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  1. when i was a teenager 12 or 13, i used to go the newsagent after school and drool over the absolute sound and stereophile journal magazines. i only started buying the mags when i was around 22, but had already bought many car magazines since 9 years old. then there was a local hi-fi shop, and i used to go in check out the nakamichi dragon and b&w 801, linn sondek lp12, rega, luxman tables..... used to go in on my own as none of my friends were into it. funny how things don't change!
  2. shane - as you know, there are so many gorgeous components out there. too many to list... but here are just 5 cd players/transport and not in any order of course. cec tl-0 esoteric k-03 tad d-600 metronome kalista dreamplay dcs vivaldi one and some turntables; techdas af-1 technics sl-1000r kuzma stabi m walker audio proscenium black diamond basis aj conti transcendence vpi 40th anniversary tw acoustic black knight sme 30/2 spiral groove 1.2 kronos pro all sexy compo
  3. i have the same issue. call your novel, 'audio erotica' and you may be onto something. i look at certain audio components like i look at architecture and watches. i have plenty of magazines to fulfil my audio fantasies...
  4. love strads. only heard a pair once before. they were very beautiful in every way. love your winter amp too....cat (and gat) can be too hot for the summer months.
  5. have heard those tune audio speakers - love them, they are awesome in every way! hi cam, shop looks great. hope you are well.
  6. asahi btls are hard to find at the moment hence why they are coming in from everywhere, although i checked the 500ml cans, and they are made in japan. the sapporo large cans are made in vietnam!
  7. yeah asahi black has the true provenance. great beer. i gotta check the sapporo cans though, i think they are still made in japan too. most of the import beers have been bastardised, probably only the top-end belgian ones like chimay, duvel, et al been left alone. you are right - you gotta always read the labels as they come from anywhere these days. the japanese own most of the big aussie breweries anyway...
  8. shane you need something japanese--- asahi or sapporo haha although both your yin and yang beers are in scarce supply this summer! cheers, james
  9. i have heard the r1's driven by antileon signature stereo. the sound was utterly beautiful. warm sound yet you could hear deep into the soundstage. high resolution, but never clinical.
  10. wow - lovely finish. these are indeed, endgame. one of the best speakers i have ever heard.
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