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  1. needs at least 500hrs to run in. then you gotta run in each filter individually.... ah if only i had the spare funds - i don't really need my car, do i?
  2. analog brother

    Currently Spinning

    the first time i heard 'river man' was a version by andy bey ( a beautiful rendition!) on my walkman, searching the radio waves late at night in bed in midtown manhattan, while on holidays in '98. then i bought that album, and subsequently, the nick drake version many years later after hearing it @Viognier 's bachelor pad
  3. analog brother

    FS: Pathos Acoustics Twin Tower intergrated amplifier

  4. analog brother

    Vale Dave Wilson

    RIP Dave Wilson. a titan of the industry who has achieved so much, and taken very good care of his company and family succession. we knew it was coming, but still a shock. thoughts to his family, he must have been such a driving force to be aligned with.
  5. analog brother

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    rs3 is more fun because it's more loose. bigger displacement and more noise. more character for some perhaps, but i prefer the precision of the merc.
  6. analog brother

    A Right Royal Wedding or Evangelical Debacle?

    yes, it was quite surreal. this wedding will be forever remembered for that showpiece. but who invited him???? they went a bit far if they intended to bring a bit of fun to the proceedings. reminded me of watching bond's 'live and let die'
  7. analog brother

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    straight line? that's it? that seems to be the only criteria these days amongst the masses. what about driving position and seating, steering, handling, braking, cornering, stability, ride, control weighting, refinement, durability, reliability, looks....feel......enduring over time?????
  8. analog brother

    A Right Royal Wedding or Evangelical Debacle?

    i didn't watch the wedding, but when i first saw the preacher in the highlights, i initially thought it was eddie murphy doing a comedy skit.
  9. analog brother

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    the rs3 was in it the year before - and the a45 came out on top. in which way does it "kill the a45"?
  10. analog brother

    New D'Agostino Monoblocks...$250,000

    i prefer the progression monos.
  11. analog brother

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    finally got a copy of local bassist, jonathan zwartz's 'animarum'. wonderful recent recording featuring a plethora of local talent, including the inimitable, phil slater on trumpet. a fairly laid back affair that grows on you, the title track though, is instantly and eternally gorgeous.
  12. analog brother

    Best Band since 1990

    2000 is ICEAGE (sorry, cannot make it to BJM) actually, must give honourable mention to SUNN-0)))!!!!!!!! they started in the late 90's/.
  13. analog brother

    Best Band since 1990

    for me it's definitely radiohead. before them they were many that started in the 80's.... massive attack would be 2nd, then the national if you include ones that started after the 90's, i would include iceage
  14. analog brother

    Brian Jonestown Massacre - June 8th - Metro

    hi shane, thanks for the heads-up although sorry, it is a work night for me. ( the biggest of the week ) enjoy!