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  1. Mute-on

    Neat Acoustics Ultimatum XL6

    Can’t help you with the Neats, but I use Legend Joey speakers with Naim NAC72 and NAP140, and they are perfectly balanced. Legend designer is ex Linn, so very much in the Naim mould. Assuming you are running a NAP 200 or better, have a look at these: http://www.legendspeakers.com.au/products-kantu/ Cheers J
  2. I use these to run digital sources into a Naim pre/power setup... https://audioprincipe.com.au/interconnects/attenuated-10db-twisted-pair-interconnects/ great for managing gain with no discernable effect on sound quality.
  3. Leema Tucana fed by Leema Antila CD through some Legend floorstanders (can’t remember which). Amazingly rich, textured and detailed. Naim NAC72 pre and NAP140 power through Legend Joey II (my system), once I put in NACA 5 speaker cables. Id like to try a Naim NAP200 ...
  4. Spend the 1k on a dac. Source first and all that.
  5. Mute-on

    Tidal Holiday Offer

    Downloaded. My first streaming foray. Sounds great too! Thanks
  6. I’m a fan of Audio Principe for four reasons: 1. I really like their attenuated interconnects, as I find the 2.5V + outputs of most DACs and CD players don’t let my amps “breathe” 2. They’re good value, and not expensive to start with 3. They’re made right here in Oz 4. Peter Graves is a top bloke. Cheers J
  7. My speaker journey has been mercifully short ... 1987 or thereabouts - JBL TLX16 Around 2004 - surround sound with 5x Legend Joey IIs and a Kurlette sub 2015 - 2 pairs of Joey IIs and the Kurlette in use (in various 2 channel systems), keeping the 5th Joey II as a spare. Future - maybe some Legend Kurre or Kantu. Otherwise, I'm happy
  8. Following a recent positive experience purchasing from Peter, I thought the least I could do was to publicly express my appreciation for a local manufacturer who not only stands behind his product, but takes full responsibility for the buyer's interests. After Aussie Post successfully delivered my -10dB ICs to someone who wasn't me (under tracked Express Post no less!), Peter immediately offered to send another pair, no cost, and no assurance of ever seeing the first pair again (other than if the original recipient "did the right thing" and sent them to his return address). They arrived in less than 24 hours (interstate). That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call service! The fact that the ICs sound excellent, and do exactly what I was hoping for in my system, is no surprise given the honesty and attention with which Peter treats his customers. Anyway, he's a decent, honest bloke and should be recognised as such. Cheers, Mute
  9. Mute-on

    SOLD: FS: Kuzma Stabi S package (Price drop)

    Sent a PM enquiry and yet to hear, so I'm curious to know if there's an update as well. Congrats to the lucky new owner in any case. Cheers, Mute-on
  10. Mute-on

    FS: Custom audio USB cable

    If there is another batch, or by some miracle others drop out, I'd like to get two! I'd much rather support locally grown ingenuity than commercialised product of (often) questionable value. Great job, AJ!! Cheers, Mute-on
  11. Prices dropped! Still includes 10% donation to SNA These were cheap before, now just plain silly Seriously, I think this is a pretty good deal for someone. Cheers, Mute-on
  12. Item: Designer black leather couch and armchair Location: Melbourne - SE suburbs Condition: As new - sat in maybe twice! Price: Couch $300 $270, Armchair $200 $180 Both $450 $400, Donation to SNA of 10% of sale proceeds Reason for selling: Never used and just taking up space - these deserve to be pride of place in a nice listening room (or any room needing a cool, comfy couch) Payment Methods: Cash on pick-up (local sale only) Additional information: All the cushions (base, back and sides) have zips to access seating foam, allowing easy replacement when required (or if you just want extra squishy cushions for those long listening sessions ) Kind regards, Mute-on
  13. Yes and yes ... Same outcome unfortunately . Hoping there is a trick I'm not aware of though!