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  1. well to me its a system where you are happy to live with for a very long time (considering electronics do break down). the system has the sound qualities / musicality one is looking for. most importantly the system makes you want to listen / enjoy music of you liking.
  2. nice very nice - sometimes i wished i purchased the GS60 in lieu of the RS8 at the time. im very happy with the RS8 for HT.
  3. thanks for the great suggestions and i will take them onboard. i was thinking how about the Matrix Element X (as nothing is mentioned) in regards to matching with active ATCs. reason why is that i need ethernet network connection that plays accepts files up to 24/384 hi res files and DSD also. much of my listening is via network. only critical is via cd. some the Denafrips Dacs looking interesting also i like having minimalist system. but not when it compromises audio quality (to a certain extent)
  4. can anyone recommend a DAC / pre paring with the Active ATC?
  5. sounds very interesting - my melb distributor may not be able to get a set of 150s in for an audition.
  6. recently read an article from Hifi+ ATC 150 with the Primare 60. the reviewers room is rather small and he indicated that this setup didnt sound overly bassy. https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/primare-pre60atc-scm150-asl-system/
  7. i cant really put them in my new place's lounges as my kid will get into them. until he grows up they are staying in my bedroom.
  8. thats good to know JD West. how to control the bass in a mid size room. my room is actually going to be our bedroom. so the bed will kill some of the bass (hopefully).
  9. as im building my system slowly. starting from the speakers/amp, sound treatment, pre, etc this system will be in a corner of my room of approximately 5 x 5 x 2.6m ceilings (note this room is odd shape. wondering if the 150s are too big? or 100 would be better suited.
  10. yeh stand mounts are pretty massive. actually now thinking the 150 stand mounts maybe better than the 100 floor stands being same price
  11. dont think i would be able to listen to both. unfortunately. thanks. i generally prefer floor stand over bookselves.
  12. got in touch with the retailer at last. question whats the sonic differences between the floor stands and the bookshelf versions?
  13. good idea. i find this salesperson rather different to others. as he doesnt believe in room treatment as most clients of his has nil. to me this does not show the true capabilities of the speaker as room effects could dampen or increase the speaker's attributes.
  14. ive previously auditioned the older passive ATC 100 as found them good but wasnt the speaker for me. but when visited the recent Melbourne Hifi show the Active ATC 100 had a sparkle that i liked which the previous pair didnt. sent a couple of emails to the melbourne dealer but he has yet to respond.
  15. Thats what i use on my system. ive always wondered if the isotek boards was better
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