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  1. For sale Axis LS38 speakers. Purchased from SNA a few weeks ago and they are superb, but i have decided to keep my Spheres as they are pretty special. These are Australian made by John Reilly at Axis voicebox - and are exceptional speakers. Real wood veneer, bi-wireable and 92.5 db sensitivity. They are sand filled at the bottom and have aluminium footers included. For the money these are likely the best sound you will find. Can audition in Canberra. I don't have any boxes as I purchased locally. Listed elsewhere, donation to SNA if sold here.
  2. Nordost bi-wire jumpers as new. Purchased two weeks ago, but decided to sell the speakers that required bi-wiring (I know, duh). Make a huge difference over the standard gold plated jumper. Price includes shipping.
  3. I have decided I have to let these beauties go. The Sophera is a concrete sphere with a full range driver and enables the music to play as it should, with no interference from a cabinet. The sound is clear and sweet and cymbals, drums, piano and voices sound live. Each speaker weighs 20kg and stands also weigh close to 20kg. Speakers take banana plugs only. They are 90db sensitive and sound fantastic with tube amplifiers. You can demo in Canberra, pick up only. Price includes the stands. From the website: http://sophera.com.au/index.php/loudspeakers/sophera-sphere-2-mkii.html
  4. No, I was thinking that I needed something ugly to balance the beauty of the speakers. But toe in is a better idea.
  5. These JBL D208/D216 full range speakers are from the 1970s to early 1980s era. As far as I know they were sold as driver only by JBL and then a cabinet was built to JBL's specifications. They are very open in sound and have good bass. Price includes stands. The cabinet is exceptional work and a beautiful piece in its own right. They are approximately 90db. Speaker terminals take bare wire, however, included in the price are four banana adapters which can be used with standard banana plugs to fit the speakers. Happy to demo. Collection only from Can
  6. Bill's interconnects may need no introduction. This is 1.2mtr in length. These are excellent interconnects with locking banana plugs at both ends. I have changed setup and no longer require this length. The interconnect is only a few weeks old, and I found it to be open and detailed. Price includes shipping Australia wide.
  7. Atlas Element Integra interconnect - 1mtr in length Excellent cable in great condition.
  8. Legendary Metaxas Ikarus amplifier. This amplifier is the most neutral sounding amplifier I have owned or listened to. It is 45 watts per channel and is a Line amplifier only no phono. The amplifier has driven speakers from 85db to 90db without an issue. It has a slight transformer hum, I can only hear it with my 90db Full Range speakers which are very sensitive not on any other speakers I have owned. Collect from Canberra or can arrange courier at buyers cost.
  9. I believe that the JBL D208/D216 full range speakers are from the 1970 to early 1980 era. These, as far as I have been told, were sold as the driver only and then you had to have a cabinet built to JBL's specifications. The cabinet, made in Canberra, is quite exceptional and a beautiful piece of work in it's own right. there are a few marks in line with it's age. The speakers are approximately 90db sensitivity . Speaker terminals take wire included in the price are four adapters which can be used with banana plugs to fit the speakers. Happy for a demo. Collecti
  10. Purchased this as Duelund bulk wire (16ag) and added the Chord banan connections. There are four lengths each 3 metres.
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