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  1. @Eggcup The Daft My meter has Powercor printed on it. It is Powercor that tells the biller what to charge me including the payment for the meter. Powercor is primary to me in the context of supply and that is who I contact if there is any problem.
  2. Andy My provider is Powercor. When I asked them to do the logging the Technical Officer Supply Quality Reliability Delivery Contacted me to say that he had "looked at" my smart meter and those of my neighbours. He could see that there definitely was an issue. The graph is what he could see and he emailed it to me. He was very helpful as I have found Powercor to be the few time I have needed to make contact . They really want to please the customer. I assume every Victorian provider could provide you with the same information. Contact your provider. John
  3. This graph was emailed to me from Powercor to explain why there was no need to undertake the logging. Voltage is all over the place. I assume that everything in the yellow band is outside the limit of 253V John
  4. I was asked the question by @MLXXX in the SolarIQ thread as to whether I had reported the matter of high supply voltage to my house. I had had a discussion awhile back but did not pursue the matter as I had the EdgeIQ ( previously called SolarIQ). The question prompted me to pursue the matter with the provider with a request for a check with logging. Within hours the response was no logging required as the smart meter indicated high voltage at all hours of the day for me plus neighbours. This will be rectified at the transformer within 5 days. If this does not solve the problem more works will be done until it is fixed! In accordance with the "Victorian Distribution Code" the Provider Powercor is obligated to rectify the matter. If equipment is damaged because of high over voltage outside the limits , there is a a claim form on the providers Web site to request compensation. Because of the smart meter the provider knows the supply voltage and I am told that they generally do not argue the matter. They want to please the and make sure the customer has a good experience. Right now the supply voltage is 258V John
  5. Assisi


    @davewantsmoore That was my experience. As more connections to NBN happened around me my ADSL speed decreased. In fact somebody from Telstra told me that would happen. I now have NBN and for me the changeover was drama free thankfully. John
  6. Assisi

    SolarIQ Power Voltage Control

    @MLXXX I do watch both my solar and the EdgeIQ online. However, I haven’t done a thorough analysis as you propose up to now because of matters such as charges with a new provider, new feed in tariff and possible different weather conditions. Also I have large trees that shade the panels and have an impact on my PV. I now have a bill that enables me to compare a better year on year situation. I generated more solar this year for a comparable period. I don’t know whether that was because of the EdgeIQ, the weather or both. I used less supply. I cannot identify the precise factors that made that contribution. Once again, I assume that the EdgeIQ contributed. I now pay more per for supply KW than I did previously yet I am on average at least $30 per month better off at the moment. The big impact will be when I run the bore pump. That uses serious power and I run it during the day using solar. Pumping will start soon as there has not been enough rain for the plants in my garden. I expect over summer that I will receive the biggest benefit. I am hopeful that the payback period will be 3 to 3.5 years. I have spoke to the provider awhile back about the supply levels. I have a phone number to ring somebody who can makes things happen! The response was prompt. However, I did not follow up. I should. I do know that the taps on the street transformer were not balanced at one time. John
  7. Assisi

    SolarIQ Power Voltage Control

    @rmpfyf Interesting question. I have a Gigawatt conditioner. It has three banks of two outlets. One set of two for digital, one analogue and the other power. I understand that behind each set of two outlets is an isolation transformer for each bank. The voltage that comes out is the same as what goes in. I assume that for the time being the 226V that the system receives is fine. I have been able to improve the sound stage 3D with the addition of a network player feeding the DAC. John
  8. Assisi

