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  1. new shelves arrived from Grizzly Removed the dollies also
  2. i would love to visit Nick's place one day
  3. but since the OP has a dedicated room you should need to move your speakers once you are happy with the location / sound.
  4. you need to experiment what best for your room. over the last 5 to 6 weeks ive played around with toe ins, speakers distances away from the front wall. speakers distance apart and seating distance. ive removed my dollies underneath my speakers and im happy with how the system sounds but room treatment is required for my small room.
  5. not just that the seating position should be 1/3 into the room. i actually dont think the side and the front wall setback should be the same. i utilise the 1/3 rule but i dont for the setback of speakers from the side walls
  6. the smaller the distance between the speakers generally the small the sound stage.
  7. actually think the speaker size are fine and the room seems larger than you have indicated. try pulling out the speakers a little more. Toe in? once happy, room treatment. i suggest to relocate your component rack to one side or have a lower rack.
  8. my hifi room is probably a little bigger than yours but its an odd shape and i have Hulgich Dukes. they are massive for my small room but they sound pretty good imo. you would think bass is the issue but not in my room. imo getting large sound stage is harder than a mid to large size room but room treatment will cure some of the small room issues. So room treatment is critical. since you have the focal why not try them first and see if you like them.
  9. i find the 105 internal dac sound rather flat compared to my R7HE. kind of expected.
  10. would love to know how the 205 sounds compared to 105. in saying that i find my coax connection from my 105 to my digital input / reclocker very flaky. for 1 thing no SACD pass through via coax or optical. so i just ordered a converter from hdmi to i2S to see if this solves the issue ive been having.
  11. i have done what he suggested before i received the book and cd. i have been playing around with speaker positioning for about 4 weeks now
  12. i had a quick read and play around with the CD. for me nothing really new - singer's distance thing was good for me to determine the depth of sound stage. i can clearing hear the difference between 3 fee and 6 feet. only slightly between 6 feet and 9 feet.
  13. Hulgich speakers for HT and music - way to go man
  14. This come very handy and just in time as im dialling my system in. Currently ive utilised the 1/3 rule. Now want to see what paul has to offer.
  15. if i had a choice i would rather have a nice looking plant than a panel on / next to the wall.
  16. totally agree there if i had a dedicated large music room the toe in would be different. sitting 2.9m away i wouldnt call that near field listen.
  17. i tried the extreme crossover positioning this morning for a hour or so and for my situation crossing over 1m and at my nose created a smaller sound stage and instrument separation was congested. imo this is cause of my small room. i can see it working in mid and large size rooms. i have been playing around with toe in for the last week and for my room and system so far its a little past my shoulders.
  18. about 5 years or so ago (maybe longer) i went through the same dilemma. went to audition the top AVRs (at the time) and concluded they pretty much all Japanese AVRs sound the same. The euro brands sounded better but lack the latest tech. Then i started researching into separates. auditioned a few and now concluded with the Primare SP33 with Elektra Power amp. sounds very nice for music but no fancy calibration of the jap AVRs. this is fine with me as i like calibration my system myself. Since then i have a dedicated 2 channel system and seriously there is no comparison.
  19. thanks deep. the second one looks intriguing as it also supports i2S out. really want to do it without another dac into the mix. but this option is the best so far. thanks
  20. Awesome but $1k wow. thanks guys i will look into it.
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