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  1. Hi guys, while I took on board all the comments with regard to finish, once I had decided to keep the speakers I had a think again about fnishing options. The original veneer was in a bad state with a lot of chips along the edges and while reveneering with a more attractive veneer was a posibility I whimped out and went with a ligihtly textured Duratex finish. I replaced the grile with black grille cloth and the overall presentation is very pleasing to us. The speakers almost look like a black pair of ESL63's
  2. Further information: 60CM tall speaker stands. Sand filled aluminium uprights with heavy steel top and bottom plates. Supplied with adjustable spikes for bottom plate. Photos:
  3. Wasn't suggesting you do that, just indicating that the boards can be repaired for a very reasonable cost rather than replacing them.
  4. Just doing some background reading on this problem and came across this thread : https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/musical-fidelity-m6si-js-audio-modified-integrated-amplifier.235850/ And this comment : The internal PSU failed (a common fault apparently), so John repaired/upgraded that at a cost of £65 I don’t have the details of the JS Audio upgrade (John’s well known for not providing paperwork) however I do know Stage 2 includes upgrading the 8 capacitors across the two power boards (Stage 1 doesn’t have this). Stage 2 upgrade cost me £950. As you can see the psu board was
  5. Yep , unfortunately they do. Even if you were able to source the psu from the uk at a better price that would just piss the repairer off. I am surprised to see what looks like a switchmode psu in such a highend amp but Linn uses them in most of their products and have done so for some considerable time. Switchmode psu's are not a reliable as Linear psu's or so I have been told.
  6. Just having a look at a picture of the inside of the amp. I have pointed to what I reckon is the the digital power supply board. Given that the board uses snap in connectors and is therefore in the order of a 5 min job to replace the $300 charge for diagnosis and replacement seems excessive to me. The cost of the power supply board also seems very high but manufacturers can charge what they like for replacement parts.
  7. Don't use spikes on the turntable. Your best bet for the Linn is a light but rigid wall shelf.
  8. Hi Snoopy , by standard pi image do you mean 32 or 64 bit?
  9. Hi Snoppy , been running Gentoo player for a while now and think it sounds great but have had reliability problems relating to network issues and am interested to try SO. Just got clarity ,I am using a PI 4 ,will SO run on the pi 4 and do I use a 32 or 64bit version of the underlying operating system?
  10. It will be interesting to see how they sound after the full rennovation. I had already replaced all the series caps with clarity caps and the Gales sounded better however in this rennovation I rebuilt the crossovers from the ground up , with the inductors all at right angles to each other and replaced the internal cabling wit Jantzen solid core.
  11. Chances are I will keep the Gales Lindsay but the AR's are almost fully restored and once done will be going up for sale.
  12. Popped the speakers in to the main system and am quite astonished by the results. These will no longer be going up for sale but there maybe a pair of Gale 401a's and a pair of AR91's being listed in the not to distant future.
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