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  1. manchu

    Any Tennis players??

    I've got a history of dodgy knees myself but they've been fine so far (touch wood). It's a fairly low level comp though so you can choose to run down balls, like I do most of the time. or dawdle around like the majority of others.
  2. Looks like they’ve rejigged the products/plans since I last looked, so that speed limit I mentioned isn’t applicable now. The bad news for me is they’ve scrapped the big data sim only or plans with tablets so I can’t do the same again like I hoped. $80/m is only 75gb now, but 6months ago it was 200gb, with an iPad. I almost signed up back in March when the had another 25% off but the bloody NBN was supposedly arriving by now. Bugger. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/446771 and more bad news it seems. I can’t get the 200 or 500gb plans without buying the modem, but I’ve already got a perfectly good Optus 4G modem. Grrrrr.
  3. It was bit more expensive when I signed up ~2yrs ago. Their mobile broadband’ is a slightly different product I think too. IIRC ‘wireless internet’ is speed limited to 12Mbps but ‘mobile broadband’ isn’t. I typically get between 50 and 150Mbps these days. I pay $52.50/m on 2yr contract, but got a ‘free’ $800 iPad so it works out pretty cheep, just not quite enough data some months Contract is up in 2months and I’m very tempted to do the same again.
  4. Last time I looked NBN was due at my place about now, but just checked again and it's been pushed out to Jan-Mar 2020. When we moved into the house in Aug 2017 NBN was due in Dec 2017 At least the build has commenced now, which it wasn't a few months ago. I'm in North Warrandyte (vic) which will be a pig of an area to install so further delays won't be a surprise. It hasn't really bothered me because the Optus 4G mobile broadband I currently use is much cheaper and probably faster than NBN. The only downside is the small 100GB/month quota.
  5. Any tennis players in these parts? I've taken it up again after a 25yr break and I'm really enjoying it. Played as a kid (quite poorly at the time) but since then just the odd casual hit with mates a few times a year (usually around Aus open time, like everyone else). The skills are coming back and the body is holding up, surprisingly. My local courts are en tout cas (clay) which I've never played on before, but really like the sliding around. The guys at the club tell me there's been a big drop off in membership and comps over the last 10-20yrs which is a shame because it's a great game.
  6. Will be taking the mrs to this for our 5th Wedding anniversary on 14/3 in Melb. I wonder if sydney will get another support considering they don't get Cut Copy?
  7. My op shop score today. Realistic minimus 7. BNIB. $4.50 each.
  8. 26th Jan, in case anyone else was wondering.
  9. ooh I'd love to take this, but only if it works on my 2M blue. Which I don't think it does.
  10. Well it's not that I've reached my limit, more of a response to the fact that OP Shops are no longer any good for vinyl. Less and less is making it there and anything half decent that does tends to end up behind glass with a $20+ price tag. The days of all records $1 are sadly gone.
  11. When I first got my Record Cleaning Machine I did a bit of bulk cleaning, but the novelty wore off fairly quickly. I prefer to just have the RCM set up ready to go and clean each before playing, but since moving house ~2yrs ago the RCM hasn't found a suitable place to live so hasn't been out and getting used. I've really slowed down on the record buying over that time too, especially used, so the need for cleaning has diminished.
  12. The finish on the covers are also different, but it’s not really possible to tell if it’s still shrink wrapped. Finishes are: All gloss, Mostly gloss with matt highlights, Mostly matt with gloss highlights. I got the latter and 3 mates got the all gloss.
  13. That might depend on which variant of the limited edition you get. I believe there's 3 or 4.
  14. So the mrs and I decided to celebrate the new album by throwing a bit of Tool party with some like minded friends on the weekend . A good turnout with 30 or so adults + kids and everyone seemed to have a cracker of a time. 3pm to around 3am with nothing but Tool played for the entire time, ~50:50 split between Fear Inoculum and the old stuff. I even dug through all the old Vinyl and CD's and set up a shrine!
  15. Yeah there’s 4 but should have bought more. There’s still tears from the other mates missed out or paid too much. But, if I’d waited to check with everyone we might not have got any.
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