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  1. Think that might be a typo should probably read 2017, Hifi show hasn't been going that long well not that I know of anyway. Good fellow to deal with too just my 2c's worth.
  2. I had 2 of his Topaz's (45 watts) along my journey ran my pair of SHL5 with one of them I very much doubt you'll be disappointed with something from Earl as long as you're patient. Artisan 150 should be fine but not that much different to the Topaz sound wise so I'm told, I think it puts out about 20 watts a side from memory, the Harbeth's aren't hard to drive.
  3. SWAMP 2-Core PA Speaker Cable - Thick Gauge 13AWG - Speakon | SWAMP WWW.SWAMP.NET.AU Constructed with thick 2-core speaker cable utilising OFC copper. Each conductor is 13AWG (2.5mm2) and has individual insulation. Both are encased in a tough outer PVC jacket.
  4. Hi guys Thanks for all your offers the sub is effectively sold being picked Tuesday afternoon. Cheers
  5. Item: Rel T5 sub Location: ACT Price: $475 + post Item Condition: Very good, some light scuffing very hard to keep these piano black ones perfect but it's still pretty good. Reason for selling: No longer required my Spendors put out enough bass for me, toyed with the home theatre idea but no more.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Nice sub for music and movies works fine I haven't had any issues with it. Includes: power cable and 2x high level cables one 6m and a 3m one Rel recommend as the preferred way to connect the sub. No original packaging but I can post it safely if required got plenty of bubble wrap and boxes. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Thank you, it's what I suspected but I'm not too up with tube knowledge trying to learn from the more experienced guys. Cheers
  7. Ok all good thanks guys I'm not messing with my amps I'm just curious about the varying pins on tubes, so what would the 6pin 5881 tube be for anyone hazard a guess?
  8. Yep I do agree hence why I put the question out I find the whole thing a bit confusing.
  9. Now I'm no expert on this other guys on here will be more knowledgable but it sounds like the networks aren't devoting enough band width to these channels.
  10. The EL34 Mullards also have a pin missing I'm presuming now that this is normal practise depending on the type of tube. I presume most valve amps if they use the octet valve seat should be fine with these varying tube pins bit noobish I know but oh well.
  11. Ok so here are some pics hope they are clear enough. First 2 are the ones I’m asking about I think this one is from a guitar amp. second 2 are the 6CA7 cheers Actually the photos didn't load as I thought the 2 middle photos go together
  12. Hi Guys Thanks for the replies I'll do some pics when I get home a bit later. Cheers
  13. Hi guys Noob query sorry Have some tubes that I got spare with an amp I bought ages ago they have the same bottom plate configuration as an EL34 but they are missing 2 pins not damaged they are all the same, anyone please? Cheers
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