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  1. Flat boring sound

    It seems the amp and speakers are not the problem. Tube phono pre"s sound a lot better to my ears than most solid state (save the high end stuff) In my thinking the issue is between the black disc and the amp input. Cart/stylus, TT, TT pre, interconnects. I'd start there.
  2. Need valve tech Albury Nsw region

    Bugger. Thats a downer. Can lend you a transistor radio if you want to upgrade from the Bose while you get the Mac fixed
  3. My system is designed to explicitly reject 3 types of music. Classical, and country and western. I find if any classical music passes through my speaker cables, it takes a good 3 weeks to purge the damage it has done. I dont understand the nuances of how it can ruin the electrons path. But it does. Yeah, I know, you probably think I like sweet white wine too. Each to their own. When I get really really old I might change my opininon
  4. Item: Mordaunt-Short 8" down firing Subwoofer MS-308 Location: Ballarat Price: $120 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Have upsized Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this sub around 18 month back, driver had been replaced with brand new item. I have upgraded and now no further use. For a smallish sub it goes loud. Great for a small room or starting system. I belive its about 80 watts, but it packs a bigger punch than what the wattage would suggest. Has line and speaker level inputs, phase switch, on-auto-off and low freq cut out adjustment. No detracting marks, pretty good condition. Pictures:
  5. Xmas Party GTG Sat. 2nd December at evil Springs

    I'm from the country Clive, the city scares me. Odd and strange things happened to me last time I went to the city with you audiophile folk. City traffic is just crazy stupid. Worse on Fridays. Worse now the sun has poked its head out and the winter hibernators are starting to appear on the freeways. Sat would suit me better, but I'm only penciled in at this stage.
  6. I'd suggest you decide which you want to focus on more (2 channel or home theatre) and let that guide your buying decisions for the most part. HT receivers dont do as good a job on 2 channel stereo as a dedicated stereo amp will. Some get very close but... One way around it is to find an AVR with pre outs and a preamp with HT bypass. This allows you to use a good stereo amp and the preamp for 2 ch listening and it can also be used to power your front mains for HT duties (via the HT bypass, the AVR controls the levels of the front mains) At first this is a bit of a cost outlay to purchase all together, but if you buy an AVR with the right pre outs you can add a stereo amp later. Or if you buy the right stereo amp, it can be used in the HT system Style is always a consideration with speakers, but you need to look at them with your ears. I was very impressed with the Hulgich speakers at this years show. At about $8.5k they were doing a better job than most of the $30k speakers. Australian made and look the part too. As mentioned AVRs devalue quick, refurbished and second hand is a good way to get great connectivity and save money. That money would be better thrown at some good speakers, as good ones hold their value better than AVR's. Stereo amps hold value pretty well for good brands.
  7. @Hensa great avatar mate I've said it before, its not (all) true what they say about you @evil c Thanks for organising another successful event.
  8. @125dBmonster I'm holding these for you for next year under the "catch all Kamahl records" program. They will be closely guarded by this lady until then
  9. Sunday HiFi show weekend GTG

    Thanks for a great afternoon @joz Wow! What a fantastic system. Great coffee too No doubt you guys are rocking on into the night. Hopefully what @Martykt bought along was enough to feed everyone
  10. Some random happy snaps of the dinner
  11. I believe the Halcro guys were having some amp issues by the time I was there. Hoping to get a chance to hear them Sat. I think Nick Hulgich is doing some really good things. At his price point I think they are very good value. They do a lot of things right. The Krix sound wall was something to behold. Not sure Greg Osbourne was too pleased about how loud the Krix sound wall pumped. On Krix, @Martykt was rocking out to AC/DC in the Pioneer room. He wouldn't stop talking about how clear they were. Devialet were interesting. Not for me but they do have a different approach. Unique in its own way. Still 2 days to go yet.
  12. @Kaynin All good, had a really good run home. I suspect the drive back in the morn wont be as stella. Hope you had a good drive when you got home @Sime a big thanks to you too my friend. Was an enjoyable evening.
  13. @evil c @Kaynin There wern't any takeaways, lol. @Martykt has been maturing that one for a while. He got that when he had a GTG that he invited me to. @:) al got some when he invited me to a GTG just gone. You've had a few bottles Clive, when you've invited me to GTG's that you have held. Trouble is you are thirsty, lol Theres a trend here.... You're welcome to come and visit, or you can hold a GTG...
  14. offense is implied...lol
  15. woulndt mind dragging a pr of his Focal equipped subs home though I'm not hard core @Kaynin just a wanna be.