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  1. I thought the recent movie was good but I was left wanting more of the 80's songs. So tonight I aim to make up for that.
  2. I have non-buyers remorse already. I hope the 509X is happy with its new owner.
  3. Well, I've come up with a viable option. If I don't listen to London Grammar, or that solo album by Glenn Frey, then I don't seem to have a problem. And if I do get the urge to listen to them, well I do have a set of headphones. As long term, temporary solutions go I think this one is a good one.
  4. True, but they do have some, and they are the only optional treatment that I keep on hand. Also, they have to turn back into mattresses come Tuesday evening so they aren't even a medium term fix. However, for the short term (read, this Easter weekend) they actually work reasonably well if I keep the speakers back on either side of the TV and put the mattresses on either side of the listening position. But yes, I will have to seek other options in the near future.
  5. Hmmm, well my rack is my floor so I don't really expect to be able to apply that one. I've been trying a few things this morning. Slightly better, not sure if I could live with it though. With two foam mattresses and the TV covered it is not so bad. If I were a software engineer this is the point where I'd stop calling it a problem, start calling it a feature and move on. But I would like to be able to listen to music without the doona and the mattresses in the room with me. I have thought about ceiling treatment, probably be easy to apply too as my ceiling is pretty bare bones with exposed beams. I could get some foam in between them without too much trouble. OK, time to do some doona and mattress assisted listening for a bit I think. Then we'll see what we can hear.
  6. Nah, I don't have awesome ears any more than the next SNA'er. I just have Terry giving me a spare album of his that just happened to have a ton of bass frequencies in just the right wrong spot. Trust me on this Dazza, if you'd been here you would have noticed it too. I had a headache starting after the first 3 times we swapped out gear and spun up the same song again. The bass was oppressive on just that one note. I've got the speaker stands pretty much back where I had them before I moved them forward to where most of those room calculators say they should be and this has broadened the punch but not taken it out of play completely. I think I need foam, lots of foam! Maybe more than foam, but I can't do anything about that in the next few days.
  7. I think this puppy between about 105Hz and 120Hz is the problem.
  8. I've recently discovered, due to an impromptu listening session with @BRM and one of the guys from work carried out last Monday, that I have a prominent room node. I can't really understand why I've not noticed this before, and thinking back it has made itself noticeable in the past but not to the extent where I could actually identify it. I suspect my big reason for disliking the Job Integrated was that it had a bass presentation that hit right on this node. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Sorry Job. Anyway, since this node is making itself known I am now determined to knock it on the head in as forceful a way as possible. It is very noticeable with the Technical Brain as the Technical Brain is a sort of combination of brutally honest and powerfully presented. Also I really want to see if I can get the TB to sound as good in my room as it does in Terry's room. Because in Terry's room its on a completely different level to other amps. Starting with the easy stuff, I'm moving speaker positioning this morning. (And yes, that is not the TB in use at the moment, I'm running the Sansui 907NRA. Don't worry, I am aware of this.) Old position vs current. I've lost some of my pin point imaging but gained a sort of softer, more relaxed feel to vocals and slower strings and woodwinds. It has taken a little of the bite out of the room node and blunted it a little too. Not sure I could live with it yet though. I'll get back to it shortly, just giving my ears a break by typing this post.
  9. Item: TACT S2150 True Digital Amp Location: Sunny Nanango 4615 Price: $950 Item Condition: Excellent, top plate has a couple of dings in it, see pics. Reason for selling: Desperately short of space right now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with remote and manual. These TACT amps are highly adjustable via menu settings, there is also an active internet community that has info on them and mods that can be made to them. Originally bought from ZOOTYtooty. I don't have the original box but I do have a nice, solid box on hand and will pack well to ensure comfortable travels. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/261754-fstact-s2150-digital-amplifier/?tab=comments#comment-4058794 https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/83357-integrated-amps-an-addicts-guide-part-the-third/page/50/ Links to original FS post and my personal review. More info available after my review courtesy of MartyKT and Tony M.
  10. Item: One Redgum CD5-ENR cd player Location: Sunny Nanango 4615 Price: $350 Item Condition: excellent. Reason for selling: Has been sitting on a shelf for a long time, and I'm getting shorter and shorter on shelf space. Also, I've bought a Consonance droplet. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It is a 2005 model and it contains a mitsubishi cd rom. Redgum players do not have remote controls or LCD screens and it is for this reason that I used the CD5 mostly as a stand alone DAC. It has a coax digital input. It has a very fast and detailed sound. Pictures:
  11. I've been doing that for the last two listening rooms. I helps with first reflections and stereo effects too. I may have to do some room measuring to sort this one out. I've got the gear, just have to set everything up and go through the motions. Probably over Easter.
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