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  1. Marie 'Queenie' Lyons - Soul Fever (1970) Sticking with 70s soul for now, from a lesser known soul diva whom I first encountered via the highly recommended 'I'm A Good Woman' compilation series.
  2. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life (1976) Stevie Wonder's run of albums in the early-mid 70s was extraordinary. This is often picked as the best of that run, but I play it and connect with it less than others. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I came to it later, maybe because it's sprawling length (2xLP + 7") makes it less accessible, maybe because it has less hard funk than earlier albums. Still a great record from an outstanding talent.
  3. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - Dawn (2014) Australian soul on Melbourne's Hope Street Records. Indigenous singer-songwriter backed by a tight r&b unit.
  4. Fabulous album. It's amazing how much good material they had in the can when he died so young.
  5. https://www.aria.com.au/industry/news/australian-recorded-music-industry-figures-for-2020 I thought it was a bit weird having that tidbit/tease article then no stats to follow it up, but it looks like the stats were released today.
  6. Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes (2013) The track 'Love Letter' has been on reasonably steady rotation via a car compilation CD, but it's been a long time since I played the album. Fun retro R&B from Melbourne.
  7. Not so much currently spinning as spinning over the last few weeks and piling up next to the stereo. Time for some re-filing!
  8. Thank you for your generosity. Please put me in the draw.
  9. That's a bit tempting. I don't have any of those on LP. Interested to hear how they are. Great albums, especially the first two, and Sweet Exorcist is funky as. I get it's 'studio albums' but I reckon it's a bit of a pity they didn't fit Curtis/Live! and Superfly in the set. He was on fire for awhile there
  10. https://youtu.be/3siE2xbVD34 I fell asleep listening to the radio last night and woke up to this. 'Calling Me Home's, a new track from a forthcoming album by Rhiannon Giddens. A death bed lament, I guess you'd call it. Beautiful lyric, powerful vocal and very atmospheric arrangement, just accordion and some kind of fiddle I think. I've played it a few times in Spotify today. Gives me goose bumps.
  11. Excellent album metal beat. Arguably their best, though I don't think they've made a bad one. I was listening to Father if the Bride last night.
  12. Great debut! Very cool woman. I've had New Amerykah: Part 1 in the car lately and it stands up to repeat listening. It's been a long time since she released an album.
  13. This is especially bad as it looks like considerable effort and expense went into the visual design. It's not ugly utilitarianism, it's just bad taste. It's as though someone was half way through designing a coffee machine and decided, nah, CD player!
  14. George Clinton - "You Shouldn't-nuf Bit Fish" (1983) Clinton solo in the eighties, with plenty of the usual collaborators still in tow. It's not up there with peak P-Funk but a good listen. Here and there you can hear early hip-hop seeping in. You can also hear what he brought to the Chili Peppers' Freaky Styley .
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