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  1. might want correct your resist "relist" typo in listing heading : )
  2. Maybe it is a Raytheon made 12BZ7 ? Check this "EEBA Raytheon" code in glass: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12BZ7-TEONEX-RAYTHEON-NOS-VALVE-TUBE/311521156474?hash=item48881b9d7a:g:D~0AAOSwFqJWj8sg
  3. Understood and I assumed you will not have heard every one of the speakers you have listed across every price category including the $30,000+ group but I was interested to understand why you deleted the Voxativ 9.87 as opposed to other $30K+ speakers in your list that you similarly have not heard? Being not readily available to audition in Australia I appreciate the 9.87 system may never make your shortlist but I can assure you they sound excellent. By the way which full range bass augmented speakers have you encountered as there are very few I know of... Cheers Chris
  4. Thanks Neo. Sorry I should have been more specific about my query – I just wondered more about performance contrast between 102 and 105. I actually own a MD105 and am enjoying it very much : ) Cheers Chris
  5. How does this model differ from MD105? Cheers
  6. Hi Grant I assume you have heard each of the six 30K+ speakers you have kept as top 6? I am genuinely interested, as I asked LHC to add the $30+ category and started that list by inserting the Voxativ field coil 9.87 speaker system, which I own. Of the six remaining on your list I I have only heard the Revel Salon 2, Vandertsteen Model 7MkII, KEF Blade. I was wondering why you didn't think the Voxativ would make the top 6? https://voxativ.berlin/987 Cheers, Chris
  7. I agree. If the room speaker interface is sub-optimal it won't matter what else you do with your system – that compromise to the foundation of your system can never be overcome. Regarding proportion of overall system value, my Absolare Altius preamp/monoblock amplifiers are much more than double the cost of my Voxativ field coil 9.87 speakers. After the room speaker synergy, in my experience it is the synergy between amplifiers and speakers that is critical to performance.
  8. Thanks for the mounting tip Tobes. How do you find the DC-2 so close behind your listening position? Did you try more absorbent acoustic materials there before deciding to put the diffusors there? Cheers
  9. What kind of acoustic treatment materials had you planned to use Dave?
  10. Understood – but I was specifically asking what methods you employ for equipment in your system.
  11. Your knowledge of physics and is much appreciated. Can you share details about the materials and methods you utilise to isolate different equipment within your own system to optimise performance? Cheers
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