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    FS: Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

    I've had this same setup for ages bought from Dave @Maggie works a treat and you couldn't ask for a better person to deal with.

    EOI: Weston Time Machine 2a3 PP

    Yes I’d agree with this Daz I’ve sent heaps of things with only ever one problem in the past just sent the Whatmoughs I sold recently to Perth that took a bit of bubble wrap to make sure they were safe but these things are doable if you’re willing “If you were closer” doesn’t wash with me either hell I drove from Canberra to Grafton for those tiny speakers you sold me multiple trips to Melbourne last year as well why are there so many audio enthusiasts there? I will admit the couple of days I spent at Coffs Harbour after Grafton were an added bonus and not to forget your hospitality that was a fun night with you and @Jventerthe long drive is soon forgotten even though my neck needed a massage 😂 raving a bit now I know. Will PM you soon.

    Sansui SP-X7700/7300 Speakers

    Well its your money you have to decide if the one working gives you a good enough idea if you’re going to love them mind you could be a deep hole you go down rare stuff is always expensive.

    Sansui SP-X7700/7300 Speakers

    Guess its up to you what was your initial outlay?
  5. Yep I still have an old 50" plasma Panasonic kicking on strong as well as a 43" Pioneer also have more modern Samsung and LG plasma's which are showing no signs of slowing down can't see a reason to replace them apart from the good feeling of buying something new.
  6. Here comes the cat amongst the pigeons. Having owned both Harbeth and Spendors admittedly little bit further up the chain than the models you’ve selected also Rogers which are of a similar vein to all of these brands, I started with Sansui as the main amplification I ran different amps including valves with them thinking I could improve the sound and eventually made my way back to Sansui anyway, and that is still the case today. Not saying the Marantz won’t do the job I can’t comment on that I’m sure its a fine amp however I found with this “flavour ” of speakers that the vintage amps do “synergise” well, obviously I’m biased towards the brand but I will say I’ve been through the audio journey maybe not as long as some of the people on here and this is what I’ve decided I can live with for the rest of my time on this planet, have I given up on the quest no I’m just satisfied.

    Sansui HiFi

    Should have put a WTB on here at least you know most of us are enthusiasts and some of us do have Sansui amps for sale on the odd occasion
  8. All of my Sansui's do jazz nicely I haven't owned the two you're interested in would be wrong to give an opinion.
  9. rock, classical, jazz, soundtracks.
  10. Yes 719 is newer model I don’t know much about circuits I don’t worry about specs too much if I like the sound thats enough for me maybe I’m not as much of an audiophile as I’d like to think, if you can listen to both then you’ll know which one to choose by your ears.
  11. Well they both have dual phono inputs I can’t comment on their phono sound quality haven’t owned either not all of them sound the same I have a 719 that has a lovely phono stage as well a 707NRA same thing but I have owned other models in the past that weren’t as nice the two you’ve specified should be quite good they were right smack bang in the middle of the vinyl good years. You can’t know unless you listen to both they are pretty old the caps could be getting dried out by now a good listen is the only way.

    Apple TV wifi issue

    Sounds like the modem in it is on the way out would be good if you try it via Ethernet see if that improves the speed it would also help to diagnose if it is the modem or not, Apple may replace it with a refurbished one even if it is out of warranty they are pretty good if you go into the store and show them be polite, for all the bagging out that Apple gets on this site I’ve found them to be pretty good to deal with.
  13. Sold pending payment. Thanks for all the nice comments guys.
  14. I would they might come to the party I got a coffee machine fixed 7 months out of warranty for free Breville were very good about it obviously a bit different time frame but its worth a shot.