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  1. wow that's a shame. As a bedroom DJ for almost 20yrs I've bought my fair share of vinyl from Polyester in the past, but admittedly not for a long time. I don't buy into the whole 'vinyl has peaked', 'people are streaming' reasoning though. I think Polyester is just another victim of the changing shopping habits of consumers. Online in king and Bricks and Mortar stores are doomed across the board.
  2. I was given a Bose Revolve+ portable speaker for Christmas and reckon it's not too bad at all for what it is. I've listened to several of their portable speakers over the years and don't have much bad to say about them. Mum dropped a pretty penny on a Wave Radio/CD player almost 20yrs ago. It's still used daily and perfect for her needs. The selling point at the time was that it had much better AM radio reception than most other options at the time.
  3. I used an old broken turntable to display a picture disc on the wall (see my avatar). Very cheap, easy and looks great IMO. The disc is held on with tight fitting 45 adapter. The disc got a little dusty, but otherwise fine. Otherwise just frame it up in whatever picutre frame takes your fancy. I'd go for something large enough to fit the cover and the disc...like this.
  4. I leave my DD running between changes, but that's a carry over from DJ'ing habits. I find it easier to centre the record and find the shaft when the platter is spinning.
  5. I watched EP IIX last night to jog my memory because I hadn't seen it since midnight screening on it's release day. This will be the only one of all 9 I haven't seen at the midnight screening, except for rogue one and solo, but they don't count. A shame to end the long standing tradition but looking forward to not dozing off in the middle of it
  6. Strangely quiet here considering todays release. I'm off to see it tonight.
  7. Considering how much I spent on 1:10 elec I hate to think what the big boys would have set you back. Was good fun though, sunday morning hangovers and all.
  8. Only a couple of suburbs over! I'll shoot you a PM at some stage, probably in the new year once the xmas madness subsides. Your cars, or were you just the sponsor? if you were racing circa 2005 our paths may have crossed.
  9. Bargain. it certainly wasn’t that cheap a while ago when I looked. Must be a special as you said.
  10. Yeah you’re right to doubt cos it turns out I had my details mixed up a bit. the movies were Toy story 4 and LEGO movie 2. Both $8.80 and $11.40. respectively for the discs. $25 on iTunes, but HD, not SD like I thought. The $5 movie I bought was wizard of oz which iTunes has for $10. so exaggerated but point remains.
  11. holy cow. It's a nice piece of furniture but that's way too much and that DJ station has to be even more. The controller + turntable setup just seems strange to me in general but I guess there's people out there using it.
  12. I must be the only person around still buying DVD's, let alone BDs. That's only because my car has a DVD player and screen in the roof for the kiddies. The head unit does have a HDMI input, but due to some DRM nonsense it can only play that source to the front screen :( DVD/BD Players will still be around while the discs cost less than 'owning' a downloaded copy. I paid around $5 a pop for 2019 release DVD's, while apple wants $25+ for SD versions of the same. crazy.
  13. Agreed, a great review. I'm just generally amazed by people who can walk out of a gig and remember the set list. I'd need to be taking notes. Tribute bands are a weird one aren't they. I'd say they're not my thing either, but I've never failed to be entertained when I have seen them, despite my general scepticism. in 2007 I saw the Australian Pink Floyd show at the 'Rock Werchter' music festival in Belgium. and they were amazing to say the least. Apparently the only cover band the festival has ever deemed worthy of booking so I expected a lot and was not disappointed. A week later I saw Guns & Roses at another festival. I put them in the cover band basket at the time because only the lead singer was original. I spent 3 or 4 few tracks grumbling about the missing members, but once I'd calmed down I was in awe of their replacements and had a great time. The most recent was actually at Lizottes in newcastle ~3yrs ago when I saw Doug Parkinson do a show honouring Joe Cocker. Not really a tribute act in the true sense I guess. A great show and a fantastic venue for it.
