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  1. Assisi

    Hi from Ballarat

    Hi Paul, Welcome. I live 30 mins from Ballarat. There are a few SNA members in Ballarat. My interest is 2 channel audio only. I haven't played a DVD or Bluray for nearly 2 years. I sold the Yamaha Z11 and the Oppo for funds for a DAC upgrade. Time I connected the $49 replacement player I bought and watch something. Enjoy the journey John
  2. Assisi

    Weiss DAC 501/502

    @ppsa If you expect a quality outcome the reality is that it just comes at a cost. Regrettably there is is no free lunch. I have limited experience with Weiss products but wow what I now know is amazing in terms of performance. Weiss is definitely not "basic". It so very very serious! You get what you pay for with Weiss. Worth every cent and much more more. John
  3. Assisi


    @Lenehan Audio Hi Mike, the ML2s weigh about 43/45 Kgs each unless you are including the weight of the stands as well. Mine with stands weigh about 97 Kgs each. Even the speaker alone would not be good for ones foot. John
  4. Assisi

    Computer Audio vs One box solution

    @blakey72 Have you inadvertently made a contradiction in the above sentence? If you have more boxes then there is the matter of squeezing them all into the available space. Less boxes means less need for squeezing to me. Also I agree on the matter of the weak link in the chain. I listened to a friend's system the other day. Something definitely wasn't right despite the quality of the major components. There were several other add-ins. My suggestion was to take out everything that was not essential and start again. Then progressively introduce the various other bits until the culprit for the decline could be identified. John
  5. Assisi

    Computer Audio vs One box solution

    There is conundrum with the question of whether to utilise one box or several. I have tried a number of boxes in the chain and I found that individually some make a contribution. Collectively though a several boxes together may not ultimately be beneficial. The more boxes there are the greater the potential for degradation in the final outcome. For example, as I removed the USB converter, the Regen, the Jitterbug and the galvanic isolator the more the outcome was enhanced for me. This contrasts with some limited experience with an all in one box approach which was disappointing as there are comprises with what I call the Swiss army knife approach. It comes down to both simplicity and the collective synergy of the boxes in the chain. If chosen well, a balance between less is probably better than many. Every situation will depend upon the respective interaction of the various boxes. At the moment I have a NAS, Network Player, DAC and then Pre etc. No USB and definitely the most wonderful sound I have so far experienced. I am not sure that USB is as good as network. John
  6. @Big Dog RJ My emphasis above. I would be curious to know whether you have tried any other quality conditioners or regenerators besides the Thor? To base your all encompassing categorical negative comments upon on a single device that at best is probably a low end one , whilst it fulfills its role in varying the outgoing voltage, is not particularly pertinent to me. The Thor at its low price point does not seem to me to be hiend. I have heard various conditioners and regenerators. Some did suck the life out of the system that they were connected to. Some definitely don't do that. Some devices do make a noticeable beneficial contribution to the listening outcome. You may be surprised as to what you may find device wise that do provide a benefit if you tried a quality one that works with your system. I have a Giggawatt PC3 EVO SE feeding some quite serious equipment. It does a provide definite benefit for me! Try one. If you don't you will never know what you are missing. John
  7. Assisi

    Mains in Perth - solutions??

    There is an expense to have a regenerator installed. There are some upsides though. 1. If the voltage that the house gets via the regenerator is less than the supply there will be a power expense savings that will depend upon the voltage variation between the two. 2. With reduced voltage, electrical appliances will potentially last longer due to reduced wear and tear. 3. If you have solar it is highly probable that if the supply goes to 254 volts and above, the feed into the supply network will cease and you will not receive any tariff credits. 4. Finally it is possible that the power that comes from the regenerator is of a "higher quality" than the supply and the audio will benefit. I expect that some may not concur with my final point. It is not easy or possible for me to do a comparison after my regenerator became operational so I cannot be specific about my benefits. Placebo is wonderful. John
  8. Assisi

    Mains in Perth - solutions??

