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  1. Prompted by your initial post, Mrs Bellringer and I went to a local truffle farm last week as part of the Canberra truffle festival. Too early in the season to purchase but the owners take you out with a dog and find some truffles and then they cook them up. Fun afternoon.
  2. I’ve been impatiently waiting for the truffle sellers to return to the market in Canberra. They aren’t great but nice for pastas and risotto.
  3. @Porkbuns69I'm just using the one supplied. Not sure if it's worth the extra $ in my case. It's not my main phono stage, just for my monos and 78s, and they tend to be in ordinary condition so I probably wouldn't hear any benefits of an upgraded power supply. Probably people online that have.
  4. Unfortunately that’s what Parks audio called his tube phono a few years ago.
  5. Has to be a classic Aussie bird. The Galah, or the Cocky, kookaburra or The Bin Chicken.
  6. The digital output is pretty recent, so owners are probably still enjoying them if they’ve just purchased one. Happy to send you my standard analogue output as a loaner if you want to hear what they are like? Or do you need the digital output for your set up?
  7. @Saxe that looks superb. Elegant and simple.
  8. @VinylSuzy there is a cheap Rek-O-Kut headshell that comes with 3 interchangeable weights, though some people just use blutac. Available through Esoteric Sounds in the States or possibly Decibel in Brisbane.
  9. No idea, but the ARC measures from where you sit and a selection of other spots left,right, front and back.
  10. I’ve been looking for myself for work. These Martin Logan’s are on special. I have dodgy wifi at work and the DTS Play fi might be an issue in that environment so didn’t take the plunge. You can pair for stereo. https://www.audioactive.com.au/ML_dash_BRAVADO(WN)/MARTIN-LOGAN-BRAVADO-SPEAKER-WALNUT/pd.php?filters=ClearanceNew:Y Also comes with Arc room correction.
  11. @Gryffles is there room on the plinth for a 12” arm? I missed out on one of those speed controllers, the chap making them has stopped producing them, so it’s a great bonus in the asking price.
  12. I love this album. I think it might be one of Motian’s earliest recordings? Compared to Grimes’ The Call which has Robinson as well the two albums are poles apart. Both are great. I’m ashamed to say I paid big $ for a copy of The Call on vinyl.
  13. Well done and welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to the virus ending so I can audition the Navis. They are on my audition list. The KEF aren’t to my taste so keen to hear the Elac.
  14. I think that’s why Shannon Parks is doing so many updates.
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