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  1. You are right, can’t see any of those, weird as I select the 15 USD or whatever the price was and when I tried the HD link again it opens the Australian amazon music for signing up even after I have registered this morning and it shows that on the mobile app, it’s vpn time now, just found a 14 days trial
  2. Yup, I just noticed that someone else created another thread and my post was moved there, this is the link I used, https://www.amazon.com/music/unlimited/hd I was using my tablet with a Telstra sim on it, not sure if that was the trick
  3. Didn't do nothing special, just followed the link in my OP
  4. Hmm, I might have found a loophole as I managed to subscribe but can't play anything:( I might try to get a VPN trial to give it a go
  5. I think is US only, I have signed up for the trial but can't make it work. Keen to compare as I'm a Tidal subscriber https://www.amazon.com/music/unlimited/hd
  6. Amazing album, please share your thoughts about SQ, I have a British one and sounds great
  7. Just spinning Westend girls before heading off to work, weather is wet n miserable and couldn’t ride my bike
  8. I got a pair of BeoPlay H8 headphones, very cool
  9. So cool, I have a German pressing and sounds fantastic
  10. Hey @candyflip I did an exception with this as it’s my favourite album
  11. This is a very underrated Carlos album. Great music and most of the pressing sound really good, I was lucky to grab this bargain ages ago
  12. Oh mate, you are so cruel. I’m not a politician can’t afford those 4 letters
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