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  1. Spending money on older cars.

    I just scrapped my ‘03 Mazda 6. 310,000km and served me very well but developed an intermittent loss of power. I threw $150 at attempted fix which didn’t work. The next step was $1000 which I wasn’t willing to spend considering it was a maybe fix, the high km’s and a few other big bills on the horizon. Once the repair costs exceeded value of the car I figured it’s time was up. If I wasn’t already planning on getting a bigger car for our growing family, or it had any chance of becoming sought after in the future I may have kept it on the road.
  2. A$149 from Apple so $45 is a very nice price.
  3. Netflix currently watching

    Anyone watched Dave Letterman’s new show? Did well getting Obama for ep 1.
  4. haha, I'm getting flash backs of the first head unit install I was involved with. It took 3 of us 'kids' a full day to get the old one out and a new one wired in. Just as we were about to give ourselves a pat on the back and have yet another beer we realised the HU was about an inch too long for the space.
  5. Excellent idea I've read up a bit elsewhere and agree with this sentiment. There's steering controls, reverse camera, rear DVD screen all to worry about. I've done a couple of simple head unit installs many years ago and reckon this one might exceed my DIY abilities/patience. Agreed. I sent an inquiry to a specialist last week but haven't heard anything. Time to pick up the phone or drop in I think. Definitely. There's already door rattles at moderate/high volume so that will be a must. thanks for the input
  6. cheers. I'd quickly looked at some compact subs (focal and kicker) but didn't notice the one with built in 2CH amp. Seems like a great option but I'm not sure leaving the factory rear speakers isn't a great idea. I'm thinking of the kids!! Now that I understand the stock HU and new speakers is a waste of time I need to decide what option to go for. I believe the factory speakers are: Front = 6x9" doors + dash tweeters, Rear = 6" Doors, Rear roof = 2 x 2" 'surrounds' To save initial outlay I'll forget about a sub for now, but may consider adding one in the future. So I'm tossing up between: Option 1: New Head unit + new front and rear speakers. Option 2: Factory head unit + 4CH amp + new front and rear speakers The factory head unit leaves a lot to be desired (other than it being low power) so replacing it would be great, but I can see this being a lot more costly and more headaches, so I'm leaning towards option 2. edit..deleted some stray text.
  7. Bugger. I definitely don't want to go to the trouble and find that. I was hoping I could select speakers with higher sensitivity than the factory ones and get a volume boost.
  8. The sound system in my new Isuzu MUX leaves a lot to be desired so I'm toying with the idea of an upgrade. Nothing earth shattering, just more clarity and a little more oomph would be nice. Budget is tight so really only allows for replacing the speakers but I'm worried there'll be little benefit without changing head unit or adding an amp? Any suggestions?
  9. I watched this again on the weekend and enjoyed it more the 2nd time around. The first was the opening midnight screening and I was struggling to stay awake and follow things, so I reserved my judgement. All in all I think it's pretty good. Maybe some unnecessary sub plots and corny cheap laughs but IMO it doesn't deserve some of the criticism it's received. I took my 4yo boy and he bloody loved it. It was an impressive effort on his part to sit through such a long movie. We booked late so had to settle for front row. It was a Hoyts exteme screen and had nice reclining seats so my neck was saved thankfully. a very immersive experience to say the least. I watched most of this review from Kevin Smith last week too. worth a look if you;ve got some time to kill.
  10. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    //////. .//////.....////. . . /. /. / https://www.hopsandvineoz.com.au
  11. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    I stepped into my nearest local bottle shop for the first time this week and I was pleasantly surprised. 300 different beers in stock.
  12. Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    It's taken 6 yrs since receiving the kit as a Christmas present but I've finally got around to brewing my first batch. It's a Saison and seems to be bubbling away quite nicely. I'll report back in a few weeks.
  13. I'm not fussed now that the sale is now completed, but in the future maybe don't comment in a FS listing about 'too good to be true' alternate deals for the item being sold. It's verging on white-anting. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/announcement/9-responding-to-classifieds-listings/ You're not missing much. The 10GB and 100GB 24 month plans in particular are pretty sweet deals if you actually need the data. The downside is you have to put up with the incompetence of OPTUS customer service. For me it was a no brainer as I've been paying $70(100GB) on month to month our home internet while I wait for NBN. The NBN rollout has just been delayed 18 months so committing to 24 months wasn't a big deal. With that I got a 25% discount off the monthly bill and the ipad bundled.
  14. WTB: Camper Trailer

    tempting, but maybe a tad small for 5??
  15. I've seen it but will reserve most of my judgement until I see it again. In general I thought it was a bit long and had too much unnecessary crap going on. But that was the midnight screening so I was struggling to stay awake and concentrate. The comedy over done and I think they're also taking the piss a little with 'the force' and the associated abilities. There's some neat tricks that I would have expected to see in earlier movies, especially the prequels where the Jedi really knew their ****. I still liked it tough, so it gets a 7 for now. Unlikely to go down. Will possibly go up after I see it again.