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  1. Thanks for that. Certainly keen to hear peoples feedback on these once they start to land here. Looking to go all-in-one for a change and these are probably top of my list for now.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before but is the hub with the A500's a full Roon endpoint or just through Chromecast?
  3. Further information: I purchased this new many years ago but never really used it much. Have the original remote/manual but probably not the packaging (need to look harder). Please note this has the AM/FM tuner and not DAB Photos:
  4. Further information: Purchased new from Osborns. Have all packaging, manual etc but will not ship unless you arrange pickup yourself. Too heavy to post (approx 30kg). This model came with KT120's and cannot be upgraded to KT150's. All valves were replaced a couple of years ago although it wasn't needed. The KT120's can do many 1000's of hours. Photos:
  5. Thanks for all the inquiries people. There is quite a long list of names in the queue already so I am just waiting to see if there are any takers from WA. So if anyone in Perth is thinking about it please let me know otherwise it will be going East (well actually North East !) No pressure 🙂
  6. Further information: Prefer to sell locally for now but happy to take names from other States if it doesn't sell. With insurance posting would be around $175. A couple of very minor scratches on the top but you can't see them unless you going looking. Always been used with the screen turned off as it sounds better that way (apparently). Apologies for pics but I am not a photographer! Photos:
  7. Further information: Purchased these in December 2020 but they just don't fit comfortably in my ears. But they do sound great ! Price includes postage. Photos:
  8. I would look for one that does BT 5.0 as that is the latest standard and are backward compatible. Should be able to get one from any online PC place for under $20. Creative make a fancy one for about $50 that covers all the codecs (I think) which you can get direct from their Australian website. Just make sure it is the BT-W3 and not the older model.
  9. For general use BT is fine. It doesn't do hi res and depending on the codec used the sound quality can vary. For gaming, BT can have a bit of lag/latency so if timing is critical then wired is always better.
  10. Further information: Purchased from McLeans in 2019. Local Pickup Only. Price is firm as if they don't sell for this price they can go in my workshop 😲 Photos:
  11. I was going to ask what people thought of pairing the Clear or HD800S with the Burson Conductor. Was surprised it wasn't mentioned earlier as I thought they were well liked although whether they pair well with these two headphones is another thing.
  12. I prefer buying CD's from Bandcamp as often the included digital download is in high resolution. Unfortunately there is no way (that I know of) to check beforehand but even with CD quality it means you have the unopened CD to keep or sell later if you like.
  13. I should also say I did check if they were sold in Australia first but couldn't see anyone who had them.
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