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  1. ive heard the top of the line reference ones - very nice. awesome dynamic range. i listened to these with the Harbeth 40.2 anniversary editions and i felt that 40.2 had better mids while the Ref 1 went lower and higher.
  2. ive had my Monitor Audio RS 7.1 HT setup for over 10 years - various electronic has been replaced to due failure etc. for me a few years ago i found myself gravitating towards music. its great having the HT for movies and games but music was a little disappointing as the AVR at the time didnt have enough power to get out the true potential of the speakers. In the past year i decided to get a dedicated hifi system something far exceeds what my HT can do (mind you with the upgrades my HT system actually sounds pretty good in regards to music). listened to about a dozen systems all around $20k to 35k mark. The system i have settled on is vastly superior is many ways where the HT falls sort in regards to music.
  3. i dont agree imo 50 % on speakers and 50% on the remainder. some components gets outdated like the dac and to a certain extent the source. the rest can remain in your system for a very long time and worth spending more money on.
  4. sounds like to me that your not satisfied with your setup - especially the DAC and speakers. if i was you i would be looking at the speakers first - set a budget and go and audition various speakers.
  5. great meeting you today and wow your system sound very nice indeed. the Dukes are larger than i recalled but more beautiful in person than i recalled especially in white. thanks again.
  6. my previous setup was rather similar to yours but much older. MA RS8 with Denon 3808. No matter how i fiddled with the settings within the Denon i could never get a warm sound with bass. A few years ago the Denon died and i was after a more musical HT system. After auditioning about 8 receivers / separates i have determined that most Jap receivers / separates sound pretty similar in regards to music (cold and lifeless to me). the euro brands tend to sound much better (but lack the latest tech). I eventual went with Primare SP33 (pre) with Electra (power). but imo i could have (maybe should have) with integrated with a HT byypass. the system is now a joy to listening to music. Currently im after my next dedicated hifi system - i can say my current HT/Music system isnt too bad compared to the systems ive listened to of the past year.
  7. is there are maximum / recommended room size for the ATC 100s and the 150s? as my room size is approximately 80m3 vol.
  8. only thing it may have been missing was the low bass punch - but then again the albums i had listened to on the day didnt comprise of notes much in this region. sibilant - didnt hear any. just sounded right to me. all it needed imo was a little more punch in the lower region. this could be the room. I cant remember where is read it. Classics and floor stands ATC indicated sound exactly the same. so im leaning towards the Classics to save some money to put into areas of need (preamp).
  9. Just came back from an hour audition with the ATC 100 Actives. the tone was awesome. the mids range & vocals just amazing with a big sound stage. imo very similar sound stage to the Cornwall III. i think looking at these 100s now the 150s maybe too big for the room(s) they will be in. Floor stands or classics? But still have another set of speakers to listen to before i decide.
  10. nice - good luck on the sale. pitty im not quiet ready
  11. well to me its a system where you are happy to live with for a very long time (considering electronics do break down). the system has the sound qualities / musicality one is looking for. most importantly the system makes you want to listen / enjoy music of you liking.
  12. nice very nice - sometimes i wished i purchased the GS60 in lieu of the RS8 at the time. im very happy with the RS8 for HT.
  13. thanks for the great suggestions and i will take them onboard. i was thinking how about the Matrix Element X (as nothing is mentioned) in regards to matching with active ATCs. reason why is that i need ethernet network connection that plays accepts files up to 24/384 hi res files and DSD also. much of my listening is via network. only critical is via cd. some the Denafrips Dacs looking interesting also i like having minimalist system. but not when it compromises audio quality (to a certain extent)
  14. can anyone recommend a DAC / pre paring with the Active ATC?
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