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  1. ive owned the RS8 version of these speakers for over 10 years and love them still today. good luck. great price.
  2. i love my SP33 to Elektra setup. listen to more music on this system than movies now days.
  3. for my setup - i like my music via the Oppo 105 (UPNP JRiver) compared to the Nvidia Shield (kodi). i dont know if i installed kodi on my server would provide my UPNP requirements i need. So far Jriver setup for movies (noob) isnt working as i would like it to be arranged. for music its great.
  4. good luck for the sale. i love mine..... before this ive never heard such a musical processor for the price
  5. great unit. love mine. the audio quality for the prices is fantastic. good luck on the sale
  6. wow that is a great deal. only if i lived in QLD
  7. thanks once again. now just need to find a good price and reliable source. so far Aus sites are a rip off.
  8. thanks tweaky. hopefully last question. what would you purchase out of i1Pro 2 or C6 HDR? as i know i1pro2 isnt the best at reading low light but its far more accurate than the C6-hdr from what i have read.
  9. thanks Jlianga another question is can Chromapure do more than Rec 709 such as Rec 2020?
  10. Thanks Tweaky. What i really want this equipment for is to calibration of my uhd tvs (now and future) (Mainly). software i was learning towards Calman 5.*** which many people seem to use. As i1 Basic Pro 2 package from various stores i believe includes the Calman basic software. In regards to Test discs i already utilise a few and they seem to be great for now but i would like to have a more accurate calibration utilising 2 point and 10 point colour adjustments on the display.
  11. sorry to be slightly off topic but im trying to seek information on weather to purchase the Spectracal C6-HDR or i1 Pro 2 Basic kit. wanting to utilise this equipment for HDR etc calibration. can any one provide any suggestions? also what are the best prices. Amazon? thanks, greatly appreciated.
  12. if i had the money and i moved into my new place i would definitely make you an offer.
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