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  1. 45 wpc Topaz mono's and TM pre do me just fine. I can damage my hearing enough with that. 45 class a push pull watts is nice..
  2. Sorry mate, wasn't trying to imply anything. It just seems to happen when you bring choobs into your life.
  3. Good stuff Daz. Your first roll in the tube hay will probably not be your last👍
  4. I tried Shuguang Treasures in Topaz monos and didn't like them. They didn't do it for me but they may be sweet in yours Daz. Dont forget the rectifier tube/s too, they make a big difference.
  5. Integra gives good features for the money and is worth putting in the hat
  6. While the geek in me likes the idea of a kit, I simply dont have the time ATM. For the price, the amp kit might have legs. Thanks for you suggestion @Spider27 And for anyone thinking of retrto fitting an old van, I suggest thinking very strongly not to. Its like they hang a loom from a string in a factory then build the rest of the van around it.
  7. Recently purchased a caravan. Its was almost made this century but missed out by a year. I'm currently installing a solar system on it. I wish I knew more about how vans were made before embarking on this, its a nightmare. I've come up with a reasonable solution that shouldn't look ugly. That said, thoughts turned to entertainment. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a DAC/Amp that can power some bookshelf Tannoys that runs directly off 12 volt. It wont be used much, only on vacations so dont want to spend a heap. I'm envisaging the speakers will not be fixed so can be used both inside and outside. I accept that I'll need speaker cables but can live with that. There are some RV head units available, but they are pretty low brow and costly. And difficult to wire in given the nature of wiring in a caravan. I'm happy to unpack it and set it up as the need arises. I'm looking for a solution that hopefully can be a stand alone unit(s), will run native from 12V, will play flac files from a HDD and phone remote control would be a cherry on top. Would be good if it can take an input from a DVD player or TV. It would need to push at least 40 WPC I imagine. Current draw on the system isnt a problem (500 watt solar panels, 100A/H battery, MPPT controller) First thing that came to mind was a Rasberry Pi, but its not an amp. So I guess I'm stuck at the Amp thing. I'm not chasing audiophile quality, I'd even consider using MP3's from a phone or portable player Please help....
  8. Looks like its time for a tube pin clean. I had a big few days polishing copper stills. I forgot to pay attention to the door of the chamber being closed. Oop's. Gear got a dusting of copper polishing flecks. I'm usually onto that one. Getting undesirable rice bubbles (snap, crackle and pops). Dave @Chickenism had some nice bass trap and wall treatments that really helped tame the little cave. Thanks Dave👍 Still getting phono stage sorted. Ducs prototype line stage is very pleasing, but haven't settled on SUT yet. As for the rack, it's still in my imagination
  9. And the verdict? I'm happy to bring cheese and crackers. I'd love to hear how low the SGR's can go in a room set up as well as yours.
  10. Back to reality, you would have sold them but had the knowledge. Wisdom would have come when you bought them back. And if I can hold a mini GTG, then you can...
  11. Yes kinda reminiscent of Pink Floyd, in the way that some left handed tobacco made it all the more better. Can throw Blue Oyster Cult in the mix there. A pair of scissors helped chop them all up in the same bowl.
  12. ok, I'll play the game, even though no terrorist activities happen here. I guess I had to surrender my flac file drive with all its metadata. That said I guess this an analogue only game? As i'm a valued federal witness that actually saw some crime that really fell under the banner of terrorisim (as nothing else seems to be of any concern these days) I know the guy threw a milk bottle at a copper but thats terrorisim, as compared to plain assault where they have to actually concoct a real life charge. They have given me a plea bargain where I have to testify the milk bottle was in fact a dirty bomb. And the pocket knife was indeed an AR-15. So, to get my dream stereo, if I sell my soul, they will give it to me. Good thing I got no scruples. Nahh, sorry, not playing this game no more.
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