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  1. pass not bright. arc is good match with pass too.
  2. because maybe they are made overseas? maybe they will make them now when we commence our trans-tasman bubble?
  3. very nice phono - i remember when these first came out, was very tempting. @vintagejapan
  4. amazing rack! never seen one for sale before. upgrading to maxxum? glws!
  5. no money, and very happy with ref 8. i think op should keep and insert into system to try it out. only 200hrs old, not even run in yet for recommend 600 hrs. he may find he like better than new transport.
  6. great pre-amp. from the golden era. buy now, keep forever. glws
  7. agree. do it. i have ref 8. ref 9 would be the ultimate dream. ☺️
  8. yes, even better in today's new world
  9. lovely stuff, winter warmers indeed. hope you are not thinking of going all solid-state!
  10. agreed, it's all subjective. i think the phonostage is important when most of the cool carts are low output
  11. but they are all very important, hence why analog obsessiveness can become a very expensive sub-branch. some will even add such things as record cleaners and static-free sleeves to the equation ☺️
  12. imo; recording pressing stage cable cart arm rack table in that order
  13. the recording and pressing of the record is the most important. a **** record will sound just that on even the best six-figure rigs.
  14. this is a great player/transport/dac don't know many that would be more musical. certainly not esoteric/dcs, and definitely not at this price. it really is a giant killer. glws
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