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  1. Geez, this is an absolute bargain. They retailed for $4500 when i bought mine a few years back. Amazing receiver GLWS
  2. It was a bit of a battle to get the hifi store to let me listen to them both, the sales rep made it seem like it was the hardest thing in the world to unpack an amp and plug it in. Of course that soon faded when i told them i'd buy it and handed over the cash. The only thing that kept me from walking out was the owner of the store and how nice he was to me on my previous visit.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys, i went and had a listen yesterday and decided on the Denon. Sounded much better IMO, so much deeper and fuller (if that makes sense), the Pioneer also sounded good but just a little thin and tinny compared to the Denon.
  4. Saw the MRX-700 for $1499 on the weekend, such a pity there's only 4 HDMI ins
  5. Great transformation, as others have said that floor just looks magic!
  6. The 4311 does AirPlay but AFAIK its a paid add-on The main reason i want AirPlay is to control zone 2 (patio) from my iDevices so i don't really need a fancy on screen display for the TV Great, thanks Al
  7. From what i've heard and read (don't quote me because i'm not an expert) but the reason this was said was due to to Denon releasing a new amp in the lower (not made in Japan) amps eg. the 3312, 2312. Denon didnt release an update for the 43 series (4312) due to the ongoing power issues in Japan. Denon as supposedly skipping the 4312 and releasing the 4313 toward the end of the year. The guy at the hifi store said it was getting on now because it's missing some features that the newer amps now have, i believe the Pioneer LX75 and 85 were released in the 2nd half of 2011 and the Denon around a year before that. I already have 2 Apple TV's but i really want the amp to do that too so i dont have to have the Apple TV's running all the time. I'd love to go down this path (external power amp) but unfortunately i dont have room in my entertainment unit and i dont have room for a rack. I'm using a 5.1 set of Paradigm SE's, i don't believe that are that power hungry. Thanks again for the advice Caeser
  8. Cool mate, thats exactly what i was thinking So in your opinion you don't think the Denon is too old?
  9. Hey guys i'm in the market for a new receiver and after much shopping and research its come down to 2 (maybe 3) models. Denon 4311 Pioneer LX75 Pioneer LX85 (if i can get for a white van price ) TBH i'm pretty sold on the Denon and all the reviews i've read on this have been amazing but the hifi store i might be buying it from has tried to talk me out of it (Although 2 other competitive hifi stores have told me this is AVR the bees knees). The hifi store that has tried to talk me out of it said its a brilliant receiver but its just a little old in the tooth these days and the Pioneers are far more advanced in sound and features. I love the apple connectivity of the Pioneers but not sure if that is just a gimmick. It's probably a good thing to mention that i haven't had a listen to either amp yet but i'll be going in to the hifi store this wkend for a solid session. I have heard the Denon 3312 and was really impressed with a few different speakers including the Paradigm monitors and studios. I recently purchased a full set of Paradigm SE's and this is why i want to buy a new AVR, the drama is the hifi store that i'm visiting this wkend doesn't sell Paradigm anymore and the other 2 hifi stores i've spent some time in don't sell Pioneer (they can order them in but i can't listen to them first). So i'm keen to hear others thoughts on the 3 AVR's, if anyone owns one of the above or has had personal experience i'd love to hear your pros and cons. Cheers
  10. Hey guys thought i'd finally sign up after reading this forum over the past few months. Work in IT (networking) and over the past few years my hobby has been setting up a A/V home network, thought it was time to start concentrating more on some decent audio as the rest is almost spot on. Been running a set of studio monitors (KRK Rokit's) for a while as my main source of sound but recently bought a set of Paradigm SE's, now im in the market for a new receiver. Will be posting up a new thread in the Amplification forums later to get some advice.
  11. sweet, thanks for the info klokwerk. looks like my lunchbreak will be spent buying blurays
  12. Just a heads up guys i just called EzyDVD in Rundle Mall (adelaide) and they have the B2G1F sale IN STORE. It will last for 4 weeks and it’s on selected titles, some may vary from the online sale
  13. Sweet! I just called the Rundle Mall store (Adelaide) and they have the B2G1F sale IN STORE. It will last for 4 weeks and it’s on selected titles, some may vary from the online sale Thanks for the heads up XxDeadlyxX
  14. yeah $115 for each limited ed pack. they were $150 in EB/Game/JB Hifi if you pre-ordered. just did a bulk order for me and my mates to save on shipping.
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