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  1. Clive had prepared a great roast for you.....😁
  2. I'd be surprised if there wasn't Just give the word (and some dep details) ol' Clive. I'm happy to go with the flow. If you think I'm looking a bit light and buff, and need an entrée, so be it. Blessed be your spidy organising powers.
  3. Ahh, sorry. Meant plus 1 to what TB said, shoot me some deposit details. Happy to pay as you want, big job it is to organise it all. What ever your call is Clive
  4. Plus 1. I'll be coming so I may as well pay in full.
  5. Your twisting my arm again... I'm in. Is it possible for individuals to purchase the premium (drinks included) package while other purchase the food only package?...or will that get too hard? I dont think I'll be attending the after party party this year. Thanks for again for organising it
  6. darth vader

    FS: not a camera, not a watch, a Triton ute.

    Clock, yes. Dash cam, no.
  7. darth vader

    FS: not a camera, not a watch, a Triton ute.

    Sorry, been a bit slack on the photo's.
  8. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    Us country bumpkins that dwell beyond the reach of of the city lights have access to things like solid timber planks and sandstone. This is more a statement to awake the cafe set. And hipsters with their fixie wheel bikes. Paddle faster if you hear banjo's
  9. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    A J. Its had some mods. Some fancy tubes which I cant recall completely atm. But the Burson V6 vivid op amps (plug and play) really picked it up. This in large part thanks to Red, he helped me a lot there.I havn't gone as far as cap upgrades that Red has, but I'm sure if you ask him he will say what he did to his LM dac. In stock form they are so-so, but with some mods and some good tubes they really sing. A GEC rectifier would be the start point imo. That said, I've geared my set up with a focus on vinyl, digital source has been a secondary consideration. Not saying digital doesn't have a place, I've heard some nice digi rigs but I like black disc's. Digital is hard to beat for convenience though.
  10. darth vader

    My System this morning

    This thread has digressed from feet to stonking audio gear. This will not do. Bring back the toe jam, lol
  11. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    Spoke to man about a horse today, the horse being some left over acoustic treatments They may offer a more realistic permanent solution to the hastily installed egg carton foam roof treatments that seemed to work but looked like a box of busted hammers. Swapped out my old fluro lights for some nice LED tubes with diffusers. Mucho Brighto now. Almost too much with half the power use. Spoke to another man about a different horse. This horse being some nice hardwood slabs for rack upgrade. Gotta go check out what he has and see if it will work with my mental picture. Thinking redgum slab shelfs with filled stainless frame and sandstone plinths for gear. Lots of possibilities there
  12. darth vader

    The church's new layout

    I think he's finally got some Integra-ty. Be gone Jeff Roland For full disclosure, I got some Jeff Roland baggage.
  13. Thanks @Marc I got my tickets a few days ago, I appreciate you offering members a discount. Even at full price its still good value. There is much to be had. I'm keen to see how this years show goes off. It is the BESTSHOW
  14. darth vader

    DIY RCA Interconnects

    Wouldn't this theory also depend on you well your amp is earthed to your domestic power supply, and also how well the domestic power supply is, well, earthed to the earth? Its my understanding that earthing goes beyond the device and is somewhat dependant on factors like (but not limited to) how well your house is wired? And if it does indeed have a proper earth? It would seem futile to discuss earthing to an amp if you have an old style house like mine where the earth is connected to the plumbing Not trying to be a hair on the bar of soap, just trying to understand the nuances. After all, all this earthing goes through the earth pin on the power supply, does it not?