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  1. I went through this a few years ago and getting the booze selection and quantity right was a stress. If you dig back in these forums you'll probably find my thread very similar to yours. I was fortunate enough to have a good mate in the industry who helped in choosing and buying the wine for a good price. 1 white, 1 red, 2 bubbly. I can't recall what exactly but nothing too sweet or too heavy. I reckon you need more bubbly than for just one toast. We went through more bubbly than either white or red. For beer we had a selection of kegs from a local craft brewery. More expensive than cheap slabs but for great quality 'craft' beer it was a bargain ($300 a keg for beer that sells for $80 to $90/slab). The brewery supplied all the hardware free of charge and refunded any kegs that weren't opened. It's a good option if you want fancy beer, but having said that I'd go for slabs next time. Not sure about Guinness or Kilkenny as they're best out of a pint glass, and that's probably a hassle you don't need. Have a majority of normal beers (Coopers and XXXX) and a small qty of specials like the stout & Dry&lime if you want. Best to have some light beer too...a six pack should do it. another tip is to buy from a place that will accept returns if you over estimate. Dans do it. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/weddings
  2. manchu

    Renting a vehicle or anything else

    I once booked a compact car from Avis and was expecting a free upgrade to a small car due to an ‘upgrade to next class’ promo they had on. I was upgraded from a manual compact to an auto compact (the same model car).
  3. manchu

    F1 -- 2018

    What a bloody sensational race! Everyone seems to be talking about Max's incident with Vettel, but IMO the earlier stuff up trying to overtake Ham is where he really threw away his chance. If that hadn't happened there would have been a very interesting fight between the two RB drivers, and it would have been sensational to see Max properly schooled by his old and wiser teammate (if of course max didn't take them both out in the process).
  4. manchu

    WTB: Camper Trailer

    Just a quick bump as I'm still in the market and I figure now that summer is done there could be campers being offloaded. I've pretty much settled on a Jayco Swan or Eagle for about $10K.
  5. OP... your can get separate bluetooth transmitters for about $20, so you don't need to restrict yourself to the LP60-BT. You will need line level though so a TT with built in phono stage or a separate one. AT-LP120 would be a much better turntable than the LP60 sure you can just drill a hole in that cabinet?
  6. manchu

    Spending money on older cars.

    I just scrapped my ‘03 Mazda 6. 310,000km and served me very well but developed an intermittent loss of power. I threw $150 at attempted fix which didn’t work. The next step was $1000 which I wasn’t willing to spend considering it was a maybe fix, the high km’s and a few other big bills on the horizon. Once the repair costs exceeded value of the car I figured it’s time was up. If I wasn’t already planning on getting a bigger car for our growing family, or it had any chance of becoming sought after in the future I may have kept it on the road.
  7. manchu

    WTB: Fender Telecaster - vintage.

    Thanks for the input and suggestions all. Very helpful I’m starting to think putting myself in the middle of this buying decision is a bad idea. I’d hate to suggest something that ends up being a lemon!
  8. Item: WTB - Fender Telecaster, Price Range: ~$1500-$4000 ?? Item Condition: Used Extra Info: My father in law's girlfriend is on the hunt for a Fender Telecaster to add to her collection of acoustic guitars. It's a long shot I guess but thought I'd see if any SNA members have or know of one for sale to might suit. She's keen on the lighter blonde / natural colours, and ideally wants something that's original 'vintage' (not a re-issue). I'm not exactly sure how 'vintage', but guess 80's or earlier. Anyway..if you have one, know of one or even suggestions of good places in VIC to check out please let me know.
  9. Item: WTB Laptop. (see min specs below) Price Range: Free!!, and I'll make an appropriate $$ donation to SNA. Item Condition: Used but mostly working Extra Info: SWMBO is getting increasingly annoyed with me using her macbook for my DJ setup/Turntables so I'm after a cheap laptop to call my own and keep the peace. It's for use with Rane Serato SL1 (circa 2007) so the min requirements are very modest. 13 or 14" screen preferred. Battery life not important. Mac or PC. I could always just buy something 2nd hand like a normal person but instead I'm hoping an SNA member has an old machine they're happy to part with for free and in turn I'll make a $ donation to SNA. The donation will be anywhere from $20 to $200 depending on the laptop. Of course I'll happily accept a higher value laptop but need to cap my donation at about $200 due to current financial stresses (our 3rd boy arrived 2 weeks ago). Melb pickup preferred. (NE suburbs) If you've got something suitable for me to consider please shoot me a PM, including laptop info and your suggested amount for my donation. cheers Operating System : Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.9, Windows 7 to 8.1 Processor : 1.6GHz 1.8 GHz Core Duo Mac OS, Intel 2.0 GHz Core Duo Windows Operating System : 1280x720 Memory: 2GB HDD: 256GB
  10. A$149 from Apple so $45 is a very nice price.
  11. manchu

    Netflix currently watching

    Anyone watched Dave Letterman’s new show? Did well getting Obama for ep 1.
  12. haha, I'm getting flash backs of the first head unit install I was involved with. It took 3 of us 'kids' a full day to get the old one out and a new one wired in. Just as we were about to give ourselves a pat on the back and have yet another beer we realised the HU was about an inch too long for the space.
  13. Excellent idea I've read up a bit elsewhere and agree with this sentiment. There's steering controls, reverse camera, rear DVD screen all to worry about. I've done a couple of simple head unit installs many years ago and reckon this one might exceed my DIY abilities/patience. Agreed. I sent an inquiry to a specialist last week but haven't heard anything. Time to pick up the phone or drop in I think. Definitely. There's already door rattles at moderate/high volume so that will be a must. thanks for the input
  14. cheers. I'd quickly looked at some compact subs (focal and kicker) but didn't notice the one with built in 2CH amp. Seems like a great option but I'm not sure leaving the factory rear speakers isn't a great idea. I'm thinking of the kids!! Now that I understand the stock HU and new speakers is a waste of time I need to decide what option to go for. I believe the factory speakers are: Front = 6x9" doors + dash tweeters, Rear = 6" Doors, Rear roof = 2 x 2" 'surrounds' To save initial outlay I'll forget about a sub for now, but may consider adding one in the future. So I'm tossing up between: Option 1: New Head unit + new front and rear speakers. Option 2: Factory head unit + 4CH amp + new front and rear speakers The factory head unit leaves a lot to be desired (other than it being low power) so replacing it would be great, but I can see this being a lot more costly and more headaches, so I'm leaning towards option 2. edit..deleted some stray text.
  15. Bugger. I definitely don't want to go to the trouble and find that. I was hoping I could select speakers with higher sensitivity than the factory ones and get a volume boost.