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  1. Some of us were acting like we were only 30+, some were in the 20+ zone by midnight...
  2. Their seemed to be lots of vinyl players but very little vinyl being played. I guess lots of folk use digital sources these days so it makes sense there was plenty of digital being played. I noticed it was hard to get into the rooms that were playing vinyl.
  3. Thanks to @Marc and helpers for a great hifi show, thanks @evil c for a great dinner. Food at the Tap house was simple and superb. Evil before beer... Evil after beer.... SNA hungry... SNA happy... They tried, but failed riff-raff... More riff-raff... Even more riff-raff! The band was good, The pub sold lots more And plenty of this fancy black stuff that nearly needed a spoon to eat it with... @Luc told me long stories about how it was very exclusive. It was yummy. And that just leaves @Tubularbells's IIRC, he was saying something about how big something was, but I can't be sure...
  4. darth vader

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    Its good stuff. There is domestic and industrial grades
  5. darth vader

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    Perhaps you might be thinking of Scotch-Brite?
  6. I dont do big words well much after 8.00pm at these kind of events. Who am I kidding, I dont do them well anytime...
  7. It looks like I might have got a reprieve and will be able to make it. My honey-do list just got a whole lot longer. Sorry @Sirmorebeer . Happy to toss in a redback towards your ticket for the mucking around mate.
  8. Damn. It looks like I'm going to have to bail. Not happy but how it goes I guess Anyone want a ticket for dinner and a day pass for the show?
  9. darth vader

    The church's new layout

    All this to listen to Madonna? Damn, that sux about the ME's getting dropkicked. Time to consult your inner Doug...what would cool calm and collected Doug say?
  10. darth vader

    Pioneer SA-520

    Nice little amp. They respond well to some new capacitors.
  11. I had a Pioneer version they called a "Dynamic expander" as compared to Dbx "Dynamic range enhancer". Did the same thing. It was nice. @aechmea you could possibly add one to the analogue side if your using an amp.
  12. I imagine the night will be generously populated with lots of eggcelent yokes. Looking forward to "Evilfest 2018"
  13. darth vader

    Bathurst 2018

    @Chickenism Chicken man said I should come along. I'd dearly love to but life will be in the way. I have to deliver a customers job to cockroach country early Sept. I'm not sure my sweat pores and wifery permission could take 2 trips up north in similar number of months... Good chance she could explode.
  14. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    @warweary I'd be interested. Will send a pm.