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  1. Vikings

    Most of them were 10 and last season 4 was 20 episodes.
  2. Wow just saw this, looks like my list of music to listen too is taken care of for a year or so as I only had a few ECM albums. BTW, you only need to favourite them in Tidal (tick the heart) and it will be added to your collection in Tidal and Roon.
  3. The Antipodes Thread

    Not a real answer but when I was in that room the Gauders were hooked up and the PMG boys were alternating between digital and vinyl - which was cool in itself. I assume the vinyl rig was decent. I felt that Antipodes well and truly kept up with the vinyl and was a great example of how good digital audio can be. I was captivated by the sound and put it down to the speakers but I guess you heard the same thing on the Kiis.
  4. What's this then?

    When I click on an external link in a post on iPad I get the black quote balloons floating in the new screen. When you go back it disappears.
  5. It outputs multi channel in digital pairs ie L/R, C/Sub, SR/SL etc. The phantoms can be set up in separate stereo pairs so you could use this but no bass management. I haven't tested the Oppo yet. There are products by companies like Trinnov that have digital avrs but they are way out of my price range. I spoke to the Devialet rep at the hifi show and he was using a whole new set up with Dante based processor and a dongle that took ethernet(Dante) signal and converted to optical to input to the Phantom. It's all new and details are sparse so am waiting for them to get back to me as well as pricing. As an aside the room they had in Melbourne was way too small for that demo and volumes were a bit much but I guess they had to work with it.
  6. Projector for Boat and Camping

    BENQ had a show special in Melbourne on their GS1 portable projector and you get the Trevolo speakers with it. It is 720p so good enough for just about any use. They were just projecting it onto a wall and it looked great. I want one but have no idea where I would use it. I have the show code if you need it - PM me.
  7. A 'downgrade' to KEF LS50w???

    If you haven't already then I recommend you audition some Devialet Phantoms to compare. I have heard the LS50W a couple of times now and owned other active speakers like Event opals and I still rate my Phantom Silvers highly against these. Problem is the stores do not have them set up in a proper room as a Stereo pair. There are now Golds which have more power and refined tweeter. I like to change gear and despite me showing her many speakers my wife won't let me change the Phantoms. Mine are always on. I can play music/TV video anytime and there is no fiddling with set up. Firmware upgrades have also improved the sound in my opinion. However all of these options will sound different to Harbeths and no wood anywhere to be seen.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Apparently soul is now a "retro" genre. Never was retro for me. 41 mins of goodness here
  9. MQA on non-MQA DAC

    So definitely the desk top app you are using and not the browser?
  10. A brand I don’t know much about but specs look interesting.
  11. The amp(female) end of the cable is not standard.
  12. Im sure there was a thread on this way back somewhere..... Heres one: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/88526-picking-up-radio-station/ and another: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/66133-tubed-phono-stage-picking-up-2ser/
  13. That's only stereo input I believe and no bass management. I have spent too much time on the minidsp site. If I have to put a PC in my lounge to play a Bluray movie or watch netflix then I will give up on this idea. I agree it's the most flexible but I work on a PC all day, I don't want to deal with one at night as well. There is a new mod board for the Oppo203 that I like the look of http://www.jvbdigital.nl/jvb.asp?cur=2&level=sdi&page=title&title=974 . It looks very easy to fit and quality looks good. Previous boards existed for the 93 and 103 so seems to be some demand for this. Only problem would be voiding a 203 warranty at the beginning of it's life.
  14. Vikings

    It’s on Netflix
  15. Yes I took “if you wait” to listen on someone’s very high level system and purpose built room and it really showed up the distortion. Pity, good music. Maybe this is why we need 2 systems. A good one for well recorded music and one for my 1980s CDs onwards.