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  1. Just finished building myself a new music server ; Amd A12 and Asrock MICRO ATX 350m motherboard. I am currently using a standard Corsair 600w atx psu and am getting very good results compared to my last attempt using one of the pipo x8 win 10 mini pc's and linear psu I was previously using. As far as the Linear psu goes put an ad up for help to build one and I am sure there will be someone in your area with the knowledge to build one for you or teach you how to do it safely.
  2. Hi Brewer , we recently moved house and the ht room doesn't have space for more than 5.2. As a consequence of having a smaller room I have a pair of 3020's and a pair of 3010's I want to sell. The speakers were used as rears and are less than 18months old. Please pm me if you are interested. I have the shipping cartons etc that they came with.
  3. Replacing a USB port on a DAC

    It should be possible to replace the port but it will require the pcb to be removed so the faulty socket can be desoldered , replaced and resoldered. Best left to a tech if you don't have the right tools or experience but I would be very surprised if it couldn't be fixed. Some of the guys in Melbourne will chime in with a list of good techs ,I am sure.
  4. Tannoy TD12 speaker

    Yep! Made in Coatbridge in the outskirts of Glasgow.
  5. Hum from Ming Da MC300 pre

    Hi guys, thank you for all the suggestions. Managed to fix the problem , turns out the bias on the noisy chn was about 7mv lower than that on the silent chn. Adjusted both chns to be the same as the silent chn and now all is good. Now to get some listening done with all new Mundorf electrolytics and a mixture of Jensen copper in oil and Deuland cu/ag , cast caps in the signal path.
  6. Hum from Ming Da MC300 pre

    Yup! , done all that ATM.It is definitely the pre that has the issue.Tried the pre in a couple of systems ,tried different power blocks and cable just in case that was the issue.
  7. Hum from Ming Da MC300 pre

    Nope this one is definitely 240 , marked as such and the transformers are a lot less warm than the 220v unit I had.
  8. Hi guys , I have a lovely sounding Ming Da MC300 pre in the house but it has 50hz hum on one chn that is loud enough to hear in my listening position with no music playing , the hum level does not change with the position of the volume control. Strangely the hum is still present with nothing connected to the pre inputs and the power turned of on the pre. The hum does disappear only when the mains cable is removed. Have swapped the valves between the 2 chns with no improvement. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Gordon
  9. Lovely sweet sounding amp but with balls too. A great competitor to the Cyrus 2 of the time with a more relaxing sound , great with brighter or forward sounding speakers.
  10. I will take it Sergio, please pm me your phone number so we can make arrangements.
  11. Great speakers , had a pair back when they first came out and loved them. Had it not been for the fact that I got my first pair of 401A's I would probably have kept them for many years. GLWTS.
  12. Hi guy's we are looking for a 75" uhd tv to possibly replace our JVC hd250 DILA projector however the prices are still a bit high for us. Was doing my due diligence the other day ,surfing retailer websites when I came across the new Sony UBPX800P 4k player on special for $398 au. World wide reviews for picture ,sound , flexibility and fastish load times are universally excellent so I took the punt. Bit of cart before horse but our Sony 5000ES BDP , while still working well is starting to get on and the new Sony will allow Steve easy access to Netflix in the home theater. Will report back once it is delivered.
  13. Restoring Luxman plinth

    I wouldn't go to too much effort with the PD264 as imo it wasn't a great turntable. If the plinth can be removed without to much effort I would remove the old vinyl , sand the plinth to a clean finish and recover it in something like gloss black vinyl wrap (Ebay and not expensive). I had a PD300 which I can highly recommend but they are as rare as hens teeth.
  14. Hi A , I recently purchased one of these https://www.shenzhenaudio.com/singxer-f-1-xmos-usb-digital-interface-board-xu208-chip-high-end-u8-upgraded-version.html to use with my Linn Unidisk. The Unidisk doesn't have a usb input but the F1 converts usb to coax and the sound quality I am getting exceeds the sound quality of my original Anamero via I2s. The F1 also has I2s output so can be used for direct connection to a dac boards I2s input if you decide to go down that route later on. I purchased the add-on aluminium case for mine which is around $35 to protect the board.