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  1. initforthemusic

    FS: JLTI Cambridge Audio Azur 751

    Loaded up with Spinners @TerryO. But that is a ripping price.
  2. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    The SP-T700 & SA-T7 are manufactured in Germany, not sure what else is. The Chinese manufactured products were outsourced but to Vincent design. Whoever designs there products really knows there stuff. The Better products are just superbly Musical and Outstanding for the $$, leaving many more expensive products in their wake. Reliability has been ok so far, hope ok long term.
  3. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    Havn't heard Marantz for a while, but of the others, most of the Vincent gear is in another Stratosphere better than Cambridge, Yamaha, Rotel. Just light years ahead of it.
  4. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    I've had the opposite experience. The Vincent equipment absolutely annihilated Cambridge, Rega, Primare. And Competed with or beat some Audio Research. Very interesting indeed.
  5. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    No experience with SV237MK. I prefer seperates, have heard the SP-331MK, thought it was good for the $$$. I've set up a few PHO8's, pretty nice budget Phono.
  6. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    @08Boss302 The SP-20 is an Anniversary edition of SP-331 with upgraded Components. Havn't heard the SV-700, but is reportedly very good.
  7. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    I've found that Hi-Fi Show's can sometimes be difficult to get an accurate guide on Equipment. When set up well in the right environment the better Vincent Equipment can sound superb, able to compete with much more expensive gear.
  8. initforthemusic

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    Have that Album. Must try to rummage through my CD's not sorted to find it.
  9. initforthemusic

    VTL vs Audio Research

    @Antran Have I missed something, do you have a Pre. currently? I'm going to suggest something different. If you can find a Vincent SA-T8, replace the Tubes & Caps and for a fraction of the cost you will get very close to the Audio Research Ref. With money saved then personally I'd upgrade your CD Player and Deck. A Unison Research CDE. Plenty of better Decks than a Rega 6 for similar $$$. Good luck.
  10. Thrax Audio Dionysis Pre/ Teres Mono Power Amps. Best "Bang for Buck". Vincent SA-T8/ SP-998 Mono's.
  11. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    Hard to know what Ittaku experienced without knowing Specific Model #'s, Associated Equipment etc. The SA-T8 (with upgraded Tubes) and SP-998 Mono's Combination has Superb Dimensionality, Soundstaging and will Drive almost any Domestic Loudspeaker effortlessly. As stated there are a few Models that can be fussy with wrong Associated Equipment, Poor Source etc.
  12. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    No. Can't help you there.
  13. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    @Eskay. FYI, here is a summary of what I have: Pre's: SA-T8: Replace the supplied Tubes, they are rubbish. A Sublime Pre. Music flows effortlessly. Cap upgrade also recommended. SA-94: Very revealing, but very fussy, need's careful matching. Very fast. Needs Tubes from Source to sound it's best. Beautiful match with SP998 Mono's. In the right set up, sounds superb, but ordinary in the wrong set-up. SA-T1: Good budget Tube Pre. Can't compete with the others. Power Amps: SP-998 Mono Blocks: Absolutely gorgeous. Great Grip and Bass Slam. Can compete with much more expensive Power Amps. SP-T700 Monos: Touch of Warmth, being hybrid. Punchy Bass rather than Slam. SP-994 Power: This one's a bit hit or miss. In the right set up can sound very good. Needs careful matching and preferably Tubes in front. A Big Rock 'n' Roll Amp. CD Players: CD-S8: Lovely CD Player. No Digital Fatigue whatsoever. Quite dynamic with a hint of Warmth. CD-S7DAC: Very close in sound to the CD-S8. Just doesn't feel as Solid, and Mechanism can be iffy. I've also heard but don't own: SA-T7: Nice, but not as good as SA-T8. SA-31MK & Sp-331MK, very good for the money. Hope this helps.
  14. initforthemusic

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    @Eskay Good to Exceptional Gear.