    @MLXXX This post isn't directly about Solutions to Mains in Perth. I hope that it fits in some way though. Whilst my initial comment was about voltage I unfortunately did not clearly distinguish between power and voltage in my second paragraph. My understanding of the treatment of power inside an amplifier for example is very limited. The same can be said for me for all aspects of power in general including voltage. Given the results of how my system sounds I am certain the treatment of power inside each piece of my equipment is very very serious indeed. I am interested in what happens before the power reaches the equipment. As a generalisation it seems to me that there is a prevailing assumption that the quality of our supply power is high quality and that there is no benefit that would come from some forms of treatment for our audio systems My experience is that there are benefits to be gained. To me there are definite variations in the quality of supply power throughout Australia and not just WA as some people allege. An example that I experienced was about a new pole transformer that my supply come from. A couple years ago I noted a definite beneficial change in the SQ of my system. I had no idea why. I had changed nothing. I spoke to a neighbour who has considerable knowledge about power. We were outside and he turned around pointed to the transformer. He said it was bigger and newer. To him that was the answer. The benefit coincided with the installation of the transformer. My system always sounds noticeably better after 9.30pm at night regardless of the time of year. No solar, there is no industry near me and just a few houses. My experience with this phenomenon is reported by others all over place. Why? What happens to the power at night that results in a benefit? Is the power “different” and if so in what way? I have a quality power conditioner. I had some stiff power cables that would work lose over time because of where the conditioner was placed and angles. So, I made a clamp to keep the three pin plugs in place at the back. I had no expectation whatsoever about an impact on the sound. Interestingly and pleasingly there was a noticeable impact. I think that the impact is beneficial. The only other person who has critically listened was sure that there was an impact but not sure whether it is beneficial. He erred more on the side of there being a benefit. Power can cause things to vibrate or resonate. Resonance can pollute the quality of the sound. I consider removing the resonance where possible can be beneficial. My theory is that the clamping arrangement probably absorbs minute resonance in the plugs caused as the power goes through. The clamp is two pieces of timber held together with threaded rod and wing nuts. See photo. After I made the clamp, I found out that Furutech make clamps that cost approx. $600 each per plug. My clamp to do six plugs cost me less than $20 instead of $3.6K. Once gain you may disagree with some or all of the above. It is my experience. John
  9. Assisi

    Mains in Perth - solutions??

    As @MLXXX has said I had an issue with high voltage. I live in Victoria. I did contact the provider. The provider has adjusted the the taps on the transformer. So now the supply voltage is in the low 240s instead of the previous very high 250s to 260+. I cannot say whether that supply voltage change has made a difference to the audio performance. I have an EdgeIQ regulator to adjust the whole house voltage down to 230 volts. There is an approximate 4 volt drop in the house so the audio gets 226/227 volts. I operate on the basis that even if your equipment is high quality that there is a benefit with the use of a quality conditioner or similar to ensure that the power going in is the best that you can provide. Garbage in equals garbage out. Others may disagree John
  10. Assisi

    Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    @Sime V2 Interesting site. It cost me some $$ Thanks John
  11. @barn door True. But getting to that stage can involve some very good advice. At the end of the quest of what to do, I ultimately like to make the final decision. Nevertheless, an experienced and knowledgeable consultant or advisor who you trust can be very beneficial in the context of options especially as one is learning. The key word is trust. I like to think that my system is to a reasonable extent curated by a person who gives me very good advice. He knows my room, the synergy of the system and has a feeling for the path or direction I am headed on. He does sell to me components from time to time so there is a two-way benefit. The trick is to find somebody who will advise without being motivated just to make a sale. It definitely works for me. If you heard my system I am sure that you would say that the advice has been a definite plus in my decision making process. John
  12. @Addicted to music I have had 3 fluo tubes in my cellar for 30 years including with the high voltage situation that I have reported. I have replaced only one tube and one ballast 10 years ago. Maybe the tubes like the constant temperature. Led lights have been a small problem in the house though. John
  13. @Eggcup The Daft My meter has Powercor printed on it. It is Powercor that tells the biller what to charge me including the payment for the meter. Powercor is primary to me in the context of supply and that is who I contact if there is any problem.
  14. Andy My provider is Powercor. When I asked them to do the logging the Technical Officer Supply Quality Reliability Delivery Contacted me to say that he had "looked at" my smart meter and those of my neighbours. He could see that there definitely was an issue. The graph is what he could see and he emailed it to me. He was very helpful as I have found Powercor to be the few time I have needed to make contact . They really want to please the customer. I assume every Victorian provider could provide you with the same information. Contact your provider. John