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  1. Imagine the reviews. "at first they were a little muffled, but then when I removed some of the internal dampening they really opened up"
  2. http://audiofi.net/2019/02/elac-b6-2-speakers-honestys-the-best-quality/ First review I read says 150 hours! The ones in the shop are probably past that. I do believe speakers being a moving part need some running in. Andrew Jones has a good reputation for extracting great sound in this category. He doesn’t waste money on fancy cabinets. I still have his cheap Pioneers which were his first after he left TAD and I trust his ear.
  3. Yes clever product placement. It's an interesting model. I am guessing they flew him to the UK and put him up in a hotel as a video sponsor. This guy has 8.6M subscribers, it's probably relatively cheap advertising to get in front of that many people. No doubt there will be a follow up sponsored "review" on the bluetooth speakers.
  4. https://youtu.be/AUmJwGV1Iq0 Interesting video focused mostly on the electronics I don't think there was any doubt about Meridian build quality, this just confirms it. Linus' voice annoys me sometimes but he has some good content.
  5. When I had the Devialet Phantoms I was running HDMI into the Oppo 105 and then via optical into the Phantoms and it worked fine. TV took HDMI and I just left the TV volume at zero. Optical output was downmixed stereo only. Isn't this what you want to do? Have you tried your TV optical out? Could the problem be that you are sending multi channel out of the ATV optical? Is there an option to set it to stereo?
  6. Your TV might do it if it has optical out. It will work for the HDMI sources but not for optical in. Does your streamer do coaxial output? Otherwise you will need and optical switch as suggested
  7. The Telstra tv is a Roku rebranded with some software tweaks.
  8. back to an AVR but the NAD t758 v3 is worth a look, good honest power for your LS50 and you can always upgrade to power amps later if you really need it. You will have unused amp channels but no big deal.
  9. A bit more technical but you could set up something like Volumio on an RPi with a DAC hat. It will play radio assuming there is a direct URL for RN. I am sure someone has worked out how to get it to boot direct to radio but you will find their app is very easy to use. Otherwise you could leave it on all the time as many do already. Otherwise I would look for streamers/tuner that allow for URL radio streams and with say a favourites/memory button that you could assign to the RN stream. Get an old mobile/ipad connected via headphone out to your amp and have the RN shortcut on the home screen?
  10. Item: Olympus OM-D E-M5 MkII + 14-150mm II Lens Location: Carlingford/Hills District Sydney Price: $900 or offer Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not used except for one holiday, realise I am not into photography Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only - prefer someone to inspect if possible. Extra Info: Selling because this beauty needs to be used and appreciated by someone. In the right hands it can produce great photos. Purchased in June 2017 from Australian retailer with 2 year warranty. The lens was fitted in shop and I have not removed it since. The screen protector was fitted in shop and left as is. I cannot see any marks at all and it presents as new. It went on a family holiday/cruise to Iceland and Scandinavia for a few weeks and then back in the cupboard and barely used since (shutter count is 1978) On a recent trip to JB I played with all the cameras and still feel this is one of the most solid and beautiful cameras to hold and use. Comes with: Spare battery 32GB SD Card Aftermarket case Peak design strap - this is the best strap in my opinion and is very comfortable around the shoulder. Comes with spares for the strap. The glass protection filter was fitted to lens in store and I have never removed it. Cleaning kit - never opened as the camera never got used. Olympus original strap - never used. I found the lens a great all purpose holiday lens - of course you have many choices here. Flash shown comes with the camera, just fitted it to show here. Some Specs: 16.1 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor TruePic VII Image Processor 5-axis Image Stabilisation 3-inch 1.4 Million-dot Vari-angle Touchscreen 2.36 Million-Dot Electronic Viewfinder 40 Megapixel Hi-Res Shot Mode 77MBps Bit-Rate Full HD Video Recording Built-in WiFi for Instant Photo Sharing Includes Olympus M.Zuiko 14-150mm f4.0-5.6 II MFT Pictures:
  11. For me it’s only stereo on SBS on demand through Apple TV can someone confirm?
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