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  1. analog brother

    GS' next speaker - TAD CR-1, ME-1, PMC MB2BSE, Magico?

    they stopped doing tad's years ago. there is zero aus representation i believe. the cr-1 is quite a large speaker when you see it in the flesh. big sound too.
  2. analog brother

    GS' next speaker - TAD CR-1, ME-1, PMC MB2BSE, Magico?

    another vote for duette 2's. have heard them - very under-rated speaker. easiest wilson to drive, and perfect for that size room. tad cr-1 is great also, but is very hard to drive and needs a bigger space to stretch it's legs. haven't heard me-1, but reports are good. also, take a look at kaiser stand-mount.
  3. yep, i don't buy anything from them anymore. i tried, and in all cases was a complete joke. i can't believe what they have done. how can anyone degrade their business in such a manner. i don't think they will last too long if they don't rectify the situation NOW.
  4. analog brother

    4 Tower Speaker Systems

    maybe the wamm mc could rival all the others, from one box?
  5. analog brother

    4 Tower Speaker Systems

    i think i would maximise every rack, cable and isolation component before i could commit to a 4 tower system. also, i would need a much bigger living space, so i am pretty much limited by the room first and foremost. i have heard the old genesis, the acapella and the tidal. granted, they were all at dealer's showroom, so maybe not fully tweaked, but i've watched them play with them for hours on multiple occasions trying to get things right. hearing sunn (((0))) and scott walker's, 'brando' at full tilt on the tidal, was pretty good though.... just ask @metal beat
  6. analog brother

    4 Tower Speaker Systems

    i have never owned a 4 tower system, but have heard a couple of them and i come to the conclusion that they are complex beasts and present many issues and variables, with their 'operators' perpetually tweaking and tinkering to get good sound through electronic processing and placement and such. then you have the room to deal with. then it sounds better when you stand up. then you need an array of amps........ i prefer simplicity. less is more imo. but that's what happens when we venture too deep...
  7. yamaha man will deliver them straight to your door * read the ad again.....
  8. and compared to antileon sig? do it, shane!
  9. we are same, except i do listen to cd's as well as vinyl and cassette....☺️
  10. analog brother

    Radiohead's Kid A or Amnesiac?

    KID A love both albums obviously, but i think kid a has much less filler than amnesiac, which probably has a couple of trax which i consider to be amongst their very best, but other trax which i fast forward. on kid a, only the middle track is like an interlude that i skip. the rest is interstellar and cohesively so.
  11. analog brother

    EXPIRED: FS:Vitus RI 100

    yep, beautiful in black!
  12. analog brother

    Radiohead's Kid A or Amnesiac?

    too hard to choose. i'd have to listen to them again for a consecutive week each in the car.
  13. analog brother

    High end equiptment in low end set ups

    it's just another ad image from 'fine sounds' group which own mcintosh, and sonus faber gear that is depicted and audio research. or maybe they are called world of mcintosh now..??? dunno - but they always run a lifestyle pic of systems, usually in a ny loft-type of setting. last time they ran an arc system (ref250/ref 10) with bluetooth and the lockheed lounge as a listening chair. it's just fantasy aimed at people who have more money than audio knowledge, but realise that both wagner and davis were impossibly hardcore, yet high-profile artists, as much as rothko and warhol. don't believe the hype.