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  1. Then there are Waversa and SoTM plus others as well to put in the comparison mix. John
  2. Maybe you could use the phone app What3Words to tell the satellite where you are or it could track you to a new cell if you move. The App works on 3 square mts blocks each with it own three word unique identifier. John
  3. Initially I intend to use the Sonore connected to the router then 20mt fibre to something else yet to be determined at the other end then into the PP and then to the Weiss 301 and the 502DSP. Of course there will be possible permutations that will keep me occupied for awhile. John
  4. I am probably heading in a similar direction to you albeit with different components. I hope that the answer to the second dot point above is yes as I have ordered one. I will be interested in the answer to the last dot point of your 6 points above. John
  5. @Snoopy8 With the Renolabs FMC there can be different FMC modules. Renolabs said to me that. "FMC modules from startech too expensive." Nevertheless the Startech interests me. And then there as you say bold above plus the use of attenuators etc The whole matter of optic is a quandary or a rabbit warren. I have utilised at this time cheap bits and maybe just maybe there is a minor negative impact on dynamics. An important question is how far does one go to get the answer???? John
  6. @Chanh, I do not know the answer. However based upon my experience there can be a benefit linking switches together. Each switch can have slightly different beneficial out comes. Linking switches can result in a combination of the benefits which are better than each switch on its own. I have heard the Etheregen on it own and also connected to the Paul Pang. That was better then each on its own. My current setup is a Bonn N8 connected to Paul Pang quad. For awhile I a second N8. The benefit was not worth it extra cables. I am interested in having a switch with SFP connectiv
  7. I agree. Every aspect of the digital chain matters. A weak link can spoil the benefits of all the strong links. John
  8. Change is an interesting phenomenon. I am an avid user of Roon even though a streaming alternative that I have is superior to Roon Playback. The alternative does not have the usage features of Roon that I like. I am slightly disappointed with some of the changes in Roon and hope that over time there will be updates to improve things such as the background, the playing line at the bottom and the artists in circle shapes. I just do not like the circles in that context. My dislikes are definitely not the end of the world as it seems some of the changes are to some users. I
  9. A review that whilst it was subjective, it was thorough and informative, with no use of unnecessary emotive words that contrasts interestingly with the ASR linked above. Thanks for the link. Very useful. I like subjective. John
  10. Are you being serious or flippant with the use of the word ‘Objective”? John
  11. A strong twist will break the connection. Then you can remove Blutak with Blutak. Roll a fresh piece into a pea sized ball of Blutak. The just using the ball apply it slowly and lift the flattened piece bit by bit. It works for me. John
  12. The white screen gave me sunburn. It is now dark. John
  13. I did not like the White. It can be changed to Dark in the settings. I would prefer something more in between. A very minor matter though. John
  14. Hi Clive, As well as the switches it must be remembered that I would consider the Ethernet cables also provided a benefit. There are many different switches out there and more new ones coming all the time at different price points. I enjoyed the hospitality and the camaraderie on the afternoon. Thanks John
  15. My comments on the second visit to listen to @Stereophilus's yesterday. John
  16. I have been strongly discouraged. I think somebody in Sydney tried three together. John
  17. The purpose of yesterday was to compare some Ethernet audio switches. As well it was an opportunity for me to have a second listen to John’s system with his new and wonderful Rockport speakers. My comments of the system and speakers will be in another thread. I will advise when I post. Also John wanted to compare some Ethernet cables that I have with the ones that he had been using. Up until yesterday he had not perceived any difference with Ethernet cables including my Audioquest Diamonds. He noted in his post that the cables “did offer a substantive improvement over all other
  18. I have some things to say both about the Ethernet side and more importantly @Stereophilus's wonderful system after a great time today. I have only just arrived home after doing several things. I would like to reflect a bit more overnight and will respond tomorrow. I also want to put my bit and pieces back and get my system going again John
  19. Hi @Snoopy8, My knowledge of and experience with SFP transceivers is limited. My understanding below may be wrong. As you say there are definite rabbit holes with optical. With my limited experience with optical conversion, I err on the side that the outcome may slightly diminish the audio result. It is cleaner but something is maybe missing. That may be due to the converters and SFP that I have. With transceivers there are many many thousands available. They can operate over short distances through to many 100s Km. I assume that the light
  20. All Weiss products to me are very serious quality relative to the price point. You get what you pay for. Weiss make a DSP 501 and 502 without a DAC and the same with a DAC. The 501 is half size. I only have the DSP 502 version without the DAC. I have not heard the Meitner or the 502 with DAC so I cannot say which would be better. I have the Weiss Medus and it is just wonderful though it is considerably more expensive than the DSP 502 with DAC John
  21. I have one dedicated circuit for Nine sockets. If I followed your engineers advice the cost would have been at least $30k including electrician and extra for a new switch board which is now full. I am happy with one circuit. As well the power conditioner is connected to just one "heavy duty" socket recommended by @rmpfyf . And just to get some posters a bit excited, the conditioner is connected via a Puritan Ground Master to a separate 3mt solid copper rod earth encased in a gypsum bentonite slurry in the ground. So maybe I do not need separate sockets. I have never had any feed back noi
  22. No coincidences. In my situation the variations have nothing to do with supply unless it sags below 230 volts. I have a whole of house regenerator that is set to 230. Volts. The system gets that voltage. The UPS for the computer gets approx. 226 volts. Like you my supply voltage fluctuates regularly. John
  23. To me “hum or buzzing or fluttering” through the speakers when the system is paused has nothing whatsoever to do with noise floor. It is much more subtle. Noise floor is about resonance or interference that come from a multitude of sources importantly and including power. When you experience it you will spend the rest of your life pursuing mitigation strategies Apologies for this being off topic John
  24. How do you know that you have a noise problem via the supply power until you do something about mitigating the crap. Ignorance is bliss. A while back SNA was littered with posts saying that there were no power issues on the East Coast. It may not be as bad as the west but there are problems. As well many of the posts said what you are saying below. I do not know the technical matters. I dealt with the power in various ways and as a consequence my system sounded better. Many people say it it is the room the room the room. To me power is very important also. John
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