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  1. I would look for one that does BT 5.0 as that is the latest standard and are backward compatible. Should be able to get one from any online PC place for under $20. Creative make a fancy one for about $50 that covers all the codecs (I think) which you can get direct from their Australian website. Just make sure it is the BT-W3 and not the older model.
  2. For general use BT is fine. It doesn't do hi res and depending on the codec used the sound quality can vary. For gaming, BT can have a bit of lag/latency so if timing is critical then wired is always better.
  3. Further information: Purchased from McLeans in 2019. Local Pickup Only. Price is firm as if they don't sell for this price they can go in my workshop 😲 Photos:
  4. I was going to ask what people thought of pairing the Clear or HD800S with the Burson Conductor. Was surprised it wasn't mentioned earlier as I thought they were well liked although whether they pair well with these two headphones is another thing.
  5. I prefer buying CD's from Bandcamp as often the included digital download is in high resolution. Unfortunately there is no way (that I know of) to check beforehand but even with CD quality it means you have the unopened CD to keep or sell later if you like.
  6. I should also say I did check if they were sold in Australia first but couldn't see anyone who had them.
  7. Just curious if anyone else has imported a pair of these and what they thought of them? I got a pair after reading some reviews (I know you can't believe everything you read!) but I was very impressed how they sounded for the small outlay (around AU$430 all up with DHL freight). Certainly won't become my main speaker but I enjoyed them with their clarity and good midrange. Bass wasn't too bad either but a sub might be needed those that want to rattle the windows. I also thought the soundstage was quite big for the size of the speakers. Overall I thought they were great
  8. All set to go (from Qobuz) once I finish work 🙂
  9. I will have to. Fan of Gillian Welch but have never listened to Rawlings doing his own stuff.
  10. Thanks for that - will check it out tonight. Bugger about the show.
  11. Item: (FOUND) Eilen Jewel "Live at the Narrows" CD Price Range: Around $30 (can land one new for $45 from US) Item Condition: New or Used (must be in good condition) Extra Info: If anyone has a copy they no longer need would be happy to buy Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. My CD player is marginally better SQ than my separate dac but I rarely play a CD. I still try and buy the CD of an album but rip it to my NAS and then it gets filed away. I still prefer a local copy of the music so only use Tidal or Qobuz when I can't find the CD or download a copy from somewhere, or waiting for the CD to arrive. Computer audio is only as complicated as you want to make it.
  13. I use a Consonance 880i tube amp which does sound good. Even though these speakers are marketed as being ideal for low powered tube amps they also don't mind good serve of watts either.
  14. Further information: Purchased these from Mcleans in January 2019 to try out as always curious about open baffle speakers. Upgraded soon after so have had very little use. Price is firm. *Price includes freight to mainland State metro areas. Extra cost may apply to other areas. Photos:
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