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  1. Greetings Emile, You will quite likely be able to find whatever you are looking for through this website. Key is to determine what you are searching for : ) Above all else trust your own hearing. Cheers Chris
  2. Greetings Steve, Hope you enjoy the future here : )
  3. Welcome Nick!! Good luck finding the right balance : ) Cheers Chris
  4. Greetings Ravisco welcome to the forums : ) Cheers Chris
  5. Greetings nickbollen and welcome !! Cheers Chris
  6. Welcome John CP. What do you restore? Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Thomas, South Australia eh – we are almost neighbours : ) It is all about synergy – not price tags !! You'll find plenty of help (and distractions) here on StereoNet... Welcome, Cheers, Chris
  8. Dear Dorian, Yes your citizens in Romania have suffered much in the past under Nicolae Ceaușescu and much corruption since. Hopefully that can change for the future : ) All the best, Chris
  9. Definitely not a cult – no leader I am aware of at least : ) Although we are all more or less suffering some form of audio desire/malady. So welcome !!
  10. Sorry cant help you much with headphones Tonny but welcome to Stereo Net all the same : )
  11. Greetings Dorian ! How is it in Romania?
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