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  1. @darrelj Like everything in life actual real quality costs. If quality is your intention you need to spend considerably more than $50. It depends on what you can afford and the level of quality you aspire to. 100 times the $50 is not extravagant. One thing I have learnt is work out what you can afford and spend a bit more. The extra will be worth it ultimately. Besides the CD player the rest of what is in the chain has to also be of equivalent or better quality. How you develop your system to get to the stage of where you want to get can take some time. It is part of the fun of the journey. John
  2. @furtherpale I would expect so. It is the May/June issue. Cos $9.99. I was given a sub for this year and my issue arrived in the mail yesterday. The issue does feature an extensive review of the Mag Lev floating TT. If that is what floats your boat (excuse the pun) the review may interest you. The comparison of RCMs does include a Kirmuss. The graphs of the before and after are interesting. John
  3. I think that there is no online access to the article unfortunately and you need to pay for a subscription. You may be able to pay a fee just for a copy of the article John
  4. @PKay, Why? “They should work just as well as the expensive Furutech” Furutech says of its lifters and other product that the NCF component is a special crystalline material? The material supposedly has special properties that are antistatic and resonance dampening. Who knows? I have no idea whatsoever whether what Furutech says is correct or not. Even if the poster using the wooden blocks perceives a benefit or not, it is still possible that the NCF could still perform better albeit at a much higher price. John
  5. I am totally digital and know nothing about RCMs. The latest issue of "Australian HiFi has and article comparing and measuring 4 RCMs before and after cleaning . It may be of interest to some posters. John
  6. The subtle colouring of the copper is more pleasing to the eye than the brightness of the brass as my speakers are wood. As well they are soft and care is required getting the correct torque setting with out damaging them. John
  7. @Muon N', The matter of the speaker drivers and screws goes back about 8 years when Mike was building my speakers. I had read about the use of brass and requested brass. Mike was trialling brass at the time. As well, my overall system was definitely of a lesser quality then than what it is now. Also, my listening experience ability has developed over time. So, the speakers came with brass and then there was copper that may have made a difference but I didn’t perceive a benefit probably because of the two factors above. I might now? Also, I have had the original discus and the tubes for some time. They may or may not have been beneficial. I may not have been at a level as I consider that I am now to discern a benefit. I consider that I am learning and improving as I go along the audio path to better listening. John
  8. @Ittaku, I prefer not to use the expression snake oil as it has been used against me in the past as a put down. I considered it an insult and I am entitled as is everyone else to respectfully express my opinion and my experiences. Mind you if you were to find a couple of my very early posts on SNA I probably transgressed with some words I used. The person I was responding to was banned for awhile for things he was saying. I digress. You may note that I have used the words questionable value. There are many things that would come into that category. Things that do not do anything for me. I would have to look in the boxes in my workshop to jog the memory. One that comes to mind that may be of topical interest to you are the original Mad Scientist Black Discus. I could not say that they did anything for me. So, I ordered the latest Nano sample versions based purely upon curiosity and the insignificant cost. I definitely had minimal expectations and was very surprised at the outcome for me . Another one of questionable value for me would be hiend fuses and especially the matter of directionality. I can accept that there may be for some a benefit. Some isolation springs work and some do not. I adore the various colours of crystals and their geometry. I have quite a few crystals such as smoky quartz near my system but I am not aware at all if they do any thing for my listening outcome. They look good though. The original screws holding the drivers in speakers were brass because they were supposedly superior to steel. Now there are copper at $2 each because they are supposedly better again. I do not know whether there is a benefit but they look really good. John
  9. @IttakuI did not say I had tried the lifter but that I would like to. To answer the question directly MANY MANY! have definitely been less than a success (see below). I have lost count. I do not talk about the failures. I read many posts on SNA about the wonderful result that somebody has achieved with such and such tweak and I think really. That didn't happen for me. It is not for me to say that in their particular situation that they are wrong. Each to his own. Also remember that as @davewantsmoore pointed out to me once that it is important to distinguish between difference and benefit. Some of the tweaks that I have tried make a change or difference but for me it is not a benefit. In fact they take some thing away. The tweaks that work for me seem to be about a reduction in the noise floor and an increase the dynamics. John
