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  1. dude, take a chill pill. 3 weeks is nothing when you realise your listening to a track from the 70's and it sounds good.
  2. serious racks do require serious money. Justification is very subjective and often boils down to "do you enjoy your stereo".... give @Grizzly a call. don't tell your wife
  3. Its possible to spend $500 and get a result. My first PJ was a BenQ. Came with a screen. You dont need a necessarily need a Projector if you want to dip your feet in the HT pond. They do make it more immersive with the right one but HT is more about the sound. Atmos is cool and all but 5.1 can be great if done well.
  4. If they know Nikki Menage they don't know John Lennon, or Yoko
  5. I have a late model PL-30LII. 1983 (I think). Japanese 100V import Late model PL-30LII has early model PL-50 arm. It has on-off damper, not like PL-50 of the same year that had a 1-5 selector. Mine has a straight graphite tonearm. If you can find a graphite tonearm they are a worthy upgrade. They run between US$200-$300. The "L" function is great. Silent lift. Some would say its not serious if it lifts at the end. It does not have an effect on audio but its really handy and does save your records Finding a 240V-100V converter isn't impossible but they are not common. 240V-110V is easy. I had the internal transformer removed and an 18V ac input installed by Rob at speaker bits who supplied the 240Vac -18Vac drop down converter. Its a small improvement as theres no transformer inside the deck. I kept the original tranny. It took me ages to find info on mine. I found hobby shops with RC cars where the best place to find different weights of silicone oil for the damper. I settled on 30wt. Seemed to match the response of the Ortofon 2M black cart I was using. PL-30-50--70-100- are all great decks if you can find them. be happy you found one👍
  6. an op shop close to me used to have records priced no more than $10. Someone there must have discovered discogs and now they price them more than a retailer or online shop would. Every record there might be mint or poor but they are always dirty. Grading is very subjective and depends a lot on if you are a buyer or seller
  7. Its refreshing to see someone looking beyond what they can do for themselfs
  8. Second owner Osbourne's don't come up often You might regret letting them go to a new good home Jakey.
  9. Stop listening to the system and listen to the music
  10. Sydney has a house they can do opera stuff in. No Siddeney, you cant have the AFL grand final, the Melbourne cup, or the jewel in the crown our sacred HiFi show. get your own honey smacks Next thing you'll want to steal our F1 race we stole from South Australia. Its not hard to see why it was easy to steal it from them. They all go home early
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