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  1. Nice I’ve read about these and it’s the whole box and dice, I’ll tell you what I’m buying a ticket for the power ball next week I’ll PM you if my numbers come in, 👍
  2. This would be VG and the CDP has multiple digital in puts
  3. I'll take the m18 pm to follow
  4. Can you drive these with a chord Mojo??
  5. That's a good price for a bloody good cart
  6. I'll take one if still available and can ship to Sydney PM to discuss further
  7. Cheers for that I just gave them a call and there actually the Krell agent so they said they can defiantly fix it just a bit nervous about how much it might cost,
  8. It's a Krell KAV 300i, distortion in the right channel, happens after it's been turned on for about 30 min I have installed the HT by pass jumper and still does the same thing when going straight to the power amp section, a few weeks hopefully, just not months I guess, but not much good to me hear now, lower north shore,
  9. Hi there people I have an amp in need of repair and was wondering if any community members had some good recommendations, as title suggests some where north side would be good but have a box so can be delivered via courier if required, would also like a reasonably swift turnaround cheers peps...
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