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  1. No issues with my 2016 issue. I wasn't aware of problems
  2. Personally recommended, you can ask https://kithe.com.au/audio-sideboards-and-vinyl-storage/
  3. Hi PS Audio listeners I stumbled across Paul McGowan talking about a new integrated Stellar Strata here. One box solution with Class A preamp, DAC, headphone amp, streamer. Not sure if power is Class A, D or something else. I am very interested in this as a tidy solution to all my boxes and bits. I never listened to PS Audio components however. Lots of positive feedback in this forum and the web. I have high expectations. What do you think PS audio users?
  4. You could try Classic hifi in Newtown https://classic-hifi.net/ or spin doctor http://www.spindoctormusic.com.au/. Suggest give them a call first to check if they can do it but MAY not be cheap. As suggested you could do as much cleaning as possible as you will likely be charged an hourly rate.
  5. @surprisetech thanks for sharing. That's good news. Hopefully it will be successful. 🤞
  6. Hi There I'd like to take if still available to Sydney 2038; My Bloody Valentine - Lost Tracks and Rare Cuts VG/EX $35 My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy VG/EX $35 Can PM
  7. I rang them about a quote. It's all custom made to whatever specifications you require. The wood can be chosen, what shelving,doors you want etc and they will build it. Pricing is obviously dependent on the choices made.
  8. I have no ties to these guys so just wanted to say how awesome this looks. Happy to accept this as a Chrissie present .... https://kithe.com.au/products/devinyl-dj-station/
  9. Thanks, I got the same email. I didn't have many cd's stored, only a handful, interesting to see what will happen. Pretty poor warning.
  10. oh oh looks like website is down for good. Real pity I liked Murfie for getting copies of old and almost new albums. I used it to buy cd's in US and get them loaded to my cloud. I wonder what happens to all of those?
  11. Bit strange, not sure if I saw something in error. The site went down briefly but came back.
  12. To all Murfie users. When I visited the murfie.com website today I read a message they were closing Nov 19. Website still up though. Anyone read anything? Hope it's not happening...
  13. Item: Sony WH-1000xm3. Black. Price Range: $230-250 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for bluetooth noise cancelling headphones (black only). I had a pair and left them on a plane from Hobart to Sydney if you happen to see them! 😭
  14. I have 36 on this which is far more than the Pitchfork list of 16. Feel better, I did Pitchfork first and it depressed me...
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