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  1. Congrats Seadog. awesome pair of speakers. ive heard the 100 Actives and i almost purchased them.
  2. actually not that long a few weeks (if i recall correctly) but due to my personal situation i have delayed the delivery time.
  3. i know of only 4 pairs of Dukes. Nick, Kingwa of Audio GD, a mate on this forum and my one currently being manufactured.
  4. nice wonder how many people still own the Hulgich Astor now. even not many own the Dukes
  5. evil c - very nice. what size is your room? curious. have you ever plugged the elektra amp into your speakers? if you have how does it sound?
  6. Like ive indicated a number of times - in the flesh the Dukes look much bigger than in photos. seems that you have enjoying music. Currently renovating my house as we speak.
  7. Great picks man. i wouldnt call your room small. mid size. mine on the other hand - once i get my Duke will be in a odd shape small room.
  8. actually i delayed the delivery / payments as we are renovating our place. didnt want to move the speakers from one place to another. Yes i purchased my speakers straight from Nick.
  9. about 30-45 degree from your head - so looks about right to me.
  10. looks awesome setup. imo if you are going 2 ceiling speakers you might as well add another 2 (total of 4).
  11. all euro brands uptake on technology has always been slow. but their sound quality is on another level compared to the japnaese.
  12. No problems - previously owning a Denon receiver and now the Primare i dont miss room correction at all.
  13. i currently run the Primare SP33 (non 4k) with Elektra Theatron 7. if you are more interested in movies i suggest not to go Primare route - has no room correction and primare is a music first company unlike most brands already mentioned above. If your music first with benefits of surround sound then Primare is awesome.
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