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  1. 4K HDR AppleTV

    Yes it's not ideal - the "apple elegant" approach to unifying video display but remember under the tvios update to version 11 you can tell the system to use a particular resolution, bit depth / colour palette and refresh rate. this update us available on both the atv 4K and gen 4 models. of course no-one wants to have to change the global system settings every time you wish to view different content but the ability to do so is there. hopefully they see reason and reinstate native resolution, refresh rate and colour palette dependent on source via an update. forcing pseudo HDR bt20.20 colour pallette on sdr material is overly ambitious to saythe least.
  2. 4K HDR AppleTV

    ... Al well in typical fashion for Apple it's difficult to pick any major changes in appearance or performance vs the older unit, other than 4K and snappier speed thanks to the gruntier chipset. Games will benefit the most I suspect. For a/v purposes Audio remains largely unchanged but the 4K refresh rate, HDR and chroma mapping options are great way to test cable and tv/projector performance and for us- the pre/pro sitting in the middle. apple even refer to the HDR settings as a "cable test" in the app. performance was seamless for me, everything just worked. Apart from tweaking picture settings on my tv for HDR there are no complaints. I have Nbn fibre to the premises and using Aussie broadband after ditching Optus. average 60-70 mbs so no streaming performance issues but I still Change my atv settings to delay playback from instant to ensure smooth delivery. I'd rather wait for a minute in advance than have something happen in a crucial scene 😆
  3. 4K HDR AppleTV

    FYI the TV iOS update adds finer control over AV settings in the gen 4 and 4K Apple tvs. Go to your video settings. Gen 4 allows colour options between c/m/y and rgb whilst allowing resolution and refresh changes. The 4K box goes further allowing for testing of HDR performance and chroma mapping depth. It's brilliant and long overdue. watched Wonder Woman last night. Now I'm not certain but I believe for rental you are restricted to 1080 resolution but you do get it delivered with hdr using the bt20.20 colourspace. I confirmed this using the info section of my AV pre-pro. You only get the 4K product if you buy outright which is sad, would be good if someone could confirm this. I've only read this in Fairfax press last week and staring closely at the tv suggests it was in fact 1080 upscaled to 4K by the box before being sent over hdmi. only 5.1 sound but it does sound good upsampled to dts:x 😎. The picture quality was superb and yes the HDR is spectacular. my 4K Apple TV is set to 4K picture @24hz and 4:2:2 chroma mapping. I also needed to adjust the gamma on my tv as the HDR 10 scheme initially appeared a bit washed out.
  4. StereoNET Kii Three Review

    Having used nothing other than actives in either my 2 channel setup in the living room or 11.2 channel atmos home theatre for the last 18 months I can happily say that being stuck with the studio monitor designers' choice of amp has been brilliant. I'd go active x-over any day now that I get the same fidelity at low volume as I used to get at that sound-pressure room engaging level required to get most passive speakers to truly "sing".