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  1. The new bike is a winner. Here's a couple of pics of the lucky boy and bike from xmas day. Plenty of riding while we were camping over the break and and he absolutely loves it. He had one pretty decent stack in the fist couple of days (getting used the brakes I think), but it didn't deter him for long. Size wise I think the 24" is spot on. Big enough to get a few years use hopefully, but small enough that he seems really comfortable riding it.
  2. I think a hardtail would be best. I only have a dually because I got seduced by a very nice 2nd hand bike (thanks @blybo), but I'll probably never make use of it's potential. It's bloody nice to ride though. I reckon I'd even be happy with a fully rigid MTB. if they existed these days. That's all I ever had growing up and managed to thrash around the bush on it just fine.
  3. not heaps, but have tried a few different players and the google tv seems best. CC3. Casting only so remote and not n tv navigation is a big plus. via MacBook then airplay to appletv. I only have appletv3 so can use Plex app. fetchtv. Just browsing folders so lacking artwork etc. painful and unreliable.
  4. I got one of these last week and am very happy with it. I bought through google deal with free 6month netflix credit so price was effectively ~$50. Much better than the chromecast 3 it replaced, and a mi box android TV elsewhere in the house. I'm using spotify, netflix, amazon, disney, youtube mostly and Plex for streaming local videos and music from a NAS. All working pretty flawlessly so far.
  5. I spent 2yrs using Optus 4G and an Optus (E5186) modem at our new house in a bushy area. (hilly, patchy reception, terrible adsl apparently). Before committing to Optus I tested reception with an E5573? Pocket wifi modem ($30 with sim) then bought the e5186 ($50 used) once satisfied it was reliable enough. All in all it was very good. Speed initially averaged 5-10mbps and gradually improved over 2yrs to 160+ on a good day, 50 on a bad. It was good enough for mrs and I both working from home with 3 kids being TV minded or home schooled during lockdown
  6. I probably should run some Ethernet around the place first to make the most of what I’ve got. I’ve got an AirPort Extreme with 3 Expresses extending the wifi network. Better placement and some hardwiring between should help a bit. It’d be something on the cards anyway if I buy new hardware.
  7. I've just got some pricing and stock info from my father in law who owns the bike shop. He has one 2020 Merida J24 PLUS in stock, and no more coming as it's been replaced by the J24 DISC for 2021 lineup. It seem crazy they've gone all in on crap suspension with no rigid option now, so I'm happy to get one. I've locked it in. Price to me is $440. The standard J24 or the Norco Storm 4.3 would have been ~$300. I think the plus is well worth the extra $$.. Here's a really good review of the exact bike, even same flouro
  8. agreed. The numbers I found are probably wrong. I think so too, just riding down our driveway or some of the local streets demands very good braking. The extra gearing is another good one.. 11t v's 14t will be noticeable 1x on my 'must have' list. I'm a recent convert., its so much better than a 3x or 2x its not funny. The bragging rights/fomo is the only reason I briefly entertained the idea....and the small $50 price adder. If I was an 8yo boy and most of my mates bikes had suspension (seems much more c
  9. I’ve all but excluded that base model now. Theres some good improvements in the plus, and think I’ve gone off suspension. also a bit anti gripshit. There’s two younger brothers in the wings so there’s a bit more potential value in the extra investment. It is a lot of $ though so I’m still considering cheaper options. This Norco would pretty be good for $480, but still leaning towards the Merida plus though. https://www.abcbikes.com.au/products/2021-norco-storm-4-3-boys Yeah the ones I’ve actually seen have all been pretty b
  10. HI All, just after a bit of input to help me decide on a new bike for my 7.5 yo boy. His 16" BMX is way too small. He's almost 130cm tall so I'm planning to skip 20" and go straight to a 24" MTB. Gears are a must due to lots of hills around home (North Warrandyte - melb). and plenty of good MTB trails nearby I hope we'll be riding together sooner or later I can get Merida or Norco at cost price so am only looking at those, and am leaning towards these 3 options from Merida. (norco are just that bit more expensive) J24 $460 RRP https://www.
  11. Just updating with some recent additions: Grid Connect Inline switch and Plug Base added to smarten up some light circuits where i couldn't just swap out a globe. working well. https://www.bunnings.com.au/deta-grid-connect-smart-inline-switch_p0098816 https://www.bunnings.com.au/deta-grid-connect-smart-plug-base_p009881 I've ordered the new Chromecast with google TV. Works out to <$50 for the CC in this netflix combo deal so a nice cheap upgrade to 4K + remote + the google TV features. The lack of physical remote for the old
  12. I’ve got different model mi box and its not great because it can’t be added to a speaker group like CCA or CC. The same might be true for all Android TV devices claiming built in chromecast. I’m hoping an update will fix one day. These CCA’s from kogan are fine in my experience.
  13. All sorted. I worked out I can use the old AVR after all. The AVR has inputs for each speaker channel so I just split the input signal and fed it to Main L&R and Surround L&R.
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