  14. I don't think that's correct. The TV broadcast was 2 songs short apparently (Something in the way & Oh me), but all CD, DVD, Vinyl releases to date had the full concert I believe They would have just split over 3 sides to improve the sound quality. Album is 54min long so ~25min+ a side isn't ideal for LP's
  15. Weird that they split the original album over 3 sides. I expected 1 disc for the album and another for the 'bonus' material. I need a copy of unplugged to complete my nirvana collection, but don't think I'll be paying double for this version.
  16. Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for someone to service my machine. Just a lowly Gaggia Classic which hasn't been serviced in the 5yrs I've had it, and also needs a new portafilter handle....one too many knocks and it exploded this morning!. NE melbourne preferably...ringwood-ish area.
  17. Definitely on the high side but not enough to put me off going I just noticed there's cheaper tickets in reserved seating (Rod Laver prices below). I've had nosebleed tickets for a few gigs there and it's not too bad. Ticket type Price VIP Package $700.00 General Admission — Floor $178.50 Gold — Reserved Seating $178.50 Silver — Reserved Seating $143.50 Bronze — Reserved Seating $105.00
  18. I actually had a very positive experience when a dealer bypassed the "i" dotting and "t" crossing on an issue they knew would be a warranty fix. The turbo failed on my Isuzu MU-X, 3 days before I was due to start a road trip with the family. They first said it'd take 2 weeks to get approved, parts ordered and installed, but when I politely and firmly let them know it wasn't acceptable they pulled out all the stops to get me back on the road. The outcome often depends a lot on who you speak to and how you speak to them, which is a shame. I had a DPF issue with my mondeo too but luckily the fix for me was to simply plug in my $20 OBDII dongle + phone and clear the fault code. 3 yrs since and it's not returned thankfully. I spent a lot of time over the next few months monitoring DPF related parameters in real time during my daily commute. Those OBDII scanners are a great thing to have. Peter Lynch from that article could do with one because his 'solution' aint the best. Peter Lynch, a mechanical engineer from Dorrigo in NSW, came up with his own solution to keep his DPF clean after five years of attempting to get his car fixed. He monitors his fuel efficiency and once it declines to a certain point, he puts his Subaru Forester into second gear and drives it at 60 kilometres an hour for about 30 minutes.
  19. Great news to wake up to this morning, and Melb is within a day of my bday so extra good for me. A word of warning to anyone going, they take the no camera policy very seriously. I've seen a few people dragged out from the middle of GA section at past gigs.
  20. Same here, but only just realised last week :) . I'll try it out for the year then decide if I keep this or Amazon Prime. Netflix is staying because my extended family depends on it....haha I'm up to date with "Morning Wars". good stuff. A few episodes in to "See". I wasn't keen on the premise at all but gave it a shot anyway and have been pleasantly surprised. Worth a look for sure. Band of Brothers and the Pacific are the BDs I bought to test out my shiny new TrueHD system many years ago, so I'm very keen for this. No surround system these days unfortunately :( I find the who AppleTV, Apple TV+ thing very confusing. It seems to be a combination of paid rental/purchase (which is just the old itunes offerings I guess) combined with this new netflix type subscription service (Apple TV+). First time I fired it up I thought it was fantastic with loads of content, but then realised AppleTV+ itself has bugger all. No surpise they're giving it away because surely no-one is willing to pay for it yet?? I might not be navigating correctly, but ATV+ seems to have only these so far: - morning wars - for all mankind - dickinson - See - the elephant queen - helpsters - ghost writer - snoopy in space
  21. I don't think it'll make any difference unfortunately. Last time I tried to buy tickets for a big gig (QOTSA I think) I was in an instant after release and yes still missed out. Last time I tried to buy Tool tickets in 2013 I was so frustated with the exercise I had a rant:
  22. Feb 2020 apparently. no doubt another gig that sells out within 13 seconds of release :(
  23. best listed here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/155-classifieds-vinyl-cd-and-blu-ray/ GLWTS
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