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  1. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. John
  2. I am also curious as to what was meant by CD burner? Burn to me means the ability to make another physical copy of a CD and not just to make a copy of files to another storage device. I do not know what the precise definition differences are between a streamer or a server or whether there is even a fundamental difference. I am very pleased with my Antipodes DX server. It has SSD storage and a ripper to copy a CD to memory plus other features. Mine has just been upgraded to DX3 level. The step up in performance is seriously impressive. It is definitely worthy of consideration. The service from Antipodes is exemplary. John
  3. The Antipodes Thread

    Further to my previous post about the DX3. I have played the Antipodes DX3 for 10/12 hours over the last two days. I could repeat a four letter word a few times to sum up my impression. At this time, it is all about the sound stage. The sound stage is incredible in terms of the holistic impression and the precision of the placement of the instruments and voices. You could put a knife between every detail. I am not sure that there is any more detail than before. It is just that the separation enables each aspect of the detail to be more individually discernible. It is all in the presentation. Overall it is addictively wonderful and engaging. It doesn’t matter where you sit. The mental visual image of the sound stage is just incredible. I still haven't added the Intona or the Berkeley Alpha to the equation yet. To me pleasure delayed is pleasure enhanced. I use ROON and I haven't yet tried any DSP features. As well on the Antipodes it says that there is an extended settling in period. So who knows where this will end. Nevertheless at this time it shows to me how critical is the source in the grand scheme. This upgrade investment for me is worth very cent. John
  4. The Antipodes Thread

    @tfj100 For me upgrading has not been dangerous and has on a cost Vs performance outcome been a definite positive. To me well executed upgrades can be beneficial. I have undertaken a few upgrades of equipment. Each has resulted in a beneficial improvement outcome in SQ. Recently by pass capacitors were added to the crossovers of my speakers. Fantastic result. I once owned a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC that was then upgraded to a DS DAC. Each new version of the the OS for the DS is an upgrade that the majority of owner’s report is better than the one before. I sold my DS and have not had the pleasure of hearing the last two versions of the OS. With the Antipodes DX this is the second upgrade since new and I have been very pleased with the outcome each time. To me companies that have upgrade paths should be supported. It means that the equipment remains up to date. Plus, the cost of the upgrade is probably cheaper than the difference of the loss on the obsolete model and the cost of the new model. John
  5. The Antipodes Thread

    DX Gen3 Upgrade I had a power failure in mid-November when my Antipodes DX was on and working. Afterwards it did not boot up and it ultimately ended up back in NZ for a fix. It came back and still did not boot up for me so it went back to NZ again in January. Whilst it was there and fortuitously timing wise I was offered and agreed to an upgrade to the V4X circuit to become the DX Gen3 Upgrade model. It is now back and working. I have only listened to it briefly this afternoon. I have not yet connected my Intona or the Berkeley Alpha USB converter or tried Roon DSP. My initial impression is that the sound stage is more three dimensional. The front to back separation especially is more noticeable. The sound is smoother and possibly there is more emphasis on the higher frequencies. There is overall more musical life in the sound. Rather nice actually. My DAC is a very serious SACD/CD player as well as a DAC. Previously playing a CD seemed to be a tad better than the DAC side. Now it will be interesting to compare the two. I have been listening to my system to files from a NAS for the past three months. Previously I thought that the difference between the NAS and the DX was not significant. Now with just the USB connection the difference is very pleasing. I have to say that based upon things said in a couple of threads lately there may be an aspect of bias in my perceptions. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the outcome. Using a tablet to control Roon was frustratingly problematic sometimes and slow prior to the upgrade. Now it seems to be very solid and fast. This is a benefit of the upgrade for me. I just have to learn to drive and navigate Roon again especially as there have been some changes since I last used it. John
  6. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    @Nigel Maybe because Rawl99 probably knows what he is talking about and maybe even more than others. Maybe you should have read all the posts in this thread before you reacted. I have found it interesting and satisfying that Rawl99 with his knowledge is still able to have questions about the possibility of things that are not yet evidenced by measurements yet! Who knows what will come to know in the future. John
  7. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    @Addicted to music I do not know what you precisely mean by the ambient noise is lower at night in the context of power supply and air conditioning. What I do know right now, is that my system is sounding different than it did a few hours ago. It is better. It happens every night. I don't even think about often. Sometimes I can notice that what I think is better and I look at the time and it will always be after 9.30pm. John
  8. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    @LogicprObe I live in a small regional town. There are some houses near me that have air-conditioning but some don’t. I do not have air-conditioning. What I perceive as the benefit of ‘cleaner” power is not related to the time of the year. I first noted the benefit a few years ago in winter when the pole transformer near my house was significantly upgraded. I commented to a neighbour that my system was sounding better yet I hadn’t changed anything. He is an electrical engineer. He said the new transformer would be less noisy than the old one and it was bigger. Maybe at night something happens to the transformer to make it even better. A few years ago a person in Canada on another forum reported about his experiences. He kept extensive records about his power supply and his perception of his system performance. His conclusion was that it was always sounded better a night. To me the treatment of power is fundamental to the performance of my system. Some people say it is all about the room the room the room. To me power is just as important All our system start with the treatment of the power the power the power To me bring on 9.30pm John
  9. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    @Muon N' I totally agree. My SS system always is better after 9.30/10.00pm every night! Power is critical to how things sound and it seems to be cleaner at night and there is a benefit for me John
  10. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    Dr Graham Farquhar an eminent Australian Scientist was awarded the Senior Australian of the year for 2018 last Friday night. He is motivated by discovery and curiousity. In a series video clips as a precursor prior to his acceptance speech he said in one clip that “He has become personally allergic to the phrase that we have to just accept the science, that there is nothing that is uncertain” He went on to say that “He is even more allergic to someone who says that they do not accept the science which is even more ridiculous” To me this says that the science is of primary fundamental importance but it is not totally absolute. There are things that may yet need to be understood and explained. There is something for all of us no matter where we are on the spectrum with what Dr Farquhar said. As humans generally we are all wired to be risk adverse. Those of us who are on the subjective side of the equation probably want to avoid having to confront the possibility that our supposed experiences of hearing differences and benefits are just a fantasy. Whereas the objectivists are comfortable denying for a variety of reasons including the known science that the possibility that some changes and or benefits do actually exist. John
  11. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    @Addicted to music Newton did not work is all out by himself. He is also reputed to have said in the context of some of his work that "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants One day the we also may see further than we do now in relation to the things that divide us now on this topic. John
  12. Audio myths and misconceptions

