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  1. An alternative that is porous and cheap. Go to your local pharmacy and buy Heroes for the removal of corns and callouses. http://www.heros-int.com/sponge-en.html John
  2. @TerryO The attention to service from Antipodes is just absolutely exemplary. The scary thing for you will be when Tony takes over your computer with Team Viewer and the cursor moves without you doing anything. Initially there will be temptation for you to take back control. John
  3. @Dacman As you know I used bamboo and steel rod. The bamboo was a kitchen bench top from Bunnings cut into four pieces. Interestingly the cost has gone down in just over 2 years https://www.bunnings.com.au/kaboodle-2400-x-600-x-35mm-bamboo-benchtop_p2662191 John
  4. I haven't had time to read the Naim thread. My comment in the "B" thread about switches and using two was based on @Dacman's comments to me when we tried the two Paul Pang switches. He had found the two in a chain together was better. When we tried the two different Paul Pang's it was one at a time because of time constraints. It will be interesting to go down the path of multiple switches John
  5. My simplistic non-scientific understanding is that everything has a natural resonance. As well many parts of audio components cause vibrations and or resonances that can get into the audio signal. Not just the ones where there is no apparent movement. Those resonances can pollute the audio signal and maybe are in the sound that you hear. Anything you can do to either mitigate or remove the pollution, will mean that you will hear less of what of should not be in the audio signal in the first place. It is referred to as lower noise floor. You may not have experienced lower noise floor. When you do, you just want more and more of the same. It is addictive. You would be amazed as to how much of what you hear should not be there. There are many isolation strategies from inexpensive to very expensive. Some can have a negligible impact whereas with others there can be a significant benefit. It depends on how far you want to go and how much you can afford. John
  6. Lenehan ML2 Ltd in solid brush box timber John
  7. Trevor, Try this https://darko.audio/2019/12/what-is-the-difference-between-power-and-gain/ John
  8. If you have 30minutes Trevor watch this John
  9. This topic interests me because of my reliance on Ethernet in the front end of my system. I probably have a few more bits in my audio network configuration than some. There is a 4bay NAS, a second audio grade NAS, Roon core on an audio grade Linux box, a network player, a DSP (That I still have to learn to setup fully to get the maximum benefit) that is also Roon ready and finally two converters with optical connection between the Network switch and the DSP. There are also 3 Acoustic Revive Lan Isolators. I am surprised sometimes that everything works reliably. In terms of my understanding your reference to Isolation, besides the 3 LAN isolators the only audio side isolation that I have are the two KSM Fibre Ethernet converters and the optical cable. With them in the Network there is definite difference. I still have to decide whether I think that the difference is beneficial or not. I am contemplating getting an audio grade network switch but will wait awhile before making a final decision as to which one. In the mean time, with the bits above I do have an opportunity to try various combination. John
  10. @dbastin, You have started two threads regarding the impact of Tweaks related to Ethernet configurations. One thread is about the clean side and the other is the dirty side. My question is side of what? John
  11. I you live in a rural area as I do the only provider that proves good reliable reception is Telstra. People move to the town where I live and go with the less expensive providers. Soon many give up and go with Telstra. John
  12. @Ken, I should have also said in my post above to try both settings for the Thor and decide if there is a difference and which you prefer. You are in WA that has a reputation for poor power quality compared to the rest of Australia not that quality of the power in the the rest country is as good as it could be. Power quality is a topic for another day and there will be some who disagree. John
  13. Lucky you. Have you checked your situation? There are have been many posts on SNA over time where some situations where approaching the mid 260 volts and even higher. Mine reached 262 volts before the supplier changed the taps on the supply transformer after I reported the the problem and the supply is now about 235 volts. I have a conditioner for my whole house. When it was installed the default was 220 volts. There is a 4 volt drop in the house so the audio system received 216 volts. Wonderful SQ but fans and drills did not start. The default was adjusted to 230 volts. I cannot change it. The SQ is still good but my memory tells me otherwise. The higher the voltage the greater the running costs and the shorter life span of all electrical appliances. For example, with the 260 odd voltage the LED lights often lasted months. For example I have not replaced a LED light for two years since the drop to supply was 235 volts and I have the house conditioner. John
  14. For a listen in Melbourne https://www.soundgallery.com.au/ John
  15. The cost of some vinyl today may seem to be greater than what most may expect. Sometimes the price may reflect a better quality product. To compare though just look at the price of some of these very high quality CDs from Japan. https://www.abcrecord.com/en/category.php?id=20 I can assure you that the SQ result is very high as a friend let me try some of his CDs. Sublime SQ Just read the section on the production differences. https://www.abcrecord.com/en/article_cat.php?id=22 John
  16. My apologies for my misunderstanding. I am pleased that you and I have a general agreement on the position of the matter of the relative expensiveness of quality audio outcomes. I assume that the Gryphon is worth the expense for the few able to afford it. John
  17. Of course. I would expect that there would be examples in audio as in many other areas, products that are expensive but do not provide a quality outcome commensurate to the price tag. The products in your system are expensive with I expect a corresponding quality outcome. Are you aware of any audio product that provides a serious quality outcome that in relative terms is not also expensive? There is no thing such as a free lunch or a free ride. John
  18. Find a a trust worthy and experienced mentor, make mistakes during the journey and learn but ultimately follow your own intuition in your decision making. John
  19. I do not know whether the glasses would deflect sound away from the ears and therefore impair the listening experience. I consider that all our sense work together. In fact if one sense is weakened another may become more developed to compensate. Brain plasticity. The wearing of glasses is intended to improve the vision of the wearer. That means the sight sense is more enhanced than if the glasses are not worn. I consider that the aesthetics of what I "see" with my system enhances my listening experience. Interestingly I often take my glasses off whilst listening. I can see reasonably surprisingly well without my glasses on. John
  20. I agree with both the above quotes. To me the two quotes are the nub of the conundrum of the question “What the hell happened to civil discussion on this forum” I have stopped posting as I previously did, my experience on any topic that is likely to be treated with unnecessary put downs. I am not impressed when I have been told by frequent posters that what I say is just opinion, subjective or that biases influence my responses. I acknowledge the definite limits of my lack of technical knowledge. Yet to me that what I posted previously may still be of use to some readers. Too many posters on The Forum respond with comments about the experience of others yet the responder has not even tried it. The Forum definitely does need contributions. I considered that it relies on all readers of the posts to be willing to filter everything they read, exercise some considered deliberation and not just respond with put downs. John
  21. Main components. Power Conditioner Gigawatt – Poland NAS -Synology – Taiwanese Roon Core – Linux Box - ? Network Player- Weiss -Swiss DSP - Weiss -Swiss DAC - Weiss -Swiss Pre -Soulution -Swiss Power - Soulution -Swiss Speakers - Lenehan – Australia Rest – A lot - All over the place. John
  22. That is not correct. I have several power cords all with Furutech AU plugs John
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