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  1. Item: New or used Price Range: Discounted new or reasonable used price. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Only interested in the 2i not the earlier versions.
  2. Some recent acquisitions. Especially chuffed because I’ve only just moved to Kingston so it’s nice to have a local connection. I love the graphic design too.
  3. Super cart for the price, and stylus replacements available. Good allrounder and tracks beautifully. I really prefer this to the Elys.
  4. ifi phono MKI or II. Unlikely to pick up a MKII second hand yet, but the MKI shows up occasionally. MKII will probably show up in new year sale etc. Just a super phono for the money.
  5. One of my favourite dishes but never make it myself. Time to have a crack.
  6. Nice one, I hadn’t listened to this for a while but I got my bandcamp app running again and played it a few weeks ago.
  7. https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/clearance-items/dynaudio-excite-x14a-active-bookshelf-speakers-ex-demo-pair-satin-black.html Listen to the KEF first, I didn’t like them so went to Dynaudio 200XD. No idea what the Excite X14a are like but at a good price.$1600.
  8. I always enjoyed it but the repetitive race against time plot became annoying. Well worth watching. if you are watching with the missus and she loses track from spending time on the phone and she asks what’s happening, you can just say ‘they’ve got to disarm the bomb and catch the baddies’. Most episodes you’ll be right.
  9. Love the Powell & Pressburger films. There was a good doco on them from back in the 90s maybe? Must seek it out and watch it again, probably available to stream.
  10. Thanks, I hadn't looked at the filter, just quickly searched.
  11. No leather to report, but I don’t have any shadowgraphed light pickups for this Aussie curiosity.
  12. I wanted to check out the Microgroove releases but it’s not a separate category yet, but interestingly some old Aussie catalogues appeared under a generic search: https://www.45worlds.com/memorabilia/item/nc618819au
  13. Thanks @aussievintage, never seen this site before. Just a quick look at 78s and there is lots of interesting listings. A great resource, thanks for sharing.
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