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  1. Interesting, thank you. Sounds like it’s very system and personal preferences dependant then. I’ll eventually get a quality preamp in to go head to head with the MSB. It’s got me very curious now as to what level preamp I’ll need to better the MSB direct to my active speakers.
  2. A question for all MSB owners. What is everyone’s take in preamp. vs the MSB DAC direct to a power amp. ? My set up is: MSB Premier/PowerBasePSU/Renderer Modual V2/ ATCSCM50A active speakers. No preamp. and I am starting to wonder if it’s worthwhile investigating it. For example I would be very curious to hear it with ATC’s own SCA2 preamp in the chain. Not so sure my Premier is all that OK direct into active speakers. The sound is quite wonderful, however could it get better still with a top quality preamp that is made to match with ATC’s own active speakers ?
  3. At work now and I have to go through the replies later to see who got in first. SOLD pending payment. Thanks
  4. Further information: These are no longer required as I recently upgraded my speakers. Basically I am now on the max. limit these can take (54kg) and I want to get some better stands for my ATC50A speakers and this will then push me outside of the weight limits. So they have to go, until I can get funds for the Gaia 1 and the extra cost these go for. Reviews and feedback all over the web, basically one of the best value $$$$ upgrades you can do for your speakers. Some scratch/scuffs on 2 of the feet, pic. below shows these as best I could, otherwi
  5. I am running a Naim Audio HDX 2TB HDD Ripper/Server and my Roon Core is a MacBook Pro. It’s serviceable, but I will be looking at a better Server next year when funds allow.
  6. Yep, I waited WAY too long before joining the Roon Club.
  7. Interesting, conducted and A/B with my MSB Renderer V2 Module against a feed from my Naim HDX via Coaxial. My Ethernet is connected via 2x Wireworld Starlight Ethernet cables from a Cisco Switch. I could not tell any significant difference between the 2 at all. Which was the opposite with my old Naim NDS, Ethernet was very much the superior connection with that set up. But It’s worth it for Roon alone and the other user friendly features that go along with it. But my findings appear to match Con in regards to how superior MSB have engineered their DAC to convert music signals v
  8. I understand it’s use is for the MSB Transport in order to get a perfect jitter sync. with the DAC.
  9. I’ll add my MSB thoughts too. As I had ATC Active speaker set up, I was down to a Naim Audio 252/SC2DR - Pre. and NDS/555PSDR - DAC/streamer and Naim Superlumina DIN Cable. Although it was great (really great) I was hankering for an upgrade (don’t we all in this hobby !) Wanted a change in direction as my existing Naim Audio rig was at a dead end price wise. For example - The Australian RRP for a 552 pre. $43,000 and/or the ND555 streamer/DAC $25,200. This was way, way too much to afford or even stomach even if I could afford it. Second hand and demo. Naim pieces a
  10. Mark, It’s interesting you say ATC Actives prefer low output levels. My MSB Premier manual suggests high gain (150 ohm) output when not using a preamp. and going direct to power amps. And only to use low gain (75 ohm) when using it with a preamp. I looked at the Benchmark specs. that you have and it is a 60 ohm output. Looks like I have been doing it wrong for a few months ! I’ll try the low gain setting and see how it goes. What exactly is the difference do you think in using a lower gain output ? Less overload on the ATC input, better dynamic range ? C
  11. And you want to keep the SCA2 as well ? If so, I would add the dCS Bartok and MSB Technology Discrete to your demo list. The MSB would also be a fine DAC/Preamp. if you want to ditch the SCA2 & the dCS Bartok is also possible DAC/Pre. but I would strongly suggest you try it with/without the SCA2 preamp. before making a final decision.
  12. Further information: ********* Final Price Drop********** Selling my Denon AVR 3808 AV Receiver in silver finish. Was $2,500 RRP new and it’s a Made in Japan model. Don’t do HT anymore , so it is NLR. In very. very good condition, no scratches or nicks on the casework and works 100% fine. I have all the accessories , main remote control, second zone remote, Audessey Set up mic. power cord and AM/FM cables and the instruction manual & original shipping box. If shipping is required, buyer pays shipping cost. https://www.so
  13. Drool, Lotto win coming up to get these 150ALST LE.......... Hahahaha
  14. Nice one ! ATC and active, just like ice cream and sprinkles. It’s just works and was meant to be together. Enjoy !
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