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  1. Damn it! No sound on work computer, I'll have to wait until I get home. I hate waiting, I want to watch it now.
  2. Everything you say is true. However if it were a name brand it would not be using opamps in its preamp stage (or at least I'd hope it wouldn't).
  3. I had an AD-3 for a while several years ago. The mid range is rather nice, all smooth, but it tapered off both the bottom and top end. If you like the treble to tickle your ears then this is not the amp for you. If you like the bass to punch out of the speakers then this is not the amp for you. If you are after a nice, slightly soft, mid range and aren't too fussy about either extreme then it may suit you. An old friend of mine bought it from me for his father, who just loves his jazz. He's very happy with it.
  4. Accusound are not difficult speakers to pair amps with, I've used 4 pairs of accusound delta speakers with a wide range of amps in the past and they all worked well.
  5. Holy smoke. I would not have thought that would work. Well done sir!
  6. I think it's time to start the signing off on this little integrated amp tangent of mine. Over the last 9 to 10 years I've been a bit of an overly enthused advocate for integrated amps. I have been asked why on several occasions and my answer was basically why not. Why would I not be more interested in a product that takes more effort to get right than separates? It takes more skill to jam both a pre and power section into the same chassis and not have them interfere with each other so why shouldn't I be interested in how various companies try to get it right. And now that digital circuitry is often in the mix as well, that makes things even harder. It can be done of course, just not by lazy engineers and not without putting in at least a little effort in the area of power supply separation and signal shielding. Anyway, enough of that, I was starting to sign off. Yeah, that's right guys, I've about had enough. I still like integrated amps but my enthusiasm for the solo reviewing and comparing side of things is waning so I'm putting the whole voluntary reviewing thing to bed. I'll probably still do one here and there (still have several on hand that I have yet to get around to, in fact) and I still have some work to do with Terry on the amp comparing front but for the most part, I'm done. I hope all you SNA'ers have a happy and cheerful Christmas season and I hope your family and friends take just enough interest in your hobbies to get you an album or T-shirt or some other audio themed pressie to unwrap on Christmas day. Cheers Everybody. And here's looking forward to the 2020's.
  7. Gieseler audio has already mentioned Andy at HiFi services. Andy is the fellow I've taken several Sansuis to in the past and he has sorted out every one. Mine were Sansui Alpha models but I'm sure Andy could handle earlier models as well. Best of luck.
  8. Might be worth investigating an amp like the Cambridge CXA-80. It ticks several of your boxes, price, built in DAC, sub and pre-outs. I would definitely be trying one out with your speakers before pulling the trigger on one though.
  9. Nice find olegau. Hey does anyone else think that crossover looks a bit on the complicated side for a 2 way design?
  10. Anywhere above body temp is hot, regardless of geography. And I don't need to travel to be lazy, I can do that at home.
  11. Yeah I saw the thread on that Accuphase, it does look nice. The gutters are still full, it's hot and I'm not feeling that energetic. Maybe next weekend...
  12. I've had a lot of overtime this last fortnight and much of it was spent sitting around waiting to be needed (yeah, it's sort of lucky because I get paid for it but it's dull as hell so I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it) so of course I spent at least some of that time surfing ebay. And I found this. Hi-end Pure Class A Stereo Power Amplifier HiFi Integrated Amp Refer Accuphase WWW.EBAY.COM.AU Large output power: When class A output exceeds 20W, it will automatically extend to 200W Class AB to drive speakers, in order to maintain a very good state and offer better listening pleasure... This looked interesting so I sent a link to my personal email address for later research and got on with being bored until I was required to do stuff. Later I did some deep googling on it and started to get a little excited. Here's a Chinese manufacturer that is making a high powered amp, supposedly based on an old Accuphase design, for a fairly reasonable price. I needed to know more. 20 watts in class A prior to switching to class B and then on up to 200 watts, dual mono power supply and (although they only show pics of the power amp version) it was also available as an integrated. I've felt my enthusiasm for amps decreasing markedly lately but this reignited it, I could feel my love of amps returning... until I found a post on amazon by the manufacturer. That 20 watts in class A is total, so only 10 per channel, as is the 200 watts in class B, so only 100 per channel. And, I expect, that means that the supposedly 800VA dual power supplies are actually only 400VA each. That's reasonable, but not exactly special. Also, the Accuphase amp that they claim to have copied the design of is actually quite different. For one it's a MOSFET amp and this one isn't, it is also not a dual mono design and has a different number of output devices per channel. That's enough info for me to develop a serious level of doubt regarding the manufacturers claim of "based on the design of". They also claim to use Toshiba 2SA1943/2SC5200 transistor pairs, in my opinion these are one of the great audio products of recent years but they have also been out of production for a while now so these will most likely be copies, and given all the other info above I'm just not interested enough to buy one just so I can find out if it sounds decent or not. So, one javelin to the chest later my love of amps (and of the audio industry in general) was in dire need of medical aid... again! I thought maybe this amp would be the one to get me back into the saddle (so to speak), but no, just another product that has been marketed in such a way as to make me throw up in my mouth a little. Yes I know marketing serves a purpose in this world, I just wish it didn't. I'm going to go and be cranky while I clean out my guttering now. The cranky bit won't help, but maybe I can get it out of the way so I can be less cranky later.
  13. Warning, ownership of a Klein may force one to break out in a rhyme. Not always of course, just from time to time. Actually mine's a GroB, but close enough.
  14. As with all supposed "pure class A" amps from Luxman and Accuphase this is actually 50 watts in class A and another 40 in class B so it is actually a class A/B amp with a very high class A bias. The pic below is taken from the manual available on the Accuphase web site. The words "pure class A" very rarely mean what they appear to mean. It is a pretty impressive power supply/delivery graph though, pretty much exactly what you would expect from a company like Accuphase.
  15. Hey mate. I'm afraid the LS-50's moved on over 12 months ago. They had to eventually or the audio cycle of life could not continue. If you've read the LS-50 thread then you'll know that several amps were stand out performers, two of my favourites being the Burson PI-160 and ME-240.
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