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  1. Currently Spinning

    One of the more stripped back, hard rock efforts by Toto. One of my Fav's Steve's in great form on both 6 string and vocals. Jeff Porcaro is brilliant on the kit. Regards Cazzesman
  2. Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018

    I think the word is Incendiary !!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear that go down................LOUD!!!!! Regards Cazzesman
  3. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    It ain't done until the lovely Wifey sings Just wondering aloud Kat. I did find my Oppo 105D and Elektra Pre amp from those wanting to move onwards and upwards, so it doesn't hurt to ask on SNA. You can buy my MkII's if anything happens Regards Cazzesman
  4. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    If any Kii 3 owners ever consider a change in direction, I would appreciate a PM. I would love to discuss assisting you in your next search for audio nirvana Regards Cazzesman
  5. Minimalist Look For Me

    http://www.customanalogue.com/oppo_L3.htm JLTi Oppo 105D (Level 4 Upgrade) Regards Cazzesman
  6. Minimalist Look For Me

    The Cabinet was made by Seng who is an elderly Chinese gent who owns Simply Home - Furniture maker in Airport West, Victoria Address: 46 Halsey Rd, Airport West VIC 3042 He has made about 10 different pieces of furniture over the past 20 years. He is just about to retire. He takes his time to get stuff done but it is normally worth the wait. The timber used was Messmate and it is 32mil thick. Regards Cazzesman
  7. Minimalist Look For Me

    November 2017 update - since photobucket went all corporate on us. Still keeping with that Minimalist look :-) Still waiting on my wife to make some covers for the reflection/absorption panels. :-( 3 metre width. .5 off each side and 1.5 from rear wall to front of the speakers. Slight toe in. New SGR CX4F's MkII that look just like the old MkI's but sound SOOOOO much better. :-)) New rock solid, solid timber cabinet. Damn heavy. Left to right Green lights of silent NAS hidden in the back DIY CAPS Lagoon - headless music server Mutec USB 3+ reclocker. I cover the Christmas lights with some black cardboard when in use :-) Elektra Preamp Oppo 105D tweaked Top right is NUC for Kodi/Covenant. All devices sitting on Isonode Pods. Pre and Oppo sitting on extra MDF board with sound deadening Bitumen sheeting attached underneath. MDF sitting on half tennis balls. The cat often sleeps in the bottom left cubby hole. She doesn't care how loud it gets, she just hops in when the music is on. Regards Cazzesman
  8. FS:Arcam Alpha 10P 3 Channel power amp

    Nice bit of quality gear. Smoooooth sound. I use to have the 10 and 9p years ago. Terrific for a 2nd system at the holiday home or man cave. Hook them up to something easy to drive such as some Vaf DCx or JBL and they will sing. GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  9. Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018

    Walter now announced at the Corner Hotel In Richmond. Perfect!!!! Tickets on sale Friday. Tuesday Gov't Mule at the Corner. Thursday Walter. Great week of tunes. Regards Cazzesman

    Now that's how you do an advertisement for Sale/EOI. Many could take alot of notice of this advert. Great photos. GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  11. The Antipodes Thread

