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  1. Awesome plan John, there should be more gear tours. They're a great way to hear a piece of gear in your own home. And all for the price of a few bucks in postage. I would be signing up but since I've already ordered a Timekeeper of my own (cue the happy emoji ) I don't really see the need. Come on guys, sign up to share the Burson Experience.
  2. So... I finally ponied up for some room treatment. All by Artnovion. Before. After. And the back and one of the side walls as well. The grey squares are the Helen absorbers and the wood ones are the Sienna absorbers. I have some diffusers for the ceiling but I've yet to work out how to put them up there, I'll get to them eventually. I also have two 'mobile walls' that are made up of three Helen absorbers mounted vertically. I keep moving them around trying to find the best position for them but since I've had a head cold for
  3. I chose the upgraded model with the two additional "Resonance Coils", for obvious reasons.
  4. Near field is indeed the key I think. The Funk sounds very good within about 2 meters (ie your head is within 2 meters of the speakers, and better again at 1.5m than at 2m). At that range the Burson sound signature really gets the LS-50 metas to perform. They can sound a little bit bright on some tracks but that is part of the Burson signature sound. I never found it bright enough to annoy, just bright enough to notice, and it only really comes through on about one song in ten. Once you get back around 3 meters the combo can sound a little thin, it mostly still sounds
  5. I don't know about the Hypex gear but I can say that if you like a slightly warmer sound then the higher end Regas are probably not for you, they can be a bit on the bright side. They work well for vinyl or for a system with a tube front end but not so good for digital. The Ragnarok is nice and smooth and a little warm so probably the better bet of the two for your preferences. Remember, it runs hot, no enclosed cabinets for the Ragnarok.
  6. Yep, meant to be 35 into 8 ohms and 45 into 4. Yeah, the Burson and the LS-50's are still a good match (at least to my listening preferences). I was wondering just how well they'd match up since the older Burson PI-160 series was a stand out performer with the older model. For a near field set up this matching would take some beating.
  7. OK, now we're cooking with gas. Got it, hooked it up and had a whole 3 songs worth of listening. Initial impressions are very good. I had reservations that the Funk would not be able to drive the LS-50s well with only 35 watts but it sounds very nice indeed. I'll try to dedicate some time to it this coming weekend.
  8. One Anthem STR integrated, slightly used. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143985011147?hash=item21862ce9cb:g:abQAAOSwz21gWB~7 An OK buy at the asking price but a much better buy after you use that ebay code to get $500 off the asking price.
  9. So it does. Well spotted, I missed that. I guess we'll have to wait until some test results are available. I'll let you know once it arrives Simon and we can arrange to let you get it on your test bench.
  10. Why does basic mathematics always ruin my fun? You are correct sir, it does not add up. Perhaps the 100 watts is a total output rather than a wpc output. Would you be willing to volunteer your testing services in order to determine the actual output wattage?
  11. https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/timekeeper-3i/ Finally, a new Timekeeper. And guess what the "i" stands for. That's right, Integrated. How did Burson know my birthday was coming up?
  12. I considered buying this one myself, but managed to hold myself back so I thought I'd share with the group. Any mad keen Roksan fans out there? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154406273672?hash=item23f354c288:g:gDAAAOSwxblgbnVj&frcectupt=true
  13. As do I. I don't remember the dates mentioned in the email, I'll have to look them up, hope it isn't too long a wait.
  14. Sorry mate, only just noticed your post. I pre-ordered direct from Burson as they emailed me direct about the offer.
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