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  1. Sorry to hear your results aren’t satisfactory Peter I use a cap of alcohol as well in the mix forgot to mention that before, the motor on mine spins quite slowly I have no idea if that helps or not. I guess some records maybe just can’t be improved for whatever reason.
  2. Yep fair enough @ochremoon not here to change peoples minds just saying what I like to do. Don’t forget I use two drops of the dishwashing liquid in 6 litres of water and the rinse aid would I’m presuming remove the detergent not much chance of static occurring but again I’m no expert.
  3. Just standard dish washing detergent from Aldi and the rinse aid is standard dishwasher stuff not much expense here but it works just fine.
  4. I don’t normally question people on this site but WOW you guys are pretty serious using these chemicals Triton X100 is not necessary to clean records I know you are using small quantities and do what you like but do you really think it’s needed? My US gets filled with half boiled water to help it to get up to the required heat and the rest is cold water, (demineralised if I feel like it at the time I do have the machine to do it) 2 drops of simple detergent and 2 drops of rinse aid that’s it, I’m no expert but the records come out gleaming and sound great. Sorry if I’m getting up anybody’s nose here but I had to say something.
  5. FS: Chord Mojo

    good price indeed wouldn't mind this but i'm sure it's sold.
  6. Very simple with the right tools a good crimper is essential there are youtube tutorial video's that are quite good too. Just have to make sure you get the individual wire's in the right slots pretty straight forward really.
  7. I believe they are "inclined" to sound awesome. Plenty of good two way's out there @THOMO needs to get off the juice
  8. The actual device wasn't the issue just couldn't fit it there wasn't enough space where it was meant to sit so it could do it's thing properly they don't fit on all setups.
  9. Yeah I know mate I’ve tried the QUP before without much success happy to stick with my Denon besides looks like @Ugly is taking the plunge.
  10. Silly question maybe but does it lift up at the end the record?
  11. Dull platter

    Welcome to SNA you might have some luck asking your question in this section.. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/42-turntables-phono-amplifiers/
  12. 60/40 coffee beans recommendation

  13. Maybe the cartridge have you got another to test it out? Setup might not be right?
  14. FS: sunday morning lp sale

    astrud gilberto..windy ...September 1969 Thanks