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  1. Thanks again @frednork @a.dent. I’ll try from USB before overriding the local drive.
  2. Thanks @a.dentand @frednorkas I was cooking dinner I thought I should just install a Linux distro and run compatible software. I had completely forgotten about snakeoil. I looked at it a year or so ago. I'll revisit it for sure. I did get into VB with SSH but I could not get anywhere with updates. I have 2 hard drives in the PC, do I need to remove them when I load up snakeoil? Thanks again for your help.
  3. Thanks @krebetmanSpotty won’t load on VB 2.3 and I can’t upgrade to 2.4. That’s one of the reasons I want to dump VB/LMS. Got sIck of faffing with it last year.
  4. Having an Ornette Coleman afternoon. The awesome Crisis followed by some funky Primetime band.
  5. Thanks @a.dent the LMS app for Spotify was a real pain too and one of the reasons I’m looking for fuss free and dumping VB/LMS. Daphile was one I was looking at. I could load it on a Pi and see if I like it but I suspect a Roon subscription might be easier in the long run for compatibility with Spotify/Tidal.
  6. Hi all, I have a pc with Vortexbox LMS installed but haven’t been able to upgrade to the latest version so I would like to strip the Vortexbox software and start again with new software. I can’t even work out what hardware the PC has so that will give you an idea of my skills. I’ve tried to open the command line but when I reboot the login option seems to be automatic so I don’t get the option to sign in to Vortexbox/Fedora. Anyway, can anyone recommend a tech I can send my PC to strip the VB software and install alternatives? I’ll need CD, DVD & Bluray ripping software, possibly vinyl drops, library management, and streaming from Tidal, Spotify, and internet radio. I have a Plex subscription so happy to use that for DVD and Bluray burns but I don’t really like the music interface so open to Moode or Roon or other alternatives. I’ve tried Kodi in the past and hated it, too buggy and couldn’t get my library loaded. I don’t think I have the patience to do this myself, I have set up some Pi’s before but I didn’t enjoy it, although I learnt a lot. My library is backed up on a USB drive. So any suggestions for software and a tech to install for me? Any SNA CA gurus happy to do it for a fee? Thanks.
  7. Went digging on the bottom shelf where my knees ask for mercy and came out with this. The drummer Stephen McCraven is very interesting to listen to and now I realise father to the talented Makaya McCraven. I can see on Discogs that McCraven senior did an album called Bosco with Arthur Blythe and Archie Shepp, that might be my next listen if I can find it. Tidal has a couple of others as well.
  8. Not my usual cuppa but I picked it up in a recent stack from Real Groovy in Auckland. Blistering solo from Lew Solof on the title track. I bought it because Arthur Blythe was present. Needs a clean but the live immediacy is very appealing.
  9. The Puffin has more flexibility than I’ll ever use (all my records are regular Decca etc, nothing exotic) but it’s nice to know I can tinker if I get the urge. What other phono stage do you normally use for your pre RIAA?
  10. Well done. Have you compared it to any of your other phono stages? I could never build anything like this but recently settled on a Parks Puffin for my mono/78s. All digital filters but that doesn’t bother me. It’s fun switching curves on the fly.
  11. Long time since I posted in here. Enjoying this for a quiet night in.
  12. Fond memories, I used to go to the Side On and got to see Bernie M play loads of times.
  13. Agree, I used the 4” FE108EZ in a Buschhorn and toed in about a foot in front of my nose they were great.
  14. Hi Keith I'd like to buy a pair of the TB W8-1772 please. Thanks.
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