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  1. I'll start looking for the YouTube soldering video. Any hints on where I'm likely to find the dry joint
  2. Further to the above - pulled the back off the TV today, cleaned away all the dust, removed the fans to get at the top ribbon connectors, removed and cleaned the connector right above the black bar with compressed air. Put things back together and black bar had gone, so put the back on. Pushing TV back into position and the black bar returned in exactly the same spot. A whack to the back of the TV right above the bar made it disappear again. Probably only a matter of time till it returns again I think.
  3. Thanks. I see there's a few Youtubes on this issue suggesting checking the ribbon connectors. I might see if any PZ700A owners from old threads have any experience with the issue.
  4. We have a 2008 Panasonic TH-42PZ700A that has developed a vertical black bar on the screen as per; http://i1168.photobucket.com/albums/r492/BigBad64/TV_Line_2_zpsqmelf4fg.jpg & http://i1168.photobucket.com/albums/r492/BigBad64/TV_Line_zpsaj2796w4.jpg Is there a fix for this? If so, is there a dummies guide or does it have to go to a qualified repairer? It's been a good TV and it'd be a shame to have to throw it out.
  5. The Laptop is an older Lenovo Thinkpad T420 that doesn't have an HDMI output, just the VGA. The plasma is a Panasonic TH-P50V10A that has HDMI inputs. I was going to post some pictures of the inputs/outputs I have in the "Attachments" forum but it says "Uploading is not allowed" and the uploads fail. (What's up with that?) Maybe what I want to do isn't possible with the equipment I have. HDMI on the Laptop would solve the issue. I probably would have kept the Jaycar Splitter and just changed the Laptop screen resolution output each time I changed monitors (which is only occasional) if it didn't make the 21.5" LCD screen have an audible "fizz".
  6. Not sure I've posted this in the right area but I couldn't find a better spot. I want to hook up my PC to 2 monitors, a 21.5" LCD screen and my 50" plasma TV and be able to switch between them. I can find any amount of these http://www.ebay.com....s-/290752430063 but they are designed for 2 PC's to share 1 monitor, ie 2 inputs & 1 output. I need one that has 1 x VGA / Audio input and 2 x VGA /Audio outputs and the ability to switch between them. I went to Jaycar Electronic today and they suggested this; http://www.jaycar.co...w.asp?ID=YN8075 I've tried it but the 21.5" LCD screen is 1920 x 1080 FHD and the PC VGA input on the TV only accepts a max resolution of 1366 x 768. This means that you have to keep changing the PC resolution via the Windows Control Panel each time you switch monitors, unless I left the 21.5" LCD at 1366 x 768 which I don't want to do. Running through this splitter also made the 21.5" LCD screen make more noise for some reason. I'm taking it back tomorrow. What's my best bet? Does anyone have a link to a switch that would suit my purposes?
  7. Delete reference - situation sorted in the meantime.
  8. OK, I've come on here for someone in the know to tell me where I can get M-F 3.5mm extension cords to connect a Plantronics Gamecom 380 wired gaming headset; http://www.plantroni...uct/gamecom-380 to my PC. These; http://www.ebay.com....em=221138080465 don't work (as the description says), despite being told by another source to disregard that advice and that all cords would work. In fact these cords allow the speakers to work but not the mic. (Why is that? Not enough wires inside? The end plugs look the same.) I only need them to be about 1-1.5m long and, yes, I've got wireless headsets already and still need these extension cords for my purposes. Can someone please give me a link to ones which definitely will work, or doesn't such an animal exist?
  9. [quote name=' timestamp='1346145818' post='1829530] we got one in our bedroom system. works fine. you just plug everything that can be completely turned off into it. and things like PVRs that you only want in standby into its other port. re the button quark not found a problem with it. it has a sensor that if senses no movement etc for 30min will switch things off. but yeah even if click the volume up or down or move slightly it sees you and havent found it to switch off. it is handy though if fall infront of the TV or while listening to music. or walk out the room forgetting about it. it just switches itself off. we also use one on our study laptop and printer etc. there too ensures a complete shutdown means no standby power being sucked up. ps re the scheme we got ours that way too. they come through the house replace all bulbs with power saving variety and gave us 3 of the ember techs for bedroom study and main system. its a government program so all above board. I took it off our main system as was setup in really too rudimentary a fashion for what is a much more complex system. I might give it a go one day. but really given I have three power boards its not really practical for use there. So all the stuff that doesn't need to stay on can be connected to a power board that goes into the power saver socket?
  10. Has anybody had these installed for use with their TV/AV setup? http://www.embertec.com.au/ They seem to be getting pushed hard here (Melbourne) at the moment with door knockers and mail outs. They're advertised as free, the company gets you to sign a certificate or something and apparently the installer takes photos of the setup to prove they've done the job. I gather the company must be getting money back from the gov't for each install or something, I haven't researched all the ins and outs. I have a 55" Plasma, Twin tuner PVR, PS3, Wii and VCR all on standby 24/7. Other than the PVR, I suppose all the others could be powered down completely. Worth it, waste of time, pain in the bum???
  11. Can someone advise what the difference would be between the 1.5m HDMI cable from EZYHD which I think works out for me at about $28 delivered to VIC and what seems to be a similar cable off Ebay at $5.95 delivered? I'm hooking a DVD player to a 32" HD (1366 x 768) LCD TV.
  12. Thanks. Decided I didn't need full HD and size wise a 32" was right for the location/use. Just wasn't game to buy a "no-name" brand so just bought a Panasonic TH-L32X30A at JB Hi Fi for $470.
  13. Good Guys have a sale on with the Hisense HL40V78P 40" Full HD LCD for $429. Anyone have one? Looking for a 3rd TV that won't be used that much so don't need high end or larger size.
  14. Bought the Sony for $345 from Clive Anthonys. Haggled down from $449 as the nearby HN were doing 25% off (=$336) but had no stock. Seems like a nice unit with good sound.
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