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  1. even though i cannot afford an ap, pp, gp, fp, fb, hmc or jlc....etc, i agree wholeheartedly with this statement.
  2. the law of diminishing returns does apply, and it begins at the point where you decide that you're happy, but almost broke..
  3. i think the older amps you mention hold their own in most ways compared to the latest models, except for when it comes to resolution and low-noise. the new(ish) .8 series pass are much more resolving than the .5 series or older. same with gryphon's antileon evo vs older antileons or dm100, even though their sonic signatures are similar. the older amps are generally, warmer sounding. you can can team an old amp up with some hi-tech cable and footers though, and this can steer the balance to the right if that's what you prefer.
  4. very nice amp, have heard it many times, and always came up good when pitched up against various exotica. good luck with sale, mark and congrats and enjoy the baklava sweets!
  5. that was quick! you will fall in love with the antileon. good luck with it all.
  6. maybe a re-orientation of the room? or smaller stand mount speaker like aforementioned focal or wilson duette 2? or a downsize ( in size, not quality) of the system? good that you don't play lotto, you can buy more hifi with the money you save. most people spend over 30k in a lifetime lotto/scratchie career. don't rush it - research your options. the solution will come to you over time.
  7. agree - the space, rack, and room depicted are a bit small for an antileon. there is a lot of gear there already. you could set up another system with the ae's in another room; maybe have a tv/digital system, then a separate analog system? that is a very busy little corner - but as said, each to there own and if you have a boss to deal with....all the best of luck.
  8. ok yes, i understand it has built-in protection, but i was looking at the photo in which you have the amp ideally placed in the open. i didn't think you'd put it anywhere else. i thought you were saying that it tripped protection in the location of the photo. that would be a problem for sure!
  9. how often does that happen??? should that happen?
  10. doesn't need to, but just make sure that the top shelf on your rack can take it, not only in weight, but also in dimension. then it's ok. it's much easier to put it on an amp stand on the ground, and not have to worry about it... amp weighs a lot and needs a lot of space around it as it get's very hot. it's a huuuuuuge unit. also, it needs 2 power cords. only runs balanced inputs, so you can use long runs if needed.
  11. flemming looks great there! was that at the recent hk espresso martini show?
  12. yes, that is the antileon signature. it is a fantastic amp indeed, but you'll need a hefty rack to contain it's 90kg weight. best placed closer to the floor! as somebody already mentioned, these amps have a warmer, full-bodied sound compared to the vitus which is still bloody nice. maybe you may need to change speakers first?
  13. OMG!!! already for sale? why oh why? grandiose grandioso upgrade-itis? ☺️
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