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  1. Legend Mini would be a very strong contender. Locally made and in budget too ... http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/products-mini/ I’ve had two pairs of Joeys for nearly 15 years. Very accurate and rewarding speakers. Build quality is also second to none.
  2. I went from surround sound, which I never really exploited, back to quality 2 channel stereo (now have 2 systems since I bought 2 sets of identical speakers, using Rega and Naim amps). Never looked back, and never been happier. Also had a sub with the surround setup which I tried with the 2 channel, and was ultimately happier without. Not required IMO, save your $$. Small, monitor speakers (Legend Joeys in my case) are very clear and do project dialogue nicely in a balanced system with good speaker placement. I use ISO-Acoustics (ISO-155) desktop speaker stands, which work very well on top of an entertainment unit and are height adjustable to lift the tweeter up to ear level if necessary. For streaming, unless you already have a spare laptop computer, consider a dedicated streamer that can connect to an external DAC if you want to upgrade later. Something like the Bluesound Node 2i. In all all other respects, Hi-Fi is not an academic or theoretical exercise. It is about listening to sound and deriving pleasure from that. So in short, trust your ears, and if you like the sound, and can afford it, buy it and be happy!
  3. I really don’t care what the chip is called that Clay chooses to put in this new DAC. If it sounds good (which by all accounts it most certainly will), I’m going to buy one. I couldn’t care less about MQA either. Quality of recording, like power supply and output stage in a DAC (as Clay noted), will make more difference than the latest audio acronym ....
  4. Contact Peter at https://audioprincipe.com.au. I’m pretty sure he will make you a custom length pair.
  5. Yes, quite likely better DAC wise ... see here https://darko.audio/2016/02/audiophile-grade-streaming-with-the-auralic-aries-mini/
  6. Yes, I noticed the same phenomenon. In relation to the LSX, there is a KEF direct offer of 20% discount to $1,596, with a bonus product of $279 to $379. So the A2A discount is the same up front price but no bonus. Total price gouging, opportunistic BS IMHO. Whatever. Good luck to them, it not on my $$.
  7. Still available new here (it appears) ... http://www.deephzaudio.com/Pricing Index Page.html I purchased mine from them in around 2014, and had it hand delivered (in Melbourne). Great service and nice guy. I’ve been pleased with it between MacBook Pro and M2Tech Young DAC (since the USB driver became incompatible with Mac OS). Haven’t compared to any other, newer or cheaper offerings though. Good luck!
  8. Any updates on this, Clay? Now working from home (like many of us) and looking to set up second system ... Hope you are well and safe! J
  9. Details, please? The racks look like the UK Isoblue. What are they?
  10. Just a heads-up - Netflix no longer streams from your phone/tablet on Apple TV. Of course you can still run it through the Apple TV itself, and use dictation or an iDevice to enter search text.
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