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  1. Gday. The issue isn’t the nad. Are all the volume mixers in the pc software set to 100%? if not - they should be given you want the nad to do all the attenuation. and don’t forget - unless you can set Netflix to output 2.0 pcm, it’s downmixing a Dolby multichannel lossy stream which has a considerably lower signal to noise ratio which will always need to be “turned up” to compensate.
  2. Interesting. These were badged under the Vincent Audio name and sold here for an RRP of AUD$10k ten years ago.
  3. I'm pretty sure all the major media releases are posted to AU/NZ, Asia and UK forums simultaneously.
  4. Gents I'd suggest this is merely the SNA editorial team sharing the press releases, we are global now - after all. Pana will not be selling TV's down under.
  5. hmm 83 inch OLED - I wonder who is producing this panel ?
  6. Further information: These two pairs of speaker cables are approximately two years old and present as new. Purchased from chromeaudio.com.au they are silver coated 99.99% OFC copper terminated with banana plugs at each end. There are two lengths - a 1.5m pair AND a 2.0m pair, ten dollars MORE for the 2 metre length pair. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only,
  7. I'd check the output format of the digital audio from the TV. That's an old receiver and can probably only handle the original dolby digital (AC3). If the TV is outputting something like Dolby ditigal plus the Kenwood may not be able to handle it despite the fact it should be backward compatible.
  8. ..put it this way - I have had the R3’s in the living room for two years and have now upgraded my main system to R11’s cos my wife was tired of me spending so much time in her space. Just buy them.
  9. Yeah thinking that now myself. Still it’s better checking with minidsp to be sure cos the grouping of channels on the input side are fully user programmable so it would need to be correctly mapped.
  10. Ah there’s a catch - the spdif out is split into two channels 😔
  11. Hi Trevor, only the Dirac setup scheme sends data back to the pc. The analog inputs go straight to it’s built in peq filters (if enabled) and then out via its dsp and dac to amps. You can’t use its a to d stage to simultaneously send digitised audio back to the computer for preprocessing and receipt again for output to amp. ...actually wrong ! ..it does have spdif digital out. An spdif to USB would allow you to capture this and send it to the Mac for stage one and out again for processing via the USB in for final stage. might want to
  12. I don’t think so. It’s data processing path is one way only - it won’t parse a digital signal back to the pc outside of the it’s own dedicated room correction and analysis mode. So you’re better off getting an a to d device with USB, sending that to the Mac for your first stage processing and then using USB out from the Mac to feed the stream to the shd for Dirac and analog output.
  13. Hi Trevor, Sorry but what you propose is not possible, on any existing piece of hardware. USB is not designed to be real-time bi-directional for the data throughout required for this task. IF a device had two independent USB ports and no shared bus, this MAY be plausible but I’m not aware of any such consumer product. what you may pursue is looking at a to d via a semi pro route for the first chain of your data path to a Mac and then USB out and into a SHD for Dirac and analog output to amp / speakers.
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