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  1. Spotted this on the bay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rare-Sansui-SR-929-Turntable-Vinyl-Record-Player/114282880761?hash=item1a9bca5ef9:g:NcUAAOSw46BeNhZw Was going to put it up on the "Great Buys" thread but it isn't a great buy, just a better than some buy, and it isn't of a great deal of interest to anyone except Sansui fans anyway, so here it came. Could be worth a look if anyone is interested in a multi-voltage SR-929.
  2. It might be worth trying to find an Anthem STR to listen to, if anything is going to work well with Paradigms them it should be an Anthem. I was pretty impressed by it, but then I haven't heard Paradigm speakers (yet!). https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-anthem-str-integrated-amplifier
  3. Not a cheap buy, but they're Sansui and they're pretty so I just had to put them on here. http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=k467970779 Sometimes that's just how it goes.
  4. Yes, but it may be temporary. The SP-100i can be a bit on the bright side, but I have to give them a run. I'd love to try them with an XR model, I think they'd really gel with one of those.
  5. If you're happy to do it that way then that's fine. I'm just letting you know how most others get Sansui units to work on 230V.
  6. Yes, the original Sansui transformers were of extremely high quality so it will cost a bit in order to replace them with similar quality ones. Cheaper and easier to order a step down transformer. This model for instance. https://www.tortech.com.au/product/voltage-converters/step-down/economy/economy-japanese-step-down-transformer/
  7. I thought that would be the case, step down transformers are not that expensive and once you have one you can use it for everything so no need to replace multiple transformers (also, the Sansui fraternity don't usually approve of replacing original parts in Sansuis). I've got three step down transformers myself, I bought two and one came with an amp. This works for me as I can run the power/integrated amp from the larger one and the source and/or preamp from the smaller one. Once I've got my 929 serviced I can run that from the third (or maybe the second plug on the larger step down, we'll see). I'm hanging out for a good long session with an all Sansui system.
  8. I believe so yes. I don't think there would be any need for that, I'm sure some sort of "Step-Down Transformer Menu" could be put together.
  9. I was thinking of a large banner but I'm open to suggestions.
  10. Don't forget Terry's 907 Limited and my 911DG and 907 EXTRA. Also, I know a guy (... who knows a guy, you know the drill) who could add another 3, 907NRA, AU-07 anniversary and one of the 607 mosfets (shame on me, not remembering the model). That potential GTG would last for days, we wouldn't be able to fit in listening time to all the amps otherwise.
  11. Keep Plinius in mind too. I've heard a pair of 802D's powered with a Plinius SA-100 (possibly an SA-150, it was a while ago) and they worked well together.
  12. Ummmm, probably not... chances are I'll be sticking with amps... but I guess anything could happen. Not a bad idea, but I think I'll move on to lighter components if given a choice, my back isn't as young as it used to be. If only Tom hadn't found those Dyns, then his stand mount thread would still be active. I know he doesn't regret buying them, but quite a few of the rest of us very much regret him buying them.
  13. Quite a bit later it would seem, still better than never. I had been really enjoying the Heschl with the ML2 Ltds when I decided to try out the usb input and I noticed several things. All of which make sense in retrospect but my foresight a month ago was not working so well. In Terry's system the Heschl's coax input was a touch on the edgy side, it was certainly listenable (I liked it quite a lot in fact) and still beat out the droplet in the opinion of both of us and we probably would have stopped there (and still been happy) if Rod hadn't pushed us to try the usb input. Well the usb input opened up the soundstage, dropped away the noise floor and smoothed out the presentation to a point that I would simply not have believed possible if I hadn't heard it for myself. To put it simply the difference was very large indeed and I know Terry had some "issues" with returning to listening to the coax input after having heard the usb performance. Once again in my system I was quite happy with the performance of the Heschl using the coax input and I don't really have a usb source that I can dedicate to full time duty so I was successfully putting off trying the usb input for quite some time and sticking with the coax. But I had to try the usb eventually, and I did, and the difference wasn't very big at all! In fact, in my system I prefer the coax. How can that be you ask? Well Terry's VA speakers have a lot more treble energy that my Lenehan speakers do, loosely speaking they are a bit brighter and a little harder, (or, if you prefer, my Lenehans are a bit smoother and a bit darker in presentation) and that extra treble energy was what made all the difference. The "usb effect" either removed it or somehow refocused it and that caused the "very large indeed" effect heard at Terry's place. The Lenehans don't have anywhere near that level of treble energy evident, they are pretty smooth already, so changing over to the usb input smoothed them over a bit more (an effect that was not needed in my opinion) and since I like a bit of energy and edge to some of my music I ended up preferring the coax to the usb. Very convenient since I didn't really want to have to convert/set up a usb source in the first place. I didn't get the spacious sound stage opening effect that Terry did, and that's a bit disappointing I will admit, but it's something I will just have to live with. It may well be the small room I'm forced to deal with, if so then things may change for the better in a few weeks when I move in to my new flat. My new lounge will be twice the size of the old one, and I'll be free to treat the place as much as I want since I'll own the walls so if I want to punch holes in them and hang icicle foam from them then I damn well will. I guess that means there will be a new Addicts Guide thread starting up too. Eventually, when I recover from the move.
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