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  1. Such a nice gear, How’s the album? I like Weller’s Work with Style Council
  2. Houses of the Holy, beautiful Japanese pressing
  3. Everything in this record is great, the cool gatefold sleeve and the music is amazing, I play Since Ive been loving you twice every time
  4. No offences big fella but this is the only liquid beauty vinyl that exists 😀
  5. Life after EW&F, outstanding sound quality for this record, Oz press
  6. Thanks mate, now I just to find someone who can loan me a spare similar one for giving it a go.
  7. Hi all, I bought a Project Tube Box DS a couple of weeks ago and I was offered the above, I'm using the RCA cable that came with my Pro-Ject 4.1 turntable and it sounds great to my ears. What will be the benefits of getting the Inakustic? From the website the cable features are: Double shielding Solid metal plugs Conductors made of high-purity OFC copper 24c gold-plated contacts Cheers, H
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