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  1. cheers. I saw that one just after posting the WTB. Might hold out for a day or so and see if a mini model, or something cheaper gets offered, but I think you're right in saying this is about as cheap as it gets. .
  2. Item: ipad Price Range: somewhere between cheap and dirt cheap. Item Condition: Well used Extra Info: I think another ipad would help keep out kids occupied while the Mrs and I attempt to work from home. We're both concerned about our jobs and keeping non-essential expenses to a minimum so I want to spend as little as possible. Any age/size is fine as long as it works, and accessories such as charger/cable aren't necessary.. A mini model would be preferred due to little hands, but I certainly won't be picky.. Wifi only model OK If you've got something suitable to sell please let me know. cheers stay healthy!
  3. some good stuff there. thanks for the head up @woogie59
  4. Sure, but the findings are all but useless for most people who aren't shopping for sports cars, EV's or cars that aren't available here. There's not much left in the list once those are crossed out.
  5. This seems like a particularly pointless award.
  6. I’ll gladly take receiver of your hands. And Could make use of the speakers and the sonab cassette deck if I need to take multiple bits. edit. Sonab preferably.
  7. I was disappointed after the Sunday gig in Melbourne. Disappointed with myself for not going Saturday as well Definitely one of the best Tool gigs I've been to. Aenima was the standout track for me followed closely by Forty Six & 2, but there really wasn't a track played I didn't thoroughly enjoy.
  8. so I guess you want an interchangeable lens camera, not a fixed lens like the Fuji X20?? If so then check out Olympus micro 4/3. Panasonic too maybe, but Olympus have more of that vintage look you're after. I saw OM-D em-10 MKII kit for ~$500 ($330 body only) late last year, but none I can find now unfortunately. That's less than most 2nd hand prices. I've got one and it's a great camera. I also have some older ones (E-PL2 and E-P3) which are also good but I like the built in viewfinder on the OM-D range. If you can do without the viewfinder then this seems like a good deal. digidirect.com.au/cameras/mirrorless-cameras/olympus-pen-e-pl9-black-w-14-42mm-ez
  9. damn. just realised I've got tickets to see Helmet the same night.
  10. I took delivery of one of these xiaomi smart fans yesterday and have to say I'm quite impressed with it so far. Super quiet, portable, light but sturdy enough and well made, looks nice and easy to use. I was more interested in it for the battery/portability, but the smartness is also quite cool. I like the ability to set speed (100 steps in app, 4 steps on the unit) angle and oscillation degrees from my phone and the voice control (Siri in my case). It's smaller than I expected but that helps the portability, and it seems to push enough air for my use regardless. What really impressed me though is the 'natural' airflow setting, which randomly ramps the speed up and down to simulate a breeze. I set it to natural, just the right degrees of oscillation and 25% speed overnight and slept like a baby. It's a much nicer airflow than the buffeting I get with my old dumb fan. Below about 70% it's almost silent and not that noisy at 100% so doesn't distract from whatever you might be listening to. The only gripe is the 240V figure 8 power cable connection in the base. Considering the portability I think a docking base would be nice. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-smartmi-dc-conversion-pedestal-fan-2s-xiaomi/
  11. I’ve never sworn at a computer as much as on that day.
  12. a managed to get a couple of GA tix for Melbourne. woo hoo.
  13. The trick is to jump in the queue well before 2pm presale time. At least I think that's the trick. I've always forgotten and get stuffed around when I log right on sale time. edit. I've just been checking and it's not as simple as getting in beforehand. You can't log in too early because the queue only takes a few seconds, but then your ~10 minute timer starts . I think you're best to log in at around 1:55pm, which hopefully gives 4-5min to complete the purchase after tickets go on sale. But, that's assuming the queue still only takes seconds if you log 5 min before. It might take much longer. What makes it even more annoying is you can't reset the timer (eg. by logging out). So if you jump the gun you might end up with a timer expiring immediately after release time. Apparently the best way it to go to an outlet and avoid the internets all together.
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