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  1. Great album @cheekyboy. Sly is one of my very favourite artists. Riot is not a conventionally good sounding album. Murky, layered production, lots of tape noise left on the mix. But I think it sounds glorious. The music has such a powerful underlying pulse and there's a heap of detail bubbling in and out of the mix - a funky guitar run here, a stab of horns, a disembodied background vocal there - and the residual tape hiss gives it a raw edge. A bit like Exile On Main Street it's hard to imagine it with a cleaner mix.
  2. Brown rice, seaweed and a dirty hot dog for you!
  3. Johnny Griffin - A Blowin' Session (1957 - CD) The title pretty well sums it up. Griffin plus Lee Morgan on trumpet and Coltrane and Hank Mobley on additional tenors. Rhythm section of Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey. Blue Note sure had some talent on the roster.
  4. It's a bummer they discontinued the chromecast audio. Would iPad (or old phone) > camera adapter > USB input on amp work?
  5. Hey Russ, do you know the track 'Joy' off Car Wheels on a Gravel Road? It's not particularly representative of the album, but has really good hard edged groove to it, which might be up your alley.
  6. Herbie Hancock - Man-child (1975 - CD) I read Alyn Shipton's A New History of Jazz earlier in the year. It had a great quote from Hancock about breaking up the Mwandishi group and starting the Headhunters. 'Instead of getting jazz cats who knew how to play funk, I got funk cats who knew how to play jazz.'
  7. A funky fresh Friday to you all. Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh (1973 - LP)
  8. Cheers @2Brix Previously I've thought it better to have fewer, busier, 'melting pot' spinning threads rather than lots of smaller ones segregated by genre or format. But that ship sailed long ago. These days the vinyl and jazz spinning threads are sometimes more active than mondie's original currently spinning and they are among my favourite threads on SNA, so who can complain about another one? Especially one dedicated to funk. James Brown and Sly & the Family Stone round out my all time all genre Top 3, so yeah, I'm pretty keen on funk. To get the thread on the - er - good foot, I'll post an early funk classic, my favourite JB track, 'Cold Sweat'. This also ties in nicely with the opening posts: Maceo's tenor work is great here. I've seen people point to this as the first funk recording. I reckon there are precedents going back to 'Papa's Got A Brand New Bag' and 'Out of Sight', but there's no doubt the formula was really coming together by 'Cold Sweat': the whole band scored for percussive effect and the emphasis on 'the one'. I didn't hear it till I read it - and then I couldn't not hear it - but the opening horn section riff quotes Miles Davis' 'So What'.
  9. Try 'Cantaloupe Island' by Herbie Hancock from Empyran Isles. It's modal, but also very hooky and accessible. A quartet with Freddie Hubbard on cornet plus Miles Davis' mid-60s rhythm section.
  10. This was the first jazz album I bought with my own money. Xmas '94, year 11.
  11. We need to be careful because the term streaming is ambiguous. It is used to describe both: a) streaming your own digital files from a local hard drive or server and b) streaming from an online music service (Spotify/Tidal/Apple, etc). Increasingly streaming devices will do both, but they are quite different approaches so it helps to be clear about what you are considering. In your opening post you talk about there being no guarantee the music you like will always be available, so I assume you are talking about b). Many of the responses are talking about a). As @Snoopy8 says there is no one right answer. Also there's no reason you can't explore a) and/or b) and retain our CDs and CD player.
  12. The rumours might be true. Two new tracks released yesterday.
  13. That's a curly one metal beat. I can't think of that many off the top of my head... Digable Planets The Avalanches (though I heard a rumour they may be about to disqualify themselves) The Transatlantics (Aus retro-retro soul group)
  14. Fair enough! No issue categorising Robert Cray as blues and it is a broad church. But I think Strong Persuader might appeal to people who don't usually listen to blues. Yes, I discovered him in the $5 bins in the early 2010s. I was in primary school in the '80s, not buying records. I remember a lot of $6.99 - $7.99 - $8.99 stickers on my dad's records, but that was more 60s/70s and classical stuff. Does $13.99 sound about right for a new record in the late 80s? Or more? I guess inflation was running high for a while there.
  15. Excellent recommendation @cheekyboy - and I don't reckon you have to be a blues fan to appreciate it (though I am one so who knows!). He comes out of the blues and his guitar playing is blues based, but the horns and rhythm section put this closer to r&b/soul than most blues and the songwriting is really very good and pretty pop savvy. Just a great album. @scuzzii I am hopeless at SQ reviews but I don't remember it being bright or bad sounding (I have the '86 Aus pressing). It used to be a pretty common, cheap record. I bought this and a few other Robert Cray albums in the early '10s, mostly $5 each. Everything vinyl is more expensive these days, but it's probably still easy enough to find used.
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