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  1. cazzesman

    Currently Spinning

    He was a beaut. Always liked this CD from Pete Some soaring licks on this CD from EC. Regards Cazzesman
  2. cazzesman

    Currently Spinning

    Cruisin' 🤘 Regards Cazzesman
  3. cazzesman

    Currently Spinning

    Hard to fault this guy's vocal prowess. A cracking CD. Regards Cazzesman
  4. cazzesman

    Currently Spinning

    Bit of a fan of JA. New CD has some great tracks. Regards Cazzesman
  5. cazzesman

    FS: JBL L65 Jubal Speakers (Mint Condition)

    Great photos, great advert. Well done and GLWTS. This sets the benchmark for an advert on SNA. Regards Cazzesman
  6. cazzesman

    FS: ATC SCM40A Active speakers

    Nice 🎶🎶🎶 GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  7. cazzesman

    Fidelizer 8.1 - My 2 Cents

    Yikes!!! 3 people agreed with me. I'm telling my wife and she won't believe it until she reads it. She of little faith. Regards Cazzesman
  8. cazzesman

    Usher S520 monitors cherry will ship

    someone in WTB was after a pair. Regards Cazzesman
  9. After Keetakawee (Fidelizer developer) answered my many questions, today I received my 8.1pro exe file via email. On my CAPS I converted back from AudioOptimizer (AO) Core to Gui and installed the 8.1 .exe. Having the file Software on the screen made things a lot clearer in my mind re set up. Reading about it is one thing but having it to play with made all the difference to my understanding. Keetakawee suggested Purist and Network which I tried first. All good. I have since settled on Purist and Audio Player. Network is working fine in my setup. I reset AO to Core and went through the AO setup. It all worked without incident. I checked Taskmanager and it tells me 8.1pro is working. Let the music begin. My instant impression was a real 3D music experience. Side to side, back to front. Beautiful separation and air throughout. As others have mentioned there is a jump in definition and clarity across the music. My top end has also smoothed out. The bottom end is clean and defined. 1 track 'Lorde's - Royals' really showed the improvement in all of the above. I got my wife in to listen to the track. It's great pop song but tooooo much bass she said. I said yes the deep bass is why it is so great. I loved feeling it. With the 3D improvement, there is a real texture to the vocals. Rebecca Ferguson's track Freedom from the 'Freedom' CD is glorious. A solo vocal with Rebecca on piano. You can feel/hear her forming the words in this 'Close Mic' track. As I type I have on the duo/married couple 'Tuck and Patti' Paradise Found cd. His acoustic and her vocals are sublime. So many times in life I have said, "I should have done that earlier". Installing Fidelizer 8.1pro with AO is one of those times. I cannot think how spending the $100 (Australian) on the 8.1pro, could have been spent anywhere else and achieved such an improvement. For those of you running Digital Audio PC systems and not using AO and Fidelizer..........what are you waiting for? Kudos Keetawakee. Well done and thanks for the passion you have instilled in your work. Regards Cazzesman
  10. cazzesman

    USB Only Grob vs Terminator

    So has any SNA member purchased a Terminator from Vinshine and if so what was the total price you paid to get it into your lounge room? (Product, shipping, taxes, GST, etc, etc, etc). I'm guessing a tad over $6000 Aust $. Regards Cazzesman
  11. cazzesman

    USB Only Grob vs Terminator

    Dacman what is the price of the Terminator to get it from Vinshine to Melbourne (In Aust $). Regards Cazzesman
  12. cazzesman

    HD Plex 200 watt LPS

    Item:HD Plex 200 watt LPS Price Range: under new rrp Item Condition:used Extra Info: PM me please Regards Cazzesman Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. cazzesman

    YouTube Spinning

    Frank and Eric Gales on my Bucket list to see. Fingers crossed he finally gets this DVD out. This sounds stunning. Regards Cazzesman
  14. cazzesman

    Currently Spinning

    A remastered version. Brilliant CD. Regards Cazzesman
  15. cazzesman

    Walter Trout & Gov't Mule

    Scintillating and Inspiring!!!!!! I'm not a religious man, but last night's show by Walter Trout and his stellar band was a Religious experience for those in attendance. Appropriate given the time of year I guess. Much like the other fella, Walter has come back from the dead. Twice apparently! And that comes from his own mouth. He told the crowd that he died twice in hospital and was brought back to life whilst awaiting a new liver. I was well aware of Walter's health issues a few years back, (he got an 11th hour and 59 min liver transplant that saved his life) but until he actually tells you about it you just don't grasp what he has been through. He is the first to admit it was all self-imposed of course. He talked about being in Australia with Canned Heat back in 1980. The banded stayed in St Kilda for a month and he says he remembers none of it due to the alcohol and drug-induced haze. Whilst ill he spent 8 months in a bed lying flat on his back. He lost 120 lbs and was down to 90 lbs (40.8kg) He lost his memory, couldn't talk and couldn't walk. He forgot how to play the guitar. Once he received his new liver it took him 12 months to get back his faculties. He practised 6 hours a day when he could, to teach himself to play again. It is truly amazing what such a life-changing event can do to a person's outlook. Real Estate Agents talk about - Location, Location, Location Walter is now all about - Emotion, Emotion, Emotion. I just felt that every vocal effort and every blazing lick was filled will pure emotion. This man was so happy to be alive and doing what he loves. He was inspiring. I had the biggest grin plastered on my mug for 2 hours. He leaves nothing on the table. Several times he shed a genuine tear whilst talking about his wife saving his life and the songs she inspired for his album 'Battle Scars'. Right from the get-go Walter's playing and singing were inspired. He just cut loose and wailed. It was scintillating and formidable. He just cut the air to bits with his runs. The entire crowd appeared stunned with his ferocity. And rightly so. On Tuesday, Warren Haynes and his band was the grinding V8, chugging along, putting the foot down from time to time to give that V8 a guttural roar. Walter is the Ken Brock (Google him) of drivers. Behind the wheel, he was pushing that red line and burning those tyres like a MoFo. He was reckless but in total control at the same time. I posted a live video of Walter on SNA a few months back and used the word Incendiary. That is truly the word that continually sprung to mind. INCENDIARY PERFORMANCE!!!!! Walter's band is about as rock solid as they come and the perfect foil after so many years together. As Walter says it is now a family affair. Walters son John on 2nd guitar is no slouch. He can't quite best his old man but he is well on the way. Very tasty and the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree with young John. Sammy Avila – on keyboards is now playing alongside his son Danny on Bass. MAAANNN can Danny go some. His Bass solo was of epic proportion. He was bending those bass strings like they were cotton. Melodic, muscular and musical. Brilliant. Walter's long-term drummer Michael Leasure is a beast. The perfect time keeper for Walter to circle around. Just a pure Blues/Rock drummer. What more can I say? One of the best performances I have seen. For pure passion and emotional input, I doubt I have seen many/any better. If you are going to the Blues Festival...................DO NOT MISS WALTER TROUT!!!!!!!! Regards Cazzesman