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  1. classic! so, the speaker connectors are banana only? what is indicated by the stickytape pieces on the rear?
  2. beautiful preamp for the ages. good match with antileon sig mono's?
  3. and it delivered in spades on first play, and every play since.
  4. music for the masses changed my life at that time. bought it when i saw the cover art, as it piqued my curiosity as a young teenager!
  5. i learned the sad news this morning. i also first met joe when i ventured out to his bankstown emporium in the early nineties. i was mesmerised by the endless racks full of esoteric gear such as gryphon, sonic frontiers, vimak, enlightened audio designs, classe, jadis, martin logan.......amongst others. i was there to purchase my first 'hi-end' speakers, a pair of atc scm-20's standmounts. when we went down to the garage to load the speakers into the car, joe asked me what amp i was going to run them with. when i told him of the 600w per channel p.a amp that i h
  6. pass not bright. arc is good match with pass too.
  7. because maybe they are made overseas? maybe they will make them now when we commence our trans-tasman bubble?
  8. very nice phono - i remember when these first came out, was very tempting. @vintagejapan
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