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  1. Hey Pete, thank you for the reply, after speaking with a few different people that couldn't answer that one (including pioneer themselves????) dude in a dj store made the same suggestion as you. it works beautifully, thanks again for reply
  2. Hi guys, I am running a pioneer djm800 mixer (until I can afford to buy a new amplifier) and from the master outputs(rca's) to a pair of KRK rokit active monitors. There are two more connections available on the back of the KRK's of which are TRS and XLR balanced. I have a REL Q150e Mk2 sub. Question: Can I run the sub safely with these speakers. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys I have started looking to buy a new system and to go with the new Rega RP6 and Bower and Wilkins CM8's I have been recommended an Arcam Amp. I mainly listen to Metal, my girlfriend listens to deep techno and we both love everything from Elvis through to Talking Heads.... Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  4. Hi Handysteel and thank you, I am just running through my old DJ Gear at the moment, but looking to buy the new Rega RP6 turntable and starting to look at some Bower and Wilkins speakers. I mainly listen to Metal at home but also alot of classic rock and even deep electronic. Still doing alot of research at the moment, how about yourself?
  5. Hey Everyone, Just joined up and recently I've come back to my vinyl addiction, paying more for records each week than I do everyday living expenses. I'm also looking to buy a new system in the next few weeks, so I figure this is the best place for me to learn about what everyones into
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this site and been doing a bit of research here and still find all the information a little overwhelming. I would be very grateful for any advice or opinions if anyone could please help. I am looking to buy a new system for home. I would like to build it in stages due to budget constraints. My budget is roughly around the $2000 mark for each item, e.g. Speakers, Amp, Turntable. Turntable? I am quite keen on the idea of buying a Rega turntable and going by those who own one I feel this is a wise choice. I was looking to buy a RP3 until I walked into a store today and was shown the new RP6. The dude at the store offered it to me for $1500.00 inc a Rega Bias Cartridge. Any ideas on this and is the Rp6 truely better than the Rp3? My gut instinct says to go for it, but Just want to be sure. Secondly the speakers reccomended to me were the Bower and Wilkins CM8's. I havent heard them yet as I am still yet to make an appointment to hear them played with the music I enjoy. I mainly listen to alot of thrash and heavy metal, deep techno and everything in between such as Floyd, Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, The Cure etc. Any advice would be great, thanks in advance, Moose. P.s. Still yet to choose an amp.
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