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  1. Only heard the standard Beethoven's not the BBG, going by your listening tastes the Beehoven's, while nice, might be a bit laid back for your preferences. Whether the BBG's share a similar Sonic Palette, @TerryO has both and told me they are different. He might be able to give some help, although his listening tastes are different to yours.
  2. Personally, I'd be upgrading Speakers & Amp well before before even thinking of Bi-Wiring
  3. Being little Bookshelves you may not get much difference. Suggest after lockdown is over, if you can borrow another Pair of Cables and trial it.
  4. @keitha Knowing your Equipment could help with Recommendations.
  5. May depend on Equipment etc. I've heard a worthwhile difference, by using seperate brand Cables on Bass/ (Mid-hi). A worthwhile difference over using Single Cable and Jumpers., and also single Bi-Wire Cable i.e. 2 out to 4. In fact I just purchased another Pair of Speakers to add to the Collection and was a bit disappointed to find they are not Bi-Wireable.
  6. Had a Vincent PH-700 around here just before latest ISO, pretty good for $$$. In more budget range Schitt Mani and Vincent PH-08 are excellent for the $$$. All only trialled with High Output MM. Can't comment on Performance with Low Output MC.
  7. Thanks Esoterica. yeah thought you were going to use the Emo or Audiolab, whoops! As nice as the Pathos obviously is the RM's really just love big, high Current S/S Amps. On high quality Speakers you really need to match Amps very carefully. I've ran some more Powerful Hybrids than the Pathos into the RM's, while they do sound Pleasant, when I've swapped in some Big S/S Amps or Mono's, comments from Music Mates, "You've just woken those Speaker's up!". Also you need high qualty Source, sorry you'll need to step up much higher than a Rega 2. They are deserving of Well Tempered, VPI, Sota level. Good Luck.
  8. R.I.P. Rontrose. Lead Guitarist of the "Mighty" Supersuckers. Was fortunate to catch Ron in Supersuckers before he left the Band.
  9. Hi Esoterica, Yes I can. I initially heard the Mantra 70's as stated in less than ideal set-up. It was a very brief audition and at the time I wasn't very impressed. As I set-up/recommend a lot of Audio for friends and the like I did audition the Mantra 70's again, this time set-up better. I was more positive this time. They are a good buy at that price. Nothing New with warranty will get close. For my tastes though i would still go the Ranger Masters at $3k. That's not a knock on the M70's it's simply the RM's are an Outstanding Speaker, they compete with or surpass anything I've heard up to $10K RRP. The Mantra 70's lack the Speed, Transparency, Attack & Presence of the RM, going on that you're after a more "Rock" Speaker. The M 70 is a bit more refined, laid back, with more Air around Performers. Some people may prefer them. A word of Advice if you do get the RM's (or even the Mantra's), I hope you take in the right context. You would need to upgrade the rest of your Equipment. The RM's will show up inferior Equipment, they are so revealing. They are not a $3K Speaker, but closer to a $10K Speaker, so require high quality ancillary Equipment. Also they love heaps of High Quality Current.
  10. No. Pre & Power, but you need to get a good dedicated Pre-Amp & better Power Amp than Emotiva to get the benefits. Don't cheap out or you'll get nowhere. There's a Doge 8 with upgraded Tubes in the Classified's or if wanting new with Warranty there's a Vincent SA-31MK on Sale @ Selby Acoustics. Both will be a massive step up from your intentions. Something like a Vincent Power Amp will be a huge improvement over Emotiva.
  11. The Vincent SV-500 is an integrated. It has a built in Dac.
  12. @Gabehcuod You have System Audio Bookshelves. Have you considered SA Floorstanders? Depending on your musical preferences/ presentation you prefer, the SA Ranger Masters are outstanding for the $3k run out price. Very fast with great attack these are a Good Speaker for there full retail let alone the Clearance Price. They'll blow the Maggies to the shizenhausen. They really excel at Rock 'n' Roll and love High Current Amps.. The SA Pandion 20's are at your budget and are ok. Different to the Ranger Masters with an airier, more refined Sound but not the speed of the RM's. The QA Concept 500's you are considering are different again and worth considering if you can get under 5K.
  13. Um, would help if we knew what you have, what components you're looking to upgrade etc. and budget.
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