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  1. The new Bob is up on Spotify. Much excitement indeed.
  2. Curtis/Live! (1971 - CD) From the top shelf and still hits hard. Curtis was the full package: singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer. Love the small combo, small club feel on this - just guitar, bass, drums, purcussion and an attentive audience lapping it up.
  3. Hey t_mike! Love that early jazz style, very danceable as you say. I have 20-odd Giants of Jazz CDs from my dad. I agree they were a good reissue outfit. Solid introductions to a given artist or scene with excellent documentation - short bios, recording dates, personnel. I have a couple of New Orleans themed ones (homage to, legends of) but not this one.
  4. 'Pagin' the Devil'@mrbuzzardstubble
  5. A bloody remarkable debut. Great songs, great band and the 'Better off dead' gunshot finish stops you in your tracks.
  6. Monty

    Luc's Bread

    Great thread Luc and some great looking loaves so far. I'm a lazy, yeast-leavened baker, but enjoy it a lot. I just turned out a batch of bagels. Nice to have the oven on today as it's pretty cold and bleak.
  7. I think the idea has potential, just might need a little tweaking to promote wider discussion of the album in question. The template which pulls content from a database is nifty, but it probably needs some personal input from the OP to make it resonate and maybe some trigger questions/cues to get others involved. Who else digs this? When did you first hear it? When did you last play it? What version do you have? That kind of thing. And maybe slow down the pacing so the baton isn't passed to a new OP/album until the current discussion has had a bit of a run. I love the music threads here, but they do tend to be lists of album covers without much comment. A thread format that opened up more deeper discussion of people's favourite albums could be cool.
  8. Ross McHenry - Nothing Remains Unchanged (2020 - Spotify) Spurred on by some Shaolin Afronaut posts in the vinyl thread, I got on a bit of a Ross McHenry track this afternoon and found he has a new album out. Eric Harland on drums is a pretty high profile collaborator.
  9. Check with your local/favourite record store and see what they have. I get emails from Northside in Melbourne and Landspeed in Canberra. Both had lists of albums they are selling through the warehouse/record store day replacement sale. Not huge selections. Prices mostly $20-30, which seems pretty good for new records these days.
  10. A tasty selection, as usual. I hadn't heard about the new Jose James. Will give it a listen. Thanks! And yes, Elephant is a great song!
  11. Listening to some hip-hop obviously.
  12. My favourite Prince album. A short, sharp tour de force.
  13. Further information: This is a mixed bag of stuff that no longer justifies shelf space in a world of streaming. Some duplicates, some what was I thinking, some too heavy for this petal. Used condition: a few cracked cases and sticker marks but discs OK. I will pack well and send with AusPost at buyers cost (Generally a large letter for one (or 2?) discs, ‘If you can pack it, you can send it’ bags for larger bundles). Photos: Jeff Buckley - Grace - $5 Sly & the Family Stone - Fresh - $5 Joni Mitchell - Blue - $5 Robert Johnson - Delta Blues Legend (2CD) - $5 The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin - $5 Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2CD) - $5 Billy Ocean - Tear Down These Walls - $5 Toto - The Essential Toto - $5 Bessie Smith - Black ‘n’ Blues Series - $5 Jelly Roll Morton - The Chicago Years 1926-28 - $5 Cut/Copy - In Ghost Colours - $5 Martina - Self-Titled - $5 System of a Down - Toxicity - $5 System of a Down - Mezmerize - $5 System of a Down - Self-Titled - $5 Korn - Self-Titled - $5 System of a Down - Hypnotize - $5 Metallica - St Anger (CD + DVD) - $5 A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step -$5 A Perfect Circle - Emotive - $5 A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms - $5 Less Than Jake - Losing Streak - $5 Less Than Jake - Borders & Boundaries - $5 Less Than Jake - Losers, kings and things we don’t understand - $5
  14. U is for US 3 - Hand on the Torch '90s jazz-hip-hop fusion on Blue Note
  15. Wild Tchoupitoulas A New Orleans favourite. Sometimes nothing else will do. Be wild...
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