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  1. Hi Can I ask what brand of furniture that is please? Stunning!
  2. I connect my G1 to my CH I1 with an AES EBU and it sounds brilliant. I have a 1TB SSD with and connect with a USB Curious cable. Ideally I would have loved a server with built in storage but I am very happy with current set up.
  3. their stuff is horrible to look at.
  4. It's so hard choosing equipment sometimes. I just bought a Integrated amp with a phono stage and am looking to get my first turntable. I am looking at the Kuzma gear, a Stabi S or R then throw in a tonearm and cartridge and it adds up very quickly!
  5. The built in DAC in the CH blows my PS audio DSD away. Having said that its not a fair accurate comparison as the CH is being driven by a class AB amp and my old amps were class D. But that aside the digital end is magnificent, fast, detailed, and pulls out information and plays it with great command and ease. Bass has punch and it just glides through whatever genre of music I throw at it without being bloomy or flabby. Daft Punk RAM is being put through it's paces which I think is a great album.
  6. I gotta say they look as sexy as! Show us some more pics.
  7. I had my heart set on a Gryphon Diablo for a few years and had been looking at other stuff without hearing them first. I just bought the Auralic a few months ago and love it. I mostly use it as a server as I don't really stream a lot. It really is an amazing piece of gear. Just looking forward to getting a good turntable now. I probably went overboard but it's done now and I absolutely love it.
  8. Auralic G1. I got the phono stage as that's a road I want to go down soon.
  9. Little Feat Waiting For Columbus just sounds incredible!!!!!
  10. So Far- Queen, Chris Rea, Pretenders, XTC, Prince,CCWR, Sir Mac, and Many more sound incredible.
  11. It's for removing the metal plates on top to install the metal spikes
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