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  1. Much better lower end performance compared to my old amp a Job 225, which I believe has much higher gain. The Hyperion is whisper quiet with ear straight in front of tweeter at full gain with no load, and the remote is a very nice QoL functionality that I miss greatly. Would've kept the unit (and got another to power rears) if it wasn't for upgrade fever enticing me to try a multi-channel system. I don't need as much power as I run a nearfield setup however my current approach is to skip the centre channel hence the front two speakers will need to carry the load of the centre and be preamped accordingly.
  2. Further information: The rating is VERY conservatively rated, closer to 90-100w when measured. Not power limited by any capacity, almost 2x power into 4ohms Original owner bought late last year from Dacman Audio. 2 years+ warranty left Have original packing, the remote has been protected since day 1. Remote can turn unit on/off Willing to trade for a used Benchmark LA4 (+cash adjustment from my end) Photos: Internals of a silver unit:
  3. Interested! Whats the RMS output voltage of the dac?
  4. This is the slight issue with bass traps, the more space you have to work with the better it is to use less dense materials. At 250mm+ especially with airgap behind the trap you are better off using the HD vs the XHD. Play with the calculator here: http://www.acousticmodelling.com/porous.php Mike's post has more info here:
  5. I believe the Spotify addon is 3rd party and requires a premium account to run. There is native Tidal, Deezer support though.
  6. Yes the best performing region is from 3-10w so you would want to match speaker sensitivity that reaches the majority of your targeted listening spl level within that range. This kinda applies to your line/preamp, the measured spec is usually done at full output, however quite often you get a window of peak performance at a lower output.
  7. Note, you don't need to actually hit your amps input sensitivity unless you really need the extra power. In fact most amps perform better at a lower output. And the hard gain cap provides a nice safety net for your speakers.
  8. Gain is conducted in stages. The most common input sensitivities standards are 2V~ (unbalanced rca) and 4V~ (balanced xlr). Amps convert these internally in the form of a buffer board and the better ones offer you select choice of choice of gain. Given how noise, distortion and the dB scale works means you need something magnitudes better performance just so you don't degrade the overall performance. http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-thd.htm Look at the Benchmark HPA4 and AHB2, the line/pre-amplifier is just as costly as the power amp, because it needs to be perform much better than the AHB2 to ensure it doesn't bottleneck the performance of the power amp. I do like the higher line level signals used in pro-audio (12V~ RMS) as stronger voltages are more less prone to interference and hope someday it'll become an official standard.
  9. When I picked up my V1500 earlier this year from Peter, I vaguely remember he was thinking perhaps looking into moving to a order in business model rather than holding local stock. I had an issue with the input detector misfiring on my unit and Peter promptly arranged for it to be fixed even during this disastrous logistical environment. Even offered me a replacement sub to hold me over, although I did not take the offer. Can't recommend him highly enough! Very interested in the new units with ipal drivers.
  10. Wow! Would love to get this to replace the buffer stage of my amp but it'll be completely overkill...
  11. I have polymax batts sitting on Ikea MULIG Clothes rack, held together via velcro. If you really wanted I think you could fit 600mm on them and the ability to move it around and vacuum underneath.
  12. Item: Dynaudio C1s Price Range: $4.5k~ Item Condition: Used, preferably within warranty. Extra Info: Looking for another pair of C1s to complete my multi-channel setup. Need the speakers only, no stands. Local only at this stage. +Bonus if its in rosewood to match my current pair. Price range is flexible, more for Platinum and less for older models and/or not under warranty.
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