  10. @Darren69 Hi Darren, I consider that Furutech is a company with an excellent reputation for manufacturing a quality product. I have several Furutech products that I consider do exactly what they are designed to do. I do not think it is reasonable to cast doubt on all products that a company may manufacture based upon one or several that may to some have questionable value. If that was the case then that would apply to a plethora of quality companies. The list of companies would be long. You have not named the Furutech questionable product(s). I can guess as to what one might be as I am aware that others do likewise have the same doubts. Also given the humour in this thread regarding the various cable lifters, I guess that it might be the NCF lifter http://www.furutech.com/2017/10/11/15603/ The doubts may be especially so given the cost of each device is about A$600. This could be considered a very high price for a cable lifter. I have seen them at shows but never tried one. I would like to try one though out of curiosity. An audio friend of mine goes to Japan ever year for the shows and buy product. A couple of years ago he came across the NCF lifter and was highly sceptical. When he heard the beneficial difference, he quickly changed his mind. The down side is the cost. If I am correct in my guess please say so and I will have some more to say on the clamping or locking of cables. John
  11. Hi Darren, I am intrigued to know exactly which aspects of the Furutech product range you consider are questionable and why? Just curious. John
  12. @shogo33 I had an NBN problem a little time back. Telstra said that it was a router modem malfunction. Efficient Telstra bless them sent me two more router modems. The problem was not the router modem but an NBN fault. I now have three perfectly good units. Do you want one? John
  13. @Buffle I would suggest that many vendors understand and design good electronics. Yet some people would say of many well designed products that the result is just snake oil. Already in this thread there has been the mention of the proverbial matter of power cables. Your speaker cables are Siltech. Great choice. I assume you have them because they provide a benefit that you appreciate. I also assume that the benefit is attributable to the quality of the Siltech engineering design. I expect that you would be aware that also make power cables. This is what Siltech say about one of their power cables. “Power cables have an unexpectedly big audible effect that degrade the reproduction of music. Magnetic leakages cause distortion in particular frequency ranges; these are picked up by all connected electronics and other (interconnect) cables nearby and as such induce small distorted currents which are unrelated to the music but do affect it. Furthermore, those distorted currents cause saturation in many power cords resulting into audible distortion at these peak currents. During development of the Triple Crown power cables, very advanced Multiphysics software (COMSOLtm) and measuring equipment by FW Bell (3D Gauss) and Audio Precision (THD) helped to achieve our goal; extremely high levels of power integrity, leading to an astonishing subjective performance. The elimination of harshness, complete lack of induced distortion and subsequent bass stability create a new ultra-realistic feel to the music. The first paragraph from Siltech above is interesting. Is Siltech’s design expertise limited to just to speaker cables and the above about a power cable is just snake oil. Or is there some truth in what Siltech say. There is no doubt that somethings are snake oil and some are not. How do you decide what is snake oil and what is not? I have lost count of the number of positive reviews I have read of serious and therefore often expensive products that immediately elicit some responses of that this is snake oil or something similar. I bet that if the above about this Siltech power cable was included in a review in some way there would be calls of snake oil from some. John
  14. I'm with @Luc. Threads such as this one and others that can sink to a low level as this one has the potential to do. This does not enhance the opportunity for people to benefit from the experience of others. Some of the the contributions are quite humorous. However, it seems to me many comments are intended to belittle an appreciation of somethings based upon pure unawareness of potential. For example the gee whizz of how expensive an item maybe. When I first joined SNA and I asked question about a particular product I received a private post that was a serious answer. The post also included an aside that said "don't say anything it only encourages the naysayers". That SNA member who was very knowledgeable no longer posts. I wonder how many people give up with SNA because they consider that their contribution is regularly belittled. The trick is to be humorous with out being disrespectful of the opinions or experience of others. To finish on a humorous note, @Buffleasked the question does any body know about snake oil if they haven't tried? I haven't. The Goanna is a reptile. You can buy Goanna oil. It is for relieving muscular problems etc. I wonder what it might do for an audio system. https://www.amcal.com.au/goanna-liniment-oil---150ml-p-9311723000033
  15. @Satanica I don't. His put downs were unnecessary and could have been worded differently in the spirit of the respective topics discussed. John
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