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  1. Further information: The "new" Wharfedale Lintons' are almost everything you could want of a legacy reproduction; classic cabinet design and production values with high levels of attention to detail BUT benefitting from current manufacturing and transducer technology embedded within. This speaker is most things to most people but is best characterised as somewhat forgiving and above all smooth and neutral in its delivery. Care need only be given to the distance from the front wall, as the dual reflex ports on the rear of each cabinet do require some breathing room to p
  2. Hello All, as the subject line says, I’m weighing an investment in the Yanks; JBLs’ new synthesis (affordable) floorstander in the HDi 3800 OR the Klipsch RF7 III. I’ve decided not to pursue either brands’ legacy monitor/heritage range and look at either of these two progressive design speakers. For WAF. preference is for immediacy and realism with SPL. looking for good low-end reinforcement without losing detail in the mids... Want compression driver for the highs hence these two designs and their signature horns. speakers
  3. Going out on a limb here but I’d suggest some chemical residue from the butyl rubber being fresh out of the factory. Seen this before but must admit in your pictures it looks like a lot, could just be the exposure and white point of the pics though....
  4. agree its the streaming service not the TV. compression in shadows is very noticeable when the content is 4k. UHD disc will appear excellent as suggested above.
  5. I'd look at eq like Dirac Live before selling these if in-room performance is the issue...
  6. Hi Trevor, I can highly recommend the SHD - it’s not the prettiest component but there really isn’t anything else on the market short of the DEQX units that offer the combination of functionality and flexibility. Once you’ve got your Dirac curve it doesn’t take long to tweak it to taste and the results “speak” for themselves.
  7. Do these have modern binding posts or the old spring loaded clips ?
  8. Well loving my SHD and it is without doubt the most adult upgrade I have ever made. No visual or brand associated bragging rights. Just pure sound 😌. Driving Wharfedale Lintons powered by ice power amps from emotiva.
  9. COVID restrictions In VIC warrant exceptional flexibility to close sales on bulky items.
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