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  1. Program refers to what eventually became classified as rms - continuous output within a measured frequency response range at a given power output against a certain distortion level. Ah the brits... program just sounds so much more civilised than root means square
  2. Netflix, amazon prime and stan all have a significant amount of content available in 4k now. If any of it is of interest to you and you have NBN then it is probably worth purchasing a 4K TV.
  3. The uni-q in the new r series are next-gen to those in the ls50s. They have trickle down tech from the reference. Imaging is superior to the 50s. The 50s were my point of comparison when auditioning the r3. Mids and highs are improved and of course the bass is simply not comparable. With proper setup via the pre-pro - bass management and room correction - you might just get away with using the r7 and subs in a near field setup. I reckon you would want to map the r7s as “small” speakers - cut them off at 80hz and let the subs do the rest. You’d effectively be getting four-way setup - three way from the r7 and then real bass definition and reinforcement from the subs. And if you also bi-amp the r7s using your anthem setup then all the better for control of the drivers. Better control will work better in a smaller room.
  4. I own the r3 and they an amazing speaker for a largish standmount. I suggest going with the r7 and retain the subs. The r11 will not give you the same bass extension and ultimate slam of using powered subs. The anthem will also allow you to integrate the subs quite well with the r7s. The r11s will likely overload a smallish room - they really are only offer an increase in SPL capability over the r7.
  5. My family was heavily involved with what was the Australian Ukrainian Chernobyl Children's Foundation in the 90's, and being of Ukrainian descent myself this series is of special interest to me. Just based on the trailer I have seen it would appear HBO has gone to considerable effort in order to get the facts right. Particularly glad they cast Brits - they generally manage to convey a certain authenticity in these sort of historical dramas.
  6. FYI you need a premium subscription to get this feature.
  7. Under settings - apps - movies & tv shows. by default its set to quick start, you have to choose delayed start which is what i was referring to, and this applies to the apple store items only, not to Prime to the best of my knowledge.
  8. Check your Apple TV streaming settings. To be clear wer'e talking about the ATV 4k box - not the older versions. Apple only streams 4k with atmos when your streaming is set to instant play - otherwise the older 'buffered" mode reverts to 1080p and 5.1.
  9. The Mac mini is optimised to output standard monitor resolution and bit depth to meet vesa standards and/or what are essentialy legacy frame rate and colour space settings for static image display devices. The atv has firmware and software you cannot easily see which is specifically designed to display motion video to an optimal standard - designed for digital television. unlike the windows world where software and driver tweaks exist to massage the signal formatting of a pc video signal to best suit motion video viewing, in the apple universe it’s more a case of fit for purpose. som ust leave the video side of things for the atv and stop stressing
  10. Medical refers to a particular standard, orange sleeve with transparent plugs for easy Id of the items location and condition in a hospital ward. Unless it is certified there is no added value to the home user. having said that, here is a reputable supplier... https://www.lindy.com.au/cables-adapters/power/medical
  11. Thanks Luc. I had head rushed with a great deal of gear back in 2012/13 and now consider myself to have settled down into a considerably more pragmatic and less object-orientated audio appreciation lifestyle 😌
  12. I’ve left the bungs out and at the minimum recommended distance - 9 inches / 225 mm they do not seem to be intereacting with the room in an adverse fashion. I suspect that the combination of high damping factor courtesy of the class d mono’s and the enormity of the reflex port as you can see on the picture above, ensures there is little to no reverb from the front wall. Bear in mind I’m yet to really push the SPL levels with bass heavy material.
  13. ...also consider the kef r3. Considerably better than the ls50 :).
  14. Hmmmm what have we here... ....And how did this get here.... Having spent some time with active monitors I decided I had not completed my transducer journey. This meant a return to amplification. I managed to get the B&O IcePower 300asc module-based Emotiva PA-1's for AUD$842 delivered to my door. Probably the cheapest monoblocks available anywhere in the world. Are they gonna compete with Ncore or Devialet - no. BUT they are a considerable improvement on earlier IcePower efforts. The Emotiva packaging is especially impressive given the unit price.... Fully balanced, stable to 2.5 Ohms is the claim. 135 Watts into 8 Ohms / 270 into 4 @ 0.1% THD. 500 damping factor. The ideal basic power source for testing less than efficient speakers without outlaying small fortune for an amp. Not audiophile, no - but a great test bench at a budget price. And yes I'm quite happy living with class D The speaker cable, for those interested - is courtesy of a gent residing in Ivanhoe. He operates a website called Chrome Audio. This is his Silver cable. For less than AUD$100 I believe it is impossible to beat for real-world performance. I regret having sold same cable when I went active. Now the main event... I have chosen to rejoin the Journey of Transducers with Kef, having owned Sonus Faber, Monitor Audio, Lenehan and Dynaudio. I was drawn to the notion of the co-axial Uni-Q driver which allows for a monitor to deliver a 3-way speaker in a small footprint. My concern was a loss of immediacy and resolution, having lived with active ribbons tweeters (behringer in the lounge and adam audio in the HT room). I need not have been so concerned. The R3 are superior to LS50's in almost every respect. Presence, power handling and of course bass response lead one to assume floor-standing speakers are present, when listening with eyes closed. The Emo PA-1's have a firm grip over the drivers and deliver effortless performance without the etched grain and harsh treble associated with older IcePower devices. My trusty NAD C510 (son of M51 - another device which I should never have sold) acts as DAC and pre-amp in perfect unison. The sound is quite similar to that of a true Monitor - relatively flat within the operating frequency range and of neutral tonality with good resolving capability. They do not achieve the level of insight associated with a ribbon or AMT tweeter, based on my experience - however the soundstage depth and width is far superior, creating a true 3-d sound-field at normal listening levels. The seperate mid-driver and associated benefits of point-source signal delivery from the co-axial driver live up to their reputation. I would imagine the floor standing R-series models would be difficult to beat in terms of real-world performance in a home environment. I've owned other MTMs in the past. I regretted selling those. Now older and wiser I am happy with this system for the time being. On the horizon is the NAD C 658 to replace the C510. Dirac room correction would be the final piece of the puzzle. The Journey Continues....
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