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  1. Item: XBOX ONE S 500 GB with Forza 3 horizon Location: Brookvale Price: 329 (Neg) Item Condition: New, unopened Reason for selling: Don't have use for it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Brand new xbox one S game console, it can be used as a media center. 4K output and also is a blue ray player. Pickup preferred from Brookvale. Pictures:
  2. Hi mate, How much the delivery of EBTG to Sydney will be? that album is great Have an Oz copy that sounds good and I believe the German will be even better H
  3. Soundtracks: Currently Spinning

    I got this for 1 dollar on Vinnie's few years ago. It's awesome
  4. did u like it? I think the Floyd bit are great but didn't like the on an island versions. I think the versions on the Gdansk one are better it's a shame that the record is too expensive
  5. This is new, was released on the 29th. Amazing sound quality but I believe the Gdansk one versions are nicer but that record is very expensive now. Do u own the vinyl?
  6. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    And there it is. Thanks vinyl destination
  7. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    I'm looking forward for the blue and "remember that night.." Love on an Island. I'll report tonight
  8. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    I have I have the Delicate Sound of Thunder as well and it's pretty good, I just got Aust Post sms, Pompeii is here, It's a long way from job as I'm riding my bike today but it will keep me motivated to beat the hills
  9. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    You know what's funny I have been on the place as well, not in the concert though, my wife's best friend lives in GDansk and her partner shown me the city. That's what I got my attention on the album on the first place. I don't like DVDs or cds but I'm gonna get it when I'll have a chance coz I like it a lot specially the bits with the orchestra for the On an island songs. I can see that you are a big Floyd fan and I'm assuming Pulse is in vinyl as well. just got a text that Pompeii is in Frenchs Forrest
  10. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    Gilmour and Wright toured together there's a DVD called Live in GDansk, the echoes version is amazing
  11. Live at Pompeii in vinyl

    that's awesome. Have u played it? I wonder how is the sound quality?