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  1. I am using WBT silver banana connectors on the Duelund and WBT copper on the Audio Note. The silver foil is very soft and can break so connects are needed in my opinion. I use silver foil in my speakers throughout the crossovers too, this is very nice upgrade to the sound quality and worth doing.
  2. I use these and the silver foil 2.0 . Duelund and Audio Note are great mid range cables that punch above there weight. Excellent cables.
  3. Nice set of classic JBL’s . Classic JBL monitors are a great speaker to own and enjoy and will hold there value comfortably. GLWTS.
  4. Wow. ARC mono blocks they have excellent reviews nice buy.
  5. I own one of these , jump on this and yes they work.
  6. excellent speakers. Hope your going up the JBL tree ray.
  7. The best is always a number cruncher hope you get them they are simply epic speakers.
  8. Did you manage to find some Stradivari’s ?
  9. I own one of these on a modded SL 1200, excellent arm if you are looking at an upgrade.
  10. Still one of the best speakers I’ve heard the Stradivari. If I didn’t love my JBL Everest so much this is what I’d own simply awesome.
  11. If it’s audio note it’s bound to be musical and awesome.
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