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  1. How much better

    LOL! Don't worry I have kept up. It's you who havn't. My whole point which I have tried to explain repeatedly is I want the music reproduction to "move me" as close as possible to a live music experience. It's you who keeps interpreting it incorrectly. You keep rattling on about sound not being accurate etc. which has absolutely nothing to do with my explanation of wanting the music to "move me" as in a live "music experience". This is why I said you are "struggling" and "hope you'll finallly get it." It's about the "feel", "emotion", "passion" etc. of music. You asked a question and I very kindly tried to help you out. That's what I've been trying to convey to you but you are really struggling with it. You do come across as being quite arrogant for someone who appears to have limited experience. Hope now you finally understand what I have been attempting to explain.
  2. How much better

    Nope, you're wrong there. I've been to thousands and believe me it is definitely not "merely a pissing contest". Explain the point you were making?
  3. How much better

    Yep. Do whenever possible. A great example, yesterday at one of our regular Tuesday music " bashes, one of the guys bought along Endless Boogie's latest album Vibe Killer, played through an extremely good set-up. While it was very enjoyable, could it replace the recent "live experience" of Endless Boogie. Definitely not. So stand by what I've stated, "a great live experience" is the greatest "musical" experience. IMO if a person doesn't experience the same they are probably not going to the right gigs. Off to experience "Sun God Replica" tomorrow night, in what I think is their 2nd last gig before Link heads to Spain. Always a great "live" experience.
  4. How much better

    Toto definitely isn't, but each to their own.
  5. How much better

    My money's on the "maybe not".
  6. How much better

    Obviuosly you havn't experienced the "right" live gigs then. You appear to be still struggling with the whole concept, even though you have had some very good responses to your question. Hopefully one day you will "get it."
  7. How much better

    Hop Thief. Hop Hog. Mornington Pale. Stone & Wood Pacific. Quiet Deeds Pale. Newtowner Pale. Kosciousko. Vale Ale Pale & IPA Williams Organic Pale. One Fifty Lashes. Yenda Pale. And a few others... All disagree.
  8. How much better

    No greater musical experience than a good "live" gig. While a recording can also be a good experience (it must be, I have 9,000 albums) it can never replace a good "live" musical experience. So you are incorrect with different, a good "live" gig is better. Do you attend "live" music regularly? If not, then why not?
  9. How much better

  10. How much better

    Live music is the greatest way to experience music.
  11. How much better

    This is what I have been saying all along. You can get that experience with modestly priced euipment done well.
  12. How much better

    Amazingly no.
  13. How much better

    Done right, $8,000/$30,000 will be a massive improvement.
  14. How much better

    Marshall stacks turned up to 11!
  15. How much better

    When you "experience" the music, rather than just hear it.