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  1. Air Tight PC-1 Cartridge

    nice cart! @Viognier or @metal beat

    beautiful speaker.
  3. When did ABC Classic FM become so crap?

    abc jazz on DAB in the car is fantastic. but yeah, the rest is ....
  4. Sonic fronteirs SFL-1 preamp valve static issue

    chris johnson now runs parts connexion in canada. best to check with them as he was the designer/owner? http://www.partsconnexion.com/parts_sonic_frontiers.html
  5. yep, all part of his endorsement package. all has to do is to continually wipe his brow, adjust his hair, and make sure the watch is in steady view when he is holding up the trophy.
  6. federer could buy the company if he wanted to. he is given watches.
  7. XV-1's??? you need one of these next..
  8. watches and hi-fi! it's very hard to be able to afford both hobbies..... don't know which one is more expensive????????????????????????
  9. nice watch. for which tad are you prepared to give up such a beautiful timepiece?
  10. Electronic currently spinning

    love this track! yes, sounds very detroit, a bit like derrick or dan curtin.
  11. WITHDRAWN: FS: YG Acoustics Carmel 2 Loudspeakers

    sexy! is gigawatt for sale?
  12. Why aren’t women interested in hifi?

    women want to look good to their peers. their appearance is paramount. how many millions of pairs of short shorts have been sold in aus this summer compared to amps or dacs? all i see is shorts. that's where the big money is spent. hifi isn't impressive to anybody but the 0.0001%. if i sold shorts, (or even maybe yoga leggings) maybe i could buy a better amp.