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  1. Well someone has picked them up because they are no longer listed. I was tossing up calling up an old friend in Townsville and telling him about them, too late now.
  2. I've got a ML383 for sale if that's of interest. Not sure if you're chasing an integrated or a power amp.
  3. I've always wanted to try one of these. https://www.mav-audio.com/base/product/d1p Meant to be pretty smooth.
  4. Nah mate, same double lounge chair I've had for about 12 months now. I guess it is new-ish but not brand new.
  5. You can't go comparing the stats on an integrated amp and an AVR without comparing them in context. The Pioneer states 150 watts into 6 ohms yes, but only while driving one channel and at 10% total harmonic distortion. At 10% THD you wouldn't be able to stay in the room. That's a "screamingitstitsoff" rating and has very little meaning when comparing it to an amp specifically meant for music. The marantz is indeed a 45 watts into 8 ohms (so about 55 into 6 if you are after a direct comparison) but at 0.0008% THD. Even dialed back into its comfort zone the Pioneer would likely measure between 0.1 and 0.05% THD at best. The Marantz is meant for music, the Pioneer is meant for movies. With 93db sensitivity speakers I suspect even a 10 watt amp would give you quite a nice listening experience (maybe not for death metal or orchestral music at concert level volumes, but anything less than that it should do just fine). The Marantz should do the job without a problem, although I would recommend shopping around and demoing other amps as the PM6006 is far from the only choice at it's price point and the Pioneer and Marantz house sounds are quite different. Edit: Sorry, I just re-read your post and noted the manual specs for the Pioneer. I am guessing you listen quite loud. Maybe the Marantz will run out of juice at that level but I still doubt it. I will re-iterate though, demo if you can and don't buy if you aren't sure.
  6. I don't think Nigel does repair work anymore (unless he started again) but he could be worth a PM to find out. I use Andy at HiFi Repair Services on the gold coast. He checked over several of my Sansuis so he's had some recent experience.
  7. Tis indeed the bloke mentioned. HiFi Repair Services is Andy, and he's pretty damn good at what he does.
  8. Now those are nice looking integrated amps!
  9. OK, one more change of address in the audio journey means another completely different room to sort out. At about 2.5 times the size of my last listening room I'm stoked with it right from the outset. Sounds very good already with the only room treatment being my blue rug on the floor. I've got Simon's Zeus on the job at the moment. Sounding pretty sweet. Tried my big square of foam on the back wall (just like last time) but I'm not sure I like it there so it probably won't stay. I'm still searching for the sweet spot to position the speakers. Sounding really good but I'm only on the second spot (yet to hear any serious bass reinforcement from the back wall so I've got a few more spots to try out yet. Once I've got the position worked out I'll bring the ML2's into play. I love weekends!
  10. I've been thinking that for a while now, but Jame's heart seems to be set on new speakers and it just seems cruel to try to talk someone out of something they really, really want.
  11. Welcome to SNA Wrought. And Qld too. Hope to see you at a GTG in Brissy someday.
  12. Just to act as devils advocate here. Considering the speakers and the fact that you have truckloads of high end amplification on tap have you considered trying listening to one of those songs that doesn't satisfy you from several different sites/files/sources just to find out if it is the quality of the recordings. Because if it is then you could save a very pretty penny (or even 2) for quite a small investment in time.
  13. Done, I"ll PM you this evening.
  14. After hearing what I heard this weekend just gone the effect has to be measurable. The XOT's make speakers sound bigger and bring most of the sound stage forward, they also (generally) work wonders with the vocals. They don't seem to mix well with orchestral music that includes vocals, when Terry and I spun up some Enya the vocals and the music just couldn't get out of the way of each other, but with less complex music or with instruments that are more individual and distinct the effect of plugging in the XOT's was rather nice. The definitely have an effect and that effect is not a small one. (I feel like I should type that again for emphasis but I'll hold back for the moment.) And, knock me over with a feather but... the XOT's seemed to have an even greater effect on the S2R Lenehans than they did on Terry's VA floorstanders. I didn't always like it but the effect was definitely there and it was usually so large as to be unmissable. Anyone with a pair of ears is not going to be able to miss it. As I said I didn't always like the music with the XOT effect, I am willing to admit that part of that will be my love of my speakers and the fact that I am very familiar with the way they sound but part of it too is that they seem very system and music dependent. So they are not a "one tweak solution" to everything, however since they are so easy to apply and remove they are a very practical and user friendly tweak. So to the people who are arguing that they can't possibly do anything, I'm afraid you're wrong, they very much do do something. And yes, that something should be measurable, very measurable. I'll leave suggestions as to how we go about that measuring to those more sonically adept than I. I didn't take any audio pics but I did take one of Saturday night's dinner. So glad Terry gave up on that vegan kick, grass clippings just don't BBQ as well as cow does.
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