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  1. Legendary Metaxas Ikarus amplifier. This amplifier is the most neutral sounding amplifier I have owned or listened to. It is 45 watts per channel and is a Line amplifier only no phono. The amplifier has driven speakers from 85db to 90db without an issue. It has a slight transformer hum, I can only hear it with my 90db Full Range speakers which are very sensitive not on any other speakers I have owned. Collect from Canberra or can arrange courier at buyers cost.
  2. I believe that the JBL D208/D216 full range speakers are from the 1970 to early 1980 era. These, as far as I have been told, were sold as the driver only and then you had to have a cabinet built to JBL's specifications. The cabinet, made in Canberra, is quite exceptional and a beautiful piece of work in it's own right. there are a few marks in line with it's age. The speakers are approximately 90db sensitivity . Speaker terminals take wire included in the price are four adapters which can be used with banana plugs to fit the speakers. Happy for a demo. Collecti
  3. Purchased this as Duelund bulk wire (16ag) and added the Chord banan connections. There are four lengths each 3 metres.
  4. Excellent pure silver interconnect. This is XLR to RCA and is 1 mtr in length.
  5. Metaxas IKARUS stereo integrated amp Amplifier is 40 watts per channel and is honestly the cleanest sounding amplifier I have had the privilege to own. Inputs are CD/Tuner/Tape/Video For more on the amplifier read the following http://www.metaxas.com/pages/products/interview6.html
  6. My Sophera Sphere Mk ii's were purchased new. These are quite amazing and I am not sure I should sell. They are developed by a gentleman now living in Gunning, NSW and these are the smaller of his speakers weighing in at a mere 20kg. Others can range from 40 to 80kg. The concept is a full range driver in a concrete sphere, this means what you put in is exactly what you get out. There is no resonance and you can tell the difference. Note that there are single speaker inputs for banana connection only. The stands also weigh approximately 20kg. Happy to demo in Canberra
  7. White Bluesound Node 2i. Nothing more needs to said about these that hasn't already. Excellent streamer and provides lots of options for music.
  8. Solid steel speaker stands with spikes. Some bubbling on one leg, see photo. These are 48cm high with spikes, 45cm without, top plate is 16.5 cm x 20cm. Pick up from Kingston in beautiful sunny Canberra (well you can dream).
  9. The iTube2 is a Class A pre-amplifier/buffer (single input and a tube buffer). I used as a tube buffer and it is excellent, can also enhance bass if required. Have changed amplifiers so no longer require a tube buffer. Sorry I should have said all accessories included. That is power supply and the angled adaptor and there are interconnects as well, although never used. Photos:
  10. Thanks. They are already considered a collectors item. But that is always subjective.
  11. For sale my KEF 101 Reference speakers with stands. These speakers use the same Tweeter as the LS3/5a. As KEF was not licenced to build the LS3/5a by the BBC, just supply the speakers, they built their own, and the 101 was born. These play louder and deeper than the LS3/5a. Super pair of speakers. They are 81db sensitive so require a decent amplifier, I drove them with 45 watts with a Metaxas ikarus and a tube amplifier with great results. The do have the ability to disappear with the right amplifier, (of course then you have to go find them:) Listed elsewhere. do r
  12. Purchased the amp from a SNA member to match with my full-range Spheres but now have decided to downsize in preparation for a move to go fishing. RRP for this amp was 5k new. Superb amp, really gets a lot of detail out of the music. It can be played in Ultralinear mode (45 watts) or Triode (25 watts). Virtually new as previous seller was selling on behalf of a relative and the amp had little use. Tubes have only 238 hours on them, rated for 2000 hours. A feature of the amp is that you can see how many hours the tubes have used. An easy to adjust bias. Comes with original
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