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  1. initforthemusic

    Thicker Power cable?

    Because Ittaku found no difference doesn't necessarily mean it's correct.
  2. initforthemusic

    Thicker Power cable?

    My experience says they do. One of the best experiences I had was @ Whatmough when auditioning some Whatmough Speakers. I said to the Salesperson can I swap in my Furutech Cable for the Whatmough Cable on the CD Player. When the System was switched back on the improvement was staggering, like the CD Player had been upgraded dramatically. The Salesperson looked at me and said "It's the Furutech Plugs!"
  3. initforthemusic

    Thicker Power cable?

    I guess some are comfortable having 80 % performance by transfer from a standard kettle Cable. Personally I want better than that and therefore have invested in Better Power Cables which give me Better Performance.
  4. initforthemusic

    ifi iPower

    Thanks a friend got a MH 7.1 on my advice. I'll let him know about this. How do you find the deck?
  5. initforthemusic

    R.I.P. Conway Savage.

  6. initforthemusic

    SOLD: SOTA Sapphire Turntable

    Ok. Let us all know when you get the new deck.
  7. initforthemusic

    SOLD: SOTA Sapphire Turntable

    @Bigwheel What deck are you upgrading to? You must have got a great deal to virtually give the Sota away.
  8. initforthemusic

    Rebuilding phono system completely

    Rega 3 or 6 arn't high-end.
  9. initforthemusic

    SOLD: SOTA Sapphire Turntable

    Screaming bargain!
  10. initforthemusic

    ifi iPower

    More info. needed. What Turntable?
  11. initforthemusic

    Great Buys On Ebay & Gumtree

    A bit confusing. The low price is for 1 mtr. High price 20 mtrs.
  12. initforthemusic

    Preamp benefits

    @mattyk Tried on numerous occassions going direct from CD Players & Phono Stage to Power Amps and it strips the music of it's "soul" and "emotion" compared to having an Active Pre-Amp in. Did try a Passive many years ago but similar result. Probably best if you can borrow a good Active Pre. and try for yourself. I get good results from good Tube, Hybrid and Solid State Pre's.
  13. Unfortunately, too many people "drink by the label".
  14. initforthemusic

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    Good luck.👍
  15. initforthemusic

    Vincent bargain time is here.

    @1224 Have you tried both Gain Settings on the SA-94?