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  1. hi benny - these look great! what upgrade to? are you going to a bigger, or smaller speaker?
  2. 2 major international watch shows, s.i.h.h. and baselworld in switzerland, both cancelled. the olympics has huge money behind it, but i can't see it happening....
  3. the new cayman/boxster gts 4.0 are fantastic too! the pricing is heavy though....
  4. and uber drivers/riders/cyclists everywhere, congesting the roads even further, with their superb driving knowledge/skillset. a purist porsche would be great as their cars have been getting a bit porky lately. around 1275kg's and 330hp would be nice.
  5. 5se comes within budget. great pre-amp with very low noise, and not at all syrupy. arguably better-built than ref 6.
  6. analog brother

    Tennis Talk

    i missed it. will it be replayed?
  7. analog brother

    Tennis Talk

    hi shane, haha! but i was thinking more borg. long hair, beard, velour fila tracksuit, and red-striped beige tennis collared shirt, with matching head/arm bands. it'll throw everyone off!
  8. analog brother

    Tennis Talk

    he needs a new hairstyle. new clothes. and to mature a little, and he'll be great.
  9. i don't really care for rolex, but he get's paid millions to wear them. he is part of the reason why there is a global shortage.
  10. analog brother

    Tennis Talk

    classic federer - giving the opponent a false sense of security!
  11. hi shane, maybe you are right about the new sponsorship deals. he could be against the way rolex is conducting business at the moment? i reckon he should team up with patek philippe.
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