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  1. @Steve M. - thanks. That arrangement seems to work fine for you - the SP-10MkII chassis weighs 9.5kg, so that mass should provide a good measure of stability. And supporting directly under the TT chassis frame (without an additional plinth) should result in impressive clarity, I'd imagine. As an experiment only, consider removing the black painted bott. cover box & support directly to the alloy chassis underside. (You may need to locate the fr. LHS door stop a bit to the right.) The bott. cover box rings a bit. PS. I have a Transfiguration Temper W myself 👍 (27 Nov & 12 Dec poss on this page) - https://darklantern.proboards.com/thread/1451/diy-plinth-technics-sp-10mkii?page=6 Can you post a close up of the blingy gold door stops? And the tonearm bases? Cheers, Owen
  2. Hi @crtexcnndrm99 - it's not really 'research' , just using my ears as best as I can. Unfortunately I have no experience with Lencos or idler-drives in general (although I just happen to have a Garrard 301 here right now), so I probably can't offer much that's helpful. With TTs, often it's a case of enhancing or maximising the strengths of the particular design. With idler drives (I imagine not dissimilar in strengths to rim drives (like the TransFi Salvation that I last used)) there is a good sense of 'leading edges' & 'drive' to the sound - unlike belt-drives which appeal in other ways. I would suggest that you try both soft supports & rigid cones (like below) & see what you think works best for you & your system - ie trust your own ears Let us know how you get on! (Start a new build thread .) (Hey @Steve M - sorry about digressing your thread Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  3. Well actually, we know that everything in this game is relative.. Depending on your ears, your setup.... as said, the OP should just trust his/her own ears. IMHO & IME (40+ yrs messing with this stuff), there is a big jump in audibility of information between conical & elliptical. And, depending on those other factors, another big jump is poss. from elliptical to narrower stylus profiles. And there are many so-called 'line contact' stylus designs , some more radical that others- weinz, shibata, vdH, geiger, micro-line, replicant....etc (Not to mention different sized ellipticals.) Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  4. Greetings all, I rather like the stripped-down 'skeletal' approach. But however you run your SP-10, be sure to support it as rotationally rigid as possible. PLL controlled high-torque DD decks like this need as rotationally rigid & stable 'frame of reference' as possible, for the speed error correction to work with as low flutter as poss. You will hear the changes, improvements, when you optimise this aspect - both externally (TT chassis support & fixing-down) & internally (the DD motor internal fixing to the SP-10 chassis). Just IMHO, but I have been spending a bit of time lately messing with these aspects of my SP-10MkII. If you feel like wasting a few minutes ..... https://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/2020/01/04/technics-sp-10mkii-turntable-pt-4-what-weve-learnt-so-far/ Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  5. Hey @adamg - trust your own ears, not what others say. With an elliptical stylus cart. like the E3, you will be hearing audible differences. As @kelossus says. start (with top of cartridge) parallel with the record - with most decent quality cartridges, you shouldn't vary much from there. You may need to re-adjust (by ear) after some hours 'running in'. The SL-1200 is a decent DD TT & the Jelco arm should only improve it. Enjoy. Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  6. I found them! 0.86g each, 7.9mm Dia. x 6,5 H, with a centre hole ~1.6mm Dia. Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  7. Hi @Ingolf - apologies, I just cannot locate the AS weights that go with my Hadcock GH228 tonearm, sorry. I'll continue the search, they must be here somewhere. Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  8. Hi @balk2117 - I was given the following link recently: It's the only one I have at the moment, will let you know if I get any others. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32240043990.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000060.2.76ca1428elQZJs&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller&scm=1007.13339.146401.0&scm_id=1007.13339.146401.0&scm-url=1007.13339.146401.0&pvid=d3e07bec-7188-4ad6-ab85-6f983ec84c83&_t=gps-id:pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller,scm-url:1007.13339.146401.0,pvid:d3e07bec-7188-4ad6-ab85-6f983ec84c83,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2358_668%23808%234094%23129_668%23888%233325%231_668%232846%238109%23247_668%232717%237558%23194__668%233374%2315176%23666 Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  9. Greetings @georgesgiralt - That 6L tank looks exactly the same as ours - model PS-30A (see last image). Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  10. Hi @Pipey - no problem, we have just received a new batch of some of the parts. We can usually have a kit packed in 2-3 days. Kit price is A$149 + airmail $16. (Can vary a little with exch rate.) Kit parts are as per pic below. If OK, just Message me your postal name & address & confirm your email for Paypal. (A paypal request will be sent only after your kit is packed ready to ship.) Assembly is mostly self explanatory, but we include instructions & some cleaning tips & information. Feel free to ask any Qs. You need to purchase the ultrasonic tank & rotisserie motor. Cheers, Owen https://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com (The black marks on the 2 smaller SS plates are just laser-cutting burns on the protective plastic film.)
  11. I'd be interested on any up-to-date feedback on such implementations. Resistor attenuators - FWIW some years ago, experimenting with vol controls, I built a 'ladder' attenuator using a silver-contact switch & experimented with various Rs, eg Holco, Dale, Roederstein Rs. I found that all the Rs had an obvious 'sound, esp wrt HF tone. And none sounded as good (to me) as a DACT CT-1 switched attenuator (series type). I never did figure out whether it was the lead-less SMDs that were magic, or something else. I found also that relays in the signal path (eg switching line level signals), flatten 'dynamics (YMMV of course). Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  12. Pros & cons IME. ITs have limitations & need to be v well designed & implemented in order to minimise these drawbacks. OTOH passive components, like caps impart audible 'flavours' too - at least at 'hi-fi' levels of 'discernment. Don't you think? There's always trade-offs it seems in this game Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  13. @Fro's Pushkar pic reminded me.... This is from the 2014 Pushkar Mela (Camel Fair). Not much work for camel breeders these days, sadly. This lady's name is Sindhuri, I believe she's Kalbeliya (tribe) - some call them 'gypsies'. Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  14. Hi Grant - I agree (& also with @Chill3) that the effect is small - but in high-end audio, we usually contend with this level of factors & we are talking about the near-static situation, when it comes to VTF. However, when it comes to 'inertial' mass (Rotational Inertia ), as said, at the stylus tracing frequencies that are of interest to us (> than say 12Hz), the stylus 'sees' the tonearm as being essentially 'rigid' - as in an optimally-matched cartridge compliance - tonearm Effective Mass combo. (Sorry, was not my intention to digress this nice TT page & will refrain from adding further comment about this... as they say - YMMV ) Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  15. Hi Grant - as VTF & c'wt balance result from vertical gravity force, the moment lever length is always the horiz. distance from the arm pivot (not the radial lever length). Sorry if my terminology is a bit rusty, it's been a while since I attended physics classes Cheers, Owen Dark Lantern blog - http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
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