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  1. I run a marantz prepro and actives for ht duties. I was originally using a stereo power amp - the schiit aegir via the zone 2 output to give me a second system for the Lintons - essentially seperate stereo speaker and amp in the ht room. This was quite comproismsed I discovered because using the prepro as a dac/pre for the zone 2 Output there are limitations applied to input switching, something you don’t realise until you try to share hdmi and optical, coax etc with the primary zone. anywhoo, the easiest solution was to stop trying to share the prepro and go to a dedicated integrated amp. I chose the denon Pma-1600ne. A thoroughly underrated device. I now run analog out (rca) from my oppo bdt-101ci which has akm 4490 dacs to give me CD/sacd/DVD-audio and use the USB input for my Mac air running Audirvana. i’ve also bought a nifty little Bluetooth receiver from jaycar with optical output to allow cheap and cheerful streaming. must seem a bit silly duplicating sources and devices but I wanted a seperate stereo in the best room in my home and now I have that. The lintons get put out of the way when we’re in movie mode. soundwise the denon is a great match and really brings the wharfedales to life. The tonality and timbre of piano and cello in particular is outstanding.
  2. I can't give you a straight answer because I'm no expert in digital conversion and how its implemented, I can only offer what I've already said based on my own experience and anecdotal evidence from other people. I suggest if this is particularly important to you, then you need to audition AVRs using your BD audio disc in-store to ensure it doesn't happen because any given combination of AVR and disc player may result in the aforementioned audio delay.
  3. The issue you were experiencing would probably have been the dac / dsp in the AVR needing a moment to recognise the bit depth and sample rate of the BD audio disc before decoding and playback would begin. Although not ideal, this is probably more common than many users would admit, even today, with digital playback. It is most prevalent when switching from a digital stream of one format to another, e.g. from Dolby/DTS to PCM and/or DSD. Newer, higher end gear is now capable of "holding" the datastream and ensuring the dac is ready to decode before parsing the signal but older and cheaper gear is susceptible to this issue. It is not specifically limited to HDMI.
  4. Hi Al, OK his screenshot is displaying "12 bit" which I interpreted to be 4:4:4, I know this is not strictly the case as per the table you've shown BUT it would explain his problem - ceiling for 4k/60p @ 12-bits is 4:2:0 chroma so his Pana sceen is downscaling to display the content @ 1080p.
  5. An observation... It's the Colour Depth guys. In Betty Boops' sreenshot the chroma is 4:2:0 , whereas Happy Sacks is 4:4:4 - somewhere in the chain this must be a limiting factor and a device is downscaling - once again perhaps due to bandwith. All your other DV 4:4:4 content is OK due to the 24p factor HOWEVER @ 60p its brickwalling you for some reason.
  6. I now have a Denon PMA-1600NE for the Lintons. the KefR3 are in my living room where as the Lintons are in a treated dedicated ht room which now also serves duty for a stereo system as described. Topping D70 + Schiit Aegir + Kef R3 worked quite well BUT this was not a long exercise, just to run in the Aeigr at the time I got it and only easy material, Jazz and light pop - not a real test and only when the power amp was new. as I stated earlier in this thread, I should have reserved judgement after further listening with more challenging material.
  7. Hiya was_a, no - the final home for the Lintons Is my ht room and the dac/pre was at the time a marantz 7702mk2 which uses an older akm 43xx chip. Not ideal I know but that is the art of compromise.
  8. Ah no I disagree. Room placement could definitely lead to these problems. Using a high current integrated amp at present the Lintons do not present these issues at all in my 30sqm room.
  9. Hi Andy, I think I might have fallen susceptible to new toy euphoria and failed to reserve judgement until I’d properly canvassed all my favourite listening material.
  10. Ah well, it was destined for another room in the house altogether, the picture you see at the start of this thread was just to play out how it sounded with the Kef R3’s. I was kinda hoping the amp would actually fit within the wharfedale Linton stands you can see in the second picture but sadly it’s a too big.
  11. I’ve resigned myself to the reality that a single aegir just doesn’t deliver the bass slam I find I crave nor the associated spls. The most frustrating part is that I am financially able to acquire another one in order to run them as monoblocs but the wife has made it clear that the box count cannot grow. so it’s now for sale. Owners of efficient speakers and/or lovers of light music / easy listening material would find this amp perfect in singular, stereo mode. It’s just that modern rock and pop or Large scale orchestral works need more power to to satisfactorily reproduced.
  12. Item: Shiit Audio Aegir Power Amplifier Location: Melbourne western burbs Price: $1,250 Item Condition: Mint - only two months old Reason for selling: Doesn’t quite suit my setup, Wife said no to monoblocs :( Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: for sale here is a Shiit Audio Aegir stereo amplifier featuring their high class a bias circuit, for more info refer to the following: https://www.schiit.com/products/aegir the amp produces 20wpc into 8 ohms and 40 wpc into 4 ohms in stereo, jumping to 80 wpc when used as a balanced monobloc which I was unfortunately vetoed from pursuing. if you have efficient speakers - I’d suggest 92dB or better, then this will be an ideal match delivering both finesse and drive. i found it lacking in bass reach and delivery as a stereo amp into my wharfedale lintons when listening to modern high energy recordings but it was near perfect for acoustic and smaller ensemble stuff. if you’re not a fiend for slam and high spls this is a beautiful device capable of reproducing most material in a lush, fatigue-free manner with an almost valve-like midrange bloom. happy to audition for serious buyers, price is firm and happy to ship Australia-wide. Photos:
  13. I’d suggest that the document is poorly written and/or for novices. The device will display all the supported resolutions and refresh rates via hdmi - it doesn’t matter what the source.
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