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  1. Have a look at the Mundorf caps at hifi collective or Parts Connexion https://www.partsconnexion.com/MUNDORF-78902.html
  2. Has the hum just started or was it always there?
  3. The original Rock was designed as a joint exercise by Max and the Cranfeild institute of technology. It looked gorgeous and nothing like the Rock most of us recognise save for the trough. The Cranfeild Rock was too expensive to produce so the important elements were distilled down to the 'Black Rock" over time. First pic is one of the prototypes , second the first retail version and 3rd the Black Rock.
  4. Me too and it improved the bass very much at the expense of the quality of the high frequencies.
  5. Have a look at the Allo website for some pretty interesting and upgradeable options : https://allo.com/ I am running a PI4 with Ian Canada , isolator/reclocker and an Allo Shanti power supply into a number of different dacs and it is the best digital replay I have heard so far. If you don't mind a bit of work similar to but easier than building a pc then I believe this type of stuff can outprtform much of the ouput from the big names.
  6. Repalcement Laser : https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32817286862.html https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-OPTICAL-LASER-LENS-PICKUP-for-OPPO-BDP-105D-Blu-ray-Player/283630814051?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4209b6c363:g:b8YAAOSwBahVCWcn&enc=AQAEAAACYBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qWRHaiL2A74RIbxuQcPQXr4VTBFULABXIImY4TraOdWdeHPBtsViT1dWs6Xj5PplDoxBoGe525m8zQP0g5nl4YzMm%2FHYkblRNWJnkov2cHjnJOsLAilBKe05ll7wM40o1XHCnaJASFVVXmuem7qnSMioyii5nwydr2WEKHSq6sIpYhhTXE4SoW3pJHnDen4Snm0Dvu9x64XJAmlyho%2F%2FXs1Gn3sDvuD%2FxflBJ3UUANmKfKQxp5ST%2Bap3G9f9dPjwPSReeGq2AadSyvfxkyHqsJI4Q7dyhE%2FMMafYo6RKw9sa0eHtyNmKHyPraU4Dg334rT5qCsHL9a6VFSi5yJ9fU84U9rn8YAvoeM87JhGMfE1vj1eDkA0DDusETgVu7t%2FLHo%2Fb0kwTH3obaMHkATf8aj8xIUVcQSJCkhKwSqxSVy065slhWblipN8xvsKBtOhl%2F%2FGig4sycxjoR67TOe1XcH8qbCkOcXzDQbbhJ4zsjBuEFXZzWgUyG4Z3yinlJtap5AaL64%2BY3yPNfnVqLUm98%2B75AEdGkMI%2ByEl8qWN2DOqqm7iDF0PhbhiRWJvgsEmI4N9HxOafDEXRxbrSBxSdS%2BftGVp%2BHFX1GpZO%2BODITfIh%2FL%2BqLz3QCjUKBleaFNH4Sqqqj2iqwqrS8jXi7kjtqeQqtvwcYUaYo%2BQOe8dVE8NyKqIkXOYik7bWXiMdKXPenBjePX5d5%2FXvhxxPO3W8D6DYW02gqn4%2F9ONJ5U%2BVg8ZLUFOofBuBigz0nSEM2EKV8UgTohLynrMCQ58mpcsLRB1&checksum=28363081405102ad3c053d504efb8909a4f532d58d22
  7. The only negative I have ever heard regarding the Jungson amps is that are not particularly good in the pace ,rythym and timing departments. If you don't believe in PRAT , this should not be an issue.
  8. For shipping , the inner platter must be removed as well. If you don't have the Linn bearing cap wrap some cling film over the bearing and secure well with tape.
  9. Seems like a bit of Audiophile nervosa going on here. If there is no hum through the speakers and you have to put you ear on the amp to hear the mechanical hum then ,to be blunt, it is a bit of a non issue imo.. If it continues to bug you then speak to Arthur again and ask what he suggests.
  10. I have gibbo's pair , they still sound magical. Drive the with solid state or valve and prepare for a very enjoyable musical experience. The op's pair have the advantage of coming with decent stands.
  11. So! we are back in the 1970's again where measurements are the only thing that need to be assessed when purchasing audio equipment
  12. Item: Bluesound Node 2 Location:Perth Price: $400 Item Condition:Very good Reason for selling: Came to me as a swap for a preamp from one of our esteemed moderators on the basis that I would sell it to get the cash I need for ongoing projects Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Courier-Bank transfer Extra Info: Early in it's life the analog output terminals were replaced with high quality silver plated copper units due to one of the origina; RCA shield connectors coming loose. The unit has performed flawlessly ever since. Photos:
  13. I would say you can be pretty sure that CAV don't have their staff on commission. They seem like a very decent bunch to deal with just like the guys at Frank Prowse in Perth.
  14. " I'll use my knowledge to sell the customer the most appropriate product. " So many grey areas but I still believe that the best way to get a sale is to blow the customers sock's off by producing the best sound you can. One of the biggest differences I noted moving to the same job, in Australia as in the UK , was the poor quality of most demonstrations. This meant that the sales person then had to talk the customer into a purchase rather than creating a desire to buy based on great sound.
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