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  1. New firmware for the Sony Z9D is now available in Australia. https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-lcd-tvs-android-/kd-65z9d/downloads This 2016 TV is still getting updates. Will this be the last? Now runs Android Oreo 8.0
  2. OFFICAL Oppo UDP-203/205 Firmware to enable Dolby Vision on Sony DV capable TVs like the Z9D is now available. http://support.interdyn.com.au/support/solutions/articles/4000125598-03-07-2018-version-udp20xau-60-0224-oppo-udp-203-205-current-firmware
  3. For anyone with an Oppo UDP-203 or UDP-205 UHD blu-ray player, there should be beta firmware for these units in few days which enables Dolby Vision output that works with the Sony TVs which use the X1 Extreme chip, such as the Z9D. Edit: BETA Firmware for OPPO UDP-203 live now at http://support.interdyn.com.au/support/solutions/articles/4000124692-udp-203-205-beta-firmware-release-udp20xau-v60-june-12th-2018
  4. It's amazing that the Z9D model is almost two years old, but still one of the best receivers out there.
  5. Horray! It now appears the long awaited Dolby Vision firmware update for the Z9D is up on the Australian Sony website.
  6. Sony responds to the Dolby Vision update rollout where the HDMI inputs on selected models would not recognize Dolby Vision HDR signals. A new profile is being used, so will necessitate an update to UHD blu-ray players & streaming devices. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1516616887
  7. The DV firmware update has gone live in North America, but reports are that it only enables Dolby Vision via the built-in apps like Netflix. The HDMI inputs are currently unable to accept Dolby Vision. This could be due to playback devices also needing an update, like the Apple TV 4K and Oppo UHD blu-ray players. Dolby themselves admitted that there was an issue with their code which meant receivers needed an update. Sony may simply be using that latest fix in the DV code, which has 'broken' playback from DV certified players. No sign of the Australian DV update yet.
  8. The Dolby Vision HDR firmware update is coming......but when?? https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2017/11/24/dolby-vision-on-sony-tvs-first-look-simply-stunning/#c0bc82f23f31
  9. The Australian Sony Z9D received the Android 7.0 update rollout today. On-screen menus have changed. Also, I'm now getting consistent Dolby Digital + bitstreams from HDMI-ARC via the built-in apps of Netflix and Amazon Prime to my Yamaha receiver. This bodes well for Netflix's eventual rollout of Dolby Atmos via streaming to Android TVs. This is not the Dolby Vision firmware update though, which is rumoured to be released around August sometime.
  10. Do you have a URL link for the Sony D/L site? I have the 65" Z9D.
  11. And with HDR, it's a no brainer. The specular highlights on the Z9D are amazing.
  12. This is true. I own one, and the blacks are very black. On letterboxed movies, the black bars completely disappear. The local dimming zones in those areas turn the LEDs completely off. That is true black.
  13. The ABC 7pm News in Sydney on Ch 20 tonight looks terrible. Have the ABC changed upconverters? Looks really bad, like no intelligent interpolation is being used to upconvert 576/50i to 1080/50i. Really bad scaling artefacts.
  14. ABC HD Sydney has ditched Dolby Digital audio (AC-3), which was only stereo, and replaced it with MPEG stereo @256kb/s. So I guess that means any chance of providing some 5.1 AC-3 has bitten the dust. It's 2017, and we're going backwards. I'm amazed that pairing archaic MPEG stereo audio with h.264 HD video is even allowed in the DVB standard!
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