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  1. darth vader

    WTB: Projector 1080P HD

    Benq pj, about 2 years old. Will find model number later today but its entry level just out of warranty. Thinking maybe $400 or $300 with a case of beer.
  2. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    Its sounding pretty good. I think there is still room for improvement but its getting tricky to find the improvements now, the easy ones are done. Send me a list of your orphan and unwanted black disc's mate, maybe we can make a deal...this would ease the burden on choosing the first one for a session👍 Once I get it as good as I can, I'm planning a soft opening hopefully in a few weeks. I'd like to get a bit of pretty happening, but that might be between the soft and hard GTG. I'll pencil you in @Tubularbells
  3. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    They sure do. The phono and DAC are also tubes, gets nice and toasty. Summer will need the small A/C running
  4. darth vader

    Quark's latest room build

    looking forward to the next progress post
  5. darth vader

    Dive Shop Sound System

    Great way to write off your audio gear purchases on tax👍
  6. darth vader

    Timbo's System

    Very nice. Reminds me of a system I had. Good fun stuff.
  7. darth vader

    From the Sofa ...

    The R-112 subs unfortunately dont have a speaker level input, you'd have to take a line out from the pre to use them. Not sure if your Rotel could drive them. Maybe some minds that know more could chime in. Its worth the homework though. The subs do fill in the bottom end blanks that the RP-280's dont hit. I've heard the RP-7's and I cant say if the same is true for them. Most music does not have explosions and buildings crashing down which is where subs shine, so if your not all that keen on HT stuff, the subs may be not all that useful.
  8. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    @Kensell21 The journey of 10,000 records starts with the first one 👍 I took some time to hang the backdrop curtains properly tonight. I admit, I was slack when I first hung them and had some excess material at the bottom. I am pleasantly surprised at what a difference its made giving them a trim and fitting them better. Something as simple as a bit of cloth has done what $$ of acoustic treatments could do...for cents. Welcome back resolution, detail, and all your other buddies.
  9. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    Thank you. I was lucky enough to have the chance to buy it from another member here. Its not the most fancy one you'd see here but its more than good enough for me. My vinyl collection is pretty poor in comparison to others here @Kensell21
  10. darth vader

    From the Sofa ...

    Good plan. The RF-7's are very nice. Would make a killer HT system with the RF-280's as rears. I recently purchased a pair of R-112 subs and an RP-450 centre. Along with RP-160 on rear duties it sounds pretty good. The R-112's fill in the bottom end and do it very fast with good punch. They have more combined power than a lot of 18" single subs and fit better with decor. Being a pair they also compliment the mains when on occasional 2 ch duties. I'm impressed with the RP-450 centre also. It has a big foot print and is very clear and detailed. I will admit the Klipsch may not be as good as other pure 2ch speakers they do a really good job on HT stuff. They have a good synergy and all work together well. I'm only using an Integra HTR with no external amplification, although the unit does allow for this. I'd like to get an Electra multi channel amp when the budget allows. The Integra can handle Dolby Atmos (with extra amplification for 9.2.4) but in reality, I'm more than happy with 7.2.2 for now. Dolby atmos titles are limited at this point. My space is awkward too. I have no room for crooked tables
  11. darth vader

    From the Sofa ...

    Nice set up👍 I have a pr of RF-280's and they are great on my home theatre rig. Are you planning on this system being purely 2 ch or expanding to a home theatre set up?
  12. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    @Tubularbells The rack sucks as once I hit serious dB the thing is vibrating lie a glass shelf. The TT seems ok as its pretty well made and is on a granite slab. I am thinking of a stainless stand with sandstone shelfs, just a time thing at the moment. Work wont leave me alone long enough. Odd thing with the speaker position Doug, for giggles I positioned them a bit closer to the wall and it seems to work well atm. Still, these things take time to get happy.
  13. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    Made some improvements. The TV sounds ok through the system and should be ok for occasional use. I have a seperate HT system in the house. The curtains are working well sonically. They need to be hung a bit nicer now I know they are working. The repurposed bench sucks, but its holding the gear off the ground for now @A J Running Burson V6 Vivid's.
  14. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    Thanks @Grizzly although I'm struggling to see the connection with a nice looking snapper. @Tubularbells @Sime I'll be sure to put you on the invite list once I got this thing sorted. I know it would be a bit of a trip for you Sime, might have to work it around your next time down south. I've been struggling with bass. First too much and muddy, some changes and lost bass impact. Been playing with things and making improvements, but as we all know it takes time to tune things up. Kinda thinking if I had too much then not enough, it is just a case of finding the happy place. I'm getting there slowly.
  15. darth vader

    Darth's meditation chamber

    A big thanks to @Red MacKay @buzz lightyear @evil cand @Martykt for advice and guidance over the years. Your help has been much appreciated. I know it doesn't look all that pretty at the moment, but pretty will come later. So far its working out and sounding better than it looks. The next change to the system itself is swap out the Audax tweeters for the Seas ones I have. I have to drill mounting holes in the wave guides so I have been putting it off for a while. I've made a few changes to equipment that has required some burn in time and they are pretty much settled in now. The tweeter change will need a bit of burn in time too. But the time for finding excuses to procrastinate is running out.