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  1. I went to an awesome music shop in Shibuya, 12yrs ago. IIRC it was Tower records. Window shopped plenty of hifi equipment stores but can't recall any specific ones sorry.
  2. I’ve had the 100w version (rx777) of this amp since new. So happy with it I’m tempted to grab this as a backup!
  3. cheers @Joelim. Speakers are working a treat and have exceeded my expectations . Donation made as promised. As expected I can't get 5.1 surround from a TV without 6CH analog outputs, but if I use the input on the front of unit I could get 5.1 stereo. thanks again
  4. If only this was on the other side of the country and I didn't do school/childcare drop offs for 3 kids. GLWTS. PS. might want to let people know ODO reading
  5. I have a one of these hooked up to some B&W 686s in the kitchen/family room and it sounds great. Mine also suffers from the intermittent 1ch problem but the occasional squirt of contact cleaner on the balance pot sorts it out. GLWTS
  6. Point taken. No I’ll intent, just a question I didn’t anticipate would be taken the wrong way. I suggested the TT to a friend earlier today and trying to work out if I quoted her the right price. Will PM if I get the go ahead.
  7. Am I going crazy or was the TT $175 before the 'bonus' was added?
  8. ah bugger. I'd still take it but seems like it's probably gone? I completely misunderstood the Jan 31 comment and thought the amp/sub box shown in pic wasn't included.
  9. My ~2010 P54V20A is still going strong. Best $100 I've ever spent (bought used with intermittent power issue, but has been fine for me). Because of the fault I've been expecting death at any moment but it refuses to go. I've got no need for 4K at the moment so I'm happy for it to hang around while I continue to watch OLED prices come down. the V20A replaced an older 42" plasma which I subsequently gave to my sister and is also still ticking along fine.
  10. Perfect for the kids room TV so I'll gladly take this if still available. PM on the way. edit...sorry, nevermind. Just noticed the comment about missing sub so guess it's kind of useless for me without an amp of some sort
  11. Not sure it makes me angry, but it does make me a little sad for the kids of today. I can't see them looking back in 20yrs time with anything close to the fondness I have for the good old days. 1996 has to be among the best in my books.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_J_Hottest_100,_1996 Interesting to note that there's heaps more local acts these days though. <30 in 1996 v's 65 this year. I expected the opposite for some reason.
  12. I inherited pair of these from my grandpa years ago. Sadly that was back in share house uni days and they were very well used, and abused. Nice speaker from what I recall.
  13. Geez, I came to the classifieds looking for a cheap sub and see this. Must resist!! Some lateral thinking and I’m sure I could find a use and space for these but funds or something to trade is another matter.
  14. Not with ours either (not digital cameras back in the dodgy days), but there's a few 'minutes after birth' pics the mrs isn't too fond of.
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