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  1. I do have McGowan's book and CD. For my purposes the best for me has been "Get better sound" by Jim Smith, plus his Quarter Notes and occasional articles in the PS Audio "Copper" . John
  2. Yes and very much so! We are all special or unique. No other human is the same as any other human living or now dead. Therefore our all our various senses including hearing will all be unique to our respective self and nobody else. John
  3. It was suggested to me that the battery side of the Waversa may even provide more benefit than the connections on the M12 Gold. I cannot say. One day there will be a comparison I am sure. The advice to me is that battery will always be better. He is a member of SNA. He just doesn't want to get caught up in the possible put downs that could arise. He reads the thread only. I think that is his approach. Separate the audio from the rest of his network. No fibre at all on the audio side though. Copper is always better is the mantra I am told. On the matter of fibre h
  4. This post is in respect a couple of the posts related to my post above about my present setup. I can easily understand why it may be considered that a number of switches in chain is possibly an overkill. Without my recent experience I probably would think the same. I may be deluding myself. I do not think so. It is all about the synergy of the sum of the parts. More is better. How much more is too much? I haven’t been able to listen to my system for over 24 hours. I have just turned it on. It is better than I have every heard it. Probably more settling in has occurred.
  5. I have increased my switch chain yet again over Easter. The chain now is NBN Router Modem > Ethernet Link >Waversa Router/Switch non battery side Port > Waversa battery side Port > Ethernet Link > Renolabs Switch > Ethernet Link > Paul Pang Quad Switch > Ethernet >Silent Angle Bonn N8 >Weiss Man 301 or Weiss DSP 502. The Renolabs is just over a week old whilst the Waversa is only 3 days out of the box. Each of them are still settling in. The Waversa is seriously good. It is a keeper and if I only used one switch this would be it. The
  6. As @Stereophilus says I do have bit of a passion for plants. None in the listening space though. The plants that mainly interest me are for outside. Time to reconsider, I think. My friends refer to my garden as jungle. Whilst there has been an aspect of humour in this thread, I consider that there is a serious side to the plant human interaction. I come from a perspective that most or all living things have interconnections. This includes humans who are more connected to many or most living things in the environment. This includes the benefits that the complex attributes
  7. As I said in the post to @Chanh above I have not opened the box up so I cannot say what is used for isolation and clock. All the Renolabs site says is that there is an OCXO clock. I am reluctant to ask Uy at Renolabs the question as it may be IP. For the time being I am not going to change anything whilst I let time pass for more settling in and I work out how to make what is now cobbled together on a temporary basis, more neat. I cannot move the router to the system as there is nowhere to connect. My next step is better SFPs John
  8. @Chanh, My knowledge of electronics is very limited. I thought I read on the Renolabs site that were two LPS and as there are two transformers, I assumed just two LPS. I assume that the bits in the top of the picture are duplicated and that there are two LPS off the one transformer I am not brave and have not opened the box up. The picture was taken at Renolabs during the final testing before the bottom plate was in place. John
  9. No, I have not given up. Never. As well, remember it is Easter and there are bunnies out there. Also note when Alice went down into the burrow, she found a wonderland. Who knows what I may find with my ventures. So far so good. John
  10. My last post made think more about the configuration of my network through in my head. To me it is surprising that the network does work given the connections. As the optical connection is at the router end it has no impact on the ROON core and the Naim Uniti Core NAS that are connected to the Renolabs. So with Tidal if I perceive a benefit and there is a benefit for me with the Optical. If there could benefit from the optical for the ROON etc they need to be before the Sonore. Life gets very complicated. Playing files just from the NAS means if there is benefit by way of switches and th
  11. As I have said previously I had ordered a Renolabs Switch. Intuition and @Chanhexperience led me to it. My Renolabs switch with FMC arrived a couple of days ago. Uy at Renolabs is excellent to deal with and he keeps you informed of progress. The delivery was quick, the switch is surprising heavy at 10.2kgs and visually a work of art. It has two internal power supplies. See photo. It took me awhile to get it connected due to space restrictions and short cables. I have some sorting out to do. As well as the Renolabs I have a Silent Angel and Paul Pang Quad switches. My
  12. Just another one of your constant superficial and unnecessary putdowns. You may learn something useful if you read the posts. John
  13. My very lay person understanding is that parts of brain our brains dealing with senses in some ways work together. That is, one sense can enhance the outcome of another. It is interesting to consider that through brain plasticity the lack of one sense can be compensated for by the improved development of a remaining active sense. Just consider the likes of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu or Nobuyuki Tsujii. Both blind from birth yet amazingly gifted musicians. In the case of the later he keeps in time with the conductor over the sound of a full orchestra as he can hear the conductor breath.
  14. Given the attention to serious detail that you have applied to other aspects of your system maybe a bit of Network development and tweaking may be in order for your listening pleasure. A good switch and cables plus LPS if needed could be of benefit for you with ROON/tidal so that it is not subpar. With switches there are so many now whilst cables can be a bit of a conundrum. You can only try. John
  15. The thread started with a link to a review that is of itself from another time on the matter of the impact Ethernet cables on digital streaming. To me, the switches and the cables that the review is based upon were for just ordinary stock standard network intended purposes. I am aware that a couple of the posters in the thread and myself have good audio intended network setups. How many other posters have tested cables intended for audio or listened to, or experienced a system with a good quality audio network setup and perceived the benefits? I wonder? Just like other as
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