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  1. That was more in reference to that person's musical taste mightn't be suited by the 994. I do find it sounds best when "tamed" a little by Speaker Cables. I would say someone seriously into Tube Power Amps may not like the 994 much.
  2. I have Audio Research & have A/B'd against AR Ref. 3 and much prefer the SA-T8 with the Psvane Tubes, provided the rest of the Equipment is good. Personally I feel you have to get up to the level of Thrax and the like to better it.
  3. Don't know the SA-32, but can highly Recommend the SA-T8. Roll the Tubes, the Psvanes sound great in this Pre.. By the way there's 3 - 12AX7's & 4 -12AU7's. I've also had Cap upgrade done. With these Mod's it's an Outstanding Pre.
  4. @austeve I have the Yamaha BD-A1000 which I bought as a Stop Gap for Playing Pure Audio (BluRay) Discs when I had an issue with my JLTI Pioneer BDP-51FD. I also have a Cambridge 752BD. The Cambridge is a big step up in Audio reproduction, so my suggestion would be to look for one of them if Audio is your Primary use. I just use the Yamaha for watching the odd BluRay or DVD.
  5. Recall that Brand Name. Were there Speakers made under that Name as well?
  6. Yes, I do recall the BJD Speakers. I'm guessing they were "Junk".
  7. Douglas Hi-fi for maybe 4/5 Years or so. Do recall it being Dandy Sound at some stage.
  8. Remember as a 17 yo in '74 staring Wide-eyed at the massive Speakers in the window of the Douglas Hi-Fi Store in Bourke St. (They were obviously Boom Boxes). Saved up some money to upgrade from my Pioneer Rondo System. Went in and the arrogant Wanker Salesman said "Have you got the Bread". Realised it was just a "Supermarket Store." Saved up a bit more, bought a Garrard Zero 100 T/T from Instrol and a Rotel RA-1210 Amp & Luxman Speakers from Encel. Probably should have gone back and thanked that Idiot as I was Million Miles Better off. Do recall the Store out Ringwood way, there was also a Store in Lonsdale St. Dandenong, near the Market, late 80's, early 90's. Bought a couple of heavily discounted Cassette Decks there.
  9. R.I.P. Andy Gill. Had a very interesting and innovative Guitar style.
  10. Yep as other's have suggested many variables at play. Speakers, Music Preferences, Budget, Maintenance etc. An option might be to consider a Hybrid Power Amp. I put my Hybrid Mono Blocks into one of my Set-ups recently, sound very nice. Personally I think the Thrax Hybrid Teres Mono blocks may be the best Power Amps I have experienced.
  11. Used to frequent Polyester a fair bit Late 80's/Early 90's.
  12. Fantastic! Seem to recall Bob doing some Guitar stuff with Allens in Bourke St. Store a number of years back.
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