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  1. Bell Ringer

    Beginner amp advice

    This one in the classifieds might suit. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/259673-fs-nad-c355bee-stereo-intergrated-amplifier-brisbane/ I agree with @Snapper() that Cambridge is pretty ordinary. Not sure about the NAD I linked to but I’m sure some regulars will have an idea.
  2. Bell Ringer

    Tidal new feature - My mix

    I have 3 mixes and no grandpa Beatles,Stones Chicago crap showing up so that’s good. Although Jay Z sneaked Paul McCartney’s latest into one of my lists, must have been a Kanye algorithm.
  3. Bell Ringer

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Whose Hat is This? Everything's Going to Be OK Tedeschi Trucks alumni and friends live. Really enjoying it. Should point out the music is nothing like Tedeschi Trucks. More info here: https://www.whosehatisthis.com/about/
  4. Bell Ringer

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    BBC3 have a live set from the London Jazz Festival up for a month. Avishai Cohen Trio celebrating Gently Disturbed, feat. Avishai Cohen, Shai Maestro and Mark Guiliana, in concert at the London Jazz Festival https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0001hp7 Not my usual cup of tea but a nice set and Guiliana is always worth listening too.
  5. Bell Ringer

    SOLD: FS: Cary 301 Phono

    Hi, Is this one MM & MC? Some butt shots would be nice too if you can. Thanks.
  6. Bell Ringer

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Bravest thing I've seen on the internet today. I hope you feel better for sharing...
  7. Bell Ringer

    Aussie Hip-Hop

    The Spotify Aussie hip hop playlist is definitely worth following. Updated regularly with new releases etc. I’m off to see Genesis Owusu and Remi over the next week or so. I think Remi is top notch. I’ve seen him live a few times now and never disappoints, builds a great vibe in the room without any sexist bullshit. Great voice and talented lyricist/mc. There’s lots of great talent giving voice to the reality of contemporary Australia at the moment. Sampa, Manu Crook$, Allday, Baker Boy (best live show I’ve seen in an age), Briggs etc. Get out there and support them.
  8. Bell Ringer

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I was lucky enough to be at the brewery a few weeks ago. Did a flight and settled on a Coastin’ IPA. They had just won an award for it a week before. Milk Stout was delish too. In the flight: Mt Eureka pilsener, Coastin IPA, Keep Calm and Carrion XPA, Double Cream Milk Stout.
  9. Bell Ringer

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Another spin from yesterday’s delivery. Albert Mangelsdorf Quintet recorded after a trip to the east in 1964. Of it’s time with those early Euro jazz/world fusion but it’s a light touch on this album which owes more to Mingus than any Asian influences. Beautifully recorded with superb playing and arranging.
  10. Bell Ringer


    I’ll take them please.
  11. Bell Ringer

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Fresh delivery today and now spinning. Needs a clean, to get rid of the paper sleeve static.
  12. Bell Ringer

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    Look what the postie delivered today.
  13. Bell Ringer

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    Sylvian's Samadhi label reissued it a few years ago on CD. Probably discontinued. Check out Discogs.
  14. Bell Ringer

    The Underrated David Sylvian (Ex Japan)

    The singer Thomas Feiner did a very moody album a few years ago called the Opiates with a band called Anywhen. Has one of my favourite songs, Scars and Glasses. Classic sad boy cryrock.
  15. Bell Ringer

    FS: Croft RIAA Valve Phono Stage

    I saw and heard this Croft at Geoff's last weekend. Beautiful sound and great value. He's a gent to boot. Buy with confidence.