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  1. @stevoz Thanks for your help, By the look on other sites its a good one. Jico make a few replacement stylus too so will have a look at LPGear's site for a large range of options and compare. Thanks for the advice on the ZLM styli, looking through another thread there is a Super XLM Shibata stylus available, have you had any experience/knowledge with that version?
  2. Yes it is VanArn thanks looks like a keeper!
  3. Hi members, Purchased this some time back ($15.00 off EBAY) and was wondering what is the ADC version/type have I ended up with? There is no distinguishable features other than the colour and mounting, the existing fitted stylus must be an aftermarket version as there to are no distinguishable features shown on it too! Was looking at mounting it on on the Audio Technica AT 1100 tonearm mounted on mt custom built AR77XB. Any ideas on a suitable stylus to replace the existing ADC? Currently I have a Jico SAS stylus on the Shure V15 Type IV which sounds wonderful! Thanks
  4. Has any one tried a cleaning product Sparkle for Showers as a pre-clean? I have applied it to a few second hand records bought in Cairns FNQ, which had the usual large deposits of finger marks, dirt and mould residue all over. The following was the procedure 1/ rinsed record under warm water, 2/ laid damp record on tea towel and sprayed mist of sparkle for shower over the tracks, 3/ wiped it into the record in both directions of the groove with a micro fibre cloth, running up to three times around the record, 4/ rinsed under warm water, 5/ wiped the record completely dry with another micro fibre cloth. Seemed to clean off a large amount of crud including the mould ! However I have no way of testing it, as am presently rebuilding/modifying an old AR 77XB turntable to spin the black stuff on once again. I also have a can of Gruv Glide II coming from the US which I will apply at a latter date as a final treatment. I had used this product extensively back in the 90's and found it to work very well, other than what another member had found 'crud problems' as previously mentioned. This cleaning product seems to work wonders on glass with no residue and prevents mould. Any Ideas?
  5. Eureka! Dave has the copolymer pulley 50Hz pulley version in stock. It is also $95 plus shipping of $16.95USD You little ripper now just got to work out the voltage step down. Have also enquired about the belt to suit. What a wonderful thing the internet is!!!!! especially up here in FNQ.
  6. Thanks Telecine, Have contacted Vinyl Nirvana via their email, as yet have not heard back from Dave. All I can gather is AR produced a 115/230V 60/50Hz model for the Euro's which had a switch under the platter and a 50Hz pulley supplied. However I am not sure if it was also an aftermarket product from AR. Seem to think that there may be a different drive belt to suit this 60/50Hz 33.33/45RPM pulley sizes too. Anyone heard of this scenario?
  7. Hi, Have just aquired a lovely AR77XB TT. The usual problem it is a 115V 60Hz 300RPM Haydon unit with a 60Hz pulley, therefore runs slow. I am on the hunt for a 50Hz pulley to correct the dpeed problem, anyone out there have one for sale or know of an option! I know Vinyl Nirvana has a motor upgrade of a low voltage motor, which I think would fix the speed/voltage/Hz problem, but it is more than the price that I purchased it at with some and somehow does not sit well against its original retail price! Also how difficult is it to rewire a Grace 707 from the DIN to the cartridge? Help appreciated. Regards Palo
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