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  1. @The Blues are you still running a Lenco with the Miyajima?
  2. They weren’t on the website, just in store. Give them a call. They’ll do a deal for you if they still have them.
  3. I was in Miranda Hifi in Canberra a few weeks ago and they had some WLM Diva’s as a trade in that they will take an offer on. Might still be there.
  4. I have an F5 clone with dual power supply in storage but due to come out in about 3 weeks. I bought it off Henry from Redefy Audio about 5 years ago. Plain aluminium face plate with a little scratch that could be polished out. The black top plate is a bit discoloured from all of that Class A heat. Only used to power high efficiency full range single drivers. (Omega 8s and Fostex FE108ez.) Can send you pics when it’s unpacked. I paid $1000, happy to let it go at $650 if you cover freight.
  5. Great work @RDM , you should call it Lazarus.
  6. @crtexcnndrm99 Francesco posted on Lenco Heaven the other day that he will supply motors with the original conical shaft that would allow you to retain the manual speed changing. So you still use the original selector but refine speed on the DC controller..
  7. Yes it’s a speed controller and he supplies a DC motor and control box although his latest designs include an adaptation that lets you retain the manual speed switch, but all of the manual mechanics get removed. I’ve been waiting a while now but Francesco had an accident and had to stop building the kits but will restart in a few weeks after a holiday. He has a long list so don’t hold your breath. If you can build Nigel’s go ahead and do it. I don’t have the tekkas and I need 78 play back.
  8. Check out Lenco Heaven. Most people use them for PTP projects where the manual control is removed. I find setting the manual speed with the screws a little bit of a PITA, the speed setting can shift when tightening the screws. Once set they are pretty rock solid.
  9. On your pics there are two holes with ink marked arrows. Pretty sure these are for travelling screws, you can probably find a substitute. Unfortunately all my Lenco bits are in storage, otherwise I would send you my old ones. Maybe another Lenco owner on SNA can lend you some.
  10. For an $8K cartridge maybe some better photos would be appropriate?
  11. I just skim past now. But there are a lot of them.
  12. I don't bother looking at vinyl for sale on the classifieds, too hard now. Trying to arrange postage with a seller for multiple items is a PITA. I suspect that people will just set up PMs with regular buyers with lists of albums.
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