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  1. Time for a cool change with the LRB
  2. And now it’s time for the Piano man, beautiful USA pressing
  3. Grover albums from 70s are really good, the bass on the A secret place is so cool
  4. More Jazz, the fantastic ******* Brew
  5. Really cool album, have this and the first one l
  6. The standard pressing of physical graffiti sounds really good, the “classic” version must be great
  7. Wow, what is this? Did they play together? H
  8. 😀 it’s a compilation, got a bunch of great records on the weekend from a SNA member, this is the first time I’m playing it. The track selection is very good
  9. I'm using one of these and love it, didn't even know that the tubes can be replaced. Well priced, GLWTS
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