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  1. U is for US 3 - Hand on the Torch '90s jazz-hip-hop fusion on Blue Note
  2. Wild Tchoupitoulas A New Orleans favourite. Sometimes nothing else will do. Be wild...
  3. P is for Parliament - Osmium Awesomely weird ahead of the curve funk from 1970.
  4. Zappa went in the last round, so moving along to Zevon.
  5. First title for a given letter, in alphabetical order? I have heathen genre categories, so not strictly A-Z, but I think F is for: Yvonne Fair - The ***** Is Black (1975)
  6. Two great albums there. I reckon turn of the decade funk and soul is among the finest music ever made. Happy to hit you up with recommendations if you find yourself pursuing further education.
  7. We are driving across too, leaving tomorrow afternoon to break up the trip. It's a long way to go so we are staying for the duration. So we will get to see Mavis and whoever else is scheduled at the limits of the program to reel people in for 4 day tickets.
  8. Thanks Luc. That was wonderful. It's hard to imagine anything cooler than an autumnal Louis Armstrong kicking back in his den, ripped to the eyeballs naturally, playing his favourite records and tapes. Except maybe that kitchen. Oh my goodness! A custom built stove and cabinetry matching the finish on your car. That is style!
  9. While both are 44.1/16, the version on Tidal may not be the same version/mastering as the CD. So you need to check you are making an apples and apples comparison before considering other reasons for differences in sound.
  10. Yes, a very satisfying album. Betraying my ignorance, but Nock was the one I was previously unfamiliar with. What a legend! Nearly 80 and still out there doing this stuff. The soul moaning he does over his soloing is cool and slightly weird. Perfect timing. I hope you enjoy it.
  11. The Staple Singers - Stax Profiles (Spotify 320kbps) Streaming some Staple Singers while cooking dinner. Funky Stax soul with some gospel roots still about them. Mavis is playing at WOMAD in a couple of weeks. I don't know how much voice she's got left, but I'm sure she'll have a crack band and put on a good show. Looking forward to that.
  12. Mike Nock/Hamish Stuart/Julien Wilson/Jonathan Zwartz - This World (2019 - CD) This is a new project and album from some old Australian jazz hands. They are touring at the moment and were interviewed on the RN Music Show a couple of weeks back. I saw them in Canberra, weekend before last. Good show to a full house, in a small theatre. They played the album in full. I thought the highlights were two Zwartz compositions ('Home' and 'This World'), very beautiful, atmospheric and precise; and two by Wilson ('Riverside' and 'We Shall Rise Again') in contrasting style, more propulsive, free flowing and soulful. It's very nourishing being in a room with such fine musicians and they came across really warmly, almost monkish in spirit (buddhist not Thelonious)... or maybe that was the pre-gig wine talking. Definitely worth checking out if they're coming your way.
  13. Okay, got it. I agree scratches on the label side are deadly, being closer to the recording layer, as you say.
  14. I have heard of CD rot, but not encountered it in real life. I thought I read somewhere that it was a specific manufacturing fault associated with certain pressing plants for a period of time, so not that common and not a 'ticking bomb' inherent in all CDs. Is that right? We are getting away from CD transports here...
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