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  1. Item: Pair of Celestion SL12SI speakers and matching stands. Location:Perth Price: $700 Item Condition:Beautiful veneer , chip on one corner of one speaker at the back, Grilles in almost new condition. I have thoroughly checked these speakers including the electrolytic caps in the bass section/zoble network, all caps in the mf and hf sections are the original Solen polypropylene. All fasteners ,which were loose, tightened but not over-tightened. 1 bit of 3 open cell foam blocks behind bottom bass unit replaced as it was turning to dust, all other foam blocks were in great condition. Reason for selling:These speakers and stands belong to a pal whose wifestyle no longer allows for 'large' loudspeakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Delivery-bank transfer. Extra Info:These are delightful sounding speakers that I wish I could keep. Based on the famous SL6 but with an extra bass unit these image like crazy and are exceptionally coherent, real foot tappers. Audition on a decent system is available for local buyers and shipping can be arranged for interstate buyers at the buyers expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi Ian, the easiest way ahead, if you are not comfortable with connecting the system up and configuring it for your space would be to contact some of the good quality local shops and ask how much it would cost to set the system up. I am sure folk here can point you to the better retailers in Canberra. You may even be able to get one of the store's staff to do it as a "cashie'.
  3. Switch mode standby psu. I reckon a 2310 will have a linear stby psu which should be easier to fault find.
  4. Had a bit of hands on experience with the lovely Duntechs when working here in Perth but not with valve amplifiers. I worked for a guy back in the UK who had Princes or Princess with the top of the line Audio Research mono valve power amps of the time (about 300wrms/chn). The sound was glorious at low to medium volumes or on simple music but with pop or rock at any real volume the sound stage collapsed and the dynamics were severely constrained. The system was otherwise very well setup with ancillaries of commensurate quality, in a dedicated room. Just my experience which was not passed on to the boss
  5. I had a similar experience with my Yamaha RXV 1800. Turned out it was a 50c cap in the standby supply. Fixed it myself and gave it to a pal.Still going strong 5yrs later.
  6. The Yamaha PF800 OR 1000 are also excellent turntables that sell for less than $1000au.
  7. Yes but if you want a belt drive this is a beautifully executed example with built in vacum platter.
  8. Here we go : https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hallett-cove/stereo-systems/luxman-pd-300-vacuum-platter-turntable-sme-3009-/1196409787
  9. Second hand prices are stratospheric but yep beautifully made with a real presence in the room. Had quite a range of arms and carts on mine ,my favourite arms were the Alphason HR100MCS and The SME IV. Tried the SME V but found it overdamped sounding for my taste. I ended up using a fairly inexpensive Elite MCP555 that had been retipped by Garrot Bros, as it sounded so good.
  10. Was going to point the OP to you Steve but ran out of time. I think the major problems with the tt were it's flimsy/resonant construction and mediocre arm. Would be an interesting experiment to transplant the motor system etc to a new solid plinth or even build a split plinth system etc.
  11. Hi Soul, I used to own a PD300 which was an excellent turntable. We did sell the 200 series as well but never felt they were great value for money as their sonic performance wasn't really that great.Try to go higher in the range or look at some better performing second hand turntables like the Rega Planar 3 , Systemdeck 2 ,2x ,2xe etc.
  12. Seems to me that you need to get a decent demo. No point in listening to the passive Kefs with amps costing 4 times the amount you are going to spend on your amp. You need to listen to both speakers side by side , in a similar position you will use at home. You need to get the sales person to tweak the dsp on the active speaker to give a tonal balance you like before trying to compare the 2.Tonal blance is just the starting point when comparing speakers. Active speakers like these are great for folk who want a relatively simple system but they are very restrictive when it comes to improving the sound as you have to buy an amp and speakers, where the passives allow for amp upgrades. As for alternative speakers of small size ,well, the Lenehan ML1, Osborn Eos and some of the Legend models come to mind. All passive , Australian made and with a suitable amp probably offer greater value than the Kef's.
  13. The Rotel's are great value for money but can begin to sound a bit bland with higher end speakers. That being said they are generally fairly reliable and have well supported after sales service in Oz,
  14. Hi Kevin , I would sell the speakers if they are a no no for domestic harmony and get the amps serviced to use with something more domestically acceptable.
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