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  1. I use a Consonance 880i tube amp which does sound good. Even though these speakers are marketed as being ideal for low powered tube amps they also don't mind good serve of watts either.
  2. Further information: Purchased these from Mcleans in January 2019 to try out as always curious about open baffle speakers. Upgraded soon after so have had very little use. Price is firm. *Price includes freight to mainland State metro areas. Extra cost may apply to other areas. Photos:
  3. Please check with Greg Osborn before putting KT150’s into a 880i I have an 880i from Greg that came with KT120’s but when I asked later about putting in KT150’s he said not to do it. I can’t remember the reason (will have to find the email) but from what I remember there was either a difference from my unit to the newer ones or they came from the factory setup for the KT150’s specifically.
  4. I am curious how much work is involved in doing this and is it something the average person should attempt? Just thinking ahead for when my panel/s will need to be shipped to Melbourne from WA.
  5. I'm shocked that you could think so badly of the record labels For those that are true vinyl fans then the revival is great. But for someone to buy a record and play it on a $100 turntable/speaker all-in-one it is just a marketing/fad thing that the record companies are making the most of while it lasts. $50 for a new release on vinyl is a joke imo.
  6. Item: Topping DX3 Pro Headphone DAC/AMP Location: WA Price: $170 including postage Item Condition: Like New (maybe a bit of dust) Reason for selling: Not being used - sitting on my desk gathering dust Payment Method: Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Purchased in June 2019 from Hifi Gear Online. Used once or twice only. Includes all packaging/cables/manual/remote. Photos:
  7. That's right, the day I decide to sell my C375Bee you post this 😜
  8. The less the demand for CD's the better IMO as I can get s/hand CD's for about $1 each. Second hand vinyl is still expensive and new is just ridiculous.
  9. Unit is now sold. Thanks to all those who inquired about it.
  10. Item: NAD C375Bee Integrated Amp Location: Perth (Hills) Price: $750 ono Item Condition: Very Good except for a white mark on volume control. (Previous owner did this to see volume level from a distance. May come off with appropriate cleaner) Reason for selling: Not Being Used Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Good amp for speakers that dip down to 2 ohms. Prefer local sale but have original box so can ship if needed. Comes with original remote.
  11. Item: Thor PS10 Smart Power Station Location: Perth (Hills) Price: $350 ono Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required (have 2) Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Had this unit repaired/serviced by the Thor people a couple of years back. Comes with the powerboard. Can ship but prefer local sale. Photos:
  12. Item: Spatial M3 Triode Master Speakers (White) Location: Perth (Hills) Price: $3750 ono Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: Have upgraded / not being used Payment Method: Cash or Paypal (+ fees) Extra Info: Purchased these from Mcleans in January 2019 to try out as always curious about open baffle speakers. Upgraded soon after so have had very little use. Prefer local sale but now happy to ship. Have original boxes/packaging.
  13. I ditched vinyl the day they bought out CD's so doesn't affect me too much although some of the earlier CD's don't have barcodes either 🙂
  14. You can scan the barcode with the Discogs app. When I get a new CD I just pull out the mobile phone and done in about 10 seconds.
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