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  1. Trying to figure out a few speaker options that may work out for me. I recently got a Spendor D9 and they are not working out for me. Everyhing is fine/great with them , just an annoying upper mids./ lower treble mismatch with my full Naim Audio set up. I have spent 2 weeks looking at a possible replacement. The Neat XL6 has me very interested. They are a know match with Naim electronics, actually a very good match by all accounts. Anyone care to throw some comments out there in regards to Neat Acoustics and the Ultimatum range ?
  2. seadog

    EOI: Spendor D9 Dark Walnut Speakers

    Just PM'd you with an in depth reply mate.
  3. seadog

    EOI: Spendor D9 Dark Walnut Speakers

    Mate, it is really bugging me that I perhaps got this so wrong with my speaker / system / room matching. I have PM'd you to discuss in depth.
  4. Item: Spendor D9, Dark Walnut Location: Perth Price: $ 10,400 Item Condition: Brand new condition, only 10 days use, fresh from a new sealed carton Reason for selling: Simply did not work out in my room/system/taste Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Only Extra Info: EOI only at this stage due to a few conflicting issues. I firstly have to raise some more funds to get another pair of equivalent quality speakers and that may require another 1-2 month wait. These are brand new, only been used 10 days from the date this post was placed. I have the sales reciept to prove this, so they still have the 5 year warranty for the new owner. Purchased from the Authorised Australian importer (Audiofix) just before the importer rights shifted to a new Ausrtalain distributor. However this warranty will still stand, that has been 100% confirmed. I took a punt on these due to a price that was too good to pass up. Unfortunatly these just did not work out in my room/system/taste. I have put 100 hours throught them and I just know that even with a bit more or a lot more run in that the sound is just not for me. I am 100 % gutted, because I desperately tried so hard to like them, but once you know a pair of speakers are not for you, you just know, and nothing will change your mind. The revised new RRP with the new Australian distributor is now $16,000, so still quite a tidy saving and a bargain for someone who is after a pair. Due to the shipping cost a very strong preference for a local WA buyer. Of course a home demo. is always possible for any serious buyer. Pictures:
  5. seadog

    Spendor D9 vs Dynaudio Contour 60

    A full naim audio set up, so that is one possibility. Perhaps my rig , room , recordings I used and my hearing preferences combined to not like these. Shame, as I loved almost all of what I heard in my demo. and they are by all accounts a quality brand and a quality speaker. Just one of those things I guess.
  6. seadog

    Spendor D9 vs Dynaudio Contour 60

    Dave, Yep had the PMC 25.26 for a home demo. Almost got them, then I tried a few less flattering recordings and they had a real spitty, unpleasant upper mid. treble hash that spoiled it for me. Pity - as the rest of it was awesome , bass, PRaT off the charts etc. Glad you said the Paradigm Persona, always wanted to see what the fuss is about with them. They seem to have what I am after , spec.wise anyway. I’ll have to swing by and check them out. Not real keen on Focal, except the Sopra 2/3, thought they were marvellous at a Surrounds evening with Naim driving them. But I suspect they need much more room to open up than I can give them.
  7. seadog

    Spendor D9 vs Dynaudio Contour 60

    Another thing , that now upon reflection that I noticed and just remembered , at the dealers was a really, really high soundstage with the Contour 60. Like vocals appeared to be 2m tall above the center sweet spot. I can only give 2.5m from my seat to speaker centre soundstage. So the strange vocal hight will only be exaggerated I assume. Think I’ll cross these of my list.
  8. seadog

    Spendor D9 vs Dynaudio Contour 60

    Will do, cheers Bill.
  9. seadog

    Spendor D9 vs Dynaudio Contour 60

    Hi Bill, Righto, nice set you have there in your profile ! I did home demo. the Contour 20's and although they were nice, just didn't wow me. I don't know what it was, just not an emotional connection to the music, not fully broken in ? I do not know, that is why I assumed the 60's with a dedicated midrange may be better. Yep, the reviews pretty much said a great speaker and so very room friendly to dial in too. I may be worth a punt to try.
  10. Hi all, I am down to Spendor D9 vs Dynaudio Contour 60. Need to work well with a full naim set up (252/300/n-DAC/555PS), cannot listen to the D9 but I have done a demo. of the DYNAUDIOS. They sounded fine, just a hint of bass boom though in my dealers (smallish room). I can only give either speaker about 50 cm of room behind them though. I suspect this will cross out the Dyn's. (perhaps the 30's instead ? ) The trade in offer special for all the Contour series this month has got my interest ! Thoughts ?
  11. seadog

    FS: Naim NDS (Melbourne)

    Mate I am interested. What year is it ? And in the photo it appears to show either a cracked LCD screen or the LCD has something wrong with it ? Cheers, Petet
  12. Item: ProAc D48R speakers in cherry Location: Perth, W.A. Price: **********$8,000 firm*********** price drop Item Condition: 8/10 only because of a very small scratch on the indside of one speaker (side) Reason for selling: Change in direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Regretfully selling my ProAc D48R speakers due to change in system direction. If you know ProAc you know these are close to the top of the ProAc tree. You need to spend serious $$$$ more to beat these beauties. The below link from Tone Magazine really nails what these speakers are about, it's so rare a set of speakers in this price range that can really do it all with tubes, solid state amplifiers, classical, rock, blues they play nice with all comers and do it without breaking a sweat - either sounding small and intimate or big and ballsy as the music presents itself - 90db efficiency. * Full disclosure - small scratch 2cm long on the inside of one speaker that is only noticable up close, and only if you look for it - in this photo it does exaggerate it. However if you look at 3rd photo down from the top you cannot see it at any normal viewing distance, otherwise the pair is in mint condition. Brought new from a W.A. dealer in May 2017 and I have original packing boxes, instructions and balance of new speaker warrenty. Of course a demo. is possible for any serious buyer. The RRP new price on these is $16,000, so these are less than 2yo, and they very rarely come up for sale second hand either in Australia or overseas either for that matter, so a real bargain. * Due to the cost of shipping and insurance I really desire a local Perth sale only at this stage. Happy to negotiate on PayPal fees for a serious buyer. http://www.proac-loudspeakers.com/Downloads/Reviews/ProAc D48R_TONE76.pdf
  13. ********Price drop $8,600 firm.***************
  14. Righto, thank you for your interest. As the EOI said, just waiting on any interest in NAP300DR to get the ball rolling to see where I am at IRT letting them all go at around the same time. As far as them being too good for your existing kit, I would say no problem at all , if you jump on the offical naim forum and ask away you will get a good feel on that front. Cheers, Pete
  15. Item: One, 4m pair (special order) of NAIM Audio SuperLumina Speaker cables - bannana conections - and one pair of SuperLumina Amplifier Cables suitable for NAIM NAP300 (DIN to XLR) 1m set. Location: Perth Price: $3,000 Amplifier cable set pair for use between the NAP 300DR and a naim Pre Amp power supply e.g. Supercap ($ 5,000 new) and $ 2,700 ($4,500 new) for the SuperLumina speaker cables or * $5,000 * FIRM for both sets.* if sold as a complete set. Item Condition: Both less than 12m old and in 100% brand new condition. Reason for selling: Change of direction see existing EOI for NAIM AUDIO NAP 300DR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Prefer local Perth pick up if I do end up selling them, both sets 100% brand new condition - I have run them in for you ! Purchased from Perth authorised NAIM dealer in 2018. Still have original boxes. A few moving parts of this EOI as I cannot move these on without the NAP 300DR also going as well as I do not want to be stuck without these awesome cables if the EOI for the NAP 300DR does not occur. Pictures: