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  1. I have set my room for Atmos. The more 4K blue ray titles I have bought and watched, the more I am convinced it is a big step up in sound quality. It does take some significant effort and time to set up
  2. Wow I think i built one of these modules back in 1988. They were Jaycar kit amps. Hitachi to3 mosfets.
  3. Check it may well be the filter caps. Back in those days ML had a bad batch of Phillips Caps. I had to get my 331 caps replaced for same reason.
  4. I'd get some parasound jc1s. I think someone has them on sna now. I had a pair of mc601s monos and I confidently say that the JC1s better them significantly in all respects.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I might try using my GTX1080 based pc for a bit and then later see if I can get a new Roku.
  6. Hi, I've been using a Telstra Roku player for YouTube and Netflix. I've upgraded to 4k and Atmos. What streamers are good for this ? I did like the Roku but my old one is 1080p.
  7. I've owned the 601s and the JC1/2 combo sounds much better. Hence, I traded my 601s in. The 601s do look better though.
  8. probably a ground loop. Try powering sub from same powerpoint as receiver.
  9. I will buy this if it is still available and in full working order. Can pick up this weekend. Please PM me.
  10. did you make sure disc has hdr encoding? my jvc automatically selects hdr output mode. If non hdr input it looks very odd. With HDR content, hdr projection looks fantastic.
  11. parasound make great amps. brilliant build quality. I'd get this amp i was in the market.
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