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  1. Amazing amps. at an amazing price. A power amp. set up for life. GLWTS
  2. Cheers Bob, how are those D48R speakers going ?
  3. Although my room is 4m x 8m, they have to fit in a very specific area. The photo is pretty much what I have to work with. Perhaps up to 10cm or so movement out/in/back/forward - but that’s it. I am basically hooked on ATC and specifically active ATC sound now. I just want more of the same. So, it’s looking like the 50A at this stage. As much as I would love the 100A.............
  4. Item: ATC SCM40A - Active Speakers in Cherry Location: Perth Price: $7,300 Item Condition: 9.5/10 & only because it's been used from new. Not a mark or scratch on them. Less than 12m old. Reason for selling: Moving further up the ATC range Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Bank Deposit Only Extra Info: This is an EOI only because I will not be ready to sell these until May this year. There is an approx. 6 week lead time if you wanted these new from a dealer anyway, that just the way it is with ATC, they are built to order basically. These speakers sell themselves. If you know ATC then you know they are a rock solid speaker company in regards to build quality, long warranty (6 years and fully transfereable to new owners), from a company who has been doing consumer and pro. active speakers for decades, a massive reputation and following for their sound quality and build quality - they simply do not fail (you have to abuse them or a lightning strike etc.) The reviews are all over the web, and on ATC own website, on hi fi forums etc. I was not really an active speaker believer before, now I will never go back to a passive, happy to discuss in depth to anyone intersted in these on why active speakers are the way to go. The build date of these are May 2019, so they will still have 5 years worth of warranty to run for the new owner. Cannot get better piece of mind than that. I have all the original boxes, manuals, speaker grills, powercords etc. I have mine in a 4m x 8m room and they are great in that size room, and being a sealed speaker design, you can also get by in much smaller room than you would think too. So I need to align the sale of these speakers with my order of the speakers that I am moving up to, hence the looooooong EOI time frame. Happy to discuss and demo. local in Perth and happy to ship to an interstate buyer, however the buyer pays the shipping & insurance etc. **The Isolation feet and powercords in the photos are not part of the sale, I'll be keeping them for the new speakers.**
  5. Yeah, no problem at all for me. Strictly streaming/digital only for me. The only issue I see is I cannot go with the Renderer Streamer module option up front. So I’ll need to use my server output via TOSLINK for a while. Will that be an issue ? I don’t want to use the coax input as my server only has TOSLINK or 75 ohm BNC digital out (as well as Ethernet). And the half ass BNC to normal coax adapter I would need.
  6. Old thread resurrection. Looking at a few DAC and Streamer options. The MSB Discrete, dCS Bartok and Bricasti M21 have all got my attention. I basically need: -World class DAC - XLR analogue out , with volume control. - A DAC that is good enough to do away with my preamp. - Naim 252. - has either streaming already fitted or as an upgrade option latter. - would need to work with ATC Active speakers. They are 1V rated input sensitivity on the XLR input. But this can be boosted to 2V if required. Any thoughts as to where I need to be looking at ? Or If any of the above are good enough for me to sell my existing Naim NDS/555PSDR and 252 preamp. set up.
  7. Ah, righto, cheers for that. I forgot to say, they have to fit in a 2.5m wide space too. Upon reflection, it looks like I am restricted to the Classic 50A. As the 100 is another 10cm wider on each speaker than the 50A. That will really eat into the speaker (perceived) soundstage I wager.
  8. Just found this thread. Anyone here had the ATC40A and upgraded to a Classic 50 active ? Just trying to get a read on what to expect if I did move up to the 50A. Significantly better or ........... would I need to go to the 100A to notice a significant change from what I have. They need to fit in an existing area of 8m x 4m room , with the speaker along the long wall & only about >40cm room behind the speakers to play with. Distance speakers to listening position will be around 3m -not possible to give any more than that. So a pretty restrictive area, the 40A I have now is just fine , bass light I guess , but I expected when I got them. The specs. say -6db at 48hz. I am just after more of the same ATC goodness - but with more bass depth/punch and/or a bigger more dynamic range if possible.
  9. The 555PS is spoken for. So just the NDS head unit for sale now. It comes with all boxes, manuals, remote and transit bolts for the brass sub. chassis. ******Looking at $ 5,000 firm.
  10. Item: Naim Audio NDS Streamer / DAC & 555DR PS Location: Perth Price: *****final price drop******* $10,500 Item Condition: 8/10 and only because of age, one minor mark on the 555PS faceplate Reason for selling: Change of direction. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer only. Extra Info: This is a realist on my ad in Dec. as the 252/Supercap are spoken for, just need this to be also spoken for for me to release them all. Info all over the web about this Naim NDS/555PS how this was top dog streamer/ DAC for a long while and was in a lot of reviewers personal reference systems. It still is in the very top of of class, only Roon and such not being available as a possible negative. Has the latest software upgrade and this version will enable play Tidal playback. The 555DR PS was upgraded to DR and also recapped late in 2019. **** Price is firm, however I will throw in a Naim Powerline for the 555PS for free ($1,000 value). Cheers, Pete Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. No problem Crusty. Glade they are going well for you. If all these get moved on, then I may well let go of my SL , DIN/DIN and the 7 stack Naim Fraim too. Got to move on all these others first though, which may take time as some buyers only want x and not xyz. Cheers and keep in touch.
  12. Item: Naim Audio NDS/555DRPS and 252/Supercap2DR Location: Perth Price: NDS/555PS $11,000 and 252/SC2DR $12,000 Item Condition: 8/10 and only because of age Reason for selling: Change of Direction Payment Method: Cash, PayPal or Bank transfer. Extra Info: Selling these superb Naim Audio streamer and preamp as a package. However, I “may” split up to sell, but will ONLY sell if I have a buyer locked in for each unit. So there may well be a wait if I do this for some buyers. They have all been DR upgraded as well as a full recap service and the 252 head unit was also serviced only very recently. I can take any buyer through the full history of each product and the complete service history of each component. However, they all are essentially near new units. With all the service and upgrades done via Surrounds WA Naim Dealer. Better Photos to follow soon, as I am overseas right now. Cheers, Pete Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Superb end game speakers. Wow, just wow.......
  14. I am using a naim audio 252 - 2 box pre. amp, with this mate.
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