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  1. Currently Spinning

    you gothster! bet you used to go to frazer's night at club 77? or was it at soho, or landsdowne??? can't remember....
  2. Electronic currently spinning

    nice track - reminds me of source direct.
  3. Dare at your own risk...

    energy flash - joey beltram
  4. Currently Spinning

    nice album
  5. Currently Spinning

    what, what, what???? didn't know they are playing. they were awesome last time around.
  6. Favourite Band Name

    the police blancmange tangerine dream berlin nwa ready for the world devo vanity 6 kraftwerk boards of canada the art of noise godspeed you black emperor nitzer ebb blur the mary jane girls boris golden palominos there's heaps more......
  7. New Krispy Audio Store!!

    hi cameron, great to see your concept come to fruition. looks fantastic! love the vpi array. all the best of luck to you and your family in the next phase of your venture.
  8. How important is a Cd player to the sound quality?

    very important.
  9. FS: AVM SA8.2 Power Amp (Price Drop)

    beautiful amp
  10. GTG Sydney - Scuzzii's

    and then some...
  11. Currently Spinning

    phil collins looks like a natural hipster in the above pics.
  12. DoggieHowser misses his home system :(

    wow! very nice. let us know how it compares to the 5se.
  13. Currently Spinning

    listening to hector zazou's 'les nouvelles polyphonies corses'. mass and solo voice on lush electroniques from 1991. superb album which is just timeless.
  14. Replica Eames Lounge Chair at Aldi $299

    if wives/partners never forget, then that's their problem. especially if they didn't pay for it.