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  1. Read this from Mark Waldrep (Dr AIX) http://secure.campaigner.com/csb/Public/show/566i-1ckfdd--mjijs-13xicec8 John
  2. @rmpfyf, Same with me. As I said I do not have my own DAC at the moment. I am not in a position to make a definitive call on anything at the moment and await the return of the DAC upgraded. Till then??? The converters that I have are from KSM. John
  3. @lenticularis, Yes! I have been without my very long time canine companion Sherlock for just over a year now. When he approved of what I was playing he would sit up and “sing”. He was very responsive to some music. Interestingly the PS Audio DS Dac more so that I no longer have. I miss him. John
  4. @rmpfyf, Based upon things said in this thread and other SNA threads about Ethernet in various contexts I decided to explore more than I had up till now. I have some expensive cables cat7 cables and filters. I have ordered some Cat8. They have not arrived yet. I acquired two moderate quality converters and a short optical fibre connection. For me there was no doubt whatsoever that there was an impact using the converters and the cable. What I cannot say with any certainty is whether the impact was just a difference or a benefit. I used the above when I had my own DAC. I thought there was a benefit. My DAC has now gone way for a few weeks for a major upgrade and I lent the converters to a friend. In my friend’s system the impact was quite evident but definitely not beneficial. We decided that in the conversion process the result was cleaner but something was missing. There was less decay, a smaller sound stage with the voice more forward and the bass was less obvious. Disappointing for me. The loan DAC that I have is not good enough for me to make a decision as to whether for me there is an impact benefit and is it just system dependant or not. I await the return of my DAC to try the converters again. I shall report back. John
  5. @Demondes, Hi Derek, That was my understanding sometime ago. That is why I thought that the license was transferable to another person. As I am not interested in giving up ROON I will not be pursung the matter any further at this time. You explanation gives me some confidence though if I need to consider things in the distant future. Thank you John
  6. To the above and others my assumption was very wrong! My apologies. I wonder what the word transferable means? Warranties are often transferable from owner to owner with quality products. I won't be testing the matter at law. As I said I do not intend to stop using ROON in the foreseeable future. A year from now as I have lifetime sub it will be free ongoing. I find ROON very useful in my setup!!! John
  7. @LogicprObe, I bought mine four years ago when the value of the A$ was much better. An important consideration for me was that the lifetime license is transferable. Note the small print https://roonlabs.com/pricing.html I am very pleased with ROON and do not intend to sell the license. However if in the future I no longer needed ROON I could sell and probably do quite nicely financially. Maybe even get most of my money back and have had the benefit for what ever period of time for little outlay. John
  8. @EagleeyesI have had three Vitus setups starting with the RI 100 and finishing with a signature pre and power. All were excellent and a step up each time. I have never tried Gryphon. I would suggest as well as The Gryphon you think about moving countries and consider Soulutions from Switzerland. Just lovely! John
  9. @logean Virtually the entire world today depends upon software to run including the car, phone, your bank and the computer you use. Audio is no different. Most of the time it works. The important thing is if there is a problem it is fixed. With Antipodes it will be. I am not on the payroll! John
  10. Turn it off. Then unplug it for awhile to clear any residual memory. As well do the same with what ever you are using to control it including the network just in case. Then try again. Just maybe this may fix things? John
  11. No response? Surprises me. I am staggered as to how quick and when I get responses from support from Antipodes.
  12. As you already have many Cds maybe you should consider ripping them to create digital files. You can store these files on a NAS or other devices. Then set a ROON based playback system. The quality of the playback will depend upon the quality of the system. It will vary from okay through to superb. I consider that my listening experience is towards the superb end of the spectrum How many of your CDs do you actually listen to regularly through to none at all? I have more digital files than I would be able to listen to for the rest of my life. I mainly listen to 30 may be 40 and dabble with others from time to time. For me ROON is a database management tool (maybe not perfect) that enables me to explore my own collection and find music that I was not even aware of through links and the information provided by ROON. There are other benefits such as some DSP if that interests you. ROON does not suit some people. There are many many devotees however. Remember if you pay a monthly sub for a streaming service it won’t be long before the total fees are equivalent to the price of the ROON license. As well I understand that you can on sell your ROON license if after time you don’t want it any more. John
  13. I would expect that the file is coming via Roon "from" a streaming service. It is not about the responsibility of Roon as to the quality of the file. John
  14. Not the best choice of words I would suggest even if they were meant figuratively which I expect they were.
  15. Hi Trevor, To me you can come across sometimes as a bit cryptic or enigmatic which I can perceive as you having a subtle go. It is difficult to then work out whether it is intentional or not so. Mixing up cables and guys seemed to be about animate with the inanimate which was confusing for literal me. Apologies accepted. John
  16. Well Trevor it wasn't obvious to me. Silly silly me. I am not good at things cryptic like you are maybe. I will just have to do better. John
  17. Understood. I thought that you may have been talking about a person John
  18. I Started this thread because I consider that when we put various factors together, we ultimately each tune everything in our systems to gratify our respective listening aspirations and desires. These listening desires will vary for individual. I said in my OP “We are all different. Our respective senses vary in what we can smell, feel, taste, see and hear. “ At the time I started the thread I was not aware of the importance of the individual shapes of one’s ears in relation to our listening experiences. An article in the link below by Richard Murison in the latest issue of the PS Audio “Copper” online magazine has a bit to say about the shape of the ear and its role with the brain. To me it is another part of the jigsaw as to why our listening experiences may vary to some degree. Read paras 6&7 https://www.psaudio.com/article/sounds-good-to-me/ John
  19. @was_a, A thread was started on this exact topic almost a year ago by @Stereophilus. Regrettably the thread was closed. Maybe you should look at the thread. I did not think that the thread should have been closed. Others think the same. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/252541-ethernet-network-streaming-tweak/?tab=comments#comment-3966338 John
  20. @Ittaku I agree. However I am now reluctant to post about my opinions on various things that I have experienced that could be of interest to other SNA members. At a recent GTG a member said to me "they give you are hard time". At the show last year an exhibitor said virtually the same thing to me. He also said that he was no longer interested in comment on the forum. Whilst he was a poster I considered his contributions useful. I consider that we are individually ultimately responsible for our own decisions. I make mistakes. Not many fortunately Some posters seem to me that from time to time that they think that know better and can save me or others from making mistakes. One poster in another thread said exactly that recently. I do not need to be saved from the folly of my own decisions. I would like to be able to discuss "....things meaningfully..." Sometimes that has not been my experience in recent times. John
  21. @Ittaku Really. Just do a search on the word delusional. It is word that has been used frequently in posts as a put down in respect of various posters including me. John
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