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  1. This whole Corona virus situation is a bit of bugger isn't it? So many things we aren't meant to do currently. However, since my chiropractor told me recently I should take up some weight bearing exercise, I decided to combine his advice with my favourite hobby and do some stereo gear rearranging/re-situating/recombining/shuffling sort of thing. I picked up a pair of Wilson Benesh Discovery 1's recently and I've had them in the system for about a month now. I really like them. They are a little more revealing than my Lenehans (the S2s, haven't got around to comparing them with the ML2 Ltds yet) and lighter in tone so they're something of a refreshing change that I wasn't aware I was in need of. Also, and this is more exciting, I've managed to talk Rod from Heschl into letting me borrow a Heschl HAL 350 for an in house trial (which could be quite a long one if this whole lock down situation drags on). So, I suppose I should get started then. One Heschl HAL 350. A few people have said it looks a little plain for such an expensive amp, I reckon it looks pretty good and they just don't have the right lighting. Heschl plus Droplet feeding the aformentioned Wilson Benesh Discovery 1's. A very enjoyable combo. But, due to chiropractors orders things had to change, so out went the Wilson Benesh and in went the Lenehan S2s (on the ML2 Ltd stands, definitely weight bearing exercise involved in moving those suckers). Initially I had the S2Rs hooked up with standard 10 AWG Ugly cable speaker wire and it sounded OK, but not great. I changed over to a pair of Aurealis UP series speaker cables and things improved greatly, depth of both bass and tone increased and a little bit of textured warmth showed up too (and right where I didn't think it would be needed) which really helped male vocals. I think I'll stick with this combo for the afternoon, maybe the evening too, but tomorrow the ML2s will be swapped in (more weight bearing exercise, I'm sure my chiro would approve) and we'll see what happens from there. Have the best weekend you can guys. And remember, music soothes the soul.
  2. I think you have both great amps and great speakers but they are not a good match. B&W's need a massive amount of current which valve amps just don't provide in order to give good bass, but don't despair, a massive number of other amps won't either, they are not easy to pair with gear. Stereo Knight gear is very, very nice, but it isn't geared towards coping with speakers that are current hogs, speakers that are easier to drive will release their magic very easily. Any pair of Osborn speakers for example will let those amps shine. Personally I'm not a fan of B&W's (at all) so I'd be selling the speakers, keeping the amps and buying a pair of Osborn Eclipse or Epitome towers. But that is just me. If you are intent on keeping the speakers then you should probably be looking at a solid state power amp (or mono blocks) but don't go cheap, current is expensive.
  3. So if you removed them while not in use would that then give you all of the positive effects with none of the negative ones?
  4. Yep, this has been debated, several years ago if memory serves . Some interconnects come with them, but most don't. I believe the general consensus (and it was by no means overwhelming) was that they kill noise as advertised but also energy and enthusiasm. Basically they can serve a purpose but that doesn't mean they will be desirable in every situation.
  5. @Swordsaint was chasing a pair of these I believe.
  6. I've currently got a Leema Tucana II. Don't really want to part with it (as in, don't want to sell it) but I'm willing to lend it out on a temporary basis if you wanted to try it and figure out if it is "the one you want". It's always better to try before you buy.
  7. The Rotel A10 might be a good price but it's a long way from sounding like a 70's Sansui. A long, long, very, very long way. An 800 series Rotel would be closer, and even then, not that close.
  8. Beat me by minutes Seb. I don't like your chances. I've never found any modern amps that sound particularly similar to the older Sansuis (and very, very few that sound similar to the more modern Sansuis for that matter). Times have changed and sound quality requirements and preferences mean that there is nothing much out there now that sounds anything like what the 'ideal' sound of several decades past does. I think you may have to bite the bullet and search for another Sansui.
  9. Hey @roywan, wouldn't it be about time you updated that sig of yours to display your new daily driver integrated?😁 Also, as I do really, really regret not taking my own pics of our quick, little Sansui/Audio GD comparison, if you still have the pics you took I think the fans of this thread would love to see them. Hope you're still loving the new amp mate.
  10. I can't help there, I've never listened to a Mac system. I do think the Luxman would sound pretty good though, certainly for jazz, blues, reggae and soul at sane volumes.
  11. Cool! Tele is something of a B&W aficionado and I've had an L590AXII in my hands for about a month and, prior to that had quite a protracted experience back when Elrotts was experimenting with amps to get his 802Ds sounding good. I'm pretty sure all our opinions are valid. Perhaps if I elaborate on mine. I'm sure the Luxman will sound very nice on those B&Ws but since the 800 series floorstanders are such current pigs I don't believe that high volume drum solos or anything hard rock to heavy metal will be within the L590's easy grasp. Slower music will not be a problem but if you aim to annoy the neighbours with Japanese Steel Drum performances then you will need more current. On the other hand, if AC/DC is too hard and fast for you then it might just be a match made in heaven.
  12. I think we're sending some mixed messages here guys. One maybe, one yes and one no. Anyone else care to chime in with a tie-breaker?
  13. The KEF LS-50s are known to be "less hot" in the top end than many so I guess the other KEFs are a bit brighter? Can't really say as I've only ever heard the LS-50s. The Z240 was definitely smoother and softer in character than the Z142 which could get a little "bitey" at times (in all the right ways in my opinion), I didn't like that softer approach personally but that just means that it will pair differently with speakers. And obviously appeal to different listeners. I seem to recall that we also worked out that Blakes ears are more sensitive to brightness than mine (which lead to some recommendations that I would not have made otherwise, but we got there in the end). I tend to like a little ear-tickling action in the treble but that isn't what he's chasing.
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