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  1. I was never really a big believer in the whole "It takes x amount of hours for a speaker to open up" but in the case of the PMC's, or at least the Twenty5.22's it actually rings true. My initial thoughts when i first set them up was they didn't sound as good as what i heard in store, they were a bit unexciting to be honest. Fast forward a few weeks and i was being delivered wow moments over and over. In comparison, a few years ago i bought a pair of B&W 804 D2's, which are a full tower, 4 x bass drivers not to mention twice the price, since getting the PMC's i have barely touched the B&W's and will likely sell them off to fund a pair of Twenty5.26's in the future. The best is yet to come Michael!
  2. I've had the Twenty5.22's hooked up to a number of Amps, PrimaLuna, Vincent and even a 1978 Akai AM-2800, no matter what you pair them with they always sound good. They really are a magical speaker!
  3. I do love the look of the genuine PMC stands, but i'd already blown budget on the speakers plus a primaluna integrated amp, the $800 for the stands was pushing it.
  4. I ended up having a crack at making my own stands, taking inspiration from the good old threaded rod audio stands you see kicking around, total cost of $80. I'm sure there are plenty of people ready to pipe up telling me they won't sound as good as store bought stands but with 6mm thick steel on top and plenty of mass i think they work a treat and bring something a bit different to the table.
  5. I just did a huge upgrade of my main system and opted to keep my older vintage gear for Vinyl, so this would be excess to my needs, so its all yours rondine. I was running a Yaqin MC-13's but upgraded to a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated, still keeping the 13S though. I'm a bit jealous of you though, i always wanted to do a Les Box conversion. You are getting a genuinely great bit of kit for an even better price.
  6. That is an exceptionally good price for a genuine Les box, if that was in Brisbane i'd be all over it!
  7. Many of the bands i listened to in my teen's and early 20's, we are talking 90's here, i really can't listen to any more, the recordings are flat and lifeless on a high end system, where they sounded great back in the day (Or so i thought) My solution to that problem was to have 2 systems, one high end for more modern recordings and a vintage setup for most of my vinyl and CD's. Where the recordings lack in detail and imaging, the vintage gear makes up for in good channel separation and good old fashioned grunt to breathe some life into them.
  8. Dan, i recall watching a video done by Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio who spoke in detail about the PrimaLuna branded tubes. Although he never actually said who manufactured them he did say it was a Chinese manufacturer. According to Kevin, PrimaLuna work on a 60/100 model, that is they take 100 tubes, test them and brand 60 of the tubes that tested best and return the other 40. I have been trying to find out if they are in fact Tung-Sol, i don't know about in other countries but here in Oz the PrimaLuna branded tubes are more than twice the price of Tung-Sol branded tubes. I also noticed the PrimaLuna Branded EL34's have a physically larger bottle compared to a set of JJ EL34's i run in a different amp.
  9. @spin33, I noticed you have a white line on the Volume dial, i'm assuming that is something you have added? I bought the same amp a few weeks ago and not being able to see where the dial was at from a distance was bit of a bugbear for me, it never occurred to me to do something so simple yet effective, simplicity at it's finest!
  10. A few years ago I purchased a Yaqin MC-13S, a Chinese built EL34 integrated, for the first few months of operation it would emit a very similar smell, difficult to describe, chemical - medical with a hint of heated metal, certainly not an electrical smell nor burning though I put it down to the various soft plastics used in the wiring, plus there was some still quite soft glues used to keep wiring in place, along with the heat of the transformers. Over time the wiring started to firm up as did the glues and the smell eventually went away. I wouldn't say the internals of your Tram 2 resemble the Yaqin though. In contrast, I recently picked up a new PrimaLuna Dialogue HP integrated and it has never produced any kind of smell.
  11. Although my setup is a purpose built HTPC with internal DAC (Xonar Essence STX) i did borrow an Arcam IrDAC, which is near on 4x the price of the Xonar. I can't say i noticed a massive difference in sound quality. That said, id imagine any half decent DAC would put a chromecast to shame, in theory your laptop should just deliver the data to the DAC and the DAC does the rest. I was recently looking at an Oppo DAC which has a whole bunch of ways you can connect to it, USB, Bluetooth, RCA, Optical etc, so maybe put that on your radar? While on the topic of Spotify, i believe they are gearing up to release Spotify HiFi, which will in theory offer the same quality as Tidal.
  12. Your post brings me much happiness Terry, Only 4 weeks ago i purchased the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Integrated with factory fitted PrimaLuna EL34's. I'd seen you could also get the KT88 version for much the same price but ultimately went for the EL34's for the musicality. Most of the reading i have done suggested the KT88's were an acquired taste in the PL's, but those that had moved up to KT120's were very happy. I'm powering a set of B&W 804 D2's and the 70 watts the EL34's produce are more than sufficient, in fact i was fortunate enough to borrow a Plinius Hautonga which puts out 200w @ 8ohm and the PrimaLuna seems to produce a bigger more solid sound without compromise on clarity. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the KT150's
  13. I quite often get a hum from my Rega RP1 due to a slight motor vibration, it's only audible when i have the turntable sitting on top of the amp and lifting the turntable even slightly rectifies it. The vintage gear is a whole lot of fun, one of my most cherished pieces is a 1978 AKAI AM-2800, it's (my opinion) one of the best looking silver face amps around and packs a solid punch. Another amp worth keeping an eye out for is the Sansui AU-555, it doesn't quite have the looks but it certainly makes up for in sound.
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