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  1. You can get drop in replacements for the 78xx series on the site that I linked to in your other thread on this matter. LT3045-78XX Ultra Low Noise LDO Voltage Regulator WWW.LDOVR.COM
  2. That is a nice example. Sold and setup a few of these back in the day and serviced one here in Perth a couple of times. They can be a wee bit hard to setup for maximal performance but they are worth the effort. If anyone wants any advice please feel free to ask.
  3. Hi Tom ,bring it round and I will sort it out for you.
  4. You can run Tidal on Volumio but you have to join "My volumio" at a cost of 29 Euros/ yr on top of the Tidal fee.
  5. Guru's are not needed ,just someone who knows what they are doing by which I mean someone who has a goodly amount of experience of setting the LP12 up well. There is nothing magical about setting the LP12 up but someone with experience can help to get the best out of it
  6. Item: Original Cyrus PSX power supply for Cyrus2 Location:Perth Price: $275 . Item Condition:Excellent for it's age :1987 Reason for selling: Selling on behalf of a pal who is downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Courier-Bank Transfer Extra Info:Has been checked over recently and main storage caps are all in good condition physically and electrically. Plastic case is in good condition for its age , a few small scuffs here and there. Photos:
  7. It is the dac board. It is based on the original design from Signalyst. It only accepts a dsd signal but can be used with pcm by using software upsampling on a powerful computer or as I have done, using hardware resampling on the input board via an AK4137 upsampler chip. This dac completely outperforms my daul AK4495 board from the same manufacturer. Great thing about this board is it's comparatively low cost and the fact that it only requires 3x5v input to make it work. I use 2x Lt3045 regulators for the 2 channels the other 5 v input is simply to run the output relay. I think the board is a bargain.
  8. Been busy tidying up wiring runs and layout in my DSC1 dac. Waiting for an HDMI-12S receiver board to alow direct connection of my new Raspberry PI4 music player. Dac doesn't look quite as untidy in real life. Have to order some new non solid core screened cable for the output connections as the solid core I am using in some places in the dac is just too brittle. Will take some pics of the Pi player when I move it to it's new case. It is made up of : Pi4 2gb Active cooling and heat sink Ian Canada Fifopi reclocker and isolator Ian Canada HDMI-I2S transmitter Allo Shanti power supply Volumio OS
  9. Short sharp has always been the best balance for me.The SS filter has the best musicality ,in terms of timming, and the most powerful bass. Don't really like any of the other filters in my system.
  10. Hi Sean , I agree with Pete. I know the Cyrus one very well and it was one of my favourite 'budget ' amps back in the day but to drive the speakers properly you really need something like a Cyrus 2 and PSX which has far greater current delivery and therefore ability to control the speakers. I have a pair of B&W 703's which I recapped about 6 months ago. I never really liked the sound of the 703's before I changed them but to my ears they now sound a lot better. I am happy to have a chat by pm about your speakers if you want to change them but I would get a better TT and amp first as this will show bigger gains in sound quality.
  11. I have something similar. I use the Burson 5 opamps with it and they yielded a sizeable improvement in sound quality.
  12. No shite with analogue except ,vta ,azimuth ,cartridge loading , support structure .........
  13. Welcome Dave , try Cymbiosis in the UK ,for Linn parts ,old and new. Very reputable dealer.
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