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  1. You might also want to consider Gentooplayer , which is very flexible and has Roon integration. https://gentooplayer.com/ https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55235-gentooplayer/
  2. Certainly a factor but have tried quite the number of dacs with many usb implimentations , Opearating systems. , powe supplies etc. I agree that the Allo sig doesn't look like much but it's perfromance is up therewith the best I haver heard so far and it can be used with the Ian Canada components if you want to try other output methods. Don't be fooled by the USBsigs low price it is a capable design and a great platform to build on.
  3. Apparently the Adikt is a rebadged Goldring and this is definetly a Goldring too. Great cartridges by the way.
  4. Based solely on my own testing I have moved away from using usb , initially in favour of using HDMI and now to plain old coax. If you want to use usb then buy an ALLO USBridge signature and preferably one of their Shanti power supplies. https://www.allo.com/sparky/usbridge-signature-pcb.html as this will be all you need. I am currently using Gentoo player as the OS as it is the best sounding ,so far and has many options to tune the sound to you liking.
  5. Hi MB , there are a couple of very long threads on the DIY Audio forum detailing Ian's work : https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/192465-asynchronous-i2s-fifo-project-ultimate-weapon-fight-jitter.html https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-based/335881-iancanadas-rpi-gb-goodies-impressions-tweaks-mods-hints.html The second thread is the more pertinet one for Raspberry Pi info. Igot all my stuff from Audiophonics and was very pleased with their service , although shipping is rather slow at the moment. I have a fifopi Q3 on the way at the moment ,along with hi
  6. Here you go : https://www.repairyourspeakers.com/en/surrounds-by-size/2-4-inch/4-pee-foam-surround-for-repair-peerless/a-2530-10000068
  7. The loose foot can be easily repaired with a toothpick or two and some pva glue.
  8. I am using a Rotel Michi RHB10 that I recapped a few years back. Left the main caps stock but replaced the Blackgates on the amp pcb's with Elna Silmic 2 and a polypropylene 4.7uf replacing the 4.7uf input electrolytic.
  9. Will post some pics when I am putting them back together.
  10. As I began reassembling the first speaker my hand brushed against the surround of one of the midranges and it disintegrated. Finally found the correct replacement surrounds from a comapny in Holland and they are on their way. Fortunately the bass unit surrounds had been replaced already and appear to be fine.
  11. These are supposed to be excellent : https://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=103
  12. I used to sell them also but many years ago. I agree with Mark's comments
  13. I like the Jantzen Superior Z caps and they are easily available from Speakerbug here in Australia https://speakerbug.com.au/index.php?route=product/category&path=25_31
  14. I got my first pair back in the early 80's and they were awesome with a decent amp. Got thid pair about 10 yrs ago and while never as good as the first pair I still enjoyed listening to music on them.Let's hope all goes to plan.
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