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  1. AJ you've got photo's of a DL103R as well is that for a different sale?
  2. Another one at a hot price that is cheap these are good.
  3. It has stood the test of time without going off on different tangents as seems to occur in a lot of threads, good to see.
  4. Not one of their hi-end tables but for that price providing it works properly and as you've said its in very good condition I would estimate its a reasonable buy, does it have a cartridge a decent cart to suit will probably cost the same if not more than the amount you're spending on the TT. Do you have an amp with an inbuilt phono stage if not you're up for one of those too?
  5. Ah the memories.............. Glad those days days are gone
  6. I don't mind this video either while I think that the speakers being in that position isn't ideal they would almost certainly benefit from being placed away from the back wall and given room to breathe. What it does give is an idea how different they sound there are plenty of threads asking the question about the difference between "warm" or "accurate" sound however you want to describe it, in a "real world situation" the video does portray this quite well, not all of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated listening room or man cave where we can do as we please.
  7. What brand is it model no a picture of the rear will help too?
  8. Red, I've got the exact same setup its pretty damn good mate.
  9. If the old receiver and JBL's are decent gear you might actually go backwards in sound quality.
  10. Or you plug them in have a listen if they sound hollow crappy then reverse them you won't kill anything with a short test. A while back I actually ran one of my speakers out of phase for a few weeks without realising, it survived.
  11. No need for anything confrontational polite reasonable communication is key with any issue that may arise, you owe it to yourself to at least 1. Advise the seller of these issues give them a chance to explain or deny. 2. Let them know you're not satisfied with the item especially considering the mint condition rating. 3. Ask if something can be done to resolve this. If they are reasonable then they should be willing to do something. A ferry ride wouldn't wreck an amp they are pretty tough beasts.
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