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  1. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @Simonon If you haven't tried them then maybe you need to explain why in your opinion they fit in the myth category. Don't just rely on your scepticism of the words of the companies and reviewers. Try some. There are vibrations, resonances and interference every where in our system components including speakers. The control of those vibrations and resonances can have the same impact benefits as dealing with power. In my experience quality isolation devices can result in reduced noise floor that equals better music. I am just about to trial higher quality isolation feet under my speaker stands. This time as distinct to fuses the opposite is definitely true for me. Good isolation really works. Also it is not just feet. Isolation pucs or similar also work on top of amps etc Properly calibrated and loacted springs can be used instead of solid feet. If you haven't tried them then I think that you would be surprised. Maybe @acg could explain the benefits of his devices with polished hardened steel and special bearing balls John
  2. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I did think that in the opening paragraph that the author was drawing a bit of a long bow. Nevertheless I did provide the link because of the skewed statement in the post I was responding to. I have read other articles regarding the benefit of power cables. I accept that it is matter that is still open to debate. John
  3. Audio myths and misconceptions

    An explanation. It is up to you whether your clear arguments (which you have not presented) are more substantive. I do not know the answer https://www.gcaudio.com/tips-tricks/why-power-cables-make-a-difference/
  4. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @Simonon I thought that I would start my response to your post to me about fuses with a portion above of an earlier post from you which at the time I found refreshing. I hope that you read your own words and maybe reflect for a moment. In my post in respect of fuses responding to the post from you about fuses I did not advocate the use of aftermarket fuses. I did not enthuse positively about fuses. I was not trying to overly defend the use of aftermarket fuses. My concern with the post was in respect of the delivery of the message and the use of unnecessary emotive words about a subject that is controversial. Fuses are controversial and there are two sides to the story. I do not think that an absolute categorical denial was appropriate. To me fuses are in the maybe catergory and it is up to individuals to choose whether they try them or not. To me your post did not inform people. The post I was responding to was not the first time in this thread when posts have expressed an opinion which to me was intended to create sensational responses. Just remember the cost of the Ethernet cable matter. I thought my post was balanced and I was surprised to read in your response that said “….In this case I stand firm and I kind of find your post insulting.” I was surprised because in an earlier post this was said “…On a better note I enjoy your posts and respect your point of view. You are one of a few on this topic that are prepared to put your money where your mouth is which I find commendable. For such a contentious subject I am surprised we have not had” Also in another post this was said “ Personally I would like to thank John for his perspective and beliefs in this subject. His courage and conviction to put across an alternative point of view is exemplary and I enjoy reading his posts.” So to say that the post was insulting and that I am delusional does surprise me. I did say in my post that “….I do use aftermarket fuses. In terms of benefits I am not going to die in a ditch to defend them. It is a case of maybe. For me though it is all part of my interest in better power, power more power.” I also said later in my post that “…For me the jury is still out on fuses” My reference to blacker backgrounds was not intended to attribute the benefit of fuses in this aspect of what I hear. Even though there may be a blacker background if the fuses deliver a benefit. I cannot say. My comment was in respect what I perceived as a flippant throw away. I could have referred to noise floor. My experience is that the removal of unwanted interference in power and the utilisation of quality isolation devices delivers reduced background or noise floor. You can hear more of the music in the recording with less interference. My system is digital only. I cannot comment on vinyl. My comments are not at all about hiss or hum in the speakers when the system is idle and nothing is happening. That is due to equipment or cable faults. As you adopt strategies to mitigate various aspects of interference and consequently reduce noise floor you will be surprised how much better your sound waves will be. John
  5. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I have some difficulties with your post. @crisis said “I don't care if people still choose to buy these things as long as they are informed” I am unable to understand how your post in any way helps anybody to be informed. To be informed to me means that there is information with value attached which becomes knowledge. Where is the knowledge? Is your knowledge based upon experience or just theory and conjecture? Based upon the absolute paucity of substantive information in your post my conclusion is that you have no experience with aftermarket fuses. Have you ever tried any aftermarket fuses in your equipment? To me the benefit if it exists with aftermarket fuses may require a system that is able to resolve fine details. Some systems can and some probably cannot. Where does your system fit in the equation. Maybe the benefits of fuses if they exist are not of interest to you. The post at best is an emotive opinion in which you try to justify the opinion on the basis of your “30 years experience in broadcast electronics” There is no knowledge or information whatsoever provided in the post to substantiate your position. Your post uses many emotive words which to me are a bit of oh gee whizz look how stupid these products are. It starts in the first sentence. Words that are intended to create a reaction which it did with me but may not be in the way you intended. You say that you have removed the names of manufacturers. I would not be overly fussed if you named them because one does not have to be a smart cryptographer to know the names. Especially for somebody who has an interest in aftermarket fuses. I do use aftermarket fuses. In terms of benefits I am not going to die in a ditch to defend them. It is a case of maybe. For me though it is all part of my interest in better power, power more power. The last sentence in the post comes close to an air of superiority. As I have said previously, in much of this there is no right or wrong There are posts on Stereonet in which people comment favourably about the benefit of fuses including Synergistic Research products. There are copious posts on many other forums that also comment favourably about fuses. Some manufacturers of various equipment do install up market fuses. For me the jury is still out on fuses. This link is to blog that you may find interesting. At least Eric tries them. You may find the first couple of sentences in the introduction interesting. http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com.au/search?q=fuses In finishing the matter for me blacker backgrounds is easy to hear. When the interference in power is reduced there is enhanced silence in the spaces between the music or notes. That is my explanation of blacker backgrounds and when you experience it you do not want to go back to the before. John
  6. Lenehan ML2Limited with Duelund Silver Bypass

