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  1. My headphone collection and amp getting even more crazy now . I do admit i love finding more and more in the recording and having hp properly the cheapest way to experience it . My sources , front end , cable now so good can hear details i never thought it was there before. Best so far come from Studer A820 R2R playing direct copy of Master tape . Also my YG now become 3.2 but have to go to second room hehe. Not enough time to enjoy music but both rooms now give me music the way i never thought possible. I will start selling some of the hp gears next few weeks, they so good I don’t even know which to sell but rather someone else can enjoy instead of just there to collecting dust . Here the Sonja 3.2 in second room
  2. If you can get some pictures then before turn them on to see if it still work make sure you leave the power on couple of days with the power plug in ( just to warm thing up :-)) ) Price depends on condition of the machine range from few hundred to couple of thousand. Most would buy the A80 for transport as the pre very old tech now . Cheers
  3. I also told thousands of ppl how good they are . Yes nothing is perfect but it raise the bar so high , most of my friends now owning one . With this DHC cable in my system, it surpassed anything I've listen before even the Magico S5 Glad you enjoy one of the finest hp available today mate [emoji1362]
  4. Item : FE Master Reference amp stand Location : Brisbane Condition: about 1 year old but like New [emoji1360]still have box . Price : asking $1600 Shipped in Australia with $50 donation to Stereo net if sold here . Reason for selling: upgrade to Mono set up , need money asap [emoji4] Payment : Cash or Transfer or Pick up or if you local free delivery for COD Extra information: it virtually new , i sold my Vitus amp and Magico S5 so it have to go as well . Well build and work like a champ . Save yourself, it less than 1/2 of RRP so act quick before it gone to good home :-) Oh this is large size unit 600x800 Thanks again for looking .
  5. 32 of the finest drivers , 60m of Jorma Design Statement cable .... 800h of man power [emoji4]
  6. Donation of $250.00 done [emoji4] Pls lock this up admin [emoji1362]
  7. Once the deal finalized, $250 will be donated [emoji1362][emoji4]
  8. Thanks bro :-) , i always have luck and some how i can kind of tell if that person going to buy it [emoji1362] We both agree S5 would offer a wonderful sound for many years to come , again when it come to resale specially this size and price it not hard at all . Most importantly he going to enjoy music in a new epic way , this transducer can show him so much in to music world like it did to me 13 months ago [emoji4]
  9. Thanks for looking and your kind words , speaker now Sold pending payment [emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  10. I totally agree, amazing ability to all kind of music . Will hold value so well in the long run not just sound but also build quality too [emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  11. Any one interested in the Vitus SS102 pls send me a pm :-)
  12. I use digital file , i think it was Tidal stream to CH Precision Dac . The name of singer is Zhao Peng I get the song name when i get home later bro [emoji1362]
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