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  1. Great album, it’s my favourite from them
  2. You mean is no good? I have always heard good things about this album
  3. Finally have something to post in this thread, just arrived.
  4. Lenny Kravitz Mamma said, first US pressing
  5. Great selection, it looks like you are a big Norah Jones fan, you should look for an album that has all the collaborations that she has done with other artists, it has her version of Joni Mitchell Court and Spark that she did with Herbie Hancock, it’s so good H
  6. What? Where is the Justin Bieber UltraDisc One-Step MoFi Box set ?
  7. Oh boy, you are playing them in the same order I did. Any particular reason? I did it because I didn’t have the last ones and then want to comprare the sound quality with my fist pressings
  8. This just sounds marvellous, haven’t played the MoFi yet to compare I wish to be able to find the half speed version of Turnstiles
  9. Billy Joel The Stranger Japanese pressing
  10. It looks like is male singers day. Eric Clapton Unplugged, first German pressing, great album
  11. someone please grab this. It’s an amazing album and that price is a bargain
  12. Waiting for your pictures of your noodles dinner after all your purchases
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