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  1. I will take these if still available thanks Baz. Cheers, Chris
  2. Long time between drinks – this thread was started over 5 years ago !! : )
  3. I will take this please. PM to follow. Cheers Chris
  4. Yes indeed!!! but of course tube rolling is considerably more affordable and actually possible : )
  5. I also concur that one single circuit is worth considering (in spite of widespread recommendations for 'more circuits are better') and it worked better for my system compared to multiple dedicate circuits. I tried this in my own room after being advised by a number of good friends around the world (who had transitioned from very well considered systems with multiple dedicated circuits), confirmed their were advantages to running the entire system from one single circuit. In. my case, it has enabled an unparalleled sense of coherence, which was remarkable given this was already a hallmark characteristic of my system. @Sean Perth – I still recommend 56 Series outlets which gives you advantage of 20A connection without needing to use 20A AUS AC plugs. The 56 Series outlets have a 20A rated backend with a 10A fascia with which will allow you to use premium AC plugs like Furutech AU3112 for example with snug fit which will easily outperform any 20 A plug with inferior metallurgy (brass versus Furutech's high purity copper). The switch comparison between 10A domestic GPO and 56 Series 32A makes that choice a no brainer from what I can see. Regarding the Gigawatt cable and Circuit Breaker (which IS a rebadged Magnetic Circuit Breaker manufactured by world leading industrial manufacturer CarlingSwitch in US) – and whether the cable is simply rebadged LAPP or some other manufacturer's 'readily available' VSD cable, I am not entirely sure – but I know many people that have installed the Gigawatt LCY cables across Australia and it seems that the supplier cannot actually keep up with demand because word of mouth testimony has ben so strong. I understood the cable is certified for use in Australia but I am not able to personally confirm this as factual or not. Given it is being widely installed would suggest that there are numerous electricians willing to install it which I would have assumed could not be the case if this cable was obviously non-compliant. Either way @Sean Perth, here is a review of the Gigawatt cable and Circuit Breaker that makes for interesting reading and compares several other more standard in-wall cabling options: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/accessories-reviews/gigawatt-part-1/
  6. So will everyone need to repopulate their sub-panels with 1 RCD per circuit?
  7. Are you certain the Gigawatt G-C16A is not certified for use in Australia? Doesn't it just need to be in a sub panel with said RCD? That is exactly how my current fuse box is set up (house totally rewired a few years ago) with at least 8 CircuitBreakers that are not integrated with an RCD but sitting alongside one in one of three sub-panels.
  8. If your sparkie has not wired up a dedicated circuit to an audiophile's system before he will think you are totally mad... On the strength of the majority of people that have upgraded their AC power to their system (of which there are gazillions of testimonials across the globe on every forum you wish to scrutinise) it will improve your system performance in so many ways it is hard to know where to start. It did in my room.
  9. Hi Peter_F – what tubes were you using? I had used a variety of solid state amps for over 20 years but the last decade has been all SET tube amps first 300B and then 845 and it has been a wonderful contrast and I would be surprised if I ever went back to solid state : )
  10. YES YES YES! And while you are at it, use minimum 4mm2 wiring but if you can afford $65/m then I strongly advise you go with Gigawatt for sure and by the way the LCYMk3 is now superceded by Gigawatt LCY-EVO. And you will also get much better performance from installing industrial Clipsal 56 Series wall outlets with high current capacity 32A switch. Domestic 10A GPO have very modest sized contacts compared to the 10A 56 Series outlets which are actually 20A but with 10A fascia. Also install Gigawatt G-C16A Circuit Breaker if you can!!
  11. Good luck!! Nice looking cabinets!! Translation of the dimensions into metric might help folks around here. Some of the younger folks on this forum might have no idea what "shy by 3/8" what it needs is 6 7/8ths exactly" means : ) Cheers
  12. Salutari si bun venit Dan! Greetings and welcome : )
  13. What material are these enclosures made from? What amp did you drive these with? Cheers
  14. Further information: This set of four Oyaide Focus 1 XLR connectors (2 x female plus 2 x male). They are in impeccable condition and all pins are in excellent shape after the process of being very carefully and cleanly removed by a master technician in the Netherlands from the set of Echole cables. I replaced these with a set of Furutech CF XLR plugs when I had a pair of my ECHOLE Limited Edition XLR cables upgraded recently in Europe. These were soldered to the Echole Limited Edition cable using Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold solder. Retail is over $250 plus shipping. BELOW IS MORE INFORMATION FROM OYAIDE: Specifications Material Contact Pin : deoxidized Phosphor Bronze Insert Resin : PBT 30%GF Housing Shell : Brass (RHoS compliant ) Cable Clump : Brass (RHoS compliant ) Contact Pin : Silver plating(1.5μ)+ Rhodium plating(0.3u) Surface Finishing Cable Clump : Nickel plating Housing shell : Hard chrome plating Cable Connection Method Soldering Install Cable O.D. 6.0mm~12.0mm(without cable bush) Additional Information Oyaide enhance their product quality by paying careful attention to each detail of structural characteristic, texture and appearance. Only when such details are integrated successfully, a product is completed perfectly. At Oyaide, we spare no effort in spending time for those creative works. It took a whole year to complete "FOCUS 1" XLR connector since the first product planning. The design is inspired by an appearance of lens on a camera which represent subtle and exquisite sound image of FOCUS 1. As a result of integration of high-quality sound and efficient design, a masterpiece XLR plug, FOCUS 1, was produced by uncompromising spirit and technical know-how of Oyaide Electric. Features Originality - One-touch push-pull function is the entirely-new locking system. You can lock Just by inserting FOCUS 1 into the inlet and unlock by pulling the tip ring. Ball bearing system, manufactured by ultraprecision machining, is employed for its locking mechanism. These functions deliver smooth and absolute plug connection. In addition, an innovative idea is utilized for the contact of FOCUS1. The No.1 contact pin (earth) is 3mm longer than other pins, so that it contacts fast for the purpose of protection from POP noise at the moment of connection. Furthermore, bladed cable clump is employed for cable fixture. By applying this clumping system, it is possible to connect chassis ground and stabilize cable simultaneously. Material - The contact pins of FOCUS 1 are made from phosphor bronze bar which is precisely shaped by CNC machining. After careful machine barreling, silver (inner) and rhodium (outer) are directly plated on them. Then, these pins are molded into highly rigid 30% glass filled PBT which insures high-speed vibration attenuation. The body and housing, processed by CNC machining, are high-density and have high shielding performance compared to an existing lost-wax processed body. For its surface treatment, hard chrome plating is coated like a body of camera. Usability - Due to its 12mm install cable O.D. (when cable bushing is removed), it gives infinite possibility to do-it-yourselfers. And its tapered insertion hole makes cable installation easier and avoids from cable disconnection by bending. Furthermore, a rubber ring which is installed at the junction of the body and housing acts as vibration damper and loosening protector. Appearance Designing - The design of FOCUS 1 is inspired by an appearance of lens on a camera which projects subtle and exquisite image. For the identification of channel L and R, the SWAROVSKI rhinestones, blue and red, are enchased on the surface of its body. The beauty of its body design and a brilliance of SWAROVSKI enhance the appeal of this product and produce a sense of expectancy Photos: ATTACHED PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
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