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  1. Item: iPad 128GB wifi + 4G (current model BNIB) - Your choice of colour Location: Melbourne Price: $600 posted Item Condition: Brand New - unopened Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm about to sign up 2 yrs of mobile broadband which is bundled with an iPad. I don't need another so it will be sold to fund something I do need. Space Grey, Silver and Gold are in stock with 1-3 days delivery to me. So you could get your preferred colour and receive before Christmas. Perfect for the generous gift giver!! This is the latest iPad model (5th Gen, 9.7"). RRP is $799. It is NOT locked to ISP. https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-9-7/128gb-silver-wifi-cellular Pictures:
  2. My order from 9am yesterday arrived 2pm today. Aus Post parcel. I am only 35km from the warehouse, but then again the records I ordered from JB on tuesday also arrived today and I'm only 15km from where they shipped from.
  3. WTB: Camper Trailer

    looks like I need to bone up on what the options are. I was expecting the wind out awnings to have the option of fitting reasonably decent sides to make it effictively the same as an annexe. Do the annexes still use the rope in a C channel method of fixing to the top of the caravan? A Jayco is longer to set up than a camper trailer? Well I'll be!. My recollection is that our Swan went up bloody quick (without annexe), but that's 25yrs ago so I shouldn't trust my memory. I probably helped get it half way up before pissing of down the river/beach and leaving the rest to dad.
  4. If you've already got an interchangeable lens camera you can get adapters than allow you to reverse the lens for super close macro on a budget. https://digital-photography-school.com/reverse-lens-macro-close-up-photography-lesson-3/ Fantastic turntable by the way. GLWTS.
  5. WTB: Camper Trailer

    I understand what you're saying about it being an investment but I can't bring myself to spend ~$20K. . I reckon I can get something quite tidy for $10K if I'm not in a rush. Hopefully something that has the more modern retractable awning arrangement rather than the old school annexe. I recall that being a real pig to set up. cheers for the comments bob. A trailer is tempting for a lot of reasons (namely price), but with 3 kids I don't think I'd get away with only setting up the basic tent so imagine I'd get very tired of long setup and packup times with the extra rooms. thanks for the myswag tip.
  6. WTB: Camper Trailer

    After consultation with the Mrs the decision has been made to go for a wind up van rather than a trailer. Lucky I have time to hunt because finding a decent one for under $10K might be tough. I reckon I'l stick with what I know and hunt for a Jayco swan. I assume the best time to score a good deal will be the colder months so I'll probably sit tight for now.
  7. I just made my first Amazon AU purchase. Cars 3 toy racing track for one of my kids. $54, with free shipping (over $50). "Ships from and sold by Amazon AU" . RRP is ~$90 and the next best price (target, big W etc) was $70 + $10 shipping. I've got some concerns about the impact of Amazon so I'll avoid if there's a similarly priced alternatives, but in this case the saving was too much to ignore.
  8. Who remembers?

    My old man taught computer studies and the like at TAFE from the late 70's so there were a lot of early computers around our house. The downside was that because we had these 'real' computers I missed out on the 'fun' ones such as Commodores, Amigas etc....not even an ATARI. The first I recall was a dual 8" floppy drive number which I understand cost more than both cars we had at the time. Other memorable ones were: My first laptop. circa 1994. A compaq with detatchable keyboard and and a stylus in lieu of the mouse. It was a tablet PC well before the term existed. My sisters IBM briefcase PC. Portable, but still required mains power. I also recall boxes of blank punch cards dad had from when he was studying, which were used for shopping lists.
  9. WTB: Camper Trailer

