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  1. Looks like rubbish I don't have any experience with one of these but it looks like it would have been and still is an excellent TT.
  2. I'm wondering how it would compare to the Topaz?
  3. http://www.aksaonline.com/ I think you should talk to this fellow Hugh Dean about his flagship amplifier, The Maia. Doesn’t show on his website it could do with an update. Also a member here @AKSA
  4. Still the same here oh well schiit happens
  5. If you have the room a shed or a small barn maybe, line the walls and ceiling guess it depends on how much you're willing to spend and or do your self, lined my old shed created this. It's a bit of a read if you go through the whole thing but the first few posts are enough to give an idea, guess I was lucky the shed was already there.
  6. Oh, if only they were closer 🤣🤣 . Just kidding you know I'd drive up there to get them my problem is the cashola or short supply of it lately. Good luck with the sale my friend seems there's not much spare money around lately.
  7. Cool I will thanks mate.
  8. By the way @A9X pretty sure @Decky does know a thing or two about electronics he used to live in Australia before as well, I would guess he probably didn’t look at the photo too closely when referring to the bigger prong. Not trying to start an argument here just pointing it out.
  9. To be honest if this thread survives I think others in the future searching for similar info will benefit gotta love the internet.
  10. All good AV, happens occasionally got some answers I’m happy thanks.
  11. Guys thanks very much for all your reply’s my questions have been answered so I’ll dip out of the conversation now but if you want to discuss anything further that’s up to you. Cheers Seb
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