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  1. I have listened to the Duke 2. If this speaker is anything like it or better then it should be an absolute treat! GLWTS
  2. Having to deal with Audio withdrawal symptoms while at work! LOL
  3. As I am dreaming about them they sound quite nice...trust me! 🤪
  4. Wow...Spectral...Nice 👌 Would love to try them in my set-up one day!
  5. Looks like a coherent sounding set up there! The mids do sound very natural.
  6. Very nice set up Chanh! Are the DC2's at the back wall working for you?
  7. Yep...would have been a good one try if I didn't already have grounding boxes coming out of ears.
  8. I have these in Rosewood finish. One of the nicest sounding stand mount speakers I have. GLWTS
  9. Similar journey myself. Have owned Accuphase front end gear for the past 7 years and haven't felt the itch to change to any other brand...despite auditioning a range of different hi-end products in my set-up on an ongoing basis. Prior to Accuphase, for over 15 years, I had owned quite a few 'big name' European/American gear...but none for more than a year...or two at most!
  10. I have this cable...among other Zensati cables in my set up. They are extremely fast and resolving cables...as a result the timing and structure of music is shockingly real. You owe it to yourself to at least listen to them if you have a half decent set up. Also, at this price it is a steal!! GLWTS
  11. OMG...This is so tempting. I already have two CR7 and a ZX9. The Dragon will complete the holy trinity!! However, I must resist for now...which is sad. GLWTS
  12. Yep...looks bloody marvelous. And works great too...I am sure! Someone will be very happy. GLWTS
  13. I got the C-2850 few years back...never felt the need to change since. Great pre with variable gain settings and phase switch. Some of the best 'tone' going around!!...IMO. PRAT is off the scale when matched with right power and Speaker. Ironically, I moved from TOTL tube set-ups to Solid state when I discovered Accuphase. Tried/listened to many a different solid state set-ups prior to that GLWTS
  14. Yes indeed!...the voice search alone is worth the price IME. Even on smart TV...i prefer using the Apple TV!!!
  15. I use it with Apple TV...and it is as good a smart TV as anything available today.
  16. I bought my pioneer kuro in 2009...the last one in Sydney I am led to believe. Few other LED TVs have come and gone since then...but the pioneer has stayed. The very best in plasma tech.
  17. I have listened to these...they are fast and big sounding. Give them good power and they will rock you!! GLWTS
  18. They sound amazing too. I like their MASH based digital front end a lot and own few of their top CD transport/players.
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