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  1. I can't say I've ever paid the damping factor spec a great deal of notice. The input impedance was an issue we could test out by varying sources or adding buffers, both of which we happened to have on hand so that was easy. In order to get a feel for the damping factor we'd have to be trying out different speakers and choosing those speakers so we had a range of nominal impedances to work with. Then impedance curves will come into it too. It would become much more of a complex testing procedure. More like work, less like fun. Sounds difficult, sounds interesting don't get
  2. If you are somehow unhappy with the answer, perhaps the fault lies in the question.
  3. And the XOT's have arrived in the West. Any other WA dwellers who would like to "jump on the bus" this is the time to put your hand up.
  4. Yeah, those things should be mandatory on all amps. It would just make the world a better place. OK, that's a fairly common situation as I understand it. Many high end manufacturers recommend leaving their gear on, usually in standby but sometimes fully on. Keeps them warm to some degree. I certainly noticed the warm up time with the TB, less so with the Heschl as it gets there faster and doesn't change as much from cold to warm but it was still there.
  5. Somewhere around 7 or 8 years ago I tried out the SID or "Sound Improvement Disc" as extensively as I could manage at the time. I got nothing out of the experience except an increased level in frustration. I heard no change, preferable or otherwise. But this one, this one seems to do something. And I am probably going to lose sleep while trying to figure out what and how.
  6. Even if new you should know if you like or hate it. If you like it new you will probably like it more once run in, or with cables that better suit your preferences and the rest of your system. If you hate it new then you may hate it a bit less when run in. Running in, and cable swaps too, only exceedingly rarely transform hate into love or vice versa, the changes aren't that extreme. (even though many of us like to claim otherwise)
  7. Yeah that was pretty cool when you unintentionally went Quadrophonic there Terry. (OK, OK, technically dual stereo, but no one uses the word much anymore so I just thought I'd throw it in for fun) Very full bodied sound, very big soundstage too. If you get the chance I think it could bear further investigation. After all, if it sounds good then that's reason enough to spend some time looking into it. Hey, don't you have an amp in the other room?
  8. OK, this thread so far has been short on pics so let me just deal with that before anyone goes into audio porn withdrawals and then we can get back down to business. All three contestants together. And the TB on its own. As I mentioned in brief above the TB was not a good match with the Oppo's DAC, the sound (while not terrible) was not anywhere near the level of the Vitus. The sound was a bit thin and sort of uncertain, as if the personalities of the Oppo and the TB were trying to do different things at the same time and not supporting each oth
  9. Hey George, well I'm no expert on the other VA models but I can say that the Baby Grands are not the same creature as the Concert Grands. The Baby grands are easier to drive and tighter in the bass but with a much smaller presence and are more forgiving of amplification. The Concert Grands are more demanding and while they will sound quite decent with many amps they will only sound fantastic with amplifiers that are truly exceptional. The SF comment was just that, a comment. I've heard the TB on a pair of Olympicas and it sounded very nice so I would like to hear the Vitus on the same spea
  10. No can do I'm afraid, there is no output for the DAC from the Heschl. It's internal use only.
  11. Hey guys, just a quick post to reply to a few of the above posts. When I mentioned checking the output impedance of the Vitus cd player I meant I looked it up on their website, we don't have one on hand. Also this Vitus amp does not have the internal DAC installed so we are forced to wonder as to how it would sound with it's intended DAC. No spinning of discs, Terry is all Antipodes now. We still can, and I might get the chance to later tonight, but for ease of use the Antipodes is pretty good. I didn't try out the Heschl with the Oppo or the Droplet on DAC duty.
  12. Hey Everybody, if you're here for the direct comparison it starts below the picture. If you're here for the full investigative story, read on. Like most of us I’ve always wanted to hear gear from the big, expensive, manufacturers. Krell, Gryphon, Mark Levinson, Jeff Rowland, Dartzeel, etc, etc. So when Terry texted me a week ago saying he had a Vitus in the car I was, of course, interested. (He left out the fact that it was on loan from another SNA’er, because that gave the text more impact). Naturally, a GTG was needed to sus out the capabilities of this Vitus RI101.
  13. Yes, I found it to be a highly disappointing amplifier too. A shame really, as it could easily have been so much better.
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