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  1. FS: Audio Research Reference 5SE

    beautiful pre. you (pre)fer the bhk? glws
  2. Midnight Oil Reforming

    garrett always looked better in a t-shirt.
  3. How to create a sustainable future for vinyl"

    i only have one of those top 10 records on vinyl and 2 on cd. i don't wanna be a hipster!
  4. Cary PH 302 mark 2 phono stage

    just goes to show how much of a bargain the cary really is!
  5. Currently Spinning

    it's good stuff. mix of old and new. very lo-fi recording. you will like it. yes, luminous was crap. will look again at the horrors; i had written them off as well...
  6. Currently Spinning

    superb new release from mr reznor. 'add violence' nine inch nails. i love this a lot. 5 tracker ep of crunchy analog goodness, complete with surprise ending... buy.
  7. FS: Esoteric K-03 SACD player

  8. Cary PH 302 mark 2 phono stage

    what's next, benny? arc ref 10? glws
  9. Currently Spinning

    and anoni too. they remind me of david sylvian.
  10. Currently Spinning

    'because the internet' is a nice album. one of the tracks later on in the set has one of the fattest basslines i have ever heard. your speakers will love it, shane!
  11. Currently Spinning

    yeah.....wise advice. i think i clicked 'buy' wayyyyy too fast on that one.
  12. Currently Spinning

    hi andrew, it's a great album! very beautiful. his new album, 'colors' is very different though..... quite fast-paced and poppy. not really what i expected, sorta like an 80's throwback, but a bit too edgy, not my cuppa. i am enjoying the new destroyer album, 'ken' though! 80's style as well but more synth driven sounding a bit more like marc almond soft cell style. i like a lot.
  13. architecture books rape my eyes. i love them. i would buy them all if i could.
  14. FS:PAD proteus provectus speaker cable 3 meter set

    beautiful cable.