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  1. As @muon* says So many variables. Everything matters and the relative synergy and balance of all the components in your respective system can impact the outcome. It is all part of the mystery to which there is no simple answer that fits all situations. John
  2. A few years ago, I purchased a PS Audio PWT. It cost three times the NAD M51 which was another DAC I auditioned. To me the PS audio was superior in terms of the outcome. I later upgraded the PS Audio to the DS with new boards etc and went through various iterations of the OS. It definitely became even better than the NAD after the upgrade. I never used I2S You could purchase the PS and after a while have it upgraded to the DS and use the latest OS whatever it is called. That would be a good outcome that would also be cost effective. I no longer have the PS Audio DAC. I have moved up the DAC food chain. At a point in time I was pleased with what I had. I am more pleased now with what I have. The law of diminishing returns always prevails though. John
  3. I like the idea Ric. I will have a conversation with the Weiss Australian representative who talks with Daniel Weiss regularly. Weiss for a long time has preferred Firewire to USB ostensibly because of the additional quality. I do not do Firewire. I wasn't happy when I first got the Network player and had to use an "I" tablet. I saw that as crossing to the dark side. John
  4. I will forgo the pleasure of finding out whether what you suggest in respect of a NIC mod would have a benefit. There may be a benefits with modifications. The result that I get from the three 3 Weiss components that are in my system provide for me, a quality outcome without utilising any modifications. John
  5. That may depend upon what you define as “nasties”. I have two optical converters and an optical cable. To me there is no question as to whether there is a change with the converters in vs not in. The important question is whether the noticeable to me change is beneficial or not. My personnel preference is the converters in. However, it may be that with the conversions that happen something very small that should be there, is removed from the signal during the conversion processes. Another person who has heard my converters says that to him the dynamics of the sound is reduced very slightly. It is not a big deal but interesting to consider. John
  6. The PP comes with a short Ethernet cable that is directional to connect the 8 top ports with the bottom 8. Source goes in the top and the out into the bottom row. John
  7. The Paul Pang is developing more sophistication over time. I do not call it burn in rather settling in. John
  8. That is not the answer to your conundrum. It is just denial of possibilities. If that is what floats you boat then that is fine for you. Not for me though. For me there is the mystery of the what and the why. John
  9. My switch previous to the Paul Pang was the Netgear GS108. Maybe not the latest. I had a different power supply to your one above. The difference between switches is a universe apart. Unfortunately there is an expense attached to the upgrade. To me worth very cent. John
  10. @Ittaku, The important question is what did you try. A Switch and or cables and if so which? The switch for me was the biggest change in my system. I have had few changes over time. You have a very serious system especially in terms of the quality of the components. Therefore to me it seems reasonable to expect that you should be able to discern even small differences in the system with changes. If you do not why not? If it was me I would be curious to at least consider the conundrum rather just be dismissive. John
  11. You had mentioned that you had the EtherRegen on order and the expected delivery. Besides comparing I would be interested in running them together especially using optical from the EtherRegen to a converter and then Ethernet to the PP. Complicated maybe but who knows what the result maybe. My intuition tells me a a synergistic step up. At the moment I do have converter optical to converter to the Weiss 502 DSP in the web of cables that I have. I will try it to the Weiss network player. Maybe March should be a GTG? Others may be interested in coming.
  12. The above translation is to me bit confusing. One word stood out for me. I said in another thread that after listening to the two Paul Pang network switches that I had an itch and it may needed to be scratched. (I had it real big itch a few days ago. Some Jack Jumping ants got me.) I said I would wait for a while before I did anything. I waited just two days. Impatient me. I ordered the larger one from @Dacman and it has now been in my system for two days. I think after two days it is starting to settle in even more than Saturday. My impression is the same as it was when I tested the two switches a couple of weeks ago. The outcome is just wonderful, fantastic incredible and ecstasy. It is as if I have significantly upgraded my entire system. Dacman used two words - amazing and brilliant when we listened to some Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. Not my cup of tea. Before the switch I considered that my system was extremely good. Before anyone thinks that something needed fixing in system you may read a review of my system as it was just over a year ago in the “Sound + Image Hifi yearbook 2020 P.72” Since the interview it had been changed with the upgrade to a Weiss Medus DAC and Weiss DSP 502. Serious components. The audio switch has totally changed the SQ. Initially the first noticeable impact was the bass. The strength and power of the bass. I have Lenehan ML2 LTDs with the addition of one JL sub. I have turned the sub off for the time being. I then realised the impact was also in the High and Mid range. The impact is everywhere. I listen to a variety of music including some classical. I have always thought that a symphony or a concerto with my system never had the scale or grandeur that I wanted. Now I have it. The sound stage is bigger, solid and more 3D than previously. A favourite track of mine is Johnny Cash and "Life's Railway to Heaven" from the Nitty Gritty Vol 2. The bass in that track is super special. Now it is better still. The guitar of Antonio Forcione or Milos Karadagalic are now as if they are actually in my room. I have only listed to the Two Paul Pang switches. @BAM tells me that we have heard his AqVox in my system. I do not remember so it may have not been significant. The PP switches may include DLink components and some may therefore question the benefits. For me there is a significant benefit regardless. It is definitely not a "cheap crap product" as stated in a reactive opinion post by @Ittaku. Other switches such as the Melco, SoTm and the EtherRegen may be even better. I do not know. If they are wow. There have been several posts recently and in the past from people who question the benefit of audio switches and in some cases ethernet cables. These posters seem to work in the networking industry and therefore will have definite knowledge and experience. It is fine if they are pleased with their respective audio situation and do not have the need to have an audio switch. It may be interesting for them if they tried an audio network switch and or quality cables. Until you try no one will never know. Every little thing in one's system can make a difference. Some may think that I have gone a bit over board above. Rather I have not done justice to what I am hearing now. Long live quality audio networking. John
  13. An alternative that is porous and cheap. Go to your local pharmacy and buy Heroes for the removal of corns and callouses. http://www.heros-int.com/sponge-en.html John
  14. @TerryO The attention to service from Antipodes is just absolutely exemplary. The scary thing for you will be when Tony takes over your computer with Team Viewer and the cursor moves without you doing anything. Initially there will be temptation for you to take back control. John
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