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  1. well i use to own a Denon 3808 never could get enough bass out of them.
  2. imo MAs need a powerful amp to bring out the true colours. running them with a receiver aint going to cut it
  3. looks like Holton is jumping onto the Class D band wagon https://holtonprecisionaudio.com/blogs/news/coming-soon-holton-audio-to-sell-hq-class-d-amplfiers Purifi models due later on in the year.
  4. Andy, bugger, at least you found the issue. hope all goes well
  5. to add another the Klipsch Cornwell III for $16k AUD. wow what an amazing speaker.
  6. ive owned my RS8 for over 12 years. matched with the Primare Processor and Eleckra Amp. For HT they are match made in heaven. for music they aint too bad either. Music sounds good around 60 to 65db plus. but one thing i have never get out of this system is big sound stage. no matter how i adjust the speakers i cannot get much depth in the sound stage.
  7. slightly off topic but has anyone heard the Nord Purifi amps? especially comparison with other Class D or A/B amps
  8. i think i would add the Avantgarde Zero 1 XD for $26,990.00 Even though they aint for me, i can see why so many people would love them. definitely worth an audition.
  9. you really test amps to your own tastes. recommendations are great and so are specs but synergy is even more important. therefore the matching amps needs to sound good to you.
  10. Thanks for the explanations. So basically unless played at very high level there is no difference.
  11. Guys, Would anyone know if an amplifier with say a limited dynamic range of 100db would restrict hi res audio playback (can reach 120db)? it makes sense the amplifier would restrict the dynamic range of a hi res song. I know human ear can only hear around 90db. So would it make a difference?
  12. awesome night - great audio system - meet some people couldnt ask for more.
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