    Hello Antipodes owners. At the recent hifi show I listened for an hour to the Active Kii 3 speakers. The music source was the Antipodes media server via USB to the Kii Controller/preamp. I presume it was a current model but didn't look. My home system is basically a DIY Antipodes of sorts. System - CAPS (Lagoon - WS2012 R2 Essentials OS with AudiophileOptimizer v2.20 beta 5 in Ultimate Core mode - 128g SS HD + Sotm USB exp card) - Synology NAS DS411 Slim - JRiver 18 - Elijah Quad Braid Mk4 USB Cable (Aqvox Low Noise Power Supply at each end of cable) - into Mutec MC 3+ USB - Lifatec Glass Optical Cable into JLTi Oppo 105D (Level 4 Upgrade) https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/ca-academy/computer-audiophile-pocket-server-c-a-p-s-v3-lagoon/ My question is - Has anyone compared what the Antipodes does vs a Similar set up to my DIY version. Now my system wasn't easy to put together and took some perseverance and persistence to build for a relative PC novice. But now I have had it for about 3 years I am comfortable with tinkering with the setup. I will be the first to admit it is not for those lacking some computer skills and it does take some occasional tweaking to maintain. Obviously Antipodes is a slick, just push play, component of high regard. Can anyone suggest if the Antipodes component package could/would/should provide a better level of SQ than my current set up. I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question but I am curious to know if an A/B comparison has been made. No doubt my Lagoon PC and NAS could be improved with improved external Power supplies but that is in the future. If anyone in Melbourne owns an Antipodes and wants to have a GTG to pit it against my DIY set up I would be interested. The issue though is my JRiver may probably require driver installation for whatever DAC it is plugged into unless I use my Modded Oppo 105. Regards Cazzesman
  12. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Firedog I see your source selection is - CAPS4 Pipeline w/Sonore Signature PS (Roon)>SOtM Lan Filter>microRendu+LPS-1>Kii Control>Kii Three. I use a CAPS Lagoon (NAS server attached) using JRiver into an Oppo 205 (DAC) into pre into a my SGR Actives. The CAPS and JRiver require the Oppo Driver to be installed to make JRiver work. Does your system require any special Drivers when plugged directly into the Kii 3 controller? Or did the usb(?) from the Pipeline just work when plugged into the Controller? Regards Cazzesman
  13. Well you lot.................page 9 and I haven't seen one mention or one image of the Kii Three. I went to the show for basically 3 reasons. 1. Support the show 2. Check out Stuarts new passive range 3. Listen again to the Kii Three speakers in the Pure Music room. Loved the passive Range from SGR, in particular, the little stand mount guys. Pocket Rockets. Warrick had some passives on when I arrived at 1pm on Sunday. He was playing that famous track 'Snap, Crackle and Pop' on some old black piece of vinyl. $23,000 speakers can't hide that from the music. I have never missed that track from the moment I sold my record collection. The Kii 3's were pencilled in for a 3pm kick off. Perfect timing. 2 hours to wander and catch up with Stuart and his lovely wife. Nice to see both of them were still beaming and upbeat after 3 days of shaking hands and smiling. By all accounts, the response to the full SGR range had been terrific. I love my Cx4F MkII so I was already convinced of their musical greatness. I caught up with my old music buddy Katattack and we made the rounds. As Kat mentioned in a previous post, we had a wonderful chat with Arthur Rappos. One of life's gentlemen. I finally saw my Elektra Pre with the lid off. It is an absolute work of art so kudos to the man and his craft. We are so lucky to have to persons such as Arthur and Stuart in our own backyard. 3.10 pm and I was back in room 1305. Initially, I sat on the side of the room beside Warrick's assistant, chating about the system. I have previously listened to the Kii's at the Pure Music demo room in Moorabbin so knew what to expect. Over the next hour I played musical chairs and finally made it to the sweet spot at Chair #1. As I said, I love my CX4F's but if ever I make a move, the Kii's will be on my short list of 1. They are so, so, so damn impressive. Everything just sounds so right. The imagining is sublime. The alleged 100% accuracy in the timing and phase alignment mean that every instrument just pops into space in perfect cohesion. They are stunning listening. 1 live track from a solo Diana Krall had her virtually sitting on my lap. And that's not a bad bonus on top of the music. Warrick played a track that was obviously ripped from a record. Mr Snap, crackle and pop was back. I joked to Warrick about the noises and asked him if he could bring back the inky blackness of Digital. The Kii's pricing is $17,000 for the speakers, $2400 for the pre amp/controller and $1600 for the Stands. So RRP of $21,000 gets you 6 x 250 watt speakers per side (ncore amps), preamp, dac (based on the Mola Mola range) DSP, Digital and Analogue inputs, Remote control and no need to buy expensive speaker cable or room treatments. The cabling is simply some Cat5 lan cable running from the controller to 1st speaker then the same cable across the 2nd speaker. The USB cable in use from the Antipodes music servo to the controller/preamp was $300. At one stage Bill Mclean came and sat next to me. He was tapping his foot to the music. After about 15 minutes he left and in parting he said 'Most musical speakers I have heard at the show'. Nice one Bill. If you missed out on listening to them......you missed out. Great show Marc. Kudos to you and your helpers. Regards Cazzesman
  14. Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018

    You guys have missed one of the best.................Eric Gales.......... back for the 2nd year. I swapped some emails with his manager and he informs me there will be no sideshows this year. The Australian promoter wants to bring him back in 2019 for the BBBF and a full tour. Hopefully, Walter Trout might do some sideshows. Regards Cazzesman
  15. Come Sunday afternoon when I finally get there I expecting some jaded presenters I would love to hear a shotout between the SGR Cx4F MII and the Ki III. I'm sure Marc can set it up between Stuart and Pure Music Regards Cazzesman