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  1. Ozcall

    The wonderful NBN.

    Guys , if you are in Perth I highly recommend Pentanet. Call centre is in Perth at head office so if issues do arise you speak to a local. Took them less than a week from joining them till the NBN service was up and running .They offer NBN and fixed wireless and in many cases FW is giving higher speeds than the NBN.
  2. Ozcall

    Yamaha PF800 TT help/tech?

    Test the solenoid with a multimeter to see if it is being permanently powered. As a short term measure remove the cueing platform to allow you to use the arm manually.
  3. Ozcall

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Must give my T3S board another try RT. I used it first of all with a trafo and 40kuf of Nichicon FG and it sounded ok. Replaced the Linear psu with a 600w Connexelectronix smps and bass was better but top not so good ,which was fine as it was driving 2 subs. The main problem I had was that no matter the psu there was some strange phasey thing going on in the top end. Great bass , sweet mids but a somewhat disconnected top end.
  4. Thanks AJ , been trying to remember why I chose the silicone rubber as I normally research this kinda thing before acting.I know there are thermistors attached to both heatsinks as a failsafe. Have ordered some mica pads.
  5. Hi Andy ,the mica pads , if that's what they were (can't remember) disintegrated when I removed them. Didn't know there was a difference in thermal properties at the time of replacement. The reconditioned amp runs cooler than it used to and I have been keeping an eye on the temps.
  6. Just a thought but if you can find a Rotel Michi RMB 10 it would fulfil all the stated requirements and leave more money for the harder part i.e. getting a great pre amp. I have the Michi with my Gale 401's and it does a great job of driving them. I recently serviced my Michi by testing all the big and small e-caps. I eneded up just replacing the small value e-caps (blackgates) with Elna silmic2 , 3 per board and reseating the transistors with silicon rubber pads, reset the bias and got a noticeable improvement for less than $50. A service from a good tech will cost more but worthwhile for this very potent amp that should cost around $1200 second hand. Have not heard the Huglich speakers but the Michi is fairly neutral.
  7. Well perhaps but Mike is a genuinely helpful guy even when there are no $ in it for him. Unusually for a tech he is an audiophile too and takes a pragmatic and informed approach to upgrades.
  8. From my experience getting an amp that will properly drive your loudspeakers will make a bigger difference than a dac change. By properly drive I mean an amp that is cruising along at most volume levels. Good current drive from the amp is more important than ultimate wattage with most speakers. Once the amp side of things is sorted it is easier to compare dacs.
  9. Ozcall

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    How does it sound with only the single 10kuf cap?
  10. SGR or Linn actives come to mind ,with a streamer/pre of your choice.
  11. I an sure you could ask Mr Holton to provide you with a replacement front panel
  12. Ozcall

    FS. BW Speakers in Original Boxes.

    Maybe but you are not supposed to say that in a FS thread
  13. Ozcall

    EGM Audio - About Us

    Hi Joel , just had a look at the website. Are the prices for 4mm plugs etc per pair or per single. Are the plugs copper or brass based?
  14. If you change your mind later on I found these to be better sounding than the alps (at a price https://www.hificollective.co.uk/potentiometers/tkd-2cp-2511-mc-motorised-potentiometer.html Hfc have the driver boards too. These are supposed to be good input selectors ie no relays : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/LORLIN-UK-pure-copper-silver-plated-selector-switch-dual-channel-3-way-audio-input-selector-switch/32871998609.html?spm=2114.search0104.8.60.5a165353ygcSed&transAbTest=ae803_4
  15. Just what I was going to suggest. One of the racks in our house has limited depth and my old Denon 3805 could not be set back far enough for the front feet to be on the shelf. I used a black painted mdf board that sat on the original shelf but protruded about 10cm further at the front. This solved the problem and wasn't really noticeable.