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  1. Just ordered an AT-VM95E so the hunt is over. Thanks @aussievintage for that suggestion and to everyone else for their input.
  2. ooh that does look nice. If I ever take one of my 1200s on an upgrade journey I'd seriously consider one.
  3. Like the old Planar 2 with the teak border, just a bit chunkier? I really like the look of the planar 2.
  4. Not really. Few to none of his viewers would ever see one of those super/hyper cars first hand and could only dream owning one. Those with the means would buy regardless of his opinion. Sure it’d be better with a test drive, even at a small fraction of its potential, but I don’t see it as absolutely necessary. The other content is still interesting.
  5. Performance aspects are obviously interesting for a performance oriented car, but even then I don't think it's necessary to dwell on them because all that needs to be said can usually be done so in one sentence, just like you've done above, and that should be enough for a prospective buyer to conclude if it's worthy of their test drive. More technical or performance insights might be appreciated by some, but it'd also put others off watching. My comment was more general though, considering the guy reviews a wide range of vehicle types and follows more or less the same script for all. I think the quirks and features niche is very smart because at the Camry end of the scale that's all most people are interested in, and at the unobtanium end it allows him to review cars he can't even drive.
  6. more minutes = more money in youtube land so you can't blame him for padding it out. Yeah the performance aspects often takes a back seat to the 'quirks and features'., but I think that's fair enough because those functionality/ownership aspects are probably more relevant to many people than outright performance. Appealing to the masses you might say. It'd be difficult to say too much about performance when you can't really test it out either. I certainly wouldn't be pushing the limits of a borrowed supercar around public roads.
  7. He's genuinely unbiased and has a vast amount of relevant knowledge. I'd listen to Doug before any other car reviewer. Too bad most of his content has little relevance to me or the Australian market in general.
  8. I just checked facebook marketplace around Adelaide and found an Akai AP206C Direct Drive for $100. Needs headshell, cartridge and dust cover, but otherwise working apparently. not much on gumtree. There;s a few ebay 'buy it now' options about the right price too. APAN, AKAI, SONY If you had more time I'd suggest this as about the best new option around, just a little over at $250. Ignore the $799 RRP. I think it's the same as the Project Primary E TT which is usually $350 or so I believe https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/pro-ject-klireftt-klipsch-belt-drive-audiophile-turntable.html
  9. No worries. Thanks anyway. I think I’ll just wait and get the vm95e when it’s in stock.
  10. I’m happy to pickup, but they don’t have stock.
  11. Seems so. I thought I’d found a couple of places with stock online but when I call they’re all saying 1-2weeks away. I’ve considered that, but probably wiser to just spend the $130 or so that would cost one one better cart to start with. Slim pickings in that Price range too though.
  12. Well it seems that nowhere has the AT cartridge I want in stock so I'm still on the hunt. I've managed to pull all the other pieces of this system together so am really keen to get a cart in next few days so the new owner can start enjoying it. . Surely someone in melb. has something decent sitting idle in a drawer , or an itch to upgrade one in use.
  13. Handy speakers these. If it wasn't for the lack of grills and the kids 30 little fingers getting around my house I might consider them. GLWTS. Maybe worth highlighting in the description and listing that these are active (not the passive version B2031P), even though it''s pretty clear they are from the pics
  14. I became a big fan of irish coffee after having one nightly for a few months while working in northern ireland many years ago. They're a regular at our place. I also used to like a similar drink but haven't made it in years . A galliano hot shot. Galliano, + a short of strong coffee + cream, layered in a double shot glass and drunk in one hit.
  15. Do yo think a Denon PMA-520AE be up to the task ? (70wpc, 4ohm) I need a pair of small bookshelf's for a 2.0 system.
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