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  1. I was in jb in Traralgon today. They had an LG oled C9 55” for 2299 and a panasonic 55” current model oled for 1999. Both brand new in a box not demos. They said not just a local sale, all jb’s. Regards Cazzesman
  2. @manchu i cannot claim a good memory. There is a website you can go that does set lists for bands. Not all but alot. I used that to help my old-timers. Just couldn’t remember the 2 Acoustic tracks. Regards Cazzesman
  3. Wandered into 170 Russell street at 9.00pm. The LZ Tribute was kicking off at 9.30. Woooooo! WTF! There would have been lucky to have been 50 people there. Half 170 was closed off and I had some bad vibes about the gig. The support band was plowing through some classic Australian tunes. Evie Part 1 was pretty good. They looked to be happy playing to 50 people. Thankfully in the next 30 mins some Grey Hound buses must have pulled up out the front and a steady stream of old bodies wandered in. By show time, I'm guessing 300-350 maybe. Disappointing but they were enthusiastic. At 9.30 on walked the LZ clones. Band Members: Nathan Carroll as John Bonham , Robin Locksley as John Paul Jones , Bryan Christiansen as Jimmy Page, Michael Anderson as Robert Plant. All hailing out of the USA. For the next 2.5 hours my feelings went from 0-180. Initially it was Wow they really go the full 'monty' with the Look and clothing. That might sound silly but first impression was that this was certainly going to be a theatrical performance as well as a musical one. The first couple of songs had the mixer working frantically to get it right. Anderson as Plant had all the moves. Heck they all had all the moves down pat. Even Locksley had the JPJ moves which of course are basically 'None'. He was the monolith at back left, holding it all together. Carroll on drums even had the Bonzo hair with a wig and sweat band to top it off. Around song 3 I was thinking this is just abit corny and Anderson's posturing had a glimmer of wearing abit thin. By around song 4 I was hooked. Christiansen was Page. Infact, I thought he started to Out-Page Page. He was stunning. He had the sound, the look, the swagger, the cool and the chops to pull it all off. In footy parlance 'He played a blinder." His Dazed and Confused was memorable, complete with violin bow. The 2nd set started with 3 Acoustic songs which went down a treat. Locksley even played the Mandolin. Carroll absolutely creamed it on 'Moby Dick', right down to playing the kit by hand and sliding his fingers across the drum skins. As I said, their ability to mimic LZ down to the smallest details was note perfect. Having watch 'Song Remains the Same' many times, it was all there. all the hair flicks, grimaces and hand gestures. By the time they hit 'Ramble On' I was in genuine awe of the pure musicianship and had virtually forgotten about the Theatrical side. Anderson vocals were the same but different to Plant. He hit all 'The' notes but let his own voice come through at other times. Overall it was a wonderful musical experience. As the pre-show blurb says..........you get the full theatrical performance plus the musical chops to pull it all off in fine style. I said to my wife this morning....................If you had seen the Real Led Zep do that set list with that much passion, style and musicality you would have walked away a very happy camper. 10/10 for effort and highly recommended. Kudos to 'No Quarter'. 1st Set Immigrant Song Heartbreaker The Ocean Black Dog Communication Breakdown Wonton Song Dazed and Confused (Song Remains the Same soundtrack version) 2nd Set Acoustic ?? ?? Going to California Ramble On Rock and Roll Moby Dick Stairway to Heaven Whole Lotta Love (Song Remains the Same soundtrack version) Encore: Kashmir Regards Cazzesman
  4. Hi b0dhi, The Lagoon doesn't have alot of grunt for DSP hence the use of a mini dsp. Certainly a USB-Spdif is an option which would give me the further options of where to put the 22D in the chain i.e. before or after the Mutec. My plan is to get the 22D in the audio chain and see what it can do. From there I can mix and match with the mutec in and out of the chain to assess if it's needed at all. 1st things first...................get the 22D, register it, sort the licensing, get an OS system working that will operate the DL Ver 2.0, take some measurements etc, etc. Regards Cazzesman
