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  1. @CremonaM My experience is Power Cables work best with good Power Conditioning.
  2. Hi, I have no experience with the SV-227. All I can say is I hope you are fortunate enough to find an SA-T8. Everytime I put it back into one of my Set-ups it is just irresistible Just a sublime Pre-Amp.
  3. Hi Maximus, your Muso mate sure know's what he's doing. The SA Pandion 30's are up with the Best Speaker's I've ever heard at any cost. Just so musically involving. Simply sublime.
  4. I now have 3 Pairs of System Audio Speakers. The Ranger Master's which I reviewed positively around 2 1/2 year ago. While in Lockdown I picked up the last Pair of Mantra 70's on Clearout late August. These are an easier Speaker to drive and not as Amplifier fussy as the RM's, (My heavily modded Benchmark Plexus which didn't match well with the RM's, sounds reallly sweet with the Mantra's). They have a different presentation to the RM's a bit airier, laid back, they lack the Speed and Attack of the RM's and not as good in the Top End. Still they have that great Musical, Non-Fatiguing Sound that
  5. Hi GS, assuming you've probably got your New Speakers after all this time. I was never able to audition the SA Pandion 50's, but purchased the Pandion 30's late October. They look Gorgeous in High-Gloss Walnut, and most importantly sound absolutely Gorgeous as well, after Run In (100 + hours). Also got a Pair of the Mantra 70's. Excellent at the "Giveaway, Clearance" Price, just a bit "Samey" Sounding in the Tweeter.
  6. Leslie had the best Guitar Tone Ever! The Road Goes Ever https://youtu.be/thLgCGw_p_0
  7. Surprisingly good for a tiny little box and little money. Would be a person's personal preference between it and the Vincent PH-08. You won't go wrong with either. For a bit more coin the Vincent PHO-700 is a significant step-up in Sound Quality.
  8. Vincent PHO-700 is very good for the money. I recommended a Mate to get one and he bought it around here to trial. It performed well. They sometimes have them going cheap. It's a bit of a step up from the PHO-08 which is also a bargain.
  9. So did you actually compare the NB Cables or not? At first you said to nothing and then you said to Cables costing 10 X, and 100 x? What is it and if you actually did if they compare to 100 X cost Cables that's what i'd be using as no point spending $6,000 on Cables when you can get Comparable Cables for $60. So what are the names of the high cost Cables they compared too? Genuinely interested as I have 6 High quality Set-ups and if I can save on Cables that will be fantastic!
  10. Well I'm trying to help the OP. I'm positive he wants an Interconnect that transfers a Signal well, not just something that just may only be well made.
  11. Not dissing the interconnects at all. I was asking as I was interested in purchasing some. How in hell did you come up with that reasoning?
  12. But you said you'd compared them to nothing. Now you're saying you've compared them to Interconnects costing 10 and 100 times. Strange. You appear a very confused person.
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