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  1. Cafad

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    My first music producer was a Philips dual cassette deck. I remember it had a sticker on it that claimed it had 40 watt speakers. After about 3 years of use I got a bit tech-curious and pulled it apart in an effort to fix a crackly speaker, the speaker drivers had "2 Watts" stamped on the back of them. That was the beginning of my disappointment with the advertising and marketing departments of the world. Good times.
  2. Cafad

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    Yep, very, very sexy amps those Alphas. No expense spared in the design and no effort spared in the building of them either. I'm very impressed with them. I wonder if we'll hear from Pete again this afternoon. He may be strong enough to post an impression or two during album changes or he may not be. We will just have to wait and see.
  3. Cafad

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    Something of a tie between a Cyrus 6 (harsh, hard and massively fatiguing) and an Onkyo 9070 (dull, thick and murky). Couldn't live with either of them.
  4. Cafad

    Holton Integrated

    What is the new timetable for the integrated Anthony? Will a few of them be ready before Christmas? Also, and possibly more importantly, will there be one on display at the HiFi show?
  5. Cafad

    230v on amps

    Try Tortech, they make quite a few step down trannys. https://www.tortech.com.au/step-down-transformer-australia/european-transformers-to-australia
  6. Cafad

    230v on amps

    Cool, but I see you are in WA, so you probably have a wall voltage that is still outside it's healthy operating range. I noticed that a minute after posting so the question became unimportant. A 240 to 220 step down should be all that you need.
  7. Cafad

    230v on amps

    Is the MF a 220 or a 230 volt model?
  8. Cafad

    Redgum interconnects

    That sale item is for 2 pairs of 50cm RCA sets. They also (for no reason I can determine) tend to sell cables in lots of 4. Check the details in the items before you buy. And yes, that is Redgums ebay site/seller ID.
  9. 2K should get you an Exposure 2010S2 (cheaper second hand of course) and I believe they are meant to have quite a good phono stage (it is optional though so not all of them will contain one). I can't think of anything in the price range that I would consider a better buy.
  10. What integrated are you upgrading from?
  11. I think I'll be holding off until I get some advice from an expert. I'm not a fan of trusting to luck.
  12. Cafad

    Vintage Sansui - Discussions

    I'm familiar with that feeling. Yes, more pics, definitely need more pics!
  13. True. Hmmmm, if I unscrew that copper clamping plate will I be able to put it back on without needing to re-apply any heat transfer compound? Because if so then I really shouldn't try until I'm properly prepared and equipped. (Love all that orange metal, doesn't it look good?)
  14. Yep, Smurfer and I have been chatting via PM. I hope his contacts can find out more. I'm a bit disappointed (if that is the word) that the 907 EXTRA didn't require much work when it went to Andy's as all it needed was a switch clean so there was no need to disassemble it. Which means that we don't know the identity of the transistors. I'll probably have to pull it apart myself in order to identify them.
  15. Maybe, or a unit built for advertising and promotional purposes. If it was built to look pretty then that could explain the colourful heat sinks.