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  1. I'll take the m18 pm to follow
  2. Can you drive these with a chord Mojo??
  3. That's a good price for a bloody good cart
  4. I'll take one if still available and can ship to Sydney PM to discuss further
  5. Cheers for that I just gave them a call and there actually the Krell agent so they said they can defiantly fix it just a bit nervous about how much it might cost,
  6. It's a Krell KAV 300i, distortion in the right channel, happens after it's been turned on for about 30 min I have installed the HT by pass jumper and still does the same thing when going straight to the power amp section, a few weeks hopefully, just not months I guess, but not much good to me hear now, lower north shore,
  7. Hi there people I have an amp in need of repair and was wondering if any community members had some good recommendations, as title suggests some where north side would be good but have a box so can be delivered via courier if required, would also like a reasonably swift turnaround cheers peps...
  8. Hi there are these the standard or reference model? As in the higer efficiency model?
  9. Isolate the TT better? Also a mate of mine had some crazy movement going on, and turned out the earth for TT wasn't conected properly the little spade had broken off, reconnected it and problem was gone,
  10. @@loki65, thanks for your input useful info as carts are from same line, i think i would prefer something that's more forgiving of lesser quality pressing, one thing that i would like is a reduction in surface nose initially i thought the virtuoso was quiet, but lately surface noise has been annoying me, also don't like the treble be too forward or bright, i have particular fave record Cold War Kids live at Third man studios which is brand new but quite noisy, so if i could get a cart that made this particular record sound bang on id be super happy, but maybe its just not that great a recording, @@eltech, thought about that but thought if it was repairable was best to leave to the the pros, @Dr Good Vibe thanks for your suggestion
  11. Soundfan, yeah i think it could be repaired but i had been keen to get a MC cart, petng, That is how i got those on the list, Warwick was very helpful, but i guess what i'm trying to figure out is how and why you would chose one over the other apart from price as its not that easy to go and have a listen and just about impossible in your own system... ophool, does bottler mean good?
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