  5. Well a version of them does anyway........................off to see one of the Premier Led Zep cover bands in the world (allegedly) tonight at 170 Russell St, Melbourne. 'No Quarter' has been rocking the legacy for years. All reports were extremely good so I thought 'What the heck, might be a hoot.' I'll let you know is the singer has stuffed the footy socks down the front in true Planty style. 😀 Regards Cazzesman
  6. http://diracdocs.com/JRiver&Dirac_Live_2.0.pdf found this thanks. Regards Cazzesman
  7. I'm pretty sure JRiver does or did A Dirac Live VST plugin so if the 2.0 software might be coming out I will keep an eye out. thanks. Regards Cazzesman
  8. They are configurable but only at 2 points really, aside from the boundary setting. The problem is actually assessing the room to know what tweeks need doing. I can do it by ear to some extent but I would love to see what the room is doing. I could use REW but that is a big learning curve. I am in no hurry but i just thought if I got a second hand 22D i might give if a fly. The 22D is such an easy plug and play solution in my system. The SHD version with USB input could slide in between the CAPS/Mutec or the 22D with the AES could slide in after the Mutec. Regards Cazzesman
  9. Thanks folks, The 44/96 issue is not an issue for me as i only use 44 or 96. My system doesn't like 192 so i leave redbook at 44 and HD recordings at 96. Any 192 i have gets resampled to 96. ill give it all some thought. I dont want to remove the mutes as i think it does a great job so the 22d after the mutec seems right to me. Appreciate your thoughts. Regards Cazzesman
  10. I have Kii 3's running from CAPS Lagoon into mutec usb into Kii 3 via AES. I'm thinking about putting a Minidsp DDRC-22D into the chain. As the 22D doesn't have USB in, I would have to run the following......... Caps - via usb cable into Mutec - via AES into 22D - via AES into the Kii 3's. I have a UMIK already. Perhaps it is my 60 yr old ears but I was listening the other day and my wife commented that she thought it was abit harsh. I thought it was okay. I have set some adjustments on the Kii's top end and mid bass. I was thinking the 22D was a simple way test the room and set up some curves. I have a fair amount of room treatment at 1st reflections and rear corners. I left the treatment in when I got the Kii's because I think it actually helped in the room. Any thoughts anyone on the 22D in the Chain. Regards Cazzesman
  11. Wow what a wonderful concert. Martin at 73...............yes 73 just slayed it. 73 going on 40. Looked to be having the time of his life. Jumping, leaping and growling around the stage. The Memo was packed, which was totally justified. I had a front row seat, literally. The fluidity and dexterity in Martin's playing was pure and effortless. He creamed it all night with his solo's and joyous stage presence. Dan Crisp on vocals was brilliant and Alan Thompson on bass just locked it all in. Darby Todd on drums was a beast. Just a wonderfully uplifting gig. Highlights for me were Aqualung (Killer version), Jump Start, Songs from the Wood and New Day Yesterday. The capacity crowd of 60yrs and over had the time of their old lives. Most were P155ED and singing at the tops of their voice. I you missed it, you missed out big time. Love the Memo. My new best gig venue for the over 50's. Martin Barre Concert Setlist at Memo Music Hall, Melbourne on November 27, 2019 | setlist.fm WWW.SETLIST.FM Get the Martin Barre Setlist of the concert at Memo Music Hall, Melbourne, Australia on November 27, 2019 from the Celebrates... Regards Cazzesman .
  12. Excellent question and one I am pondering right now. Currently I have Optus Cable with 100mb plan. Optus NBN has alot of utter utter shite reviews. Been looking into Superloop NBN. Superb reviews. Contacted them today to have a chat. Got a real Australian lass in Sth Aust on the phone and she was brilliant. No bells and whistles with Superloop, just the NBN. Their Unlimited 100/40 plan $90 month. first 6 months at $70 per month if you sign up before Dec 31st. No contract. No start up costs. All reviews have customers getting 90+ MB DL at evening peaks. I will be on HFC to my property. We have been considering doing away with the landline for awhile so good excuse to give it the flick with Optus. My wife has mobile with Optus so that should let me keep the Optus email address I have had for years and years. Superloop advise that your router have EWan input, which my Netgear N750 does. Seriously considering them. Regards Cazzesman
  13. On tonight at the Memo ”oh aqualung.......” Regards Cazzesman
  14. Some old school melodic rock. Regards Cazzesman
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