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  1. thanks for the pics and reports, guys! any crabs or em's this year? is that a ref 6 with gold knobs? production or special edition? shane - those avalons are beautifully made. there was pair here at ac not that long ago.... d'agostino amp is too big and garish. how did the heisenberg/stern combo sound? and kagura/kaiser? any wamm there????? edit- ok probably not as photos just show alexia 2 and alexx..
  2. analog brother

    Currently Spinning

    agreed. he was so funky, the funk just oozed off of him. i used to wear my purple paisley shirt to go dancing.
  3. no, make sure you buy from authorised dealer.
  4. max, shane just wants to o/d on odin. maybe they sell odin on the street in hk? mark - yes must catch up soon; i've been too much out of the loop. glad to hear you went for the pc-1s, that's a huge step up.
  5. hi max, i'm using the purist audio design proteus provectus which is a previous gen cable, but still sounds musical with good weight and resolution. haven't heard the new luminist series, but you can get them within your budget if you buy o/s. they have phono cables in all their ranges. i went with the older range as the sound is more laid-back which is what i wanted with an ss phono stage. in your case with exclusive/shelter which is a more laid-back presentation, you could probably benefit with the greater resolution of the luminist series. before the purist, i was using the synergistic research tricon phono, which was very nice too, and i sold that to mark, so i think he would still be using it perhaps?, and you would have heard many times. try audio solutions at mascot - they used to sell synergistic, but may have some stock to clear? otherwise, o/s is your best bet. both these cable ranges have ground wire built-in. good luck with your search
  6. good luck! 50m you could buy the master chronosonic without flinching...
  7. the rest of us need plenty of pics to feed on. please. thank you shane - you gonna order af-1 this time around????
  8. analog brother

    Currently Spinning

    love this album. thanks for the recommendation a few months back.
  9. analog brother

    Single Ended amplifiers

    maybe you can equip the room at a show with a strobe and smoke machine. that would work...... i'll bring the detroit techno.
  10. analog brother

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    oh, that is very a sad shock. one of my favourites.
  11. analog brother


    very nice! which others did this see off? glws
  12. analog brother

    Currently Spinning

    just coolin' out.
  13. analog brother

    Yamaha Mans' system.

    i vote for signature antileon
  14. analog brother

    SOLD: Brinkmann Fein Phono Preamp

    very cute.
  15. analog brother

    Python power cables.

    shunyata research make iec adaptors, both 20 to 15amp, and 15 to 20 amp.