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  1. Item: Soekris dac1421 discrete R2R DAC Location: 3104 can post, have all original packaging Price: $1500 firm. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Have all original packaging, also will include USB to TTL Serial Cable for filter rolling/updating firmware. Also I preordered this after the dac1541 review, low double digits serial number. + will include Apple Remote Photos:
  2. Item: Assorted Cables Location: Melbourne Pickup 3104 or postage $10 Price: Anticables Level 3 Reference Series Speaker Wires 3feet (90cm~) spade to spade - $100 Bill's cables rca - 1.5m $80 speaker cables - 1.5m - spade to banana $40 speaker cables - 2m - banana to banana $40 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Photos:
  3. Ended up getting a V1500, the sub was much bigger than expected! System now flat to 20hz, -4db at 14hz.
  4. Yeah I think the DIYer and the OEM target audience does not overlap enough to make a difference. Might be tempted in building one of these once Ghent Audio releases their solderless case packages.
  5. This is very tempting, wished the units came with line level outputs/DSP. I'd either need to gamble on the integration, run a miniDSP box and/or a passive high pass filter...
  6. Denafrips Hyperion. And the glorified on/off switch: But because of the remote I can place the amp in an obscure/inaccessible location! I know the pictures doesn't do the amp justice, I'll take some better shots in the weekend, probably some internals shots as well! Much thanks @Dacman
  7. Item: Job 225 stereo amplifier Location: Melbourne 3104 Price: $1500 firm Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Don't need this much power for near-field setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Have original box, manuals etc. Amp should speak for itself Photos:
  8. Play around with this: https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc. You can even move around the room and see where your nulls/peaks are, this will help with placement and positioning and even tell you the amount of absorption you need. I think people overestimate the amount of effect room treatment has on the FR response. Sometimes if the room ratios you're using is unfavourable there's not much all the treatment in the world can solve. EQ is much powerful tool in that regard, especially on the low end. And room treatment is used to fix issues that EQ cannot solve alone. I added offsets to the measurements for easier visual comparison. First set = no eq, second set = REW + rePhase auto eq 20-400hz, third set = sonarworks, fourth set = REW + rePhase full range with house curve being slope at 500hz to -6dB at 24kHz.
  9. Built some simple basstraps. Couple sheets of polymax xhd (250mm) on a Ikea MULIG Clothes rack, a few planks of wood for support and some velcro tape. I could have wrapped it up in acoustically transparent cloth to make it look nicer but can't be bothered. And surprisingly it isn't too hard to move. Estimated performance: Going to try my luck at building a wooden QRD diffusion panel for the backwall next!
  10. Yes I had two of them on each of the rear wall corners. I think my room was too dead at that point for them to do much though. -30dB from initial signal within first 150ms. James from SoundAcoustics specified; "One LF70 bass trap in a 4 x 5 room will reduce T30 rev time at 100Hz by 20 - 25ms. So if you have 4 and you start at 500ms you should have a result of 400ms. If you have 8 traps you will get down to 300ms." Didn't work out in my case though. I still highly recommend to go DIY or customised solution as every room is different after all.
  11. I think membrane traps are made to target specific frequencies and only good in specific scenarios. The general consensus with bass traps are very dependant on how much room you have to work with, the more room you have -> less denser material is better. Here's a good calculator of comparing materials + airgap http://www.acousticmodelling.com/porous.php. I had 4x these for my back walls from my experience they don't seem to do much. I replaced them with 250mm of full sized polymax xhd panels with 600mm airgap loaded on a simple ikea clothing rack, simple yet much more effective.
  12. I have nothing against properly implemented SMPS however don't trust most companies to implement them properly. My computer is powered by this 200W linear psu: I suggest reading these threads on headfi: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Slightly out dated but lots of good info, one of the Teradac models can provide dual outputs for your use case. Try to stick with brands that advertise specs and better yet provide proper measurements rather than say targeted advertising (I am looking at you HDPLEX).
  13. Australia's Z1R retail pricing ($1599) is by far the lowest comparatively. I am using Z1R with Sabaj D5 balanced and seems good enough, the headphones respond well to EQ. I had a thx AAA 789 on order too but cancelled. Amp wise just go JDS Atom or wait for thx line up to come out drop 789, monoprice 887 or smsl sp200 and if you enjoy the juicy tube distortion sound monoprice liquid gold. What do people think about the RAAL SR-1A hype? I've been looking for another true end game ever since my he6 died on me a while back. Seem's decent for those who have speaker setups.
  14. I replaced my Lukasz Fikus (lampizator) modded Squeezebox Duet with a pc based source mostly due to easier access to DSP. You can feed squeezebox Dirac/Acourate/Sonarworks DSP by using WaveInput plugin and VirtualCable but its a ton effort. I do miss LMS's new music feature and overall playback usability...
  15. How is the Hestia remote? It looks like a nice piece of work that the youtube review skipped over entirely. When I home demo'd the Denafrips Terminator a while back the only holding me back from getting it was the 3 months ~ backlog between order to delivery. I really do like Denafrips brute force approach to hifi. This combo is really tempting especially with the option of home demo with the help of Stav at DACMAN audio.
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