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  1. They look great in silver. I would love a Gryphon Diablo 300 or the CH Precision I1 for mine but they are huge $$, in the next 3 years I might get one.
  2. Hi Geoff, Thanks for getting back to me. I Have the PS perfectwave dIrect Stream DAC, No bridge.
  3. Can this run direct into the PS Audio Dac as I don't have a pre amp??
  4. No cons? Just another review sadly.
  5. Having said that I was very impressed with the sound!
  6. I won't be buying it as I didn't think the the build quality was there for the money. For $25 grand I can get a Diablo or a Nagra amp for a few extra $. Just interested in reading it. I understand you get a DAC with it but I have a great DAC already.
  7. might have something to do with that I am interested in his opinion as a reviewer and the fact that it wasn't run in when i used it. If anyone can post the link in this thread that would be great as I can't find it anywhere.
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