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  1. The Cat Empire - Steal the Light (2009) I first heard the Cat Empire at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival (around the time of their first album?), their exuberance cutting through our midday Saturday hangovers. More recently they have emerged as a favourite of my nine year old. This one is a loaner from my brother, so we're not so familiar with it. Quite a master stroke getting Graeme Base to do the artwork.
  2. The Robert Cray Band - In my Soul (2014) He's obviously an excellent blues player, but I've always liked the way he also leans into soul. There are a couple of Stax/Volt covers here and an original after Booker T & the MGs. He's not a particularly strong singer, but has a slow-burning, pleading urgency that is generally effective. This may not be as essential as Strong Persuader or Bad Influence, but it's a solid late career effort. He would have been 60 when he made it. It's all very well put together both in terms of production (Steve Jordan) and high quality deliberately vin
  3. I don't think you will go too far wrong with the entry level/step up models being recommended here. But before you jump in think about the records you want and how much you want to spend on them. It will likely be more, possibly a lot more, than the turntable itself.
  4. Good list. I can think of King Tubby the dub sound engineer, King Curtis the R&B saxophonist and Anna King the soul singer.
  5. Frankie Rose - Interstellar (2011 - LP) Melodic synth pop, quite spacey and beautiful, tho her background is I think noisier. This was the kind of impulsive purchase - hmm, nice name, good reviews, cheap on Amazon UK, why not - I make less often now records are dearer and I'm more adjusted to just streaming some things. But I'm glad to have and play it.
  6. I think the original currently spinning thread is poorer for the diversion of attention/traffic to spin off threads segregated by format and genre. Maybe the ship has sailed - some of the new threads are as/more popular than the original - but I don't think any of them are as good as currently spinning was when it was the main place members shared their music listening in an inclusive melting pot. It's no biggie, I just read the various spinning threads, but I think SNA is a fairly small pond when it comes to members interested in discussing music and we lose some critical mass when we split i
  7. Don't go to wallets unless you really have to. They are much less satisfying and efficient to browse, especially a collection your size. And even if you keep all the liner notes you still lose the tactile sense of the album as an object. There probably aren't many - ah -'off the shelf' options around these days, and I agree regular bookshelves are oversized and clumbsy. So custom might be the way to go. I favour long shelf lengths, rather than square 'cubby holes'. It's easier to add new purchases in order without too much mucking around.
  8. Excellent album. I like every thing they have done. One of my favourite two or three artists of the last decade and a bit.
  9. Covid shouldn't be taken lightly but the prognosis is probably better than for bizarre gardening accidents.
  10. More Diamonds and Pearls love, I remembered this classic quote from my then five year old:
  11. Willing and Able is my left field favourite here.
  12. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve?
  13. Great tracks emesbee. You can't have too much Sly in a funk thread! As it happens I just played the first side of There's A Riot Goin' On.
  14. Hi Trev Heaps of options and like hifi the good stuff is often bloody expensive. Macpac have always made good tents. They are now owned by some generic sporting conglomerate, so divorced from their NZ backcountry roots, but still make most of the classic designs and often discounted upto 40-50%. They are a bit heavy by modern standards, but well built. OnePlanet stuff is good and still made in Australia which is admirable, but also probably part of the reason it is never heavily discounted. MSR gear is nice; well designed. Generally lighter tha
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