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  1. Cafad

    Lenehan LK1 Kit speakers Reviews

    Something about that texture makes them more interesting to look at. I don't know if that colour would work as well without the whole "crocodile skin" effect of Tolex. They certainly stand out from your TV and cabinet.
  2. As do dyns I believe. Honestly though, your choice of speakers will be very broad, Luxman amps are truly exceptional creations and will match well with a very large variety of speakers. The choice is yours really.
  3. The basics are pretty easy Terry, I could bring my laptop along to our upcoming GTG and we could do a few room sweeps if you'd like. Treating the room once you've worked out what the issues are can be much more problematic. Can you cover the walls with icicle foam and the floor with nice thick rugs or are you more spouse-ally limited in your options?
  4. Perhaps you could assist in a WAF advisory capacity.
  5. I don't see any reason why not.
  6. Nice piece of history you have there Wally. I have been meaning to start a thread to discuss the idea of an all Sansui GTG for 2019. I really should get right on that. There we go.
  7. Cafad

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    No, it's been a bad week. I did get confirmation that Mike Lenehan does still have his demo unit however. I'll give Simon a call back when I'm feeling better, as I said, it's been a bad week.
  8. I suspect you are right there Fez, I didn't name them in this thread in an effort to keep it from turning into a free for all where people bag a company for the fun of it but I am starting to think that naming them might just be a good idea. Although anyone who has been following my Sansui thread will probably already know. Kuboten is the name, going quiet in late November 2018 seems to be their game. If anyone else has experienced something similar, or even more importantly if you have maintained contact with Kuboten after November 2018, please let me know. If we put enough information together maybe we can work this thing out.
  9. Interesting info just in, another fellow seems to be in the same situation I am has just put up a post on their community board. He ordered something through them back in late November and then hasn't been able to get in touch with them since. I through up a quick reply to let him know he wasn't alone, wonder how many more of us are out there.
  10. Cafad

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    Simon called me back this morning, at 7:20am. Since I was in my pre-start meeting at the time I didn't answer but he left me a message and then sent a text saying that yes, Mike Lenehan does still have the demo unit. Since I didn't mention Mike on the message that I left I am guessing that the "contact us" function on the website does actually work. I aim to call him back tomorrow for a chat. Here's hoping they have a unit available for a bit of a borrow (fingers crossed!).
  11. The specific paypal transaction I aim to start the dispute over occurred on January 11th. I have since asked them to refund it and have, of course, not heard or seen anything. That is where I start.
  12. Well, my patience has reached its limit. I've fired off a final email warning that I will open a Paypal dispute in 24 hours. Once that happens I'm cutting all ties with them and moving on. Doesn't mean I won't continue to be pissed with them, just means that I've decided the continued frustration is not worth the energy.
  13. Cafad

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    The contact us still doesn't work and the phone number listed goes straight to a recorded message saying that Simon can't answer right now. These circumstances make it hard to work out where a unit can be heard for an audition.
  14. I can definitely recommend Andy at Hi-Fi Repair services. https://www.hifirepairservices.com.au/
  15. Cafad

    Heschl Hal 350 Integrated Amp

    Does that mean you are writing one up yourself of that you know one will be showing up by someone else? I only ask because I'm jealous.