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  1. As others have mentioned earlier in this Thread, Apple has always ignored the bit-perfect argument to the detriment of audiophiles. I doubt they will make any attempt to fix that relationship between Audio Midi and Music. I'd be keen to know if the 3rd party software trick still works though...
  2. I’ve been listening to a sample of the atmos offerings via a 7.2.4 system and am impressed for the most part. Recent material which has clearly been recorded digitally and effectively remastered for spatial works extremely well. The older classic rock and pop has effectively been run thru a very smart algorithm and given a treatment which appears to widen stereo image and push reverb to the ceiling and rear in a manner vaguely reminiscent of my first experiences with pro logic but far more sophisticated and subtle. overall it’s pleasant but I’m glad the option is there to
  3. Am enjoying apple atmos right now in the ht room. Billie Ellish no time to die is a great example of contemporary music surround (spatial) done right. This is brilliant at no additional outlay to the end user with the right equipment.
  4. ...And if you tap that logo it'll show you the incoming bit depth and sample rate
  5. Yep Atmos / Lossless option NOW available in the Music setup tab on iDevices. Must've only happened in the last few hours.
  6. ...as expected they're more interested in promoting Dolby Atmos for headphone listeners (still don't quite understand how that is going to work - next gen HRTF perhaps ?) than lossless stereo.
  7. It would seem Apple do not have an elegant solution for this. Say you have an HDMI ATV, and use Blybo's method (as I do in the living room) of running the HDMI to the TV and then optical out to a DAC - the signal is conformed by the TV (Samsung in my case) to either 16/48 or 24/48 - lossless, hi-rez yes - but not bit perfect. At least you have the full functionality of the ATV / Apple Music service. The workaround I'm using in my main system is to run Mac Air via USB to DAC etc and iPad for full control. This is NOT using the old "remote" app which only gives access to your down
  8. Well it's not actually that easy sorry. I've already looked into this for ATV and apparently they've baked some trickery into the HDMI out which can detect intermediary devices and kills the signal. It may depend on the generation of ATV and HDMI splitter / extractor in question but tread carefully.
  9. Hiya, The SHD is NOT the device you want since it is essentially a dac and pre-amp in addition to digital x/over and dirac room correction. You really should consider simplifying your setup and GET the SHD - I did. I was running a hi-end integrated amp and separate dac before I adopted room eq via the SHD and I don't regret the change. The improvement from proper room correction and eq far outweighed my initial subjective equipment preferences.
  10. For what it’s worth, the Kef R11’s do dip to 4 Ohms. I had no issues with the amps running in bridge mode regardless of the energy level featured in my playback material. I was more concerned blowing the woofers. I also did not have / do not have any of the reported problems with autosense and shutdowns some users have suffered. and yes, running two is a massive step up from running one amp. I found it was only slightly better when moving to bi-amping from the two in bridge mode.
  11. 2 x 298 into Kef R11’s. First tried one amp, then two in bridge mode and now bi-amping via my minidsp shd with Dirac. Will not find a better amplifier for the money. My last stop lest I win the lottery.
  12. Gday. The issue isn’t the nad. Are all the volume mixers in the pc software set to 100%? if not - they should be given you want the nad to do all the attenuation. and don’t forget - unless you can set Netflix to output 2.0 pcm, it’s downmixing a Dolby multichannel lossy stream which has a considerably lower signal to noise ratio which will always need to be “turned up” to compensate.
  13. Interesting. These were badged under the Vincent Audio name and sold here for an RRP of AUD$10k ten years ago.
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