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  1. Looking forward for your review, I do have the half speed of Making Movies and it sounds great
  2. Happy birthday Mr FR, thanks for creating this thread
  3. What a great album, haven’t played it for a while
  4. The truth and nothing but the the truth , the best album from Beck and Rod Stewart IMHO
  5. I found another Bob Sever album, the Team that produced these live albums must be very good. The sound of the cymbals on We've Got Tonite is fantastic.
  6. Played few albums this morning as I’m WFH today, few news apart of the usual suspects, Carlos and Cat Stevens :). Found my copy of Magic Nirvana, not my fave from Plant but the record sounds fantastic and also the Bob Seger concert, it’s really well recorded, like it a lot.
  7. Everything But The Girl - Language Of Life
  8. I think this is the first solo album of the slow hand. I like it a lot, sounds like Cream
  9. More Lawson’s albums. Kool & The Gang
  10. I’m always impressed by the SQ of this album. The bass on Blue Bayou is simply stunning. Original OZ pressing, 10 bucks from the long gone now Lawson’s
  11. One of my favourite PF albums, you took the picture at the end of St Tropez; I think . Is your cartridge a 2M black?
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