    SolarIQ Power Voltage Control

    @MLXXX My project with the EdgeIQ started earlier in the year when I asked the electrician who does work for me about having a dedicated circuit. The answer was no because of the complexity of the construction of the house with stone walls etc. The electrician who has an interest in audio himself suggested what was then the SolarIQ. He said that there may be an audio sound benefit but that there would be savings in house running costs. I became quite interested in the savings because I was told about no Solar feed out once the supply voltage was 254V+. I knew from my audio system conditioner that my supply was regularly over 254+. I now know that it is often 257/258V and I have seen it up 261V. The system conditioner read out is after the 4V drop in the house. The EdgeIQ was ordered and installed. There are savings in house running costs as I am using less power. The house only sees the regulated 230V which is 226V after the drop. With less power in the house it is noticeable with less light level and fans run slower for example. It is not easy to quantify the savings. To compare year on year has been compromised because I changed providers with new charges and the winter time was not so good for solar where I live this year. See my post above to flanders. When the EdgeIQ was first installed the default setting was 220V. This was too low for fans drill etc. The default was reset to 230V. Before the change which took a couple of days the audio 3D sound stage was very good. With 230V the 3D diminished. The cooking, dishwasher and a bore pump are the three big users of power for me. The hot water is negligible as it is a heat pump. I run as much as I can during the daytime. The EdgeIQ may not be a benefit for you. For me there is a savings benefit. John
  9. I have started to think that there is a comparison between writing posts and sending them out into the ether is bit like DBT for audio cables. We all bang away on our keyboards. No body sees my body language or facial expressions etc. I like wise do not see the same in anybody who reads what I post. All I get is a written response and hopefully some likes and no dislikes No matter how careful I am with what I write, (I do try to be cautious) I am totally surprised sometimes as to the unintended interpretation that some people ascribe to what I write. I assume that some of it is due to the bias that we all have regardless of our best intentions. I would expect that others have same the experience. I do wonder what it would like if there was a group of the advocates for both positions in a room together discussing and responding collectively to the topic of this thread. Would the overall understandings be different and maybe some consensus may arise? John
  10. @Zaphod Beeblebrox When I initially wrote the draft of the post about the absurd I included a comment that it was not necessary to reply. When I posted I removed that comment. Maybe I should have left it in. I suppose I saw the questions as more rhetorical rather requiring answers. The intention was to illustrate what to me is the dilemma of the overall lack of consensus. It just goes on without any resolution. I can assure you that I read and remember what you write which I have previously said. Maybe you have forgotten that I said that. John
  11. Assisi

    SolarIQ Power Voltage Control

    @MLXXX I forgot that I said that I was going to say more. I need to think more how I explain my situation. My solar provides me with real time activity information as does the EdgeIQ. I can log on to both devices from PC, tablets or phone any where and see what is happening. The EdgeIQ tells me what the incoming supply and house voltages are, what the solar is generating what the house is using and what is exported. The EdgeIQ information tends to accord with the information on the solar link. More later John
  12. @Zaphod Beeblebrox If it was a guessing competition I would have predicted your answers as you would mine. As I said it is now just absurdity. I say, you say, he says and on and on it goes. No consensus at all. John
  13. @Zaphod Beeblebrox This Thread like most or all others on this topic on this forum and many others throughout the world over a long period of time has spiralled into increasing absurdity. Nothing is agreed expect that there is no agreement. I or others say something and you and or others have an opposite position or vice versa and on it goes. There are entrenched positions one way or another, then there are those who are curious, the fence sitters and those who overly don’t care one way or another. There is not even consensus on the testing required to possibly substantiate the validity of the claims one way or another. For example, who should conduct or participate in tests. Are the tests complicated and difficult or simple and easy? Can they be done short term or do they have to be done over longer of periods of time? Regardless if a test is done, to some the results may not satisfy their understanding of their model of how things work. The list of contradictions goes on and on. Two posters have offered to arrange for GTG to undertake a test. Both do not use expensive cables. Cables would need to be supplied. Both have expressed some caution because of their respective system configurations and compositions. At least there have been offers and the offees should be thanked. I use expensive cables as you probably know. I am not particularly concerned whether the benefits are actual or placebo. I am happy with the outcomes for myself. You and others can and I am sure will disagree. That’s fine. People should make up their own minds and make their own decisions for their situation. It would be interesting in the nearly 500 posts in this thread to know whether anybody has changed their position? Probably not. John
  14. @crisis I suggest that you have entirely missed the point of what I was trying to say. I was replying to a post that questioned: “why the cord evangelists don't step up and participate in a simple test…unless they fear the outcome” To me there is more than just those who do or not accept the benefits. Who could or should participate in a test? If it is just the evangelists who participate I would expect that there would more questions. Also, as has been said by several posters that the test is probably not as simple as alleged. I was not referring to the construction of cables or comparisons with speaker cables at all. Maybe there is nothing scientific as you say to confirm that there is a benefit with a power cables. That isn't a problem to me at all. I am comfortable with my experience as I expect you are with yours. To me our relative experiences are valid. You may not agree with that. Each to his own I say. John.
  15. @rantan The whole matter has elements of bias which maybe your observation above includes to some extent. The subject can be sliced and diced several ways. Why don't those who oppose the proposition of the benefits provide their tests to validate their experience. Some have tried the cables with no beneficial outcome, whilst some have tried and perceive a benefit. Then there are those who are basically opposed to trying the cables for what ever reason yet deny the possibility of a benefit. What about those who have not tried cables and just don't care one way or another? Also it has been said by several posters that the matter of testing is not as simple as you may propose. All very confusing to me. John