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  1. A broadcast technician/engineer once told me that they double sided taped their tonearms on arm-boards in his studios. Thanks
  2. Further information: This is the classic SPU with built in high gain Transformer. Recommended VTF is at 2 grams (not 4 or 3) Matching Tonearm. Shell has a line crack and finger lift is missing. "Smooth luxurious sound, with a dark background". Stylus sit low, but played and tracked excellently- cover(white) can be removed for more clearance. https://medialux.blog/2018/04/27/what-a-feeling/ Can only deliver to Pack and Send-I do not know how to take off counterweight Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing wh
  3. A recent pair-APM 20ES sold for about $635 on eBay about a week ago.
  4. Further information: Price is low and is non negotiable. (Ten off for just the board) Quality 3 amp Power supply, cord for 3 amp, Unused heatsink Tinker box ASUS is the basis for Volumio product(about$1k up) The Tinker board on paper can be just the perfect match for Volumio We can conclude by saying that the Volumio on the ASUS Tinker board is among the best (together with X86) you can get: browsing is super smooth, Network is fast and the sound quality via USB is as good as it can be (especially when paired with iFi’s iPurifier2). To become the real Raspberry PI killer
  5. If you read carefully. I wasn't the one who starts disagreeing first. But I remember the you on the other topic I started. you accused me of not loosing( using) my mind, being greedy. It was when I said (looking at the big picture), you get money back from ebay if it was a scam, you accused me of low moral, encouraging scammers. You were right, it was a scam. I bought two to give away- I never got them, but I did got my money back.
  6. probably scared off by unfriendly bickering biased members
  7. Nothing to do with MOD. It is part of their design process that makes their product superior So reason to buy their speakers
  8. I would agree to Canadians, but not to non Canadians. It is not unlike subsidising?
  9. I have been listening to a Single Full Range Drivers. It is known to have certain fatiguing high, and not much low. It wasn't much to listen to with my pre/power both 6GL6 SE valve or SS class a, until I used a low powered single ended 84 -it became clearer and with better dynamic than my electrostatic in the mids. I also been listening to a JAMO-4 ohms. It became noticeable better after, I use a D amps. I have to take time to play around with them. I would dismissed them in a studio, at a retailer. I also have a friend with a trusted 'Golden Ear'. I got him to picked a pair of $30
  10. I was also doing some work with metal, heating and slow or sudden cooling to frozen the structure-they make no sense in the facilitating the transfer of electrons, especially when you make the metal harder by sudden cooling.
  11. I am sceptical of cyrogenically treated products. Forty-five years ago, I was doing laboratory work and had a play around liquid nitrogen. I would immerse stuff into it. Thing would simply shattered after treatment. A piece of paper or a fresh green leaf would simply shattered when dropped, after immersing into the liquid. How can this be done to make it work?
  12. You should mentioned the amplifier that will be used for the speakers. Best is for your friend and you to have a listen, with the intended amplifier- difficult at this time. Speakers also have a very subjective nature, but the accompanying amplifier is important.
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