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  1. I'm not an aficionado, but I've always found Tibaldi Hot Chilli Salami to be a good off the shelf option. Shouldn't be too hard to find. My local IGA has it.
  2. What a life, what a man, what wonderful music. I saw him at Byron Blues Fest in 2004. I went for James Brown, and the whole line-up was an embarrassment of riches., but Dr John was a highlight. At the time I only knew a couple of compilation tracks, but he knocked me out. He tapped into a melting pot of New Orleans rhythm and groove which I already loved and played with an easy gravitas that felt authentic to that tradition yet wholly original. Very cool pianist, distinctive vocalist and out of the box voodoo (night) tripper. Dude was qualified. I expect to end the night drunk in front of the fire lisnening to the good doctor and a selection of New Orleans' finest.
  3. I also saw the Zwartz Quintet (+1) last night. I concur: excellent band and a good show. I haven't got out to see much live music lately, let alone jazz players of this calibre, so I lapped it up. Hamish Stuart was outstanding. Funny - Santana didn't cross my mind, but I sure felt the late 60s West Coast jazz/blues/rock what-does-this-remind-me-of vibe here and there, so we were definitely hearing the same thing!
  4. Monty

    Cricket season 2018/19

    No. We get Australia Plus and Channel 9 at home here, so no more cricket. I'm streaming a bit of the ABC radio call but mostly just keeping an eye on the cricinfo ball by ball coverage. If the match builds to a close finish I'll have to scurry out to a sports bar.
  5. Monty

    Cricket season 2018/19

    Yes, there's nothing like a brash tenth wicket swinging against the tide. Very handy runs, especially after such a collapse.
  6. @Kafunis I've been tempted by that set for awhile. A good bit of duplication as is the way with these things but a lot that would be new to me too. How do you rate it?
  7. Your cheapest quick fix would be a stereo 3.5mm to 2xRCA cable. Connect the RCAs in to a spare line level input on the Pathos, then plug in a phone, tablet or laptop with Spotify. Not the most elegant or audiophile solution but it will get you going for a few bucks and sound better than the Bluetooth speaker.
  8. Ann Peebles! You're on a roll. Right. I'm jumping on board the Friday arvo soul train. James Brown - Cold Sweat (1967 - CD) The two part title track is one of my favourite songs ever. Nothing else on the album is on that level. Still, a good collection of super tight big band blues and standards and a throwaway instrumental groove that sounds to me like they were paying close attention to what Stax were putting down. I got this Japanese pressing on holiday there last week. Nice sounding CD. I haven't done a direct comparison but I think more airy, but maybe less impactful than the familiar Star Time version. I reckon the mini LP packaging is a bit naff though.
  9. Three cracking soul albums, souljay. I'm probably going against the grain, but Still Bill is my favourite of that lot. Great songwriting and that band could sure funk out.
  10. Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces of a Man (1971 - CD) Excellent album, with feet in both jazz and funk. Ron Carter and Bernard Purdie are a pretty useful rhythm section. I picked this up on a recent trip to Japan. It was a family holiday so not much time for record shops, but I did manage to grab a few odds and sods. Wow! You could get lost for days in some of those places.
  11. My first crack at a Macallan. Very nice whisky.
  12. https://spacesavingsleeves.com I haven't used them but, as far as I can tell, these are the old jazz loft sleeves which I have seen recommended before. Not sure if they are identical to the bags unlimited ones posted above. Certainly look similar to soundfan's.
  13. Sometimes I make birth year playlist/mix CDs for friends' birthdays. Yesterday I threw together a 1959 vintage for a mate (who's just about old enough to by my dad). Nothing scholarly about this, just picking from what I have in iTunes. I knew it was a stellar year for jazz, but was pleased how easily the R&B/pop side fell in to place. Hats off to all the '59ers turning 59 this year. There Goes My Baby - The Drifters Three Cool Cats - The Coasters Why Do You Do Me? - James Brown Big Hunk O' Love - Elvis Presley What'd I Say, Pts. 1 & 2 - Ray Charles Memphis, Tennessee - Chuck Berry Hallelujah I Love Him So - Peggy Lee I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingoes Take Five - The Dave Brubeck Quartet Better Git It In Your Soul - Charles Mingus Naima - John Coltrane Freddie Freeloader - Miles Davis
  14. Monty

    Today's Ride

    Not my ride, but a plug for my partner, Regan. Today she started the Tour de Timor. For those that don't know, it's a five day mountain bike event: around 2000m accent/decent per day, rugged roads, bloody hot, camping overnights. She's approaching it as a participation event rather than a race, but it's still a huge effort. She is riding with a team raising money for Oxfam's work in Timor-Leste, in case anyone feels like making a donation. https://my.oxfam.org.au/fundraiser/view/6902 And if anyone is crazy enough to want to do it in the future I'd be happy tell you what I can!
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