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  1. Anyone who tried to message me re these cables and found my inbox full can message me now as i've cleared out my inbox.
  2. Item: IsoAcoustics GAIA III set of 8 Location: Williamstown Price: $550 Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased these for a set of speakers that I ended up selling so they have sat in their boxes unused. They are un-marked and absolutely new. Will support speakers up to 32kg each. I actually have a set of Gaia ii on another pair of speakers I own, which is why I bought this set. They are so effective I was astounded at the improvement they delivered, I just bought this set without even thinking. They're also great in a practical sense in that they wont damage wooden floors - spikes always seem to slip out of spike shoes when you are positioning speakers or moving them, but the Gaia's won't damage your floor. And spikes don't come close to the effectiveness of these feet. Search the internet. You will find innumerable reviews of how effective these things are. You wont find a more effective upgrade at anywhere near the price. And if you have carpets you can buy spike cups specifically for these feet, so you can use them anywhere. Improves the clarity of bass and midrange, improves sound staging, makes your speakers sound like they've just been upgraded to the next model up. Unbelievably good. HomeTheatreReview.com had this to say... "With every track, I consistently heard tighter bass and lower midrange, with greater focus and depth. What I already considered to be stellar imaging of vocals and instruments was further improved, and the soundstage was also noticeably wider and deeper. Overall, music had a more three-dimensional, natural sound, causing the speakers to disappear more completely from the room. These improvements were not subtle, either. They were both obvious and significant. With the GAIA II isolators in place, music listening was just a more emotional experience. In fact, I found myself queuing up track after track, discovering micro-details in the music that I hadn't heard before, no matter the genre being played. High Points • The GAIA isolation feet provide significant improvements--including tighter, more impactful bass, improved precision of voice and instrument placement, and the creation of a wider, deeper, more three-dimensional soundstage. • Speakers disappear from the room with the GAIAs in place, providing an experience that brings the listener closer to the original sound heard in the recording studio. • The stylish design aesthetic of the smoked chrome footers will complement the look of most any loudspeaker. Low Points • I can't think of any low points for the GAIA isolators.... IsoAcoustics is a company that gets loudspeaker isolation right--and isolation is important if you want to experience the very best performance that your speakers have to offer. Few products can make such a noticeable performance improvement to floorstanding loudspeakers as the IsoAcoustics GAIA acoustic isolation stands. In my opinion, they are are a no-brainer for all floorstander owners with speakers priced anywhere between the extreme budget and the über expensive ends of the price spectrum. I've heard A/B comparisons with a variety of well-respected speaker brands, including Focal, Bowers & Wilkins, and now Aerial Acoustics--all of which revealed significant sonic improvements. You owe it to yourself to either catch IsoAcoustics at a regional audio show for your own A/B audition or just take the leap with an IsoAcoustics retailer that offers a satisfaction guarantee. For me, this product is so good, it's simply a must-have, Pictures:
  3. Item: Tara Labs RSC Prime 3M bi-wire speaker cables terminated as standard speaker cables Location: Williamstown Price: $395 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pair of excellent Tara Labs RSC Prime bi-wire speaker cables. These cables are flat solid core cables. PLEASE NOTE these cables have been terminated as standard speaker cables ie non-bi-wire. I assume a Tara Labs re-seller can re-terminate as bi-wire. $10 donation to SNA on successful sale of cables. Pictures:
  4. If you were in Melbourne it would be gone! Damn, no packaging (do you have packaging?). Bargain! Good luck with the sale.
  5. Have Mkii version, and these speakers have to be heard to be believed. Very good buying for a great set of speakers. A slice of high-end heaven and very under-rated. GLWS
  6. Item: Sonus Faber Guarneri Momento speakers Location: Williamstown, Victoia Price: $9200 $8500 $8250 Item Condition: Almost new (except for leather front panels as there is 2 or 3 small marks on the edges of the leather front baffle, hence the price drop) Reason for selling: Selling on behalf of my brother - he needs the funds for renovations. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The most beautiful pair of Sonus Fabers, the Guarneri Momento. These exquisite speakers were purchased new by my brother from Audio Connection in NSW who were the Sonus Faber Distributor at the time in March 2010. They present in perfect condition minus a small mark or two on the leather edged front baffle (Can be seen in the images). But you will notice that the ‘string’ grills are in as new condition, i.e. not loose and shabby. They come complete with original timber crate for the speakers and cardboard boxes for the stands. Those that know of this model will know how incredible they sound. They were designed by Franco Serblin as a musical instrument. This model was his last Guarneri before he sold the company and arguably his greatest achievement. The first three images are from the internet to give you a better sense of their fine furniture grade finish, and sense of scale, as the photos supplied to me by my brother really don't do these beautiful speakers justice. Sonus Faber Guarneri speakers don’t come up often - if you’re looking for something a little special, and you don’t want to compromise on sound quality, you should consider these speakers. The soundstage and mid range is to die for, and the speakers just sound better every time you connect them to more powerful and refined amplification. I've been running these speakers at my home for the last week, and what they say in the reviews is true - you don't notice that you are listening to a small speaker as the bass coming out of these small beauties is quite simply amazing. Just give them some serious quality power amps to hang off, and you will be gobsmacked. A beautiful classic like no other. Michael Fremer wrote about these beauties in Stereophile. Regarding the quality of bass reproduction he wrote: “I haven't heard the original Guarneri Homage, so I'm not in a position to compare, but it's no overstatement to write that, in my more than two months of listening, the Guarneri memento never produced a sour note, and never failed to astonish and surprise me by producing (among other things) remarkably deep, powerful, well-textured, and nimble bass free of midbass bloat and overhang — at least down to just below 40Hz, which is deep enough for most of the range of both acoustic and electric bass.” And the superb mid-range and top end: “The Guarneri mementos' midrange transparency and freedom from congestion or obvious tonal coloration got me as involved in the music as I could be—the subtlest musical and spatial details were revealed with pinpoint precision across and within a far larger, deeper, and stabler soundstage than such small boxes had any business producing. Solo vocalists were rendered with a complete absence of nasality, chestiness, or other obvious distractions, thanks both to the speaker's freedom from midbass bloat and its silky-smooth yet finely detailed top end.” Alan Sircom wrote in Hi-Fi Choice: There’s a paradox, here. Sonus Faber reputedly designs all speakers using its own 50-watt Music amplifier. If so, Sonus Faber hasn’t heard how good Songs Faber’s speakers really are. Because, although these speakers sound magical with 50 watts or so delivering the goods, they sound an awful lot more magical with 200 or more up the speaker terminals. Using the word ‘magical’ twice in the same sentence would be overkill for any other speaker; with the Memento, it’s almost understatement. This is a sensational speaker, possessed of a musical passion that’s all too rare in hi-fi. Once again, you can set aside all the usual hi-fi requirements (it does all that, perfectly) and become absorbed into the music, into its harmonic richness and texture. You feel a connection with the music that can happen with other small speakers, but is fleeting. On the Guarneri Mememnto, you feel as if you are having