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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I have heard one and loved it. I heard it with the DAC module and loved it. Through some TAD speakers. I have a PS Audio DAC. If you don't mind what did you pay for as I believe they are $23500?
  2. Still waiting for this bloody review??:)
  3. If it cost's $24 grand I Would not pay that for it. I would buy a Diablo 300 for the same price. Keen to read the review!
  4. I have both the speaker cables and interconnects and I can say they are the cats pyjamas!!!
  5. I am no professional. I was just saying it would be nice if one was done.😀
  6. I look forward to a professional write up soon!
  7. I would say its on the hi side price side of things but considering you can spend well over 100G's 20 thousand seems like good to fair value. In the eye of the beholder i guess.
  8. I hope they replaced the Crap/poor quality volume control. I thought it sounded very good straight out of the box but i would love to hear it with a few hundred hours on it.
  9. I got a new Mac Mini 4 days ago and love it. 16gig ram and the smallest ssd but waiting on an external SSD from Samsung, a Evo 860 2tb. I use Audirvana+ and have for about 8 years.
  10. I am wondering if its worth going from the cast caps I have to the silver caps myself now?
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