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  1. 44maloo


    Most powerful 100 watt I’ve heard. Great amp.
  2. absolute bargain. Modded Oppo's are bang for buck.
  3. 44maloo

    FS: JBL 2445J compression drivers, pair

    Hi I’ll grab these, can I call you tonight if that’s ok. joe.
  4. yep there pretty nice bit of kit.
  5. Wish these were longer, killer cables for the money. These will go quick if you have heard them.
  6. 44maloo

    SOLD: FS: Dueland cable

    This is great cable I’m so impressed I have used the 2.0 silver foil in my speakers build. Great cable and can get you off the cable merry go round.
  7. I would suggest JBL 4367.For electonica and dynamics this is the one and well under 30k.
  8. I have bought from this member awesome to deal with , very nice unit. Buy with confidence, Joe.
  9. Anyone but Telstra, they are the Telco mafia absolute ripoff, POOR customer service and regular outages and the T2 share price is tanking due to these issues. If you can get Aussie Broadband there go for it. You get Aussies for support and they solve your issues quickly bloody brillant.
  10. 44maloo


    No I haven’t mate, i generally like a passive crossover set up. Active can be good if set up well , need to tweak and play with it to get the sound. joe.
  11. Might have to go for a trip to Japan.
  12. I haven’t Conrad but would love to here them some day. But I’ve owned Jbl 4350 monitors with 2231a drivers and know the alnico sound well and it is nice. The 1400nd is neodymium magnet structure and to me this is a better driver. I still love the vintage Jbl sound and I always will, but the 1400nd is something special. joe.
  13. Yep they are rare. But the drivers in the m9500 drivers are the best i've heard bar none, JBL's best in my opinion.
  14. 44maloo


    M9500 speakers in the backround?