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  1. From the new Rag n Bone man's CD. Regards Cazzesman
  2. Well I thought it was heavy. 🙃 GLWTGA Regards Cazzesman
  3. David's voice is now shot and some of his recent recordings have been middling at best. So if you hanker for some good old WS stuff this, I think, is a ripper. Great remaster. Excellent vocals from the past and stellar production. Good stuff. Regards Cazzesman
  4. I can hear you from my place................... The snap, crackle, pop coming out of the ATC's I mean, not the boo 😆 Regards Cazzesman
  5. Holy Crap Batman that is a bargain as good as RayH BXT”s. GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman PS. I thought the Chord Dave and M Scaler were suppose to make all things analog sounding and you are going back to snap crackle and pop of the black plastic 😄
  6. Congrats RayH and might I add.........thankgoodness 😀 I Scratched the itch with an AfterDark OXCO and LPS so I’m not mentally scared as much. Good/better luck with the next set of speakers. Regards Cazzesman
  7. After harassing MattyW with a dozen PM's and sending few emails to Adrian from AfterDark I bit the bullet and purchased the Emperor Double Crown and the AfterDark LPS to go with my Mutec MC 3+ USB. The customer service from Adrian at AfterDark has be exemplary to say the least. Review in due course folks. Thanks MattyW, you have been a wealth of knowledge. Regards Cazzesman
  8. I think it will be 19vlt 8amp plus a 5vlt 1amp version if it is the same as mine. Regards Cazzesman
  9. Another big arvo/evening. Wife in her Batcave (read that as Arts/Craft room) Best thing I ever built for her 🙂 Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous (2012 Remaster) CD1 only. Who wants alittle more Irish in them. 🙂 Devin Townsend - Addicted . Glorious DT and Anneke Howe, Wooten, Chambers - Extraction - Scintillating stuff. A true gem of a CD for the genre. Spy V Spy - Spy Files - Aussie royalty in my youth. Still rocks. Regards Cazzesman
  10. Late arvo/evening Home Alone. WooooooHoooo Started slow Robert Cray now warmed up so went with Korn - Untouchables onto Masterplan - Masterplan with the Legendary Jorn onto Hughes/Iommi - Fused. What a killer Album. I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke. Yikes. The Kii 3's were burnin up the sky!!!!!!! Regards a sated Cazzesman
  11. Thanks to MattyW, he has given me something to take my mind off the RayH Kii3/BXT sale he has going on. Mmmmmmmm Been researching the AfterDark OCXO range of gear. Seems really, really, really interesting and the pricing is super competitive. After I got the Mutec MC3 Usb I was looking at the Ref10 clock but it was and still is, very expensive. I have sent off a few emails to AfterDark with some questions about their products and will hopefully get some answers over the weekend. There is always something to ponder in this hobby/Lifestyle of ours.
  12. IMHO, hugely under-rated Tull Cd. Always a go to CD. Slow Marching Band and Flying Colours are superb. Not a duff track on the Album. Regards Cazzesman
  13. It took the Kii 3's to beat them and that's the only reason I sold mine. Amazing speaker at a great price. GLWTS. Regards Cazzesman
  14. Prog rock extravagance is back after 20 years. 1st listen last night. The guys slayed it. Funnily enough the copy I have, has 40+ minutes of bonus extra tracks which seems to be alot of 10 min jamming. I loved those tracks just as much as the main content. Petrucci in stunning form throughout. For lovers of shear musical prowess. Welcome back LTE. Regards Cazzesman
  15. Cannot confirm or deny if I had my bank statements and calculator out all night 🙂 Regards Cazzesman
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