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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I was thinking about an amp to drive some Quad 2912's as not sure if my current amp is doing a very good job.
  2. Item: Spatial M3 Triode Master Speakers (White) Location: Perth (Hills) Price: $4500 Firm Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: Have upgraded / not being used Payment Method: Cash , D/Deposit, Paypal (+ fees) Extra Info: Purchased these from Mcleans January this year to try out as always curious about open baffle speakers. They are barely run in and have not been driven hard. Easy to drive as are valve friendly. Not that a high powered SS one will do any harm as these things are almost indestructible (or so I am told!). For those curious I would describe the sound as a mixture of panel/box speakers with traits of both and as a panel person myself (Maggies/Quads) I could live with these if I didn't have something better (but 3 x the retail price)! At this time I prefer to sell locally but happy to take inquiries from other states. Have all the packing etc but the cartons are surprising big. Pictures: This is just a pic from the web but mine are identical. Can put up actual pics if needed but only difference will be my messy room in the background.
  3. I had a listen to the LS50W a few months back when someone had them on special plus an additional online discount. Brought the price down to close to $2K. I wanted to like them but to me they weren't even worth the discounted price. I haven't heard the LS50 but at least with these you can mix and match your amp/dac/cables to get the sound you like. I think there is also some doubt about the LS50W's reliability as there have been quite a few problems (at least in the earlier produced one). I wouldn't want to own a pair outside of warranty. If you still think they can rival a $20K setup go and listen to both the LS50W and a $20K setup and I doubt you will be of that opinion for very long.
  4. That is good to know. I don't play my music that loud (compared to others I know) so I don't think I will have any issues in pushing them too hard.
  5. I actually had an email conversation with Rob and he is certainly a very helpful and knowledgeable person and likely my first port of call if something goes wrong. Don't think he does actual repairs but I am sure he will help out as much as he can and point me in the right direction. On a side note, I have to say the 2912's have far surpassed my expectations and am enjoying them immensely. Plus they have bass ☺️
  6. Don't think your Iron Maiden would sound that great but your other tastes in music would sound fantastic. I warn you though if you do demo a pair you will be walking out a with a much lighter wallet !
  7. Got a pair of 2912's. I have read all the horror stories and although I am sure they are somewhat exaggerated (well I hope so!) I bought them thinking they were going to costs a few dollars to maintain. Have always had Maggies but always wondered what Quads were like. Not keen on Martin Logans as personally (unless you go way up the range) I think they have gone down hill a bit.
  8. Thanks for that. As a new Quad owner (2nd hand pair) I am expecting issues at some stage but hopefully not too soon 🙂 Just wanted to be prepared.
  9. Is there anyone in WA that specialises in or has experience with repairing Quad ESL's?
  10. Thanks for all that info. Modding can make a huge difference especially when someone knows what they are doing. I have tried the attenuators but don't think they made any noticeable difference. Quad speakers have landed in Perth so hoping they come today or tomorrow. This will be a good test for my amp to see how it sounds. Just hope the speakers arrive in one piece as it is always a worry sending things with couriers. These have been packed incredibly well by Mike Lenehan (took him many hours and he is probably regretting not selling them to a local😊 ). Pic below of just one speaker.
  11. Looking back it was a bit sad walking into a record store and only having about 15 CD's to choose from ! Like you said, all the old CD's I bought are still playable (not that I do very often though) and looking at Discogs some of them are almost worth what we paid for them 🙂
  12. Not much chance of that. I started out on vinyl but as soon as CD's came out I was almost first in line 🙂
  13. I am not familiar with the Harbeths to be honest but from what I have read I don't think you are slumming it too much 🙂 The Quads are suppose to be great speakers but their reliability seems to have been a bit iffy. I just figured at the price they were going for then as long as they were keepers then spending a few dollars on them down the way wouldn't be too much of a pain.
  14. I really have appreciated all your ideas and like you said I just don't think the Spatials have what I am looking for. I do have an older Accuphase CDP (which actually sounds as good as the PSA DSD on redbook/sacd) but even with this the Spatials have the same characteristics. So it could be the amp or just the speakers. When playing my old Maggies the midrange is great but they just lack a bit of detail and clarity hence why I am going to give the Quads a try. The Spatials were a bit of a gamble/fun purchase and I am in no way saying they are bad speakers. They do somethings extremely well but I figure once you have heard a panel speaker for vocals it can be hard to change. I was hoping being open baffle they might be a good compromise which is probably what they really are - cones with some aspects of panels. My room is about 5x10x2.8m. Speakers on the shorter side giving plenty of room to get them away from the rear wall. I think the Quads should fit in OK and the amp will hopefully be a good match but time will tell.
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