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  1. Just now wondering, without any foundation, but observing moves whether recent attacks on MQA could have been a ploy by competitors to devalue/destablise Tidal and win market share?🤔
  2. Further information: Widely reviewed and written about in the media. I love these and suspect I will buy them again! Owned them now for 6 years. I personally wouldn't recommend them in large room without a sub but brilliant in small to medium rooms. I have the boxes and can ship although my kids did a bit of art scribbling on the outside years ago.... Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items,
  3. ...or the scene where people are in listening booths. Fantastic.
  4. I have resolved the connection issues by updating WiSA and moving the hub out of cabinet into more open position . Think it was the update that did it mostly. I still find there's a delay of about 10 seconds before sound is heard when switching it on after it has powered down. Not sure if is related to connection. Good to be able to get back to listening without the hassle.
  5. Good point @Bomber Rock I too bought this as a system, not just speakers, to simplify my main set up. Hub and software performance will be critical to overall enjoyment. I do think all the issues at the moment are software related and I am encouraged to see Buchardt are making genuine attempts and posting answers to try to address the issues. I am confident they will fix it as there seems to be no problems with earlier batches. They are overwhelmed at the moment and they seem good people so I want them to succeed.
  6. Hi all I still haven't resolved my WISA connection problems. Anyone else having issues? I downloaded or tried to update the hub to the latest beta version. I am still not sure if it installed correctly as there is not a real notification that I can see to say it successfully completed. Apparently there will be an update sent to all hubs soon but I couldn't wait. I also find my speakers will shut down over night and not wake up when tv is turned on. The lights on the back of the speakers will be out and I have to completely turn off and turn on the speakers and then resta
  7. Thanks mate I did see it. But the update looks complicated. I will see if it settles first and experiment with placement.
  8. I have had the A500 for a few days now and thought I’d share my initial findings. So far it’s been a little frustrating. Frustrating from the point of view of getting a signal from the hub to the speakers. The Buchardt Facebook group has been useful and I think it’s a WiSa issue rather than wifi issue. The group says you should try different positioning of the hub as it can get interference from other wifi equipment. I haven’t tried it yet. If the speakers are not in use the power switches off and getting them to connect again can be slow. It’s annoying when I want to just start listening t
  9. Received a DHL msg with expected delivery date of April 6 ?
  10. I have some Isotek EVO 3 premier cables (I think that's the model) I bought ages ago. I will try these on the speakers first . Hopefully these will be ok and fit! Not sure whether I have a power brick thing to fit the hub. I am sure the iFi products will be good, based on reviews. I have a @Gieseler Audio linear power supply but it is 12v, maybe I will order a 5v version....
  11. I am wondering if this is for the hub. I can't see a power input for this plug on the back of the speaker itself. Only the standard ac power input. However I can't find a good resolution image of the back of the speaker.
  12. Really? That's disappointing. Is there no legal requirement to supply suitable power cables for safety reasons? I know one can use an adapter but I never feel comfortable doing that.
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