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  1. Just like John said bargain and it’s killer for the price. Owned one and moved to Atmos. Buy it before it goes. joe.
  2. If you use a better quality inductor same value, the lower DCR will result in better power to the 2234h. Although the 4435 inductors are a high value so the $$$ come into it. I used the 4435 monitors for twenty years and they are fantastic speakers just depends on how much money you want to spend, Greg Timbers recommendation in buy quality inductors and hear the results.
  3. Hey TB, i think this would a good case to just try what you have suggested, its looks like it will be ok. What's the main thing your trying to achieve? If it's using the power more wisely i'd try your idea. Passive components do waste power but high quality passive parts to my ears are simply more musical and engaging. My new JBL DD55000 Everest's have very costly parts well north of 10k and trust me it's simply incredible. While most people concentrate on Capacitors and i did , i also payed top $$$ for Inductors. People who have heard my Original DD55000 will be shocked at the Bass now. So if sound quality if your thing better Passive parts is the way to go. Some like Full Active and the only Full active system i've heard and liked is SGR active system simply brilliant. Hope this helped if not send me PM to discuss.
  4. I use these with Duelund silver 2.0 foil with excellent results.
  5. Most powerful 100 watt I’ve heard. Great amp.
  6. Hi I’ll grab these, can I call you tonight if that’s ok. joe.
  7. Wish these were longer, killer cables for the money. These will go quick if you have heard them.
  8. This is great cable I’m so impressed I have used the 2.0 silver foil in my speakers build. Great cable and can get you off the cable merry go round.
  9. I would suggest JBL 4367.For electonica and dynamics this is the one and well under 30k.
  10. I have bought from this member awesome to deal with , very nice unit. Buy with confidence, Joe.
  11. Anyone but Telstra, they are the Telco mafia absolute ripoff, POOR customer service and regular outages and the T2 share price is tanking due to these issues. If you can get Aussie Broadband there go for it. You get Aussies for support and they solve your issues quickly bloody brillant.
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