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  1. I had a separate dedicated circuit installed. The cable was http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/in-wall-cable-gigawatt-lc-y-mk3-3x4/ The electrician thought I was mad because of the cost of the cable. I am happy as I perceived a benefit. Interestingly the voltage was slightly higher than on the previous circuit. I also had a Gigawatt circuit breaker installed at the switchboard. http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/g-16a-power-grid-overcurrent-protection-switch/ All sockets on the circuit are Australian. John
  2. I did not keep the second n8. I need to change my signature. Changing to dual is a very very idle thought at the moment. There are other things I am more interested in at this time. I would need to try the dual first. I do not think that there is any in Australia at the moment. I am also quite satisfied for the time being with what I have. John
  3. A new dual switch that is coming from Silent Angel is the N16 LPS http://www.silent-angel-audio.com/n16-lps. John
  4. I have a bit of a penchant for knives. I have many more than I can ever use. My most expensive knife is hand made damacus and is very serious money. It was made at Torquay near you. Have a look this link. https://www.metalmonkeyknives.com.au/collections/available-knives I have couple of early Furi knives. They are in the cupboard and will stay there! If the black thing is the sharpner it will probably do more damage than good. For sharpening there are many options. Eze Laps are worth a try and or a good wet stone. Kiwi Brand Knives
  5. I have a power conditioner with 12 sockets and I had 2 power boards with 6 sockets each plus 2 double wall outlets of which I used 3 sockets for the conditioner etc. Total of 25 connections. I had a separate line back to the switch board installed earlier this year. On the separate line are 2 quad outlets and a heavy-duty single for the conditioner. So now the power boards have gone and I still have 25 connections. The cost of the separate line was expensive because of the gigawatt cable used plus the complexity of the stone construction of my house. John
  6. I live in rural Victoria and the only sensible option is Telstra. The alternatives are highly problematic. People come to town and they are adamant no Telstra for them. It doesn't take long before they change to Telstra. I agree with the difficulty about contacting Telstra. However, the Telstra service has been highly reliable. One NBN fault and one Telstra Bigpond issue in the past two years. As well, I have the Mb number for the Local Telstra Technician. He responds to calls very promptly with a great attitude to service delivery. I am a very satisfied Telstra customer. John
  7. I consider that it is for all of us with our audio including you. As I see it our systems are the journey and the destination is then is our listening with our ears and our brains . Each of us and our respective systems are connected. John
  8. I have heard a couple of Denafrips DACs. Specifically, which ones I do not remember. I understand the interest in Denafrips as at a price point they provide a relative quality benefit. I do not consider that the benefit is up with the Medus though. The price points are slightly different. My issue is not about per se Denafrips but the frivilous review. John
  9. @Snoopy8 & @Stereophilus, Thanks for the answers. I thought that it may have been an Acronym for some device that I could try. It is just a metaphor. It seems to me with the abbreviations that are used sometimes that some posts are written in secret code. SFP, PoE and LPSU and on it goes. John
  10. What is a "MOAT"? It has been mentioned a number of times in this thread. John
  11. Isolation to me is about the reduction of physical vibrations or resonance or RFI and EMI. The problems can be everywhere in a system and you can hear it in the final result coming out of your speakers. Good isolation products can provide significant improvement in the listening experience with the resulting reduction in noise floor. Once you hear and appreciate a reduction in noise all you want is more of the same. For me an example of resonance is what happens when the power goes through the power plugs. I have devices to mitigate the problem and I consider that there is a minor SQ ben
  12. There are two matters under consideration. Do you just want to separate the components or also maybe improve the sound quality. If it is the latter than you need to consider isolation devices. I have boxes of "things" that I have tried. It can be long and interesting journey but if you get the synergy right the benefits can be significant. John
  13. As well as the matter of magnetic interference there is the potential for other interference such as resonance. The ideal objective would be to keep everything separate and on their own respective isolation devices. However, that is not always possible due to various constraints such as space. I have a Streamer on top of a DSP player on top of a DAC. Not Ideal. Besides separation I would suggest that the white plastic containers are probably close to useless in the context of isolation. You could consider various isolation devices from the not expensive through to some
  14. Where does he say that he hasn't heard the higher priced models if he then says that they have more realism? If he is relying on assumptions to justify his review perspective then his comments are even more questionable than I thought. If you rely on review like this one then that is fine for you. I suggest that most people wouldn't I am probably one of the last people around to require a ASR review to confirm my perspective of a component. At price points Denafrips product is probably value for money. I am certain that performance wise they are not equivalent to the likes o
  15. Beautiful voice. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours at a restaurant in Richmond with him back in the seventies. A thoroughly genuine person. On of the most exciting evenings of my life. One for meeting him and the other for reasons that are better left without the details. I adore his version of Wings of a dove John
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