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  1. Shouldn't be deliberate just a factory flaw I'd guess, the previous owner probably didn't bother doing anything about it and either used spades or the top plugs alone. Might be a replacement at some point and it's only meant for spades? unlikely. You should be able to drill it out but it might corrode.
  2. Hi Red No disparaging comments here mate I think a CAT6A cable would suit you fine they are as good as you'll need for the Oppo the Officeworks gear is fine as @Jeddie has said even the ones from MSY are fine I've been using them for years without any trouble, through my home network I've done music as well as HD movies streaming over a 40 metre run of the older CAT6e with no problems. Sound wise may be a different kettle of fish when they are being used with components like the EtherRegen https://uptoneaudio.com/products/etherregen but I believe with your Oppo as long as you buy a decent well made cable you won't have any sound or connectivity issues at 15m long you shouldn't have to spend more than $40 to $50 These look fine as an example nice thick cable reasonable connectors https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CAT6A-10Gbps-Certified-Ethernet-Network-Cables-Pure-Copper-Core-10M-15M-20M-30M/233672109779?hash=item3667f16ed3:g:sw0AAOSwjQRfK~Y9&frcectupt=true
  3. Pat at WAR Audio is who I would speak to and luckily for you he's in Perth http://www.waraudio.com.au/
  4. I'm not a TT expert but as Colin has pointed out most good quality turntables don't do auto return in fact they don't do much in comparison to an automatic they do produce better sound overall though.
  5. You should talk to this fellow as well his usb cables are excellent and reasonably priced. @m8audio
  6. https://www.divineaudio.co.uk/cal These guys, not local but good to deal with and not outrageous for postage.
  7. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/grado-labs-6-3mm-to-3-5mm-adapter?_pos=2&_sid=e4cd8e97f&_ss=r
  8. Spendor Harbeth Rogers Whatmough if you like musical tone with a sweet midrange, the transmission lines someone else could comment I have no experience with them. Does depend what you like music "flavour" wise. Your room would be a contributing factor as well, probably no need to point this out to you though.
  9. It's nice vintage gear you've bought yourself it would have that nice "musical" tone about it.
  10. Had something similar for a while I had a buzz start after moving some gear around took me a while but I tracked it down to a wall wart from my Schitt Eitr that had ended up on top of a power board the wall wart is connected to a small extension cord and that's how it ended up on top of the other plugs anyway I moved it off to a spot by itself buzz was gone.
  11. Paired my SP100 with A Weston Acoustics Topaz nice sound but slightly underpowered, changed to a Sansui 707NRA (thank you Geoff @Cafad) I haven't looked back just love it.
  12. Niiiice. Glwts these should go quickly though, quite a reasonable price if you ask me.
  13. Did you end up getting the upgrade you were looking for a while back? 😊
  14. Can't go wrong with Tortech I've never had an issue with 3 transformers I've owned over the years.
  15. Do you still do this or has the motorhome gone?
  16. I have a TU1500 AE with remote I was thinking of selling in Silver/champagne colour.
  17. Welcome check this out. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/9-showcase-your-system-build-threads/
  18. Do you have contents insurance? I don't think thats repairable unless you do a new screen.
  19. I can vouch for this deck as well as @Benny G he’s a nice fellow to deal with. The Technics is a rock solid performer the Cardas tone arm wire upgrade done by DUC (rip).was an excellent choice lifted the decks sound quality up a few levels.
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