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  1. A Hyundai Tucson misses on the S in SUV but its still got the U. It can carry 5 maybe 7, tow, fit suff in, with roof racks it can carry long things. A Kluger also misses the S as do most Toyota SUV's. In fact most SUV's miss out on the S but they have the U Add a hot motor and they get the S back and...still have the U. I don't think we'll ever see a motor racing bracket for SUV's as thats not what they are for. I agree that if you want a light sports car you probably don't want to move kids around, do shopping, load the back up with huge floor standing speakers or tow up to 3.5 tonne. I don't agree that they are compromised in anything other than cost. Horses for corse's I guess.
  2. People love to hate Jeep's. @blybo My Jeep has had a few recall's but nothing like the 43 or so that my friends Merc has had. Merc owners don't like to brag about the recall's they have. SRT Jeep's go back a bit as do V8 commodores. Its only fair to compare them from similar years. Havn't met a commodore yet that is brave enough to have a real go. Try a Porca, BMW X5M, Audi A7, SRT Jeep and you'd be surprised at how good and sure footed they handle. 2500kg can be made to be a benifit. For those lamenting the demise of aussie V8's and looking at a stinger, a SUV is not really part of the discussion. Not sure if its been discussed but maybe a look at a Chrysler 300C SRT. Or even the base Hemi is a very nice car with that big bent 8 feel.
  3. Thats where the SRT cleans up. No where near as expensive as the others. I wish I had money to flaunt. Not having read the whole thread, if your looking for a 4 door sedan that looks like a 2 door, you probably aren't in the market for a SUV. I was anti SUV for a while but if you can't beat em, join em. I talked to a few new car salespeople that say on the whole folk walk into a dealer and walk past the sedans and go straight to the SUV's. I will say its nice to leave SS commodores in the dust...while towing a trailer. The Stinger does look like a nice package.
  4. I've got 2 12" Klips. They party hard. GLWTS
  5. Item: As above Location: Ballarat, Vic Price: $270 plus $20 post Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling:NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used on one international trip. Haven't used them much since. Complete with box and packaging. Foams are perfect. Very nice sounding phones for the price point. Great noise cancelling, up there with the better ones. Good bluetooth range. Happy to post. Flat rate satchel $20 plus insurance if you want it. Pick up is fine Photos:
  6. It is what it is I guess @betty boop. I don't want to take away from it for those that liked it. The consensus is that its not a kids movie. I wouldn't keep my kids from watching it as they are old enough to slightly grasp the concepts but they wouldn't enjoy it. That said it becomes an adult movie about kids.
  7. I didn't like this one at all. Just not my cup of tea I guess
  8. I've got a nice Pioneer SA-5300 and a Luxman L-480 for sale Also got a Pioneer SA-9500II but that might be a bit more amp than what your looking for.
  9. Good luck dude. Make sure its a multi voltage unit. try and get some 10" spools and adaptor hubs included. They are a cool bit of gear
  10. dude, take a chill pill. 3 weeks is nothing when you realise your listening to a track from the 70's and it sounds good.
  11. serious racks do require serious money. Justification is very subjective and often boils down to "do you enjoy your stereo".... give @Grizzly a call. don't tell your wife
  12. Its possible to spend $500 and get a result. My first PJ was a BenQ. Came with a screen. You dont need a necessarily need a Projector if you want to dip your feet in the HT pond. They do make it more immersive with the right one but HT is more about the sound. Atmos is cool and all but 5.1 can be great if done well.
  13. If they know Nikki Menage they don't know John Lennon, or Yoko
  14. I have a late model PL-30LII. 1983 (I think). Japanese 100V import Late model PL-30LII has early model PL-50 arm. It has on-off damper, not like PL-50 of the same year that had a 1-5 selector. Mine has a straight graphite tonearm. If you can find a graphite tonearm they are a worthy upgrade. They run between US$200-$300. The "L" function is great. Silent lift. Some would say its not serious if it lifts at the end. It does not have an effect on audio but its really handy and does save your records Finding a 240V-100V converter isn't impossible but they are not common. 240V-110V is easy. I had the internal transformer removed and an 18V ac input installed by Rob at speaker bits who supplied the 240Vac -18Vac drop down converter. Its a small improvement as theres no transformer inside the deck. I kept the original tranny. It took me ages to find info on mine. I found hobby shops with RC cars where the best place to find different weights of silicone oil for the damper. I settled on 30wt. Seemed to match the response of the Ortofon 2M black cart I was using. PL-30-50--70-100- are all great decks if you can find them. be happy you found one👍
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