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  1. I took advantage of the $200 off upgraded version offer. So I've ordered the full monty with the vivid opamps and the "cool" stand.
  2. I pre-ordered a Burson Funk on the weekend. Figured since I couldn't convince Burson to make me a nice big integrated amp I would dip my toes into the shallower end of the wattage pool and see how this max current power supply of theirs behaves when it needs to feed more than just a pair of headphones. I hope it sounds as good as the older 160 series. https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/funk/
  3. The Luxman will have a lot more treble energy than the Accuphase and that may not work well with your speakers as they can sound very hard/forward/bright in the top end. I would take a chance on the Accuphase before the Luxman in this case. Of course it will depend on your musical preferences, your front end and your room too but just going off the info in your post above, the Accuphase is the safer bet.
  4. For Pop and rock you would be better off chasing a regular cd-120, the linear is a better player for slower, less complex music (vocals and one or two instruments for example) but it just isn't in the same league as the regular cd-120 (more impact, more bass, more energy on the faster and harder instruments) when 3 or more instruments are in use. It is a good buy in general for $500, but it might not have the sonic signature that you are after.
  5. This might take care of your power issues. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ME200-POWER-AMPLIFIER-ME-Audio/324459410904?hash=item4b8b49b5d8:g:5rYAAOSw~plgCOMs&frcectupt=true And it should meet your height requirements too (maybe even with the Marantz sitting on top of it).
  6. Most amps that can have two sets of speakers connected have instructions that say something like "2 pairs of speakers can be connected if they are both above 6 Ohms, but only one pair can be connected if they are 4 Ohms". This is what Marantz seem to be saying on the bottom of the page. They have really outdone themselves with the indirect nature of the instructions above though.
  7. I had the chance to hear both the SCM40 and SCM100 active ATCs today. I like, I like very much. The 100's are awesome but I think the 40's would do me if I was to be completely honest. I'll be dreaming about the 100's though, big soundstage, big vocals, and they convey such a sense of ease the whole time. I can certainly see why they are held in such high regard.
  8. Had the chance to have a good, long listen to a pair of 704's yesterday. They are very impressive. Their sheer size for one, I'm pretty sure I could crawl inside one of these puppies if the end could be taken off. And the drivers too, I could fit my head through a driver port (300mm drivers!!!). They would be pretty intimidating if they didn't look so damn handsome. The finish is first rate, that Rosewood gloss (my mistake, piano gloss Walnut) is just plain intoxicating to stare at. Pictures do not do them justice (or accurately convey their size for that matter). An
  9. Thanks guys. Really though, this "tour" was just something that started and grew with increased interest. There was no plan to begin with. I do like that it resulted in quite a few of us being able to directly talk about something that all of us had tried with our own systems. There should be more of that in this hobby.
  10. I don't think that has changed. When I hooked up the power amps directly to my Consonance droplet the result was not so good, low volume and a bit messy and soft. The Pecan Pi DAC section however proved itself to be an excellent performer when trialled with a much more expensive power amp. OK fine, here you go.
  11. I've had this Orchard Audio unit for a while now and I haven't said much about it. It's time for that to change. Orchard Audio is a one man operation based in the US. Leo designs DACs, streamers, little mono-block power amps and just recently, an integrated version. Obviously this last one piqued my interest. The Starkrimson Integrated is basically two of his mono-block amps and a Pecan Pi DAC built into the same chassis. Just 2 inputs, one coax and one usb, but since the DAC and power amps are joined via a pair of balanced ICs there is the option of fitting a more convent
  12. A blast of compressed air will clean out most of that dust and fluff. The caps look OK though.
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