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  1. initforthemusic

    Redgum interconnects

    superb suːˈpəːb/ adjective adjective: superb 1. very good; excellent. "a superb performance" synonyms:excellent, superlative, first-rate, first-class, superior, supreme, outstanding, remarkable, dazzling, marvellous, magnificent, wonderful, splendid, admirable, noteworthy, impressive, fine, exquisite, exceptional, glorious, sublime, perfect, of the first order, of the first water; More informalgreat, fantastic, fabulous, stellar, terrific, super, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, awesome, amazeballs, ace, cool, A1, tip-top; informalbrilliant, brill, smashing, bosting; informalon fleek; informalbadass "he scored a superb goal" antonyms:poor, inferior 2. impressively splendid. "the Bey of Tunis was building himself a superb mausoleum" synonyms:magnificent, majestic, splendid, grand, impressive, imposing, awe-inspiring, breathtaking; And I'll state once again "they are a good bang for buck cable" , definitely not a Superb Cable, for very reasonable price. IME I have many Cables which are far closer to "superb" than the White Pearls. The White Pearls are a good recommendation for the money and I would recommend over the Redgums, but there is no way they can be called a "Superb Cable", that would be misleading to the OP. Hope this is understood this time.
  2. initforthemusic

    Redgum interconnects

    Having a quiet little chuckle at the $150 RRP+?
  3. initforthemusic

    Redgum interconnects

    Hmm, having many Cables over the years, I wouldn't be labelling the White Pearls as "Superb". Agree they are a good bang for buck Cable and well made, but calling them "superb" is way over the top.
  4. initforthemusic

    Sound equipment What to buy?

    Hi Malibu, Do you attend "live" music gigs? If you do I don't feel B&W Speakers will cut it for you. They are a "soulless, emotionless" Speaker. Also at least from my experience of Emotiva XPA-2, although heavy in actual physical weight, it is a little lightweight in musical presentation. Was ok value when you could bring them in under 1k, now nearly double. You can do much better. I set up a pair of the Richter Dragons mentioned for a mate and while quite good, The SA Ranger Masters below are a big step up and a "Big Rock" Speaker in a slimline body, and can be used close to a rear wall. For reasonable dollars a Vincent SA-94 is a "Big Rock" Amp. Up the ante and SP-998 Mono Blocks sound sublime with the Ranger Masters. Don't cheap out on Amp as these Speakers will reveal limitations. A good Tube Pre and also quality Cables need to be budgeted for. As mentioned rug, drapes, bookcases with CD's or Books behind Speakers will help immensely. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/250855-system-audio-ranger-master-speakers/
  5. initforthemusic

    Poll: Your system's amplification: Valve or Solid-state?

    Don't listen in Autumn?😊
  6. initforthemusic

    China Made Audiophile Speakers

    http://www.badahi-fi.com/eng/detail.asp?id=127 Heard these quite a few years back. Sounded very good for a 2k Speaker. I don't think the E-Bayer is bringing them in any more.
  7. initforthemusic

    China Made Audiophile Speakers

  8. initforthemusic

    China Made Audiophile Speakers

    Having auditioned the AC V10F's a couple of times 4-5 years back I would think the V12F's would be.
  9. Be interested to know what model Audio Research Pre-Amp that was. Every Audio Research Pre-Amp I've heard absolutely trounces an ME-25.
  10. Also the OP's criteria states musical not clinical.
  11. initforthemusic

    RIP Rick E Vengeance

    Sad to hear. Listened to his show on radio quite regularly back around '80/81.
  12. That height restriction is certainly going to eliminate many potential contenders. The Prima Luna which is too big, you seemed to like apart from the Bass. @TerryO has had extensive upgrades/mod's done. Perhaps he can expand on Bass performance with the upgrades. Could a 2nd hand Luxman fit the bill? Height may be an issue?
  13. Besides anything else, arn't they both more than 14.5cm. high?
  14. Think you could find one with a bit of patience & wheeling & dealing. Would be pretty close to the OP's requirements, soundwise, apart from maybe the front row requirement?