    The tasting experiment that you mention is referred to in “The Guardian” article provided in the link in the post [email protected] Sanders Zingmore . The article also includes other references to situations where the experts have been fooled. As I am sure people have been fooled with audio and other things. Some time ago I naively made the same mistake to try and make the comparison of the analogy of wine tasting and listening/hearing. I was descended on from a great height by many responses including a link to “The Guardian” article quoted this time. I don’t know how many posters have read the whole article. It is worth reading, especially by those of us who have a bit of an interest in wine as I do. The article discusses many things including the multitude and complexity of chemicals in wine. With machines we can identify and analyse all the chemicals in wines with accuracy plus in some instance how the chemicals react with each other. The article quotes a chemist Dr James Hutchinson who says about humans and machine analysis of wine “In terms of replicating what a human can do we are a long way off......The one thing we can do well, though, is a lot of amazing analytical chemistry that allows us to detect a huge range of different compounds in a glass of wine. We can start to have an indication of how the acidity balances with the sweetness and different levels of flavour compounds. "But the step we haven't got to is how that raw chemical information can be crunched together and converted into something that reflects someone's emotional response. That might be something we can never achieve." My bolding above. If our respective individual emotional response to how we listen or what we hear varies in each of us, then maybe it is a part explanation for the Subjectivist Vs Objectivist divide that seems to exist. Probably there is nothing yet able to definitively resolve the divide one way or the other. The topic continues John
  13. Audio myths and misconceptions

    @Sir Sanders Zingmore Trevor, That is a cynically flawed comment. I haven’t heard the Red Cloud OS or the version before it so I cannot comment on the relative degree of improvement from one OS to another. The testing panel were only dealing with the version of the OS that was extant at the time of testing. So the panel’s choice had nothing whatsoever to do with the possible benefit of any future version of the OS. It is probable that the results of testing panel were valid in both assessments. It is reasonable to expect that the next version of the OS after Red Cloud will be another step up again when ever it comes John
  14. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    @nzlowie Your proposal for an experiment/test supported by @Mike13 maybe laudable. It is fraught with many difficulties that to me will make it not realistically achievable. To me some of the issues are · What shop would tie up valuable resources and space for such an experiment over time except maybe for the glory? · What is an agreed time interval for the experiment? · What equipment would be utilised? Solid State, Valve, Vinyl, Digital, Speakers and or connections? · What level of the quality of equipment would be acceptable and would there be consensus on the choices? · Would the results be able to extrapolated to all equipment? Probably not. · Would there be consensus on who is involved? · How much time would the listeners have to devote the experiment? The above are some of the questions that just pop into my mind. Given the divergence of opinion in this thread and others I still say good luck. If you pull it off I will be the first to offer my congratulations. John
  15. Break/Burn in. Is it Real?

    I do not think that Trevor is on his own. It is probable that many of us including me have issues. John