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  1. For example -- connect scope to DC power supply. The ideal result is a flat line on the screen. If it isn't dead-flat, you have ripple or noise. Now you can change things and look for a change on the screen; and look at the type of noise and determine an appropriate fix.
  2. Can you make a recording of what it sounds like? Might help work out what it is. Recently, a small town found their town-wide broadband outages were caused by noise emanating from an old fridge. The source could be a long way away.
  3. We're going to agree to disagree on this one, OK? I'm going to say putting a linear power supply on a router/switch is just silly, you're going to tell me you can hear the difference, I'm going to point out the router/switch board has a number of switch mode supplies on it anyway, you're going to tell me that doesn't matter. The conversation is getting pretty circular at this point. There's going to be a bit about removing noise, I'm going to ask where the noise is coming from, and it stops and goes back to something else. Your next equipment investment should be a scope to find n
  4. A beaten up Cisco 2600 from the 90s can keep up with hires audio streaming with 16MB of RAM and a 40Mhz CPU. The only router not able to keep up would be a faulty router. At this point, you can pretty much buy anything with the right connectivity and be happy. I still think you need to focus on finding the source of your noise problem rather than worrying abouts 'speeds & feeds' on the router.
  5. Being a little more serious, you shouldn't see the EdgeRouter burning much RAM or CPU since you're not using a lot of features. Load it up with BGP and policy based routing and complex packet filtering and the load might go up. If you just need more SFP/SFP+ ports, go for a dedicated switch. Dig through fleabay, there's some bargain Procurves with 4 SFP cages.
  6. This again? No, that would be an anecdote, not proof.
  7. Sounds is always going to be influenced by room and setup, but I'm extremely happy with mine. They're thin, so they fit nicely on my desk and the tweeters are refined enough not be glaring in near-field. They have a hidden reserve of bass in those little cabinets, too, and don't get stressed out playing loud. I found they improved for soundstage (again, in near field) with TPU wedges to tilt them up very slightly. We're only talking about 15mm of rise at the front.
  8. Not only do they sound great, the jarrah finish looks great.
  9. I'm curious to see if his reclocker makes any difference, but I'm not sure I have a use case right now. The loungeroom system is still using the PS Perfectwave (_not_ DS) and that claims to have reclocking/buffering inbuilt and as far as I can see, the clocks out of the Gustard U16 on my desktop system are pretty much on-target (those 'accusilicon' modules must be OK). I obviously need to built *another* system for such a project!
  10. I've had a bit of a look at some of that line-up. Interesting, and I'm tempted to order some in for a fiddle when international shipping starts to return to normal.
  11. I'm glad that hasn't happened. There's a great open source community out there, sharing code without looking to turn it into a commercial venture. Without that spirit of sharing, projects like this wouldn't have a kernel, a network stack, a userland, web server, supporting libraries. That said, a revenue stream shipping pre-built boxes might be .. a way to drown in a sea of support calls!
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