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  1. Have a look round your local dealers for a new or used Project turntable. Should be plenty of bargains around at the moment given the lack of walk in buisness. Buying new will get you a brand new cartridge and stylus so you won't have to fork out for them as you may have to do with a seconf hand purchase. https://www.projectaudio.com.au/pages/find-a-store
  2. Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys and a big thanks to Sean for allowing me to do the work and the wonderful chats we have had as the work progressed.
  3. I Mark , I have been meaning to contact you for ages. Just let me know when you are intending to come over. Just to let everyone know Mark very kindly lent me a Project valve phono stage to do all the audio testing. With the combo of the Sondek and project I have to say I have never heard Freddies voice sound so natural when playing Bo Rap.
  4. Ok , so I am actually blushing now.
  5. Thanks John, will let you know later on in he week if that is ok?
  6. Cheers Mark , end of the week will be fine If no one else can help out.
  7. Hi guys , just finished assembling another Sondek , this time with a AT0C9. None of my amps have an MC capable phono stage so I would like to borrow one for a few days to complete setup. Ideally from somewhere close to Bayswater/Morely area. Thanks in advance. Gordon
  8. Awsome Pete , and one of my favourite speakers too. The bigger 105-3 while "better" in hifi terms was far less musical and the 107's sounded dreadful every time I heard them. Would love to get a pair myself but there are other areas in the music system I am working on at the moment.
  9. Have a look at the Mundorf caps at hifi collective or Parts Connexion https://www.partsconnexion.com/MUNDORF-78902.html
  10. Has the hum just started or was it always there?
  11. The original Rock was designed as a joint exercise by Max and the Cranfeild institute of technology. It looked gorgeous and nothing like the Rock most of us recognise save for the trough. The Cranfeild Rock was too expensive to produce so the important elements were distilled down to the 'Black Rock" over time. First pic is one of the prototypes , second the first retail version and 3rd the Black Rock.
  12. Me too and it improved the bass very much at the expense of the quality of the high frequencies.
  13. Have a look at the Allo website for some pretty interesting and upgradeable options : https://allo.com/ I am running a PI4 with Ian Canada , isolator/reclocker and an Allo Shanti power supply into a number of different dacs and it is the best digital replay I have heard so far. If you don't mind a bit of work similar to but easier than building a pc then I believe this type of stuff can outprtform much of the ouput from the big names.
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