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  1. RLJ debut album. I could easily listen it everyday. She has an amazing voice
  2. Noted, I’m pretty sure my local shop has the Atlantic one as I remember the cover.
  3. I have seen this album on my local shop, I’ll try to grab it this arvo.
  4. And another one Simply Red - Men and Women
  5. I’m spinning this one again. It sounds so good and the music is great Simply Red - Picture Book
  6. Hi mate, thanks for the advise, sorry I hijacked my own thread, I was referring to replace the motor of my Pro-Ject Turntable cheers H
  7. Yes, but not sure if is worth, cheapest one I have seen in eBay is almost 90 bucks https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Pro-Ject-230V-Turntable-Motor-Replacement-record-player-240V-220V-NAD-Lenco/223428372620?hash=item34055e688c:g:wqUAAOSwv-JceDsU
  8. @Telecine it didn’t work , the technician said the PSU seems to be fine so I think the motor is just screwed so guess needs to be replaced. Curiously, the noise starts always at the same time, both the PSU and the motor feels hot at touch and I actually think the noise is even worse
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