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  1. I'm pretty sure the 4 TDA1543 chips are mounted on the top of the DAC board in the linear units where as the CS4396 is mounted on the underside of the DAC board in the non-linear models (or at least that's the way it was with my cd-120 and cd-120 linear) so if you can't see 4 identical DAC chips then it is likely not the linear model.
  2. Hi Ben, I'm going to have to wrack my brain for the answers to these questions of yours. I haven't had the Job on hand for over 3 years. I'm not a "power cord advocate" * but just in case I was wrong when I came to this conclusion several years ago I bought 6 power cords from an SNA member who makes them. They are well made with Furutech fittings on both ends and it would have been one of these that I used the Job with (most likely, it is also possible that I used the default cord that came with the amp, I'm afraid I can't remember the specifics from 3 years ago, and I don't seem to have a pic that includes the power cord). The Job Int is not a particularly expensive amp, I see no reason why expensive power cords should be needed to accessorize it. I can only say that the Sonus Faber speakers that the new owner was using were an older pair of medium sized stand mounts. I've had a quick google to see if I could jog my memory but I'm afraid there are too many choices that all look very similar. The Minima almost looks familiar. * I have, several times, performed tests with power cords. At least twice on sources and twice more on integrated amps and I found only one cord that could be said to be an improvement. That cord was one I made myself and since it does not meet any electrical standards (It can't, I'm not an electrician) then I don't feel it is a realistic contender. I only went up to $300 power cords.
  3. Well the Gales did indeed come back from the speaker hospital and I took the ATC SIA2-150 down to Brissy this morning to give them a run with it. Ken is looking for a cd player so our source was his Lynn fed through a Schiit Mani. Picture 1 (just to prove to any doubters that it did indeed happen). And here's a picture of me taking a picture... of a very reflective surface. Nice chrome work on that speaker! We fired up Tracy Chapman for starters, and my first impressions of the Gales sound was that they were very, very "English". Very warm and a little fuzzy but with a good mid range and a fairly strong bass line. This was of course completely incorrect, but more on that in another few lines. Ken and I talked and swapped a few stories and spun up a record I have brought with me, Gary Moore's "After the War" (the first of my records to be played, ever, I feel like I should write that down somewhere). Anyway, we listened a little more and talked a little more and Ken showed me some pics of the Gales before and after their restoration. This sparked an idea and I asked him if they were set up with both tweeters closest to the inside (ie closer to each other) or on the outside (furthest from each other). He wasn't sure as they aren't the easiest speakers to see in to as you can't just take off the fabric. After moving side to side and bobbing up and down a bit I came to the conclusion that both the speakers were sitting with the tweeter on the left hand side. I suggested turning the left hand speaker so that the tweeter was on the right hand side as this made sense to me. So I turned the speaker over (putting far to many greasy finger prints onto the new chrome work in the process) and we spun up Gary Moore once again. It took me 30 seconds or so but I finally realized what I was hearing the first time. Because the left speaker had its woofers in between its tweeter and the speaker on the right the sound stage couldn't form and the bass was dominating the performance. With both of the tweeters on the inside the sound stage could form and the mids and highs from both speakers could get together and make some magic. This new set up (so to speak) was very mid range focused. I don't know what happened to the bass from the first time I heard it but I was definitely hearing more mid range and top end than I was bass now. This is the sort of mid range I could understand becoming so popular that people rave on about it (as many Gale owners seem to enjoy doing, and why not?). I can also understand how people could kill amps on this style of presentation. Since there isn't a great deal of bass I can see in my minds eye so many "young-uns" just dialing the volume up and up and up in an effort to get the speakers to force you out of the room, and since they're so inefficient they never quite get there. And then the amp decides that it needs a bit of a lie down. The ATC was doing a fine job at about 12 o'clock on the volume dial and seemed just as happy at 2 o'clock as well. It did heat up but only to the same level as I've experienced in my system in the past. If Ken decides he want's to annoy his neighbours for a full album or two then it may struggle with heat dissipation in warmer weather but I don't see it having any trouble at more normal "moderate to loud" levels. Nice to meet you Ken, hope you find a good cd player for your system. Be sure to give the ATC a good serious product testing mate and if you do have any troubles let me know and we'll sort them out.
  4. Well the 509 luxman is a class A/B amp, the same as the 507. The 590 and 550 are the "pure class A" versions and they are warm and lush and full bodied but the A/B amps are cooler, faster and snappier.
  5. I've heard the Nait XS 2 and the L-507u and they are really quite different in character. Naim being warm and full bodied and fairly lush, and Luxman being cleaner, crisper and faster. You could be in store for quite a change if you are used to the Naim sound and you buy a Luxman cold, I'd definitely recommend demoing before buying.
  6. All true. But they seem to be even rarer than the Limited. Only 2 or 3 crop up each year, maybe 4 (if you're lucky). Let's not forget the postage too, since they are also significantly heavier than the integrated amps. Still, I found myself moved to get one, and you know my stance on amplifiers! The only way to get more Sansui watts than a 907 is with one of these puppies.
  7. And quite a bit cheaper than the model after. http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=383844243 Buy it now for just over $7K aud. Not exactly a bargain but so rare it still rates a mention.
  8. Hmmm, I may have linked to the wrong amp. Still, not a bad deal for a piece of Sansui history. (IMO obviously)
  9. Just in case anyone is interested in some Sansui power amp goodness. http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=d381493978
  10. At that level you really, Really, REALLY, REALLY need to demo before you make a decision. If I were at that level I would consider a flight across the country, to make sure I made the right call, a completely justifiable thing to do.
  11. Well it's Sunday morning and I'm banishing the quiet with a little Nightwish. I'll tone it down a bit later, but for now I need some assistance in the area of waking up. What is everyone else choosing to wake up to this morning?
  12. Yep, that's why even though cds have a much higher dynamic range capability than records do very few people are likely to ever be in a position to notice.
  13. Only if your average listening volume is over 100db.
  14. It doesn't either, my apologies, Google lied to me. (Again! Not happy Google!)
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