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  1. me too looks great. would love to hear them one day. cross my fingers my cousin purchases them.
  2. Jeremy, Dukes are a beautiful speaker in both looks and sound. if you like the sound of a neutral speaker then these are a must in your listening venture. Many Australian brands perform / complete above their competitors from overseas at the same price point. have a listen and you maybe surprised how good Australian speakers are.
  3. ive listened to the older ATC 50 passives and current ATC 100 Actives. the older 50 passives to me wasnt there but i almost purchased the 100s the mid range is so magical. unfortunately, i have no experience with Dynos.
  4. post some pix of your Ellas if you dont mind
  5. hay buddy can you grab me another amp i need to put another ming vase up onto the shelves.
  6. Item: RAMM Audio - Amadeus 5 MK2 cables Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: trying to get this cables (imported) at a reasonable price (euro is a rip) all US websites doesnt seem to response. Can any get these or provide any possible way (excluding excess euro import / postage fees). Thanks in advance
  7. OP forgot to mention my current system is a HT system that is orientated to music first and HT second. its good and during my Stereo journey indicated to me its actually better than i thought. my system comprises of Primare SP33, Elektra 7 channel amp & Oppo 105 with various DIY cables. Although i dont recommend the SP33 now as its outdated. the rest of my system sounds pretty good in regards to music (no slouch in HT either). As good as the Dukes at my friends place? not even close. better than most peoples HT setups? hell yes.
  8. most retailers are pretty awesome. i spent hours with John of Sounds Gallery and also Clef. last year i basically went through the same journey of finding my next hifi system. went to about 8 retails and 4 peoples homes auditioning speakers than various people has recommended here. some was great but other were not so. i was so surprise people open their homes to a stranger. all appreciated.
  9. Klapp - is not a bad place to visit. they have both HT and 2 channel setups. CAV and Clef is also good but definitely bring your own cds, usb etc.
  10. i wouldnt be bricking up that window as a theatre room is considered as a habitable room. once you brick the window up it will no longer be compliant.
  11. cant wait for your impressions on these beautiful speakers and see pictures of your setup.
  12. wonder what tv the OP is upgrading to. besides size their aint much out there. CX is a side grade.
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