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  1. Hi @Snoopy8, I have KSM fibre optic converters. https://www.ksm.com.au/fibre-ethernet-media-converter-body-1-port-fibre-sfp-sl I tried them several times and powered them with reasonable quality power that was better than smps that they came with. I did like the clean sound that they provided. Nevertheless there was something missing. I preferred my system without them. One day I will try switches with provision for optical SFP included. John
  2. I do not have an EtherRegen. Just other switches. I have played around with an optical connection between a variety of switches. I used only conversion boxes and no actual switch with optical in or out. My perception is that the optical does provide may be a cleaner difference between no optical Vs optical. However I agree with observation above regarding better dynamics with no optical in the chain. I want the dynamics. Optical and Ethernet together may not provide a beneficial outcome. My understanding is that something is lost in the conversion of Ethernet to optical and back again.
  3. @rmpfyf, At the beginning of this thread you tagged me and what I said below in response still stands. I am very curious as to the outcome “ my knowledge of the what and how to measure anything audio wise is at best virtually negligible. I will follow the posts in the thread so that I may learn something. It will be interesting.” The Link below is to an article from the Website of The LessLoss audio company in Lithuania. The article is 5 pages. It is near the bottom of page two with the paragraph starting with the heading “Difficulties in obtainin
  4. I consider that audio quality power cables do provide a benefit to the listening experience. With a single quality cable and when the rest are less quality, it can become a matter of the weakest link in the chain. The impact of lesser quality cables may nullify or reduce the full potential benefit of the single better cable. I would advise that you try to borrow rather than purchase a cable and try it connected to various components to determine for yourself whether there is benefit or not in your case and where the benefit is best. Remember that a cable change probably
  5. I like the pun whether it was intended or not. My perception is that most of the predominate posters in this don't hear the differences. They have an expectation that the tests/measurements what ever they might be will support or confirm their position that power cables do not provide a beneficial improvement to their audio outcome. Those of us who do perceive a benefit with power cables in this thread are in the minority. It seems to me there is still considerable confusion as to what and how things will be measured. I will be surprised if once the measurements are completed that there
  6. No. I am aware of himthough. That is all I know. So I definitely did not get the joke. It has been said by some that I can be too much of a literalist. Thanks for the reply. I have tried many things with isolation. Corks, squash balls, super balls, springs and bamboo blocks with bearing balls plus more. Springs are interesting but difficult to get right. One thing I can say is that proper isolation can be noticeably beneficial. Unfortunately it can be expensive. I was in an audio shop awhile ago. There was a case full of Stillpoint products. Approx $40k worth!
  7. My suggestion was in the context that the thread is about possible cheap strategies for isolation. If you put somebody down for a suggestion then nobody will provide feed back because they may be reluctant as they may not want to be treated be flippantly for doing so. Many things can work in the context of isolation and some may not. There are some fundamental questions. What is the problem? What is the possible solution? What is affordable and justifiable? Importantly have you tried the Heros and what is your experience with isolation strategies? I moved on from He
  8. Hi Ric, I did wonder what the response might be. Your response was polite compared to the comments that he gets some of the time. I do like to read some of what he says. I do consider that the plugs can make difference as to what one hears. It is a whole subject worthy of investigation besides the cable itself. John
  9. This link has no measurements. Jay just listens. As always, the "diverse positions" expressed in the comments on Jay's site make for some very interesting reading. https://audiobacon.net/2020/08/22/power-connectors-they-sound-different/ John
  10. For me you have “hit the proverbial nail on the head”. It was some years ago that I first experienced a reduction in noise floor and could appreciate the resulting sound quality benefits. The absence of anything between the notes is profoundly important. The more things that you do to reduce the noise floor the better the listening experience becomes. I have been pursuing noise floor reduction in various ways ever since my first light bulb moment. In the context of Ethernet switches and cables it is said by some that as long as the 1s and 0s are delivered intact and on
  11. Thanks for tagging me. The matter of the benefit of power cables is of interest to me. However my knowledge of the what and how to measure anything audio wise is at best virtually negligible. I will follow the posts in the thread so that I may learn something. It will be interesting. John
  12. My understanding was that back in 2016 some track at Nth Melbourne was replaced as it caused damage to the wheels on the Vline trains. Who Knows the answer? It wasn’t BHP track which is still in existence at some stations that I frequent. John
  13. I have never used an emoji. I don't even know how.
  14. Really. Just consider the steel in the rail lines that the Vic Govt bought from China. Trains went off the rails and the track had to be replaced.
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