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  1. That's what I do, I always go back to the old Combination. You should always do this to confirm your finding.
  2. Have to say the Psvane 12AX7 11 were extremely bright, irritatingly so, in the Vincent SA-T8 initially but once settled sounds absolutely gorgeous. It may be that the Vincent SA-T8 reproduces music at such a high level it's capable of getting the most out of this Tube, including the initial over brightness. It certainly appears a "Match made In Heaven". As I'm finding more and more, getting the synergy right with Components, Cables, everything makes a massive difference. As I have a huge Collection of Components, some Components I've been critical of I've actually got Sounding pretty good with matching. Just recently, by fluke, some different 'budget" Speaker Cables really smoothed and refined a Power Amp I was bit ambivalent about.
  3. Just on my experience I'd be avoiding the recommendation for Psvane's (can sound great in the right set-up). I don't feel they are warm sounding, and they have a "vibrant" top end. Appears not what you're looking for.
  4. Although I'm not much of a "Tube Roller" my thoughts are that it's very much "synergy" Tubes have with different Components and what the Tubes do. When I replaced the 3 Sovtek 12AX7's with the Psvane's in my Vincent SA-T8 Pre. the improvement was "Massive", although initially "bright" sounding, this settled down after around 70 hours. Bigger, more dynamic, resolving, soundstage, dimensionality, micro, macro dynamics, blacker background. etc. So big was the improvement I then replaced the 4 no name Chinese 12AU7's in the SA-T8 with Psvane's, these only were minor improvement. As I'm not technically minded I can only assume the 12AX7's are the critical Tube in the SA-T8? I also Rolled 4 x Psvane's 12AX7's into the Phono stage of the Doge 8 Pre. replacing the no name Chinese "junk" Tubes. The Psvane's are what Doge recommend. I was expecting a huge leap in Sound Quality, similar to the 12AX7's in the Vincent SA-T8, alas I only found a smaller improvement. I've also rolled 4 x Psvane 12 AX7's into my Unison Research CDE CD Player replacing Electro Harmonix, virtually no discernable difference. although the Psvanes were a bit "noisier". Interestingly the Psvane's didn't have that initial "real bright" sound in the Doge or UR, as they did have in the SA-T8. @aussievintage have you noticed this "initial brightness" in your set-up? All this to me is quite puzzling. If you asked me for a recommendation on Psvane's I'd say a huge Yes! based on the 12AX7's in the SA-T8 (after they'd settled in). In fact I did recommend them to @TerryO on that basis. With the Psvane 12AX7's the Vincent SA-T8 betters some very expensive Pre's such as Audio Research Ref.3. Is it just perfect synergy with the SA-T8? Based on my other experiences with Psvanes in other Components, I would be less enthusiastic with my Recommendation.
  5. Nice to hear. None of the Vincent Products I've heard Sound remotely "Flat and Lifeless" either. I find that description of them to be the complete opposite of what I experience. Very strange.
  6. Yes Tezza, big weekend of work starting Tonight, Tomorrow and Sunday. That big Heschl should be an Awesome experience! Can't wait to get a report on your findings. No doubt all the different Amp set-ups will have their own Signature, and that's what I love about this "hobby". There's no absolute "Right" or "Wrong". Enjoy!
  7. @TerryO & @Cafad got it right with regards to synergy. I've heard Power Amps sound very average in the wrong set-up and yet sound very good when set up well. The reason I posted @Ooogh impression of the Vincent SP-994 was to illustrate how an Amp can work for one person and not another. Personally I've been a bit ambivalent about the SP-994. One of the reasons is I have the big SP-998 Mono's which punch miles above their price point. Being similarly Specced I was hoping the 994 would produce similar results, but it's a different sounding Beast. But here's where the synergy comes in. I replaced another Power Amp which has only single Speaker outs, with the SP-994 into my Revel Ultima Studios. I just put the same Bi-wire Speaker Cables in (which I'd never tried with it before). Wow! What a difference the Cables made! These helped smooth and refine the Sound. So in the right Set-up the big 994 can sound very good indeed. But it is fussy, it's a "Big Rock" Amp (Melvins, Monster Magnet etc. kick ass) it needs Big Sounding Speakers which sound better with lot's of Current, good quality Tubes from Source and now as I've found, the Right speaker Cables. It's really Solid State Sounding and will not suit a Tube only person, and definitely not for "easy listening" music. In fact the SA-94 has also displayed a similar "fussiness". Set up "Right" it sounds very good, but because it's so fast and revealing it can Sound pretty ordinary in the wrong set-up. Another eg. is the Doge 8 Pre. which always Sounded "fatiguing" to me, but when matched with my upgraded Benchmark Plexus Power Amp, which is quite refined and laid back, sounds pretty good. So to the OP some Amps may work in your set up some might not.