    You could have knocked them off with a feather. John
  7. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I did go to the show in November. A primary reason in going was to go to the dinner. Some SNA members I already knew from previous shows and GTGs. It was interesting to me to put faces to what were previously just SNA names including some who post in this thread. I now see them differently than just their names and words in a post. I am sure that if a lot of this discussion was face to face there would be more consensus. The anonymity of posts, emails and texts etc is to me highly problematic John
  8. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Yes please!!! John
  9. Audio myths and misconceptions

    This thread is just disintegrating into an egotistical shoot out and nobody benefits. Every body is right from their own perspective and at the same there is no correct answer. Any wonder that some content on Stereonet is not taken seriously in outside audio hifi circles as has already been suggested in at least one post in this thread. I wonder how the discussion would go if we were all in room together face to face discussing some of what is being said in some recent posts. I wouldn't be surprised if the tenor of the discussion was more collaborative and conciliatory. After all don't we all have the same objectives? To learn and benefit from the experience of others. John
  10. Audio myths and misconceptions

    I find it difficult to see how it would achieve it intended objective and may result in some unnecessary angst. Many comments on Stereonet promote various ways of improving system SQ outcomes. One that comes through strongly from time to time is the room, the room, the room. I consider that my listening space is at least reasonable or may even be better than reasonable. I am not in a position to nor do I want to do anything more. That’s my choice. Maybe I am missing out. I do not know and it doesn’t matter to me. It is said some times that ignorance is bliss. To me the thing that does definitely provide benefits for my listening experience is the treatment of power, power and power. To me one of the most divisive topics on Stereonet is power. The chain of ingredients in our systems starts and finishes with power. It is fundamental to the final outcome. If you start with power issues you will finish with the issues. If the SQ outcome is influenced by power issues and it more than likely is, I cannot understand how room treatments can make that aspect of the SQ better. Based on some of the posts I have read on Stereonet the treatment of power including cords fits into the myth and misconception category. To me it doesn’t fit there whatsoever. I am not influenced by the respective position of various posters opposed to the treatment of power. I respect the position of those who deny the benefits of the treatment of power but what is said by the deniers will not convince me otherwise and I expect that the opposite is also the case. There probably is no definitive right or wrong in our respective perceptions, beliefs and experiences. I suggest that the proposal of an expert panel or such like will not be useful in respect of some deeply held positions such as power and probably other strongly held topics. It may just come down to a three letter word ego. After all we each have a bit of our respective egos embedded in our systems and our posts. John
  11. Audio myths and misconceptions

