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  1. I have one. I purchased it for the non RIAA curves for playing my 78s. It’s pretty good as a standard phono and the adjustability on the fly is really useful and fun. Is it better than an entry level Cambridge or Project, in my experience yes, a lot better. Is a better than an iFi Phono? Maybe not. Is it a hundred times more convenient and tweakable than the iFi Phono? Yes. A @Iain_r mentioned it is convenient, especially for crappy recordings. Lots of loading and tone options to get what you want. It’s a tweaker’s delight.
  2. Such a superb album, I haven't listened to it for a while. Thanks for the reminder.
  3. I'm not one for trendy unfiltered vino but this was delish with some Canberra truffles in an egg pasta. Savoury and a slight astringent sweetness. Allez Goulons.
  4. I'd like these please. Ustad Ali Khan Indian Vocal Music Indian EMI Vg++/Ex- $5 Do Re Mi Domestic Harmony Aust Virgin Ex-/Ex- $6 The The Soul Mining Aust Epic Ex-/Vg $5
  5. Sorry @Beatnik& @luisetI ran out of time before arranging my move and had to pack everything up for storage. I'll relist in about six months but offer postage options for people.
  6. Jerry Butler - The Ice Man Cometh, Mercury, SM-7288, JAP Press, VG/NM $13 O.V.Wright - We're Still Together, Victor, VIF-6685, JAP Press, VG+/NM $15  Rufus & Chaka - Masterjam, MCA, VIM-6211, JAP Press, NM/NM $13  Teddy Pendergrass - Teddy, CBS Sony, 25AP 1615, JAP Press with OBI, NM/NM $13  Postage to ACT 2162. thanks.
  7. Hi @Beatnik I’ll be out of Sydney by then. I can probably post it down to you as per your PM. @luiset, apologies I’ve been unable to access the cover due to house packing. I’ll PM you when I get it out unless the whole lot goes to someone.
  8. Oh goody, I get to drop the Glen Gould quote that 'the tragedy of Mozart wasn't that he died so young it was that he lived for so long'.
  9. @Gryffleswas the DC motor install easy? I've gone on to the waiting list. I might move to PTP now, the design prevented 78rpm playback but the DC motor gets around this.
  10. I'll have to measure it when I get home tonight.
  11. Item: About 50 Hifi Mags Coogee Sydney Price Range: Free pick up only Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: About 50 Hifi mags, mostly Hi-fi News from 2014-18. Free to anyone who can pick them up before recycling night this Thursday 27th June.
  12. I’ve found the tonearm, it has new V blocks.
  13. Wow, what a trip. For NYC, Definitely Downtown Music Gallery. Free gigs on Sundays. Bruce the owner also sends out weekly newsletters. http://www.downtownmusicgallery.com/ Jazz Record centre as well. https://www.jazzrecordcenter.com/ in an office building you need to use the intercom to get in and up in the lift, awesome selection. For gigs go to the Stone. Curated by John Zorn. http://thestonenyc.com/ $20 entry, get there early. Umami burger is a short walk away for post gig burgers and beer. There’s a store near the Strand bookstore as well but I can’t remember the name. I picked up some early Blue Note microgrooves. I made sure I took the price labels off those ones in case the Mrs had a peek.
  14. If anyone in Canberra is interested in this I'll be moving down in July.
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