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  1. The company actually sold a heap to China which is ironic given how much stuff we import from there, they are well made speakers using high quality drivers and crossovers and when they displayed the speakers at CES in the US they were very popular. Hard to work out what they are worth nowadays. One of the former owners is a member here but I don't think she gets on much. This member @Zaphod Beeblebrox actually worked with them and built the speakers if my memory serves me correctly.
  2. May give you some idea, 2 years ago though and if your's are in 9.5/10 condition you could ask for more then it will depend on the market you'll soon get a feel if there's no interest.
  3. Shouldn't be deliberate just a factory flaw I'd guess, the previous owner probably didn't bother doing anything about it and either used spades or the top plugs alone. Might be a replacement at some point and it's only meant for spades? unlikely. You should be able to drill it out but it might corrode.
  4. Hi Red No disparaging comments here mate I think a CAT6A cable would suit you fine they are as good as you'll need for the Oppo the Officeworks gear is fine as @Jeddie has said even the ones from MSY are fine I've been using them for years without any trouble, through my home network I've done music as well as HD movies streaming over a 40 metre run of the older CAT6e with no problems. Sound wise may be a different kettle of fish when they are being used with components like the EtherRegen https://uptoneaudio.com/products/etherregen but I believe with your Oppo as long
  5. Pat at WAR Audio is who I would speak to and luckily for you he's in Perth http://www.waraudio.com.au/
  6. I'm not a TT expert but as Colin has pointed out most good quality turntables don't do auto return in fact they don't do much in comparison to an automatic they do produce better sound overall though.
  7. You should talk to this fellow as well his usb cables are excellent and reasonably priced. @m8audio
  8. https://www.divineaudio.co.uk/cal These guys, not local but good to deal with and not outrageous for postage.
  9. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/grado-labs-6-3mm-to-3-5mm-adapter?_pos=2&_sid=e4cd8e97f&_ss=r
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