    For many years the printed version of Encyclopaedia Britannica was considered to be the most accurate of encyclopaedias. Nevertheless in each edition there were factual errors. . Britannica Online is a fee based service and Wikipedia is not. Interestingly comparisons have been done between Britannica Online and Wikipedia in relation to accuracy of content. With the last comparison I was aware of Wikepedia had less errors in the articles compared to Britannica. There always will be some errors. John
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @aussievintage , I read @Simonon post's above and thought similarly to you but with a slightly different slant. The matter of DBT should not be taboo. I appreciate that DBT has its place for some. I am some body who is not overly interested in DBT to support my perceptions of system changes. In fact I have never done it. I do wonder how many SNA members do it. Nevertheless I do respect that to some people the DBT is fundamental to their assessments of the benefits of their system changes and comparison of various products. To me some of the reports of DBT results are bizarre and not logical and leave me confused. However I also expect respectful acknowledgement of the validity of my perceptions of my experiences. I do not expect absolute agreement. But I do not appreciate being told if it is not subject to DBT it is not valid and irrelevant. I have done various things to my system over the last few years. The benefits of some things stick out like the proverbial. Nobody would need a DBT to assess the benefit or degradation. Many things do that not fit in the category of obvious could be consided a waste of money or time. I tend not to talk about those in this latter category John
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @Zaphod Beeblebrox Trevor, You say in your example above that the more expensive amplifier was of a lesser quality in terms of sound performance than the less expensive amplifier. You say that there was a benefit with the regenerator for the more expensive amplifier whereas there was no benefit for the less expensive better sounding amplifier. That was your experience. Fine I can accept that. My experience as I said was with a conditioner and expensive and quality performance Vitus Signature series pre and mono amplifiers. There was a benefit. No DBT for me though and therefore the results will no be acceptable to you. To me it does not make my experience invalid John
  14. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @Newman I have been distracted from responding to Stereonet for a while with other matters. I was pleased and surprised that you took the time to compose such a detailed response to my lament. When one joins Stereonet it does take a while to learn some of the different and real personalities that can hide behind the persona of the image created by the actual content of the written posts from respective individuals. With some it is probably the case that what you read is the real personality. In other instances the opposite may be the case with a bit of chameleon happening As well, you learn who to take notice of and who is somewhere else to one’s self and not relevant. The public banter that goes on sometimes between people who may or may not know each other can to me be surprising and disconcerting. I do not know whether there is a personal relationship or not. To me some of what is said is unnecessary and does not serve a useful purpose in what I consider is the context of the respective thread. I went to the dinner on the Saturday night during the recent show in Melbourne. For me an objective in going was to put faces to some of the Stereonet names especially ones from interstate. Very interesting. This thread is about myths and misconceptions. My knowledge of electronics etc is absolutely minimal. Measurements mean virtually nothing to me. As an aside it is often said of measurements that the important ones whatever they maybe are not available any way. I accept that to soem measurments are fascinating. To me it is how does it sound. I come from a perspective that in this world we live in there are many things that can happen that at this point in time cannot be explained by known science or engineering knowledge. To me this applies to audio. It is in some cases about the mysterious unknowns and the unexplained. I expect that In time some of the outcomes that may not at this time fit the known science and engineering will be explained. One day with improved material science and measurements etc things that are now in the myth and misconception category may not be so. I have always tried to write my posts from the context of my perspective or my experience which to me is relevant and may be of interest to others. It must be to some based on the PMs I sometimes get for additional information. I have difficulties with what I consider to be absolutist positions that often have nothing to substantiate what is being said. It is sometimes the case of I know, I am right because I am qualified or trained. When I read absolutes I want to know more and have things justified. The justifications are often not forthcoming. When I recently asked a second time for an explanation I think that it was you who said I was going too far. Some body else said get over it move on. My neighbour is an electronics engineer. I drive him crazy sometimes seeking justifications. He is patience. At the moment I am into earthing. Tricky subject. I have tried many things in my system. Some which to me definitely work such as power conditioning and some are maybes. I try to restrict my comments to the definite outcomes. I am not fussed if others reject my experience in the context of their own similar experience. I am comfortable to be told I am not right about somethings. It is not acceptable to me though when somebody who hasn’t even tried something and or it doesn’t fit with their understanding of the science puts my comments down and denies the possible. John
  15. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @Newman , I very much appreciated your considered response to my perceptions of regret. I did have some concerns about posting a brief outline of my position. I must admit that I was very surprised that it came from you. I did have a very big laugh at the beginning of the second paragraph. It brought tears to my eyes. You are the poster who to me is often the deliverer of curved balls and cryptic comments that often I do not see as appropriate in the context of what is happening in thread at points in time. I am also pleased to read a couple of other posts below. Right now I have to write up the minutes of a meeting that I am member of the committee. I will definitely write more. Thank you. It has inspired me to say some more things that I hope are beneficial John