  8. I have the SP-994 in my Collection, is it possible for you to audition the SP-998 Mono Blocks? They will give you more of the refinement and subtilties you require while keeping the Weight & Power.
  9. And here's a different perspective above on the Vincent SP-994. I hope Ooogh doesn't mind me Copy & Pasting this. For the OP's benefit it show's how in different Set-up's and personal tastes how different perspectives can be.
  10. 500+ Post Club Members 1,207 690 posts Location: South Country: Australia Report post Posted August 30 Good grief, what an absolute BRUTE of an amp! This thing reminds me of watching George Foreman working the heavy bag when he was undefeated. It just wants to break things in half. Me, my speakers, the house..... The bass is prodigious, heavy ,deep. Stuff is rattling around here. Real thump. What it would do on the end of a pair of 12 or 18” drivers I hate to think. Not all the detail, overtones and stuff others produce but pure rock ‘n roll weight. Not one note I hasten to add, just not all the Audiophile filigree. Not at all grainy ,hard or sharp. It also doesn’t fall over itself when things get complex, it hides detail in those situations but doesn’t become a mess, just deals with the meat and gravy while ignoring the chopped parsley. Mids and treble don’t ‘glow’ but again it gives you the story, it thrusts it on you. It doesn’t explode stuff at you, again it is a heavy weight that just breaks your jaw with a hook instead of jabbing you three times on the cheek. It lacks the tonal complexity of the Pass Labs but where you listen to the nuisances of the snare with Counting Crows on the Pass it just smacks a snare hard in the living room. Those 60 Class A Watts sound like four times the power the PassLabs rather than two. Switching to class A/B things are not as good. The sound thins out, looses the sheer weight. No lack of juice in Class A with my speakers however, I fear I would fry my ribbons, ears or mind before it gave up. Given the price point Vincent sell this amplifier at it is remarkable value. Anyone tired of insipid sound and a lack of bottom end should do themselves a favour. Personally I think Vincent should produce a pure Class A 60 to 100 Watt amp at the same price. Do away with the ultimate power of the A/B section and invest those funds into refining what they have already achieved. I think that would be a very distinct amplifier that would find a lot of friends. Need to spend some time in the garden, I feel like I just got beat up by something three weight divisions above me. 6 Quote
  11. Amazing Drummer. Besides the aforementioned, his work with Masters Of Reality & BBM was outstanding also. R.I.P. Ginger.
  12. I replaced some junk Chinese no-name tubes in a Phono stage with a matched quad of Psvane 12AX7-11. Yes the Psvanes were better as they would want to be. They are relatively quiet, although havn't compared to any NOS tubes. I have a quad of Electro Harmonix 12AX7 in another component, I've been intending to do a comparo with in the Phono stage, I'll see if I get time to do in the next week or two.
  13. Well IME, more expensive doesn't necessarily always relate to better, but at the Ultra High-End yes. For eg. in my Collection I have the Vincent SP-998 Mono Blocks which have bettered some more expensive Amps in my set-ups. Then you go to some of the big Gryphons for eg. which are another step up in sound and $$$$$. Then you go to Thrax, Ypsilon, which are in another league altogether, but huge $$$$$$. Have also been told Robert Koda and one or two others, but havn't heard them. Bear in mind if you went to this level you would need equivalent equipment, room etc. and then we're talking Powerball win.
  14. Since you asked, and having heard a Couple of Models both Brands I'd choose neither on what I have heard. Any particular reason you've narrowed it down to those 2? Personally, I think you can do a lot better, there's plenty of different options. Realise though we are generally listening for different sounds, presentation, feel etc. and you may love one or both of these. Audition is always best. Harbeth's should be no issue, hopefully you can arrange an audition of Lenehans somehow.
  15. Absolutely killed it! Most likely the Best Band to come out of England in the last 30 years.
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