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  1. thanks but that is not suitable at all for what im trying to achieve
  2. http://au.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-x7 thats the unit im trying to get an alternative too.
  3. Hey Rocky500, Yes i saw this aswell it was suggested to me however it doesn't have a MIC IN so i would have to have the headphone mic plugged directly into the PC and with the space i dont think i could make it work
  4. Suggestions Please. So i am wanting to get a small USB DAC amplifier that will be able to: - Power some bookshelf speakers (Wharfedale xarus 1000) - Headphone and Mic In (for gaming) Creative Sound Blaster X7 USB seems to be the only option but id rather not spend $500 if i can get something else that will do the same job better and cheaper even used i'd be very happy with that. It is a budget system, it would just be nice to beable to use speakers when i dont want to have the headphones on. Thanks in advance guys
  5. Hey SNA, i checked this out the other night at the movies and i thought it was fantastic. I highly suggest checking it out, but do yourself a favour and go on a tues/weds/thrus as i went on a friday and the amount of people talking and generally ruining the atmosphere took alot away from the movie for me, it was hard to get yourself into it.
  6. What i've been doing most nights after work and on the weekends..
  7. I just had Lights - Siberia on Red Vinyl arrive at work and 86 dance LPs including Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx
  8. thanks guys i have found the schematics. Now i just have to learn to read them hahaha. I might head down to Radio Parts in Melbourne and ask them to help me with the Caps etc..
  9. No its not faulty at all i just figured when i get the 2nd amp i can refresh this one and then swap over. i would just be replacing the caps with something newer and better. is there anywhere i could source these old schematics?
  10. Hi all, Im purchasing another vintage pionner amp so when i get that one i want to refresh my current one. I have a SA-520 (http://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/amp/sa-520-e.html) but mine has the fluro display. Now is it worth me doing this myself? and if so what should i look at doing? OR should i just take it to get done and again how much (ball park) am i looking at this service? thanks guys
  11. Gavin Froome: Post + Beam Revisited Nice deep house tracks Smoke and 1980, Smoke is my pick of the two
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