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  1. Cafad

    Mosfet Amps

    Accuphase went back to MOSFETS in their integrated amps fairly recently, not sure why.
  2. Looks like a fairly standard model update on the Halo, no big changes that I can see, just an extra optical input. The original was a great amp so no big changes needed really. The new Anthem looks interesting, anyone know if it's a class G offering?
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. Densen gear is very nicely engineered and built, it sounds nice and warm and smooth too. Good for slower music, decent for faster stuff but not really meant for head bangers. I've just gone through the boxes and found the receipt for the B200 and the B320. It seems the B320 RRP was actually $4590 aussie so my memory was a bit off.
  4. Item: Densen system. B200+ preamp, B420XS cd player and B320+ power amp. Location: Sunny Nanango Price: $1600 for each component (so that means $4800 for the lot) RRP at time of buying was $4K for the cd player and power amp, I think the pre was slightly cheaper, about $3.5K. Anyway they are all $1600 here. I have the cd player receipt. Item Condition: Excellent, some very minor scuff marks on the exterior (that do not want to photograph) and excellent on the interior as well. Reason for selling: Had plans to run these with a certain set of speakers but the speakers never eventuated. Have been mostly sitting in the hall way cupboard for the last 2 years. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these from Pymble HiFi before their move and got them at a good price. Intended to keep them and use them when I bought a certain pair of speakers but the stars never quite aligned with that plan and now it is time to make some space in the secondary storage area that I refer to as my hallway cupboard. I am willing to separate but if that happens then it will be first in best choice as to who gets the gizmo remote control (worth an additional $490 new) with its charger and the denlink cable. I have the original double boxed packaging so can post to anywhere. I have attempted to allow for postage in the asking price but may have to add a little for postage to extreme ends of the country. I can deliver to SE Qld buyers personally so if they end up staying in SE Qld I can knock a couple hundred off the price. Note: I have registered all three components with Densen and I believe their lifetime warranty is not transferable. You had to send the faulty component back to Denmark to claim on the warranty anyway so it was of arguable use here in Oz. Andy of HiFi Repair Services is my warranty man now but he wasn't on the scene back when I registered these. Even more info: Yes, the cd player contains a coax digital input so it can be used as a stand alone DAC. It contains a cd-ROM style drive which is mounted on a frame internally, do not get a cd stuck in side it (just don't do it!) as to get to the little spot that manually ejects the tray you have to take the unit apart and remove the entire drive from its frame. It is a massive pain in the rear, do everything you can to make sure you place any cds in the tray properly and don't go shaking it around. This has only happened once, but the experience stuck with me. https://vaf.com.au/collections/denson-ampifers The B320+ is rated at 100wpc into 8 Ohms and 200 into 4. It does not have A and B speaker switching, the extra binding posts are there to allow for biwiring. I'm not sure if the B200+ is still a current model, it may be discontinued, Densen are not great at keeping their website up to date. I have emailed Densen about the fact that they are using incorrect pictures on their website, several of their integrated amp pages all use the same picture of the internals and several of the pics in their preamp pages are actually of their integrated amps. They replied that they use a contractor to create their site and that they would pass on the info to them. This was over 12 months ago. That is probably not relevant, but it irks me, it really does. Pictures:
  5. While Geoff is busy winding wires for me I've gone and changed speakers. The ML2 Ltds are back. They are just as good looking as I remember them. They (and their stands) and also just as heavy as I remember them so now that they are home they are not going to go very far for a very long time. And they are sounding sweet. I'm trying not to judge so that the system has some settling time but it sounds so good I'm actually being forced to judge a little prematurely. No audiophile stuff though, not for at least 24 hours, them's the rules.
  6. I suspect that they have left out everything they consider to be unnecessary.
  7. Cafad

    Breaking in

    Broken in transit perhaps?
  8. Nope, no remote. Volume and input knobs are all you get. I use my Burson Conductor as a volume control (and DAC of course) for TV watching but when it comes to music the controls are manual only.
  9. What? No, say it ain't so! Thank Hendrix for that, you had us worried there for a second. And all is right with the world once more. Crisis averted.
  10. Damn, now that does look nice. Seems like a big wattage claim for only 300VA per channel, I suspect that 215wpc claim to actually be into 4 ohms rather than 8, but apart from that, I like!
  11. Damn you Maloney! How dare you send me out some cables to try for free when you know they are so good I'll be forced to throw more cash at you. Fine, I'll order some more of your cables then. It would appear that the Duelund speaker wire is actually as good as people have been saying it is. This Duelund 16GA seems to fit with the TBZ like a tailor made pair of, well, speaker wires. So I guess I'll take a pair of 4 wire braids then (double the thickness, double the fun!). It didn't feel right when I was fitting them, I felt like I was using black twine to connect amp to speaker. My old man used to order similar looking black twine by the kilometer so we could use it to build cherry tomato trellises with. The same black twine that we used to take up the creek so we could tie up our mud crabs with assuming everything went well, it worked well for on-the-fly crab pot repairs too, yeah, that black twine. Just in case it isn't obvious, I have some fond memories of black twine, however, this is not that black twine.* This is cotton wrapped tin plated copper wire that somehow manages to both tighten and focus a sound stage that was already damn impressive to begin with. I've got to have some more of this new black twine. I do believe I'm enjoying my journey. * I can't help but feel that paragraph got away from me a little. Oh well, it happens.
  12. Man I have been loving my music this week. I've been delving into the depths of my cd collection and enjoying every minute of it. * The UP420 speaker cables have really stepped up and I've found the volume sweet spot where the TBZ really comes to life (10:30 on the volume dial for those who are curious). The really hard bit is still to come. I mean how the heck can I find enough to say about an amp that has so little actual character but does such a great job at its assigned task? Geoff from Aurealis has kindly sent me a pair of his Litz 201 speaker cables (which are in use as I type) and they work well but I can't say that I prefer them above the UP420s. There is a slight change in feel to the upper mids but honestly I have to really try to notice it and it while it doesn't detract from anything it doesn't seem to be a positive effect either so I am guessing that the TBZ just doesn't need the boost that some amps get from silver cables. There is however a decrease in available bass, I ascribe this to the fact that the Litz 201 has less metal in it than the UP420 so it takes a little more effort for the TBZ to pump those bass-causing-amperes to the speakers. So in this case the copper cables win over silver, it may be a different matter if I had a pair of 202s or 303s as the 202s should match the UP420s for metal content and the 303s surpass them but that is a comparison that must wait for another day. Geoff has also sent me a pair of Duelund 16 speaker cables to try, I haven't gotten around to those yet but I will. Once gain I am typing while my washing machine runs, this is starting to become a habit. The nearest I can come in comparing the TBZ sound to other amps so far is that it sounds very similar to the Sonneteer Orton in the top end except that the TBZ has even more detail retrieval ability, and fairly similar to the Orton in the mid range except that the TBZ has a little more of almost everything (detail, strength of note and hang time in decay). In the bass region the TBZ is a Cruiserweight while the Orton is a middleweight, the Orton is good (on my speakers at least) but it is thoroughly outclassed by the TBZ. No surprises there but then that wasn't the point. Ah, washing machine beeping, time to hang out and then hang out some more. *(Actually both of those are lies, I am nowhere near the depths of my cd collection, but I am working on it and since the TBZ is not leaving any time soon I feel I have time to re-listen to a few albums before venturing too deep into the cd cabinet, I haven't reached the Top Gun soundtrack yet and it's on the top shelf. Also I have actually been enjoying every single second of it, even the stuff that proves that recordings are not as good as I thought they were.)
  13. I tried those green, plastic Sound Improvement Discs (or SIDs) on top of my cds and couldn't detect a whit of difference. Tried a few trimmed cds too, couldn't hear anything there either.
  14. Cafad

    The Next Lenehan Audio GTG

    Hmmm, so it loosens up more than just the conversation then? Interesting idea, not sure it'd catch on.