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  1. 'Burn in' - This is the period where your ears 'burn in' to the new device/cable installed!
  2. Would there be a fabric that provides SPF30 or SPF45 protection?
  3. So, woman's tights are the go....plenty of them on my floor Was more thinking of a tight knit / woven fabric as not to let the sunlight through?
  4. Look very similar to the Revelation2 speaker..........smaller bass by the looks
  5. Hi all, As summer is approaching and sun angles change, I am wanting to make cloth material covers for the Rev's 2. Basically up and over the sides and back, allowing for the port to be uncovered. What are your tricks for this kind of idea, any special material (snake oil stuff) or material to stay away from? Any other tricks you have to share will be appreciated.
  6. I think my current set up confused myself, coupled with the fact being blinded by analogue is radio! Play cd's via my h/t set up and stream radio via computer, which is plugged into the dac..... I ended up with a Rotel RT 1080 in silver, which does have DAB, but it seems to be not in my area of South Taranaki, only Jaffa land and Windy Wellies may have it?
  7. Ha, What I wanted was same to same connection from the tuner to my DAC module inside the 250i https://store.perreaux.com/nz/products/eloquence/edac-usb-dac-module Here it shows coaxial and optical inputs. But no, just went with rca out on the tuner and get a rca to coax lead made up......Unless I am wrong again?:confused:
  8. Thanks Maxgate, the waiting begins!
  9. Hi, Who has a tuner with coax or optical out they would want to off load? Here your chance to tempt me:) Cheers
  10. The Rega / Perreaux seems to be only on when a Stella Artois is in my hand - :confused: Not sure which one is the additive habbit, maybe both:eek:
  11. Hi Luis, Not the same as I have. Used what my speaker manufacture has advocated, 4/2.5mm2 Rondo Round/Twisted. http://goo.gl/uc0aAg Michael - Image Audio supplied this set.
  12. I need to invent an LGAVTAA -Laser Guided Automatic Vertical Tracking Angle Adjuster. Place record on table, laser calculates distance and adjust VTA via some type of variable damping height adjuster gadget:eek:
  13. So, our daughter is sick (16months) - mmmmmmmmm one thinks what could be done while home.....? Yes - that's it....new deicated 2.5mm2 T&E circuit for the 250i:) Oh - and wire in the new Supra speaker cables...... Any one seen the baby?
  14. Those wooden sides may match well with the Rev2 venner! I think the trader is known for pricing. Thanks for the enlightening view:)
  15. http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/amplifiers-tuners/auction-619220377.htm I can only find a few reviews on line, which seem to be o.k. Any Audioenzer's like to put their 3cents worth of knowledge in? http://goo.gl/Fyl2m4
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