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  1. Waking up in the morning with a hangover and tripping over the albums you played the night before....
  2. A few plugs for the Puffin here. I have one and it's great for versatility etc. but I really think the iFi Phono is a better sounding unit. Not as convenient as the Puffin but to my memory (possibly incorrect) I preferred the iFi's sound. I haven't heard the Version 2 but I really enjoyed the first version and they are in your price range. https://ifi-audio.com/products/micro-iphono2/ Having said that, I'd take up @cheekyboy and trial the Slee. Nothing to lose and plenty to gain (boom tish!). The good thing about this price point is that you can buy second hand try and
  3. @Janjuc thanks for posting Sola Rosa I had completely forgotten about him. I only know Get it Together, haven't listened to it for years.
  4. OK I've got about 60+ hours on the Pandion 20s and tonight they just opened up after about 2 hours of listening. Still fussing a little bit with toe in but sounding the best they have since setting them up. Bass is still a bit loose which is odd, my amps have a great reputation for having a strong grip. Probably room reflections but I don't really have an option to bring them further out into the room; might be time for Dirac or ROON EQ, or some socks in the ports...
  5. Kimil Electronics Croydon Park. Authorised repairer of a few brands and trusted by several SNA members.
  6. Anyone? Not a nibble... Plenty of options on the auction sites but I’d prefer to buy from an SNA member in the hope I don’t get something with dodgy bearings etc.
  7. Thanks for you posts so far. I was considering the Buchardt so keen to get people’s feedback on the DSP. Have you done a subsequent scan over the whole room? You may have missed some room influences only doing the scan around your listening area. I recall in a review that you measure as much of the room without getting closer than x(?)metres to the drivers. Interested to know if there was much of a difference?
  8. Some questions have come in by PM asking if these are 100 or 200s. These take up to 15.9kg and are 6.1” wide, 7.5” long and 3” high. There is no indication on the box whether they are 100 or 200 but by specs they are 100s.
  9. Further information: I purchased these in December for a temporary setup with some Aktimates while I waited on my current speakers. Used for about 8-10 weeks. Original box so easy to post, probably $15-$20. No scratches. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  10. Item: 12” Tonearm Price Range: $500-$1000 Item Condition: Used but operating perfectly Extra Info: I’m after a 12” Tonearm for my mono table (Thorens TD 521 Pro) so would prefer something that has extra counterweights to handle heavier carts, potentially SPUs etc. Also prefer something with an integrated arm rest so I don’t have to drill into my table to add a fixing. Open to all suggestions.
  11. I have some Aperta stands I was going to list but a bit over your budget. Only a few months old. Only selling as they were a short term solution for temporary active bookshelves I was running. I'll PM you when I get home from work this evening. I can't remember how much I paid for them so not sure what price they'll be.
  12. Adding myself to the SA owners list. I’ve had some Pandion 20s running for about 20 hours. Bass is still muddy and dynamics seem to be variable, brilliant one recording and then a bit dull and lifeless which could just be an exaggeration of each recording’s nature. I’ll come back with some more feedback when they’ve settled in. Still early days and they aren’t actually set up in their final resting place but even at this early stage they do sound very good. Set up is SOtM SDP 1000 as dac/pre and NuForce Ref 9 V3 monos. Unfortunately my turntables are out of action so just
  13. Further information: This plinth in ebony veneer was purchased new from an eBay seller for about $400 landed. It arrived with some marks received in transit and a slight edge crease from the top plate (you won’t see this when it’s mounted) which I’ve tried to show in the photos. There are also holes on the base from the feet I’ve removed. The plinth is cut for an SME 12” arm mount and includes an original GL75 top plate in VG++ condition for its age. Small mark is shown in the photos. The on off button is included but no other Lenco parts are included, you will need your own base Le
  14. Lovely looking tt. What bearing are you using? The Peter Reinders one or an original updated?
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