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  1. Do. Not. Skimp. I use the marantz mm7055 for my four atmos height channels. A perfect aesthetic match to my 7702mk2 pre/pro and has all the features you want. Once you have good power and current to those ceiling speakers you’ll never go to a commercial cinema again. The level of immersion achieved when the 3D sound field is equally powered from both the ground 7 channel plane and the height speakers is immense.
  2. Another fan of the krix tropix - an Australian solution that just works. Images speak a thousand words.... though only one speaker is visible you get the point....
  3. Very chic mid century modern setup there... what are the speakers ?
  4. Wharfedale Lintons on duty tonight for some 2 channel love after three nights of Arthouse films. Cozy in the man cave with the climate control doing its thing 🥰
  5. @Hydrology; Would like to hear your thoughts on the jump from Lintons to the Ely 4's - very different beasts I know but a few broad strokes from someone who has had the chance to experience both would be appreciated.
  6. Tubes add 2nd order harmonics - a form of pleasant distortion - nothing to do with room correction or frequency response timing which is what Dirac does.
  7. The 6000A would do a reasonable job, I guess it depends on how loud you like to play and what level of bass depth and slam you're after. By comparison I'm using a Denon PMA 1600NE in a 30m2 room and although the volume dial never gets past 9 o'clock the speakers really can dig quite deep and roll along with gusto, depending on the source material.
  8. The Lintons are an excellent speaker and great value for money. I too was after the L100's and settled for the Wharfedales instead. They do like a bit of power so a dedicated integrated stereo amp would be the way to go IMHO.
  9. It's a sticker - yes a bit tacky really. It's possible but the veneer may be left with a residue or worse, come off in the process.
  10. Hi Josh, You'll definitely get full midrange which usually translates to warm, esp. if you dial up the response via the attenuator. The bass, well if you place them near a wall for additional reinforcement it may give you what you're looking for.
  11. ok so they look a bit silly on wharefdale linton stands however these really are the little guys that could ! bass articulation and slam is good within the expected limits of such a small driver and cabinet but it’s the treble and mids that really impress, filling this 30m2 room without strain and creating an impressive soundstage. vocal clarity from the 50mm mid driver is pretty special.
  12. Sorry but no. They have increased compression of all streams from their own servers. This eu requested this Six weeks ago and many other jurisdictions have followed suit. Never mind the actual bandwidth usage facts. Sure it went up everywhere lockdowns were introduced but it was never going to really threaten the stability of the isp’s infrastructure.
  13. By q4 2020 this is will more than likely be back to normal. The compression artefacts are. most visible in shadows so if watching in a darkened room it can be quite jarring. From what I can tell iTunes purchases are not affected - Apple has not subjected its a la carte media to the same bitrate compression that the majors have agreed to meet at the request of the eu, oz and other Governments so film and tv shows, thru their direct service still look quite good, same seems to go for Stan.
  14. $6.5k and it doesn’t support sacd? i know it’s late in the cycle and all but the parts can do it surely that little license fee to Sony is not that painful.
  15. Some of us are pixel peepers, particularly those with noice 4K projectors 🧐. having watched Apple store content, Netflix and Disney - all of whom deliver good 4K streams via a high bandwidth nbn fibre to the premises connection, I can still appreciate the additional fidelity offered by uhd blurry and I only have a 79” 4K panel.
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