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  1. Is the unit in original packaging and what would the freight cost to Mt Gambier in S.A? Cheers
  2. If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the Elac Navis speakers?
  3. How does the N-Sub integrate with the SCM40? Are the ATC’s passive or active?
  4. Hopefully this link works. Good demonstration but fantastic cover of Sonny Clark’s Voodoo starting at 10 minutes which comes over well even for YouTube.
  5. In rural areas WIN relay 7 & 9 plus rebadge 10 under the WIN banner.
  6. WIN already broadcast 7Mate in HD but 7 only in SD?
  7. Dean, what amp did you finally decide on? I currently run SCM40 Mk1 passive with a Gryphon Atilla integrated amp. Other than some current room acoustic issues I really enjoy the combo but the active setup gets universal praise and am considerate of upgrading either new or second hand. 6 yr warranty is attractive also.
  8. Not sure if I have missed a price adjustment with ATC but I noted that Sonic Purity & The Sound Gallery both advertising ATC SCM40 A’s at $12,500 compared to 2016 pricing of $15,998. Tremendous value unless, as I say, I have have missed something.
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