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  1. Cafad

    RG213-U Speaker Cable.

    Even the new ones? I know that used to be an issue but I thought things had changed with Naim designs.
  2. Any old excuse for a Poll. It's just been too long. I made myself some RG213-U speaker cables long ago and used them on and off until now they are a bit frail and their terminations (serviceable but not great to begin with) and now getting fairly ratty. So, since I no longer have access to a decent shed full of tools I asked Geoff of Aurealis audio to make me up a set, and he did. Of course he used higher quality spades and bananas than my original pair and added some nice looking braid as well, so my new pair is much nicer to look at than my old pair (which is soon to be recycled for bits). Nicely finished. And labeled too. Fancy! What's that, you want to see a pic of my old pair. No, you don't. You really don't. Trust me on this. The reason I built a pair of speaker cables out of RG213-U in the first place was that it was touted as the lowest inductance cable that you could get your hands on at a decent price. And for speaker cables inductance is an important quality, so I bought some and put a pair together. Their performance was good, often not noticeable as better or worse than any of the other speaker cable pairs I have had... but not always. The big plus of these babies was made clear to me when I tried them out with my Halcro power amp. That's right, $40-odd dollar speaker cables used with an eye-wateringly expensive power amp, yep. Once I'd tried them together no other speaker cables quite lived up to the RG213, the bass weight of the Halcro just didn't sound as good with anything else. This did seem odd to me, but you know, stranger things and all that, probably a synergy thing, so I filed that info away for possible later use and moved on. Move forwards to now and I've got a fancy new set that I was thinking of using as my standard cables for all my amp evaluating. I have more expensive cables but many of the amps I write up are $3K and below and no-one is going to use $1K cables with these so nice cheap-and-effective speaker cables seem like a good idea. But, it turns out that they have a pretty distinct sound. I discovered this a few days ago while having a preliminary listen to a borrowed Naim XS 2 (which I intended to be listening to today). At first I thought that the Naim had an extremely good top end and mid range but the bass was big, broad and prominent, slow and muddled and not very deep. The vocals were some of the best I had ever heard and the musicality was simply astounding but that bass was quite the let down. Changing speaker cables brought the bass speed and detail back up and removed the muddled effect but it took a little of the musicality with it. Still a good amp but one that now sounds different enough that I need another few hours to get used to it before I start making notes on it. So, that's why the Poll (not that we need a reason, that's just a bonus). Any others out there with RG213-U speaker cable experience?
  3. Cafad

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    Were you to do that Dave I think your enterprise would have to be named "Darth Dave's Cool Music Store" because you would certainly not be using your powers for good.
  4. Cafad

    How CDs and Downloads Died

    I will probably try streaming at some point. I may, or may not, talk about it afterwards depending on the results. CD all the way for me, although I am curious about this black plastic stuff.
  5. Cafad

    ME850 mods designed by Art Vandelay

    Would any of these mods happen to apply to the ME240 George?
  6. Cafad

    Integrated Amp Suggestions

    Some binding post inserts are harder to remove than others. Some, NAD for example, are so easy they can be removed with fingernails but others can be quite tricky. Try opening the binding post all the way out then with a small screwdriver or allen key push from the inside (where the wire is held) out through the back of the post. I realize I'm repeating Brad's earlier post but it really should be that easy. If you feel you are using enough force to damage things then it isn't working properly, they should come out with a minimum of effort/strength required. If it seems too hard maybe try having a good long look at them through a magnifying glass, they should definitely come out, the only question is how.
  7. Cafad

    Goods Transport. Syd. Can. Melb.

    I did have a record once, I'm really not sure what I did with it. Yes, this could be the start of something alright.
  8. Cafad

    Goods Transport. Syd. Can. Melb.

    Awesome mate, thanks for this very generous offer. Let me make an enquiry or two and get back to you.
  9. Cafad

    FS: Sansui SR 929 TT

    Noooooooooo! OK, I've got that out of my system. That pick up and delivery thread you speak of Hensa does mention Brisbane so I'm in with a shot. Can I claim second dibs if Rantan can't get a volunteer.
  10. Cafad

    Goods Transport. Syd. Can. Melb.

    Near Canberra to Brisbane you say. So in theory if someone just outside of Brisbane were to purchase a certain Sansui TT from Canberra it could, theoretically, be transported to Brisbane and claimed from there? Interesting...
  11. Cafad

    FS: Sansui SR 929 TT

    Well, if there was ever a company that could convince me to buy a turntable then, yes, Sansui would be it. I feel my resolve to not buy things slipping away once more. Are you sure postage isn't an option @BATMAQN ?
  12. Cafad

    Integrated Amp Suggestions

    Yep, a story with a happy ending. My favourite kind.
  13. Yep, integrated amps are awesome and they rule! However there is a reason for this. Pure direct modes are meant to turn off all the ancillary functionality of your AVR, so all the nice to haves, in order to minimize the negative effects they may have on the musical capability of the AVR. Not sure if there is much variation in this between brands or over time but that's the way it was back when I had an AVR, and some of them do a pretty decent job of music, but only some. AVRs still have a not-designed-for-music problem in that they have 7/9/eleventy-one channels that have to be allowed for in the budget and integrated amps only have two, so you are comparing 2 of these many channels of lower quality to 2 channels of much higher quality (read % of the cost of the amp if you like, it amounts to the same thing) if you are comparing an AVR in pure direct mode to an integrated amp, depending somewhat on the pricing of both units. The improvement may not be drastic but it should be noticeable, certainly on good recordings. My advice would be to find someone, a fellow SNA'er perhaps, nearby who will lend or bring over for a visit an integrated not too far removed from those on your list and then you will be able to judge for yourself. That Elex R and Nova 150 are nice units that sound completely different to Marantz house sound, you should be able to tell the difference between them and your AVR pretty easily (even hung over with a bad cold I would think) that won't necessarily mean that you'll like them of course.
  14. Cafad

    Integrated Amp Suggestions

    Good to hear you're liking the new gear mate. The 507uX was rumored to be a nice upgrade over the 507u that I heard and since the 507u was already a very, very good amp then the uX was bound to be pretty damn good. You should get between 10 and 20 years of faithful service from it too, Luxman (like Accuphase and Sansui) last pretty much forever. Enjoy!
  15. Cafad

    Help needed setting up

    Is this just the sound from the turntable that is distorted? Can you try another source? Pics of the back of the amp might help. Speaker cables are plugged in right, red to red, black to black. The turntable is plugged into the phono input and not a line input, is the phono set to the same cart type as yours, MM or MC. What condition are your speaker cables in, new or old and corroded? Really it could be a whole list of things, the more info you give us the more we will be able to help you troubleshoot.