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  1. May i ask why Lumin D2 and Not the U1 Mini? especially of you dont need a DAC.
  2. for my use the Nvidia Shield is perfect for videos and for music im leaning towards Lumin U1 Mini (if i had the budget U1)
  3. im thinking also to get the Lumin U1 Mini as the full U1 is imo a rip even though it provides better fidelity. however about a cd transport with a streamer capability? such the Marantz offerings? but aint sure if they offer support for MQA, Tidal, Roon and the like. im currently using Oppo 105 now but would like more streaming features in the future.
  4. MA needs power to sound its best. get a nice sub and your HT will transform also get a Integrated amp with HT bypass for music. your system will be transformed in regards to audio.
  5. How i auditioned the Hulgich Dukes in Melbourne was at Melbourne Audio Club at first. Pitty no more meeting for now. Awesome people too.
  6. my cousin at last has ordered a pair of A500s. i cant wait to see and hear them now. he even asked if could run them in for him. which i indicated i would but i maybe too busy running my own system in.
  7. does expensive wine sound better or worse than average price wine?
  8. congrats OP what a beautiful setup. i almost became an owner for the ATC 100 actives about a year ago. awesome choice. the vocal as magical on these.
  9. i also think its the avr. i would never run a good pair of speakers with a AVR for music.
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