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  1. Go for this Sennheiser HD 518 ( http://audioaddiction.com.au/au/prices/product/view/73/546.html) $199
  2. Take a look around , this web site can be useful for you http://audioaddiction.com.au/au/prices/product/view/68/217.html
  3. Im with PC but with Linux MInt and my lappy with w7
  4. Metallica Guns and Roses Madonna Depeche mode erasure Oh, ...the good old days
  5. take a look around here, http://audioaddiction.com.au/au/prices/subwoofers-sydney.html
  6. It´s true for good look http://audioaddiction.com.au/au/prices/product/view/73/550.html But for sound this one are y fav http://audioaddiction.com.au/au/prices/product/view/73/546.html
  7. It´s true w8 is perfect for tablets, W7 is the best for laptop and desktop IMO
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