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  1. Here's a rare find on yahoo Japan. A Sansui 607 NRA in black (sooooo pretty!). http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=q186347833
  2. I'm sure that can be arranged, just let me know when you can get out my way and we'll make it happen.
  3. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    The Gross was in use but with different amp and pre and a different source, and room and of course with recently modded speakers, so I can't really say that I "heard" the DAC. That's a very generous offer Bill, thank you for that. I don't plan on heading back down to Brissy for a while though, probably after new years, so I'll fire you off a PM at a later date to see if it suits you then.
  4. Now that my Lenehan ML2 Limited speakers are back, complete with silver Deulund bypass caps, I thought it might be time to perform a bit of a write up. However, pics first. I've had these speakers for a while now, having swapped my pair of ML3 reference floor standers for them with Gremrock. I liked the ML3s but my lounge was too small for them and I found that the slightly larger bass driver didn't sound as good to me as the smaller driver in the ML2s (and my much loved S2Rs). I swapped them in and out of the system 3 or 4 times and while I liked them quite a bit I always went back to my S2Rs. The ML2s certainly sound different than the S2Rs, much more revealing in the treble and as so fairly demanding on the equipment in front of them. They do not treat poorly designed amps, pres, sources, or DACs well at all. They were good, very good in fact (and I certainly wasn't going to move them on) but I kept going back to the S2Rs. I thought there were several reasons for this, one was that I've done so many amp reviews on the S2Rs that I didn't really want to have to change my reference point. One was that there is a little bit of warmth in the S2Rs that wasn't present in the ML2 Ltds, and one was that the extra detail that the ML2s shone a light on was sometimes unsettling. It made me feel like I would have to re-calibrate my ears and I wasn't quite prepared to do that. And then I broke a spade off the speaker cables (my ML2 Ltds have external crossovers with fixed speaker cables so with a broken spade on the amp end I was one speaker down). And just a week later came Mike's thread about an ML2 Ltd upgrade. (Link below) https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/236101-lenehan-ml2limited-with-duelund-silver-bypass/ Sounds like happenstance was making a decision for me, I could take the crossovers back to Mike for a quick fix up job and get an upgrade at the same time, and all in time for Christmas. Now that seemed like serendipity. Done and done! After a road trip down to pick them up yesterday and a quick moment of panic last night when a thunderstorm took the power out about 10 minutes after I got back from Brisbane things settled down. I set them up, gave them a test run and headed off to bed, too tired for a serious trial listen. But this morning, this morning was the most fun I've had in a long while. This morning I experienced the best system I have yet heard. That cap upgrade was obviously exactly what I needed. The music was sweeter, slightly more relaxed and just so much more pleasant to listen to. And listening fatigue, well listening fatigue had not only left the building it was indisposed on a long haul, one way international flight out of the country. The last amp I had in use was Simon's Zeus Integrated so I just left it hooked up and ran my trusty old YBA Heritage cd player through it and damn I was happy. After a dozen songs of being happy I started to get curious so I swapped in the Burson Conductor as a DAC and found that it upped the ante again. It seems to synergise very well with the Zeus, I was loving every minute of this. I was tempted out of my listening by the offer of a free lunch (thanks Dan!) and returned later to try out another album, and then, curious once more, another amp. The Technical Brain Integrated has a different feel to it than the Zeus, and I found that it much prefers to be fed direct from the cd player rather than the Burson Conductor. There's a lighter tone to the TB and definitely more delicacy on display. I have yet to get to the 907 NRA and the Xindak, but I will (probably more than once!). Tonight will be a late one, but a good one. 'ing the speakers Mike, and the upgrade.
  5. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    You do know that you don't have to ask, right? I'm all for convenient, in home trials. Count me in!
  6. Lenehan ML2Limited with Duelund Silver Bypass

    They're back! Well, I guess this means that the silver bypass cap upgrade works on VSF's as well. There's definitely more polish on the vocals and a little more "zing" too. Slightly more relaxed top and bottom end (yet with more resolution audible in both, not sure how that could possibly be the case but it is) and they seem even more transparent too. I've briefly tried two DACs this morning and the differences between them are so easy to hear it's difficult to believe. There also seems to be a complete musical inability to notice that there is a back wall to my lounge room as well. I like, I like very much! Two thumbs up for this upgrade Mike.
  7. Lenehan ML2Limited with Duelund Silver Bypass

    Hmmm, well I'm picking them back up on Saturday so I will let you know what I think shortly after I get them home.
  8. ACT + Wyndham Audio GTG - 2 December 2017

    That's the sound of a Queenslander agreeing with a New South Welshman but not being particularly happy about the situation.
  9. ACT + Wyndham Audio GTG - 2 December 2017

    Yes.... even us.....yes....
  10. If you are chasing KEF LS-50s then I would recommend waiting until Anthony has his little integrated amp out. I believe there is talk of it in the link above.
  11. I'm afraid I can't say anything positive about the 9070 that I had. I thought it's dynamics were blunt, it sounded deep and bass-y but didn't go as deep as it needed to go so the bass that was there was more boosted mid bass than anyone should ever be forced to hear. The top end was very tightly smoothed over so it couldn't excite at all, detail was actually hard to identify. The Onkyo 9070 was actually one of the most disappointing amps I have heard to date, the older Onkyo 9555 was a much more lively sounding amp. I have heard good things about the phono stage but then I had also heard good things about the DAC and the amplifier and those did not ring true (in my opinion at least). If I was forced to sum it up in a few words those words would be dull, blunt and unexciting. If it was paired up with some really bright speakers it might sound better, but that's just a guess. Sorry to be the bearer of negative news.
  12. Just for the record, I wasn't suggesting anything, I was asking a question. Thanks for the response Zaph, very interesting.
  13. I'm afraid I can't offer a demo on that one, I moved my Audiant on long ago, it is just an idea for you to mull over.
  14. It's alright mate, that's my other, non-audio, midlife crisis. I did like those little PM1s in the mids. I'm afraid they aren't linear enough for my needs in the top and bottom end but for more mid range centric music they are very, very good. Hey have you thought of trying out one of Perreaux's Audiant 80i amps on those little PM1s? That amp has an awesome mid range as well, and a built in DAC. That combination would have to have a fair level of WAF approval.
  15. I'm not 100% sure what I'm getting at either, that's why I've asked the question.