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  1. Why are you willing to spend serious money to confirm what to you is a supposed myth? John
  2. Too many people have the same belief. To me it is not a valid belief. My experience is that treatment with various strategies can have a benefit as you have discovered. It all starts with the power John
  3. Better still use http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/in-wall-cable-gigawatt-lc-y-mk3-3x4/ Seriously outcome. John
  4. As I said if in your case like many others including me you want to do as you suggest then it is Ethernet cable from the switch to the converter then optical to the other converter then Ethernet cable to the CAPs. It maybe best as a first step to do as @rmpfyf. suggests in his post to you. I have an ambivalent perspective on the use of optical as I outline above. It involves two conversions. To me there is no question that using converters and optical does achieve a difference. I am not sure that the difference is beneficial. Audio quality switches definitely provide a benefit. Optical in the chain maybe not so good because of the conversions. Something is maybe missing. John
  5. There may be something that I am not understanding as to what you want to do. As well as what you want to purchase, you will probably need an Ethernet cable from the switch to one converter and another from the second converter to the CAPS. This is unless the switch and the CAPS both have optical connection which is probably not the case. John
  6. You and every body else will not get it right no matter what all the time. We all make poor decisions at various points. It is all about the journey and moving forwards. Enjoy the experience. Back your intuition every time. John
  7. Post Offices are open. I have a PO Box so I assume that I can pick up my post articles. Whether I can post something is another question? John
  8. I totally agree. If you have ordinary speakers how will you be able to tell whether the source is any good or is what you want? To me it is fundamental to start with the speakers first and then over time fill in the beginning and the middle. I started with very good speakers which to me was a crazy and sheer indulgence cost wise approximately 10 years ago. It took 10 years before the quality of the components, as I built the system, exceeded the quality of the speakers. I am now into my sixth variation of amplification. It was only recently when I reached the point where I needed to upgrade to new speakers to be able to appreciate fully the quality of rest of the system. John
  9. I posted recently in the Switches Part A thread to say “I should have another Bonn N8 by the middle of next week plus two new network cables that are supposed to be the absolute bees knees. It will be interesting.” They arrived yesterday. I haven’t had much to do with the Switch at the moment. I plugged the cables in and I was transfixed. The two cables are put together in Audio business in Melbourne and are Acoustic Revive with Telegartener plugs. I have a few different cables but have not experienced many of the hiend Ethernet cables except the Audioquest Diamond. So, you may think that I may exaggerate with what I say next. These new cables for me are absolutely out of this world. Except for the plugs it is just small diameter red cable. Nothing directional. Nothing fancy at all. After listening for awhile I did not want to go to bed last night. I didn’t sleep well as I wanted to start again in the morning to make sure it was not just imagination. I was told that the cables would be better after a night of connection. Well they definitely were better again. The previous night experience was not imagination at all. I now have a new system and it was significantly special before the new cables arrived. The bad news is I do not have a cost and there are none left because the maker only had few metres of the cable. I do expect that the cost will be significant on a price performance outcome. Customers who were lucky to hear them last week bought all the stock. More is coming though. Switches are one thing but these cables are another level again. There are not enough words to describe what these cables do. There may other cables out there that can achieve the results of these little red wonders. I would be surprised if at waht I expect the price point though. John
  10. I do not understand the technical aspects of power such as impedance etc. My experience is just that the treatment of power is a fundamentally important aspect of the musical experience that that I receive. Recently you have reported a benefit with your new P20 even though you have wondered whether it is just in your head. That is where all listening happens. I am sure that the benefit you perceive would be real and not just imagination. The P20 seems to have questioned your position on power. It seems to me that there is now a whole new power related journey just out there for you. Not a good photo below but these two Synergistic power cables with Furutech NCF plug heads went into the system today. They are just settling in. Nice. I do not want to shut my system down this evening as I want the two cables to continue working. It takes a while to get it all set up again with the network etc. Tomorrow I will connect the conditioner to one of the original power sockets. It will be interesting to see what the conditioner display says. I should have done the test earlier. John
  11. I have a regenerator at the switch board for my whole house. The house voltage is about set 230/231 volts constant because of the regenerator. Generally there is an approximate 4 volt drop in the house. So, the audio system Gigawatt conditioner showed approx. 226 volts. Recently I had a separate cable from the switch board using GigaWatt LC-Y EVO 3X4 plus circuit breaker installed. The conditioner now shows 230/231 volts. No drop. Yet elsewhere the drop is still 4volts. So, my conclusion is that somehow the cable makes a difference to at least the voltage of the power provided to the system. I also did perceive a small benefit with the new cable. John
  12. I don’t do vinyl at all and very rarely play a CD. Virtually everything I listen to is the playing of a digital file stored somewhere. The convenience of just pushing play may not be good for me as a human. The concept of convenience has its positive aspects yet it may not be good for us as humans. It may be healthier for our brain function to just use vinyl. There is a human ritual to playing vinyl. Choose the cover, take the disk and its protective envelope out of the cover, inspect the disk and maybe clean it, place the disk on the platter and the ritual goes on and on. Another human positive ritual is the reading of a book including just the turning of the page. I do not think of playing “my” digital files as involving a computer even though there at least a three present in my system. My computer skills are limited. I have not experienced difficulty with the streaming setup and things generally for me are robust. SNA includes many members who can advise and step anyone through any difficulties. The music listening experience is definitely worthwhile despite the lack of ritual. As well ROON and Tidal enhance my overall listening experience that I would never get with just a CD. John
  13. Well a third switch was not on the cards. Once again though my curiosity has prevailed. I should have another Bonn N8 by the middle of next week plus two new network cables that are supposed to be the absolute bees knees. It will be interesting. With my present setup I have 4 switches in the Paul Pang and the Bonn N8 making 5 overall. On another forum where there is some detailed comment about switches there a was post that asked the question " is an even number of switches better than and odd number?" There was no answer. With the second Bonn N8 I will have an even number in the chain. What I would really like to try is the Telegartner M12 Gold switch. A bit too expensive though for me at this time. John
  14. Regardless of what Nespresso says, you may under Australian consumer law, have a right to insist that the return for repair be handled as you propose. Companies will often try to blatantly ignore their obligations in the context of warranty, support or repairs. Even if it is out of warranty there are still laws that may apply. John
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