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  1. Can't go wrong with Tortech I've never had an issue with 3 transformers I've owned over the years.
  2. Do you still do this or has the motorhome gone?
  3. I have a TU1500 AE with remote I was thinking of selling in Silver/champagne colour.
  4. Welcome check this out. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/9-showcase-your-system-build-threads/
  5. Do you have contents insurance? I don't think thats repairable unless you do a new screen.
  6. I can vouch for this deck as well as @Benny G he’s a nice fellow to deal with. The Technics is a rock solid performer the Cardas tone arm wire upgrade done by DUC (rip).was an excellent choice lifted the decks sound quality up a few levels.
  7. There's also @mwhouston Dave.
  8. Yes good point shelf measurements are 600mm x 600mm
  9. Further information: I made this rack a few years ago it has seen different combinations over the years very versatile with the threaded rods and obviously lots of shelves it can be used as in the photo for storage or multiple racks can be assembled I have different lengths of threaded rods and lots of bolts washers at one point I had three racks alongside each other for multiple components looked good with the industrial look happening the materials including the perspex cost around $800 so I think my price is reasonable. Very strong I don't know what this thing will hold but I had all of the shelves filled with amps at one point never looked like breaking but also impossible to move. It is dusty which I will clean just didn't get around to that yet and the shelves have some scuff marks. Shelf measurements are 600mm x 600mm Postage is a no there is a lot of weight in these materials.
  10. $300 budget I sincerely hope you manage to do it for that, vintage gear isn't cheap and neither is the modern stuff having said that you may get the cabinet for free I wish you the best of luck. A WTB on here could prove to be handy.
  11. Not off hand there's a few Mercury's for sale on Gumtree and eBay but they're different models you might need to be patient and hope some come up for sale have you put up a WTB on here yet it's amazing what the guys on here come up with.
  12. Wow first time I've seen this first get rid of the cat 😉 just kidding I have two of the cute little buggers as well. I would suggest a replacement driver if you can source one thats a tricky repair unless you're handy with speakers.
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