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  1. I got my Elite from UMART for $339 ,which is their normal price, just in case JB runout. https://www.umart.com.au/Logitech-Harmony-Elite--Harmony-remote-for-home-entertainment-and-home-control_38755G.html. Awesome , highly flexible device.
  2. Ozcall

    Linn LP12 Plinth dimensions

    I don't know the measurements guys , sorry.
  3. I like the simplicity of it, clean lines just like the LP12. It looks well put together and may well be based on the Audio Technica ATLP5 but with a decent arm , the Rega.
  4. Looks like the Bluetooth can be turned off but the internal phono stage ,good as it may be, can't be bypassed, which I think was a bad decision.
  5. https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/en/products/alva/alva-tt $1700 US including high output MC cart and Rega sourced arm.
  6. Ozcall

    Upgrading Spendor BC1's

    Always been partial to the 'BBC sound'. My favourite speakers back in the 80's were the Spendor SP1 but I never bought a pair because listening to them ,in the shop I worked in, I made the bass units hit their end of travel tooooo many times. I always wanted to hear a pair of SP100's even if they were never going to be affordable for me. The Rogers LS7 , pre metal tweeter, were also speakers I liked, they had higher power handling than the SP1 , sold well but just never quite got there for me. Given that I had my first and very good pair of Gale 401A's at home (properly driven ) I wasn't hugely motivated to replace them given their great all round performance in most area's and stellar vocal ability and coherence.
  7. Ozcall

    Cam's System

    Hi Cam , I am told the Cetch subchassis is very good however I am talking about a 'device' that replaces the baseboard of the Lp12 with one constructed of aluminium with a foot in each corner that has a suspension system built into it to isolate the turntable from what ever it is sitting on. Link : https://www.linn.co.uk/sources/turntables/baseboards
  8. Ozcall

    Cam's System

    New house look stunning Cam. If I can make a suggestion : As the Lp12 is sitting on a heavy unit with a lot of other equipment on it a Trampolin base should yield great improvements.
  9. If you take the stand off most 50" plasmas fit on the back seat of our Saab 95 as an example.
  10. Welcome to the forum Edgar. Getting the p-clip setup correctly is fundamental to ensuring good sound from the Lp12. Extra thick gauge cables usually don't work very well on the Sondek as they are more likely to impede free movement of the suspension. Even if you can find a p-clip large enough to take the thick cable the cable itself my cause the pclip to flex in operation negating it's effectiveness. I am interested in some more detail on your method of securing the cable as I am not really sure what you are talking about with the block. 'Preforming' the p-clip with a set of pliers was one of the tips we were given by Linn as this aided in ensuring that the cable was properly held by the clip.
  11. I think that part of the problem lies in the fact that many of us attracted to this hobby tend towards the OCD end of the spectrum.
  12. Don't know but if you do a Google RXV !!!!! with power on fault it doesn't return any exact matches however I had the same thing when I was trying to fix my RXV1800. I followed the instructions for one of the 6 series receivers with the same fault and this worked for me.
  13. Fixed my RXV 1800 by replacing that cap which is on the Standby/power input board. Still going strong 5 yrs on at a friends place,
  14. Same here Alan , I have setup probably a few hundred customers turntables over the last 35 years and owned a good few and don't remember any of them squeaking on start up unless something was wrong.
  15. Ozcall

    Linn tonearm help - angry and desperate

    Great stuff ,have a wonderful Christmas with your new turntable.