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  1. i would highly recommend to listen to a system before making a decision. as many has advised myself to listen to certain speakers saying X is better than Y but imo for myself some X was not better than Y.
  2. i would have spent my money into a stereo setup in lieu of a HT. then again its going to work out find as my new place HT is better suited and my new stereo setup is more a personal use.
  3. for 20k total budget i would be spending around 10k on speakers have a look at SNA recommended list below and i strongly wait till the virus is over and audition as many speakers as you can. find the sound you like. Price Range: $5000 to $10000 1. PMC Twenty5.23 $6,490 2. Dynaudio Focus 20 XD stand-mount $7,999 incl power amps; Contour 20 $ $8000 3. B&W 805d3 $7900 4. Krix Neuphonix Mk2 $5,300 5. ATC SCM19A $6800 6. VAF I66 $8500; VAF Signature i66 Mk2 $8,000 7. Magnepan MG3.7IR - $9999; 8. Audio Physic Classic 30 $8000 9. Harbeth 30.2 10. Krix Esoterix Altum $6995 11. Revel F208 $9,400 12. Devialet Phantom Gold pair $10,000 13. PMC Twenty5 24 $8,990 14. ATC SCM 40 $6999 15. Focal Aria 936 $5500 16. M8audio Sweet Maxwell $6500 17. Q-Acoustics Concept 500 $8,000
  4. Depends what you are after in regards to neutral or warm sound. How about on the warmer side with great mid range Harbeth 40.2 or ATC 100s. Neutral - the PMCs or the Hulgich speakers. Forward sounding (live) - Klipsch Cornwall IV.
  5. audiohippo - wow crazy system. congrats
  6. I used to love pc gaming - but that was 8 years ago. back then so many issues with drivers etc. just go over it. I will be getting the ps5 - much less hassle. also HDR is awesome.
  7. what cables are you using? maybe worth a try changing to different cables. try a different source.
  8. i did consider these one stage but since i couldnt listen to them in Australia i gave up on the idea.
  9. I agree mostly as they are farely balanced speakers. Imo bass is good but not could be better controlled
  10. i have them under all my components and speakers. for me they havent made any noticeable difference but imo they protect my components from vibrations which is a good thing.
  11. Ma has always been good speakers for the price. My old rs8 surprise me all the time.
  12. power from the mains is a hard thing to remove at times. I have the Holton DC Blocker One which does a good job. ive also experimented with the isotek isoplus, isotek base power cords, etc. they all help a little but various combinations reduces dynamic range like you have mentioned. currently i use the DC Blocker and the power cords and it seems to be pretty good.
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