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  1. Yes. All Mike is interested in is how it sounds. He thinks he is on a winner. Time will tell John
  2. Yes. I don’t know what you have done up to now. The potatoes should be a variety suitable for mashing. Coliban for example. Weigh them. I cook them peeled in large chunks in a pressure cooker to minimise moisture take up. Twenty minutes cooking should be enough. Pass the chunks through a potato ricer to create the “mash”. Mix the mash and flour in a bowl. The amount of flour should be no more than one third of the weight of the potatoes. The balance of flour and mash is important. Put the mixed potatoes and flour on to a board and work them together into a dough. Do not overwork the dough. Lately I have been using la Molisana 00 grade soft wheat flour. Absolutely wonderful for fresh pasta making. Divide the dough into small handfuls. Roll and stretch each handful into long thin snakes. If you did plastacine 101 at kindergarten you will know how to do it. During the rolling light dusting with flour may helpful. Cut each rolled section into small pieces and cook in boiling water until the gnocchi float for a few minutes and then lift them out and cook more. Done
  3. I had a problem with high supply voltage that meant solar feed out was restricted once voltage was over 254 volts. This happened regularly for me. I had a SolarIQ unit installed at the switch board. It is now called an EdgeIQ (link below). It regenerates all the power going through the switch board. For me the entire house voltage is 230 volts regardless of the supply side. Later the power utility did correct the supply voltage for me. Too late though. The unit incorporates surge protection. There are other benefits but the cost is more than just a surge protection facility at the switch board referenced in posts above. http://www.edgeelectrons.com/edgeiq John
  4. I have just finished making gnocchi. Possibly the best I have ever made. Little pillows of soft pleasure. There is an art to making gnocchi. I keep trying. The meat sauce has been slow cooking for over a day on the induction. They will both come together tomorrow night. Looking forward to the meal. John
  5. I play my music over a network. No USB. My understanding of how Ethernet works is virtually non existent. I am often surprised that my network functions as it does. I have an audio quality switch. I have tried two optical converters in the link from the NAS or the Roon core to the switch or from the switch to a network player. The inclusion of the converters does make a difference. I have not been convinced that the difference is beneficial. Firstly a preamble. I obtained wonderful new speakers a few weeks ago. They were installed with no other changes to the system set up. Settling in of the speakers took time. Twelve days ago the entire system was pulled apart to try to tidy up cables and other things a bit. All the many accessories in the system were left out when the system was put back together again including the converters. The accessories were left out because the system will be pulled apart again at the week end for the installation of an isolated cable from the switch board to the system. I was impatient so the other day I put the converters back in one morning. Because of the change in the speakers and the missing accessories I had been taking time to adjust to the new sound. The converters seemed fine. I took the converters out that night. No question. They are not beneficial in my system at all. They provide detail only. What is missing is weight, a solid fullness of sound, density. The new speakers have helped me realise that the converters are not beneficial for me. Without the important missing elements the overall SQ is less. The reason for the dis benefit to me is not obvious. It has been said to me that the reason is that at every point of conversion there can be a minimal loss of something in the audio signal. ( my words). Too many steps. I do not know. It would be interesting as to what the situation would be if there were less steps in the links with just optical core to player for example. John
  6. I can appreciate the intention of some SNA members who have over recent times minimised and simplified their respective systems. Less can be better. I have gone in the opposite direction. I like to tweak and try things to see what may happen and if there is a beneficial outcome. There are consequences to my direction. Stuff and more stuff. My system has expanded, developed and evolved over the past 10 years. It is a bit like the kitchen pantry with packets of stuff in the back out of sight that are about to become museum pieces. Things are put in there that get forgotten about. With the help of my system curator (he did most of the work) my entire audio system was dismantled, cleaned, dusted and vacuumed at the weekend. Then just the integral components and cables were put back. Nothing else. Turned all the components on and fortunately there was music. All the accessories, tweaks and whatever where all left out! The photo below shows all the accessories etc on a table that were left over at this time. There are few more things than I expected. I have a tendency to collect. Not included in the photo are two largish power supplies that are used to power network converters and Synergistic cables and Tranquility bases. Over time most of what is on the table will be reintroduced, one piece or set at a time so that I can evaluate the benefits or otherwise. Are there other members out there whose systems have developed as mine has? I have never had a specific objective or plan to get to where I have. Things just happened. I tend to follow my intuition. It will be interesting as the accessories are reintroduced to hear whether they are a benefit or not. John
  7. I can top that. Two Powercor employees turned up very quick at 10.00pm on a very wet and cold winters night to install a logger when I made my first complaint. Too wet so they said they would come back. They didn't because Smart meter info was enough. Powercor take the matter of these complaints very seriously. John
  8. @Marc, With higher voltage you are paying for something that do not need. As well appliances wear out quicker than they should. Lights burn out earlier than they should. I went through 1 or 2 LED lights every couple of months before the voltage was dropped. I have not replaced a LED for over two years. There are cost savings with voltage close to the standard of 230 V John
  9. @Marc I do not know who your utility supplier. I assume that it is Powercor. With me I requested some logging to be done. That was finally agreed. Before that was done I received this email message "We will not be fitting loggers to your property. I have taken a look at your meter data and I will have a voltage complaint raised to have the voltage levels dropped at the local transformer." The work to the transformer was done. So ask for them to look at the meter data and provide you with a copy. They are required to supply voltage within the standards. 260+ is not within the standards I dealt with a Powercor "Technical Officer Supply Quality Reliability & Delivery" There may be more than one. I can give you his contact details in Ballarat. John
  10. The Australian standards are 230volts -6 +10. So 247 is well below the top of the range measure of 230+23 =253 Volts. The first thing you need to do is contact your power utility and have it checked. The taps on the power supply transformer for your house may not be balanced to ensure even supplies to all of the houses for the particular transformer. This is a common problem and people only become aware of the issue when they have solar installed. If the supply voltage is 254 volts or more then they may get small or no credits. My supply was regularly 262 volts until it was changed at the transformer to 235 volts John
  11. I agree. I do not know actually know anything about your setup. This thread is about regular switches. Reading the tenor of your post I took a pserspective that you were not supportive of audio grade switches and other devices. Others do have a similar position on the limited or no value of various audio grade devices without having tried anything. My position is that I have a switch that has for me beneficial outcome. My switch is IEC power cable in. No switch mode or Linear power device connections. So I did not have an issue in that respect. Out of curiosity what switch do you use? John
  12. No way. It might be you personal experience and technical understanding. That's fine. It would be interesting for you to try and audio grade switch. You may find that you are in another wonderful world as I am with my switch. John
  13. @Cruncher, A standards compliant switch may be fine for your purposes. You can theorise to the nth degree in respect of the technical aspects of the value or otherwise of the individual parts and their utilisation in devices such as Ethernet switches. The key question for me is have you compared audio quality devices in a system against standard devices. If you have and you did not perceive definite benefit that is is fine. If you have not done a comparison then maybe you might be surprised as to the the outcome. For me an audio quality switch is far more beneficial for me compared to my Netgear 108. John
  14. I have no idea as to the technical difference between ground and earth. It has been explained to me in the past but I am still confused especially as the words seem to be used interchangeably as if they mean the same thing in some cases. I have a Puritan Ground Master. It is connected to a 3 mt solid copper rod in the earth or ground surrounded by mixture of Bentonite and Gypsum for supposedly reduced resistance to the surrounding soil. The actual small box is connected to my Power Conditioner. Literature for the Ground Master uses the words "Ground" and "Earth" "The Ground (or Earth) connection is the absolute reference for all of your vital system voltages. As such, it has to be as silent and stable as possible. The ultimate way to eliminate ground-line noise is to utilise a clean, dedicated earth, but this is fraught with myriad safety and regulatory issues. The Ground Master eliminates all of the problems typically associated with the connection of additional earthing rods (or other buried metalwork) into an audio and/or audio visual system, and allows for a simple, economical, and substantial upgrade to your listening and viewing experience." What do I have? A ground or an earth? Or is it both? A ground connected to an earth rod. John
  15. No just smiling. I have 3 Acoustic Revive RLI-1 Lan Isolators. From memory I think they include Amethyst. To some it is not about magic per se. Some people consider that different Crystals have influences that they can lock into. They do take crystals very seriously Maybe its about the respective sensitivity of each individual. I am not particularly sensitive or aware of any energy from my crystals. I have numerous crystals because I find many are very beautiful to look at both colour wise and structure. I have a friend who is uncomfortable being near a large piece of Amethyst that I have in my living room. I have mentioned crystals before. Each time there has been some humorous mockery. I do not expect that this time will be different. John
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