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  1. Vintage stuff is nice when its all working but buy carefully. Some units can come with heavy baggage. Poineer, Sansui, Luxman are all good. Kenwood and Marantz are worth a look. Rotel has some fans. There is lots to choose from. Musically, a top spec vintage unit of any brand can sound ordinary if the caps are gone, and a low spec one can sound as good or better in some cases if its in good order electronically. I spent years building up a Pioneer Spec system. Spent a lot of time getting everything right. Finding tech's that can fix vintage stuff isn't hard, finding someone who will fix them is hard. All the best on your quest👍
  2. Will be good to see you too mate. But I must reiterate, I am not your father. We have discussed this before. Unless you are a brother of Iva Davies or Brian Manix you are not of a true child of the 80's
  3. As Kaynin said, it is a great way to see and hear and get an introduction. Take a pocket full of cash if you have something on your shopping list and make the vendor an offer. Many are keen to not have to take it back with them after the show. Can get some good deals. There is also the vinyl room....
  4. Alright, alright. Your incessant nagging has finally wore me down. Put me down for a no dessert and send me the payment details. Only 3 to go... Thanks again for your effort Clive
  5. They make some tasty stuff. I hope other Sonus Faber owners have the time to post their thoughts. I'd would be keen to hear them.
  6. I've been trying to get Yamaha man to adopt me .
  7. Little old friend came back home last week. A very nice man gave it a going over. There is a segway. It could be the pug of stereo's if its eye's were a little bigger Swapped some motorbike parts or a motorbike in the 90's for it. Gave it to my brother. He passed away earlier this year. It came back home. Before that I promised him I'd try to get it going again. Have to say for what it is its pretty cool. Vol pot in pre was lunched. Very nice man found a replacement but the shaft needed modification. Lucky for me I have a machine shop. Lucky for me Very nice man and I worked together and got the job done. The dial illumination meant the pot shaft had to be machined. The way the dial is constructed made any alternative difficult to consider. Its a really fun little amp that does a whole heap of stuff very well. #Toshiba Aurex "System 15"
  8. 45 wpc Topaz mono's and TM pre do me just fine. I can damage my hearing enough with that. 45 class a push pull watts is nice..
  9. Sorry mate, wasn't trying to imply anything. It just seems to happen when you bring choobs into your life.
  10. Good stuff Daz. Your first roll in the tube hay will probably not be your last👍
  11. I tried Shuguang Treasures in Topaz monos and didn't like them. They didn't do it for me but they may be sweet in yours Daz. Dont forget the rectifier tube/s too, they make a big difference.
  12. Integra gives good features for the money and is worth putting in the hat
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