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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/z8e1ZEJB1NM7gyiY9
  2. Going by what you're saying there's probably not that much difference.
  3. Thanks mate I think the new owner should be happy with them. One mans rubbish can be another's treasure, I'm not familiar with the SS-41.
  4. Thanks for the nice comments guys. Nearly sold deposit taken, to be delivered in 3 weeks.
  5. I presume you're an Apple user having the Apple lossless files why wouldn't you just convert them with iTunes?
  6. Thanks Jake I do have it just haven't read it for a while I'll stop worrying about that now, cheers mate.
  7. Yep I'm slowly learning a bit about these amps I've taken out the KT77 and put the standard ones back in it has improved the sound a bit but not what I think the amp should be doing I think I will get another rectifier as a starting point. Question for you fellas anyone with a Topaz or any Weston's really, does anyone else get a buzz through the speakers around 12 o'clock volume it's not strong enough to hear with music going but on idle it's pretty noticeable do tube amps have a buzz as the norm or are they meant to be pretty quiet?
  8. Thanks DV I am going to try that tonight see how it goes cheers.
  9. To be honest I don't know if it needs a new one but the amp is sounding like crap at the moment not much power either, I put a set of KT77 in a few months ago so they should be ok well I think they should be, the current rectifier is looking a bit worse for wear I figure I'll start with it, if no luck I'll move on to the other valves bit of trial and error.
  10. DV were these for a Topaz by any chance, think mine could use a new rectifier? Valve noob here.
  11. Item: Toshiba Aurex SS-30 Speakers Location: ACT Price: $750 . PRICE REDUCED TO $650 Item Condition: Pretty damn good considering their age they do have some marks I think the photo's will show their overall condition, the Alnico drivers are all in very good condition work perfectly I added some velcro so the grills sit even, very easy to remove if that is needed sticky velcro and staples. There are no issues with these speakers for their day they were a quality build I've had a couple of SNA mates over to have a listen they were suitably impressed. Reason for selling: Have had a lot of fun listening to these sweet old ladies paired up with the Weston Topaz but I'm of the opinion one set of speakers in the cave is enough. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are highly efficient full range golden oldies made by Toshiba/Aurex when they actually had some pride in making audio gear they are said to be rated at 99/100DB very revealing lots of detail but also musical, pair them up with a nice tube amp and you're set simple as that very easy to drive. There are a few divots in the veneer that have been repaired they aren't visible from the front the speakers are just a shade over 50 years old so considering that they are in pretty good nick. @Steve M talks about these in his massive audio blog which is such an interesting read by itself it was the main reason I searched for a pair these are a bit of an audio secret I have tried a lot of speakers (not as many as Steve) these are worth it. http://stevem1960.blogspot.com/ Postage is an option I have a big box. Inspection is more than welcome at my place/cave, if someone wants the stands they would be included in the deal only for pickup. Report post Posted August 18 (ed
  12. Perhaps a heat gun and tap gently on the back of the woofer with patience they should pop off can't guarantee there won't be any damage to the box but if you're careful it should be ok.
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