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  1. Hi Steve, thanks so much for your generous offer. I will convey to my friend and see what they say. They are in the southern suburbs but should be happy to make the trip for the value on offer. Will let you know. Harry
  2. Item: TT, Amp & Speakers Price Range: $400 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Real long shot for sure, but someone may have some older unused but working kit. A young friend in Adelaide looking to get a budget starter rig of tt, int amp & speakers for about $409. As I say a long shot but if you don't ask you don't know. Cheers Harry Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. Any updates on a launch date, dragging out somewhat now.
  4. First episode of Your Honor looks interesting.
  5. That was the price last week, states save €200 on all products. Have asked the question via their Facebook page but no response. Adding item to basket retains the €3550.
  6. Currently run Dynaudio Focus 200 XD and would be tempted to get the Buchardts, not able to find any online comparisons but the additional bottom end and more versatile DSP tempting.
  7. Noticed this on the website, does that make the special package price in white A500 now €3350?
  8. Received this offer via my gmail which I previously used to access Tidal, currently logon per my outlook service at full tote odds. Accepted the 4 month deal per gmail and cancelled my outlook account which expires 18/12.
  9. Great album, but prefer the newer version.
  10. Have now sorted this issue after resetting the unit by pressing & holding the underbody reset button for 7 seconds after a response from Noel at Auralic customer support. Thanks to Ray H for your generous assistance also. Cheers, Harry
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