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  1. That's a hell of a lot of Cables if it beats "most at 5 times it's price". Would like to know all the Cables it did beat.
  2. initforthemusic

    Rotel amps as a pre-amp

    You'll do much better with a dedicated Pre-Amp, and personally a better Pre. than Rotel. If you want built in Phono Stage there are a few worth looking at. A Pre-Loved Doge 8 or Elektra would fall around your budget. Even better still would be a Line Stage, such as a Vincent SA-94 or Vincent SA-T8 and a dedicted Phono Stage. Maybe place a Wanted To Buy Ad. Good luck
  3. Not the XLR, but the RCA's are a good budget Interconnect.
  4. initforthemusic

    PSVane/Treasure globe experiences?

    Would think the Tubes should improve even more with more time on them. What brand Tubes did they replace?
  5. initforthemusic

    Advice sought for preamp

    Upgraded Tubes and critical Caps. The ones I've heard that you posted won't come near it for sound quality.
  6. initforthemusic

    Query about Cyrus CDi

    Have no idea how I did "Reveal hidden contents". Just click on that anyway. My laptop does need replacing.
  7. initforthemusic

    Query about Cyrus CDi

  8. initforthemusic

    Advice sought for preamp

    No H/T bypass unfortunately, but hooked up my modded Vincent SA-T8 to my SP-T700 Mono's. What a sublime sounding Combo.
  9. initforthemusic

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    Hi Laz, I'll PM you.
  10. initforthemusic

    Vincent SV-237 Hybrid Amplifier

    Hi Mike, Be careful with the screws. Although not familiar with the SV237, I stripped the screws on my SA-T8 Pre.. What a pain getting them out with Ezy-Out. They are either cheap Chinese rubbish or I did read that you need a Torque Driver to get them out? Rolling the Tubes in the SA-T8 made a pretty big jump in performance, but an even bigger upgrade was getting rid of 12 Wima Caps in the critical path and replacing with various Mundorf Caps. I'd strongly advise doing this if possible (room could be an issue). The SA-T8 went from "Giant-killer" as stock, easily competing or surpassing Pre's twice it's RRP, to "Slayer of All", competing or surpassing Pre's 3 or 4 times it's RRP.
  11. initforthemusic

    Thicker Power cable?

    Answers to your questions: 1. i'd replace the wording "thicker" with "higher quality". Depends on your the quality of your Equipment. Knowing your equipment will help. 2. Many variables, but better quality can make a sonic difference. 3. Generally the supplied Cables are as you put it, "total crap". The higher quality Cables work best in synergy with some sort of Power Conditioning, either from the main's board or Power conditioner as supplied by the likes of PS Audio. You can't go wrong with the Furutech cables with Furutech Plugs, but there are plenty of options, and like Interconnects and Speaker Cable, some have better synergy with different Components. See if you can trial some. Doe's Krispy do trials? Best to improve your Power beforehand. Good luck.
  12. initforthemusic

    Tannoy XT 8 F dead on arrival

    Eastwood have awesome customer service.
  13. initforthemusic

    PSVane/Treasure globe experiences?

    Hi TOPSHELF, I would definitely try more hours on the Psvane's. The difference with run in, in my set-up, was pretty dramatic. Can you run them with background music for another 50 hours or so? I'm glad I persevered with them. Hope they eventually work for you in your set up. So many of these things are system dependant.
  14. initforthemusic

    PSVane/Treasure globe experiences?

    Good luck Ittaku. What Pre-Amp are they going in? Hope they work out. Just be aware if they are anything like the 12AX7's they'll need plenty of burn in/run in (around 70 hours). Gee, they were bright initially.