side boundaries and perhaps your suggestion to move closer to speakers will reveal fuller bass but perhaps it will not – depends on many things including the room's eigentones etc etc... Glass of course is lossy to low frequencies so I would expect curtains will do zero to bass response but yes glass (or a bare hard wall for that matter) at first lateral reflection point on one or either side of speakers is not good at all for the parameters you list. Diffusion might have positive audible effects in this room behind speakers and in due course NKMA will be seeking acoustic advice soon from Sydney HiFi which hopefully will be able to build upon their own experience from trying a few different options first before any funds are committed... NKMA what height is your ceiling in this room?