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  1. @metal beat, I took your statement re material cost and tried to suggest that there can be an expense related to quality outcomes etc. Maybe Loewe are in the situation that they are because there is now a limited market for the payment for quality. I wasn't suggesting that Vitus use Ncore. They assert that they use expensive components in their products that have a cost input and a quality outcome. I think you missed my points. No point in proceeding further. John
  2. @metal beat, Why not along with design and engineering? Supposedly the heads of Samsung and Loewe were at a show in Europe somewhere a some years ago looking at a Loewe Flat screen. The panel was Samsung. The head of Samsung said your “TV is better than ours”. The answer was “it is our electronics”. Vitus promote themselves on the basis of the many parts for their products that they purchase, measure and how many they then dispose of as they do not measure up to requirements. Show me any thing where real quality is required and or expected and there is not a commensurate expense. There is no thing as a free lunch. John
  3. @Addicted to music, Hi Peter, I am into my third induction cook top. Different Houses. When I got the first induction 20 years ago I really wanted a fancy gas cook top because of the blue flame. I was persuaded to try a portable induction. The rest is history. If you enjoy cooking and want absolute precise control of the temperature, induction is fantastic. Sauces great. It is hotter and faster than gas. Electric is pathetic in comparison. You can melt chocolate just so! You cannot do that with gas or electric. Steak on a cast iron griddle amazing. With a Wok as long as it is magnetic metal and the bottom is flat - fine - red hot in minutes if you are not careful. Get cast iron pans etc Where I live now I have persuaded various people to try and ultimately buy induction. All have been ecstatic with their decision. When you buy a pot test it with fridge magnet My latest induction is a high end AEG. Not cheap. I am still working out how to drive it. The flexibility of control is incredible. John
  4. Peter, This thread is about the DS and I did refer to the significant price differential compared to the M51. I just used your comment as a way of noting my positive experience with the DS plus an opportunity to make my comparison with football teams and the factional negatives about PS Audio. John
  5. @Addicted to music Yes I did notice. I considered an M51 at $1.5K The DS was about $7K or a bit more so 5X. At the time the extra was worth it to me Hence my football analogy. You are for them or against them. Its a metaphor for our respective lives. John
  6. I had a PS Audio DS for some years until I moved up the food chain. I considered it a good product at price point. What I moved to and then moved to again was and are much better. The DS is definitely superior to the NAD at 5X the cost. A friend of mine has an M51 so we could do comparisons. This thread and others on other forums that include many negative comments about PS Audio is a bit like the denigration of a football team that you will not support under any circumstances no matter how good the team might be. Just read the unenlightened comments about Paul McGowan that float through SNA from time to time. It brings out the tribal in us. McGowan like all us is not perfect. To me though he says a lot of sense about many things. John
  7. Some time things are fine out of the city. I live in a small regional town in Victoria. I had ADSL 2. 11 Mbs per second. I now have NBN FTTN. 23 Mbs per second. One problem in 18 months. Life is good. I am happy. John
  8. Read this from Mark Waldrep (Dr AIX) http://secure.campaigner.com/csb/Public/show/566i-1ckfdd--mjijs-13xicec8 John
  9. @lenticularis, Yes! I have been without my very long time canine companion Sherlock for just over a year now. When he approved of what I was playing he would sit up and “sing”. He was very responsive to some music. Interestingly the PS Audio DS Dac more so that I no longer have. I miss him. John
  10. @Demondes, Hi Derek, That was my understanding sometime ago. That is why I thought that the license was transferable to another person. As I am not interested in giving up ROON I will not be pursung the matter any further at this time. You explanation gives me some confidence though if I need to consider things in the distant future. Thank you John
  11. To the above and others my assumption was very wrong! My apologies. I wonder what the word transferable means? Warranties are often transferable from owner to owner with quality products. I won't be testing the matter at law. As I said I do not intend to stop using ROON in the foreseeable future. A year from now as I have lifetime sub it will be free ongoing. I find ROON very useful in my setup!!! John
  12. @LogicprObe, I bought mine four years ago when the value of the A$ was much better. An important consideration for me was that the lifetime license is transferable. Note the small print https://roonlabs.com/pricing.html I am very pleased with ROON and do not intend to sell the license. However if in the future I no longer needed ROON I could sell and probably do quite nicely financially. Maybe even get most of my money back and have had the benefit for what ever period of time for little outlay. John
  13. @EagleeyesI have had three Vitus setups starting with the RI 100 and finishing with a signature pre and power. All were excellent and a step up each time. I have never tried Gryphon. I would suggest as well as The Gryphon you think about moving countries and consider Soulutions from Switzerland. Just lovely! John
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