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  1. I meant to post this the other day but there is an online set of instructions to upgrade the RC970 ,1070 etc. I performed these mods for a friend and we got a good improvement : http://whatishifi.blogspot.com/2017/04/modifing-rotel-rc-970bx-and-op-amp-comparisons.html If you are not able to do the mods yourself I am sure one of the guys in Melbourne would be able to help you out. The mods are pretty inexpensive , probably a good deal less than a new pre.
  2. Don't agree with this. While it may be true in theory , in practise the standmounters are still trying to reproduce a full range signal with a small mid/bass unit and proper subwoofer integration for music replay is a hard task. If we were able to provide a band linited signal to the standmounters , use stereo subs and integrate them correctly with a mic and software Like REW then it could work but imo for good reproduction of organ music then a large speaker with a transmission line would be easier to implement.
  3. Yup , in my experience many modern B&W speakers are on the bright ,forward side. Never heard any of the Focals but thought they teneded towards the bright side too. The huge problem with trying to buy speakers is that unless you are comparing them in your own room , it is almost impossible to get a handle on what suits you best. Try to organise sale or return with a decent dealer. The other thing that comes to mind is that you have a good budget for new speakers but a great budget for something really decent secondhand
  4. You need meaurements to design a piece of audio equipment. You need measurements to build and test a piece of equipment. You can use measurment to help you set up your system. You only need your ears to listen to music.
  5. A pal with a very revealing and well balanced system recently bought the RME dac. It was found to be too much on the clinical side and was moved on pretty quickly. Of the dac's listed the Naim is the obvious choice but another one that should work well with the Naim is : https://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=97
  6. Hi Frank , recently completed a set of mods on a Musical Fiedelity M1 dac that transformered it from a capable dac to something rather special. The mods were designed by one of Pethsdmost highly regarded repair engineers and can be viewed ,in full, here : https://liquidaudio.com.au/musical-fidelity-m1-dac-review-upgrades/. While not exactly the same internals as your cd player the article may well be a helpful guide. The owner of the M1 recently tried a RME dac and preferred the M1 as it sounded "less clinical" but was otherwise at a very similarlevel sound quality wise
  7. They have gone up in value over the last few years. When I sold mine a few years back I asked and got $600 for it. That was the going and I still think fair price for them now. Most I have seen recently are around the $800 mark. Your will need a decent preamp to get the best out of your speakers too. Doesn't have to be expensive so again trawling the second hand section on SNA may turnup something nice that will match the power amp and speakers. I f you are in doubt please feel free to drop me a pm.
  8. The cheapest second hand power amp that I have heard that would have half a chance of getting the Gales begining to show what they really can do is a Rotel RB1080.
  9. I remember when the 606 came out ,taking it home from the shop I worked at to have a proper listen with my original pair of 401a's. Sounded gorgeous until I tried to turn the volume up to moderate levels and then the soundstage collapsed and the sound started to harden up. I don't believe the Quad amps of that era are a good match for for the 401's,. Not sure how different the 909 is to the 606.
  10. Just another quick pic , this time of my PI based streamer : Oh and I finished rebuilding my Gale 401a's and am busy running them in because of the new caps and midrange surrounds.
  11. Now I may have posted about this before , can't remember but I have just finished building what I am calling the MK2 version of a clone of the venerable AR SP 10. The MK1 worked and sounded great but it had a few issues that saw me reworking the board to the point where I lifted a few tracks and still had a problem with getting the power supply voltages to be the same on both channels. I started with a new pcb and minimal parts kit and rebuilt the power supply and signal board. The pre amp is now fully built and tomorrow I will begin testing again. Here are a couple of pics:
  12. You should try the Ian Canada , Fifo reclocker/Isolator and a transport pi ,with multiple output options including I2S , rca ,bnc and optical , that way you can do away with all the added complexity and sound degradation of usb. This is what I use in my system and it outperforms any usb implementation I have tired.
  13. The 2i has a nice warm sound rather than being over the top analytical so if you want that but with more detail , larger sound stage etc, etc then look at dacs based one one of the AK44 series dac chips. If you want a more analytical sound then dacs based pn the SABRE ES38 series will offer that. Audio-gd make some very high value for money Sabre dacs ,eg : http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/N11P/NFB1138PEN.htm. A second hand or new Klein dac with it's AK44 series dacs should also be under serious consideration. Not familiar with your amp or speakers so can't tell you if t
  14. Excellent musical player and a good platform for tweakage.
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