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  1. Ok. Good Luck. I havn't heard the Spatials so let us know your thoughts when up and running.
  2. With that particular style of Speaker, I definitely prefer White. I think it comes down to style of Speaker. There are certain Types of Speaker, White would not suit.
  3. https://societyofrock.com/phil-may-of-pretty-things-passed-away-at-75/
  4. Yep. I'll send you a PM re. Cables.
  5. @Troyt I was suggesting just to run the 998's only, they'll do that with the Maggies easily. They have that Hybrid warmth that you're after. You should be able to get them for less than RRP.
  6. Hi Troyt, Personally I'd just get the SP-998's to drive them full range. Conservatively 600W into 4ohms. The Grip & Bass Control is superb. Also the first 50W, are Class A. Sounds great with Gillian Welch or kick-ass stuff like Melvins. Very versatile Amps.
  7. Not surprising. Most of their products punch way above their Price. As with most Products some of their Products may not suit everyone.
  8. Welcome Troyt, Not sure which Maggies you are considering, I have heard a few Pair over the years. I have a lot of experience with some Vincent products. What I can say is the Vincent SP-998 Mono Blocks are simply outstanding for the money and sound like they cost 2-3 times what they do. I would think they should match with most Maggies. They have great grip and control, a lot of Current, and a bit more warmth than a lot of Solid State Amps. They are voiced towards the "Musical" rather than "Clinical", depending on your tastes, and have good dimensionality. Make sure you have high quality Source, Cabling etc. You mentioned Hybrids, I also have the SP-T700 Mono's in my collection. While quite good, I prefer the 998's, at least into the Speakers I've tried and for my tastes. Good Luck on your Journey.
  9. Richard Lane in the Mighty, On and Ons.
  10. Sad to hear about this. What a "killer band" The Stems were. especially very early days. Was also fond of The Chevelles, Rosebuds and The On & Ons. https://thewest.com.au/entertainment/music/the-stems-founding-member-richard-lane-found-dead-after-rehearsal-ng-b881545117z
  11. Sadly another one gone. https://www.msn.com/en-au/entertainment/celebrity/betty-wright-grammy-winning-soul-singer-dies-at-66/ar-BB13SqFE?ocid=spartanntp
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