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  1. Wow that a nice looking set up what’s the streamer
  2. Sweet bar system BTW when do you get the Grob,
  3. Yeah mate that’s it ? you can actually set it up via home sharing to access your library on another computer too,
  4. Nice I found it worked really well with Spotify could plug the IPad in and control remotely with phone sounded heaps better than using air play via Appel TV,
  5. You can use the camera connection kit to connect it via USB to the DAC, how is it connected now?
  6. Just watched it very interesting little bit over my head but I too canceled tidal as soon as Qobuz was available, I’m also a roon user and have a Chord Dac
  7. WTF, I’m paying 34.99 through Appel and it 23.99 on there site!! I canceled it for a bit then started to pay through the Appel App Store
  8. Mine is up and running ? pretty sure I’m paying $35 a month for Tidal so that’s heaps cheaper
  9. I have signed up for the the trial and they took my payment details it’s linked to my roon core but In roon the songs come up but with no format options, im using ROCK on a NUC and just control through ISO on phone It is working on my computer with the Qobuz app When I went to sing in/up it said I already had a user name but I don’t remember singing up previously so I guess full launch in near by......?
  10. Thanks, there great little speakers And really well made I particularly like the sound of Jazz with them the double sound was so tight and bang on
  11. So is the Coincident delivering the bass? Or still same problem with “potential more gain”
  12. Is that the Pre you mentioned earlier in the thread? Both are PS Audio correct? (The DAC and Amp)
  13. So @kelossus very interesting discussion, did you find something to compare to your PASS to? Wish we were closer and I could bring an amp over to try out, it’s hard to believe the BHK couldn’t drive the X250.5 adequately despite the input impedance etc. I was using a KAV 300i with a Qutest DAC and it definitely had more bass at 1V than 2v but ran out of volume at a party level (very loud sq wasn’t a priority) I thought there must have been some synergy issue/electrical mismatch, I recently got a pre power combo that is fantastic in my set up, and running the Qutest at
  14. All ways wanted to try these speakers out, set them and used them for a little while sounded great, had big plans to sell my larger floor standing speakers and down size the HiFi but soon went back to them and now these are surplus two small chips on one speaker one at the base and another at the top left corner on side pannel, visible in first image stands not included, please see separate add
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