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  1. The OP needs Phono for low output MC. The original Doge 8 the MC Phono was absolute rubbish. Have read (not heard) the MC on Clarity not much better. Other options may be using SUT with Doge 8. The MM on the Doge 8 is not bad for a budget Phono, once the MC is hard wired out. Some of the Audio Research built in Phonos might have enough gain, (would need a lot of gain in Power Amp). Personally I would be looking at a separate Line Stage and separate Phono Stage. Think it's pretty hard to get good built in MC at that budget?
  2. Oh, that's great. If you don't get the SA-T8, can you let me know. I'll grab it for someone. If you do get it, just remember to Roll the Tubes. The 12AX7's are most important. A Cap upgrade later on is also recommended.
  3. Good a high quality "Deck" (Turntable), then you're really getting into the "Good Stuff!".
  4. IME, a good Pre-Amp, will add the Soul, Emotion and Dimensionality that is missing from going Direct. Earle from Weston makes some nice sounding Pre's. You might need to check, last I heard he had a bit of a health issue, which had slowed his Manufacture. The Suprateks generally have a Good rep. Might be worth checking to hear if a Good match. Cymer also make some nice Pre's. Not sure if currently manufacturing. Good luck.
  5. And yes I would definitely be looking at a "refined, musical" Tube Pre. in front of that Krell. Just remember not all tube Pre's have a "refined, musical" presentation.
  6. Just saw your edit. It's not that the Doge is a bad Pre-Amp, IMO it would be a horrible mis-match with the Krell. The Doge need's to be "Tamed", the Krell needs to be "Tamed". Bad match.
  7. Yep, and that's why I recommended a "musical" type Pre-Amp, something a bit more refined, that will tame the Krell, which can be a bit "rough around the edges". Anyway time to start your own thread.
  8. So guessing you are meaning "brute" in size. Personally I would be looking at a Pre. leaning more to the "Musical" side of presentation. From your list of Pre's. listed I would delete the Doge 8, I am playing this at the moment. It's not a bad Pre., but it may be a bit "hot" sounding with the Krell. The Audio Research SP17 is worth consideration. One with phono sold for <2k recently on Stereonet. A terrifically "musical" Pre. which could mate well with the Krell and put a bit of "musicality" into the Krell is the Vincent SA-T8, if you can find one. Upgrade the rubbish supplied Tubes, (a Cap upgrade is also recommended), very nice.
  9. I had Charlie "Go To Town" on my set a few years back. Upgraded Power Supplies, Isolation Transformers. Re- wired with silver litz, Balanced with Xlr's, worthwhile improvement. Sound superb with high quality Turntable, Valve Phono, Valve Pre-Amp, good quality Cabling.
  10. I have a WT Versalex. I've had quite a few issues with the Deck. It took a Turntable guru to get it right. I only just got it back after a long wait. Have to say with a few improvements it is just a magnificent sounding Deck. Lively, energetic, a real Toe-Tapper. Fortunately the Arm on the Versalex has a lift, and the azimuth adjustment on the fly is really easy to use. It is certainly a "different" looking Deck and may be off putting to some, but when set-up well will easily compete with Decks at least double it's RRP. I would think the Simplex should be a Great Value "Sounding" Deck as well. The lack of Tonearm lift might concern some like me.
  11. Sounds like a Good Policy. As I said don't know much about Insurance. Can you enlighten us a bit more?
  12. Spinning the Don't Slander Me Album now. Killer!
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