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  1. @thecoffeegent upgraded and ready to go.
  2. Probably the effect of having single full range drivers. A friend of mine really hated the sound, so horses for courses. Depends on the recording as well, mic positioning etc. One of my test tracks is a David Sylvian tune and his voice sounds like it’s coming from about 6ft high and a foot or so in front of the speakers. There is some music box sounding percussion as well that spreads out into the space around him. Very freaky.
  3. That’s interesting, you and I are clearly different. I’ve always liked the feeling that I can reach out and touch the music in front of me, a good 6ft in front of the drivers. I really like it like this. I remember listening to some Wharfdales and thinking the soundstage was 6ft behind the drivers, and I really disliked the experience.
  4. The designer Mads Buchardt posted on the audioscience website that he underestimated the number of people that would want to integrate single and or multiple subs but thought that WiSA compatible integration of subs would be adequate but they might look at a dongle for non WiSA subs.
  5. @brumby I’m looking at those A500 or 700 as well, bit of a gamble not being able to hear them, but they do have a 30 day return option. The DSP room correction is a very attractive option. For me I can plug in the phono stage and Pi streamer and that’s it all done, and Mrs Bellringer can stream from her phone or PC/tablet. Having said that, I’ll probably still keep a passive tube/single driver set up for my mono records. One needs one’s toys and a touch of variety.
  6. Lovely speakers. I had the Prologue II and they were very enjoyable. The Ruark cabinets had some sort of master craftsmen accreditation as well. GLWTS.
  7. If you are willing to spend a bit more on the cartridge go for it. I had that Elys 2 on a loaner from my brother and I thought it was horrid, different arm/ table though. Maybe an all Rega set-up has better compliance, but I found a Shure MX 97e was a much nicer cart. There is an army of a Ortofon cart users here that will probably chime in with successful combos. Stylus replacement options for the Ortofon carts are good as well.
  8. The iFi iPhono MK 1 pops up in the classifieds ( probably from people upgrading to MkII). I had one and it was fantastic for the money. Much better than entry level Rega or Project.
  9. @YCC no not really. A mono version (which I always like to buy when I see them) but not rare. Cover is pretty poor but the vinyl looks OK, a bit worn, but the monos can sometimes be quiet if the damage isn’t too deep into the groove.
  10. Some pick ups from the Lifeline fair in Canberra. The Red Norvo is a 2nd reprint but apparently quiet rare. 2 for sale on discogs for silly money. I also picked up some Aus jazz history with an acetate of Ralph Mallen at the Sydney Town Hall. National sound and film archive released it on a CD compilation.
  11. @Monty I hadn’t realised you had moved back to Aus. I’m not going to the Necks but now I’m based in CBR and am always up for a gig if you are out and about. Did you go to Sound Out over the weekend? I’m still in temporary accomodation so don’t have a system up for GTGs but I’ll definitely arrange one when I settle. I know you like early New Orleans so maybe we could have a Johnny Dodd’s GTG, in magnificent mono.
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