    Thanks for the input Blybo. much appreciated. I very much doubt we'll have any AC or heating in whatever we buy. Maybe a small portable heater for when we're on a powered site but a lot of camping we do is 'off grid' I'm taking some inspiration from my sister and hoping to do a bit more than that. They manage to get their Jayco out for a couple of week+ trips and several weekends/long weekends each year. All sorted. We bought an Isuzu MU-X a few months ago, partly in anticipation of towing and more adventurous camping. No doubt, especially if there's an annex involved. Hence the reason I'm leaning toward something with a main room that can accommodate everyone without need for overly involved set up for short trips.
  10. WTB: Camper Trailer

    cheers cram. I've just been checking out hard floor v's soft floor and generally agree with your comments. Hard floor would be good but size (without erecting extra rooms) won't be sufficient, and they're bloody expensive compared to the soft floor. I'm not completely against the soft floor but do realise they have drawbacks. One consideration for me is that flat ground is very limited at home. I certainly wouldn't be able to erect/use a soft floor trailer and unlikely a hard floor, but I'd have a good chance with a camper van. This isn't a deal breaker, but it would be handy to have the extra accommodation. At this stage I'm fairly set on buying as I want the freedom of having it more or less ready to go at a whim. We had a Jayco swan growing up so I'm reasonably familiar with what's involved. Enough that I'm willing to take the plunge anyway. I'd also be concerned about damage the little terrors (or I) might do to a rental. It might however be a really good idea to hire one first to make sure what I can maneuver around and fit at home.
  11. WTB: Camper Trailer

    I'd either have to sell my house, or a couple of kidneys.
  12. Item: Camper/Camping Trailer Location: VIC Price: <$10K Item Condition: new or used Reason for buying: Excessive breeding Payment Method: cash Extra Info: Our family is growing and we'll soon need to upgrade from a tent to something more substantial. I thought I'd try a WTB listing here on the off chance someone has something suitable to sell or even just for general opinions/advice on what to hunt for elsewhere. I'm in no rush. The next last baby is due in Feb so I don't really need it for this summer. I'm a little confused about terminology of camper trailer / camper van / camping trailer so below are pics of the 2 types I'm considering (both seem to be referred to as camper trailers). ie. A tent in a trailer type or pop up/out caravan type (eg Jayco Swan). I'm limited to these more compact options due to available parking area and height for storing at home. Also, our driveway has some steep sections so decent ground clearance is preferred to reduce the chance of bottoming out the hitch or or rear of the trailer. The main area needs to accommodate 2 adults + 3 kids (not in the annex / extension rooms). I'm in melb so Vic is preferred, but would consider a decent drive interstate for the right buy. thanks in advance for any offers/suggestions. cheers Pictures:
  13. WTB: Booster Seats (melb)

    I get around, but mostly north east side. home is warrandyte, work is bayswater. Hard to even give away too. Op shops won't accept donations of anything baby related that has to do with safety. It's understandable though. Standards change as you said, but it's also difficult to assess what condition something is in. It only takes a hairline crack in a piece of foam to impact the performance in a crash. Yeah, they seem to be $100 ish for something reasonable. But I've seen so many of these things on the footpath I figure I can save some $ and some landfill at the same time.
  14. Reselling ticket sites

    I agree. It's sad that buying via resale is turning out to be the only way to get tickets sometimes. This would be dead easy for the ticket retailers to stop, but why would they when the stand to make 2 lots of profit when a ticket is re-sold through their site.
  15. Reselling ticket sites

    Don't do it. Then you're just part of the problem!. Find something else to go to, or give her an "I.O.U. 1 x Killers concert ticket" at Christmas and hope you can find some at face value before the day. That's just a little hypocritical of me though, seeing as my wife recently bought herself a ticket to QOTSA through ticketmaster resale . If you must then you must, but I can't offer advice on options other than you shouldn't have any problems through ticketmaster/ticketek resale. I understand that fan-fan, face value, ticket reselling sites do exist, but not sure what these are. A 'want to buy' gumtree, SNA or similar posting might score you some but I reckon chances are slim. Ticket sellers sometimes release extra tickets just before the concert date. I guess these are comp. tickets for record execs and the like who can't use them. I scored front row seats to a 'sold out' Black Sabbath show at Rod Laver a few years ago through ticketmaster the day before the gig. It's just a case of checking at the right time so is definitely a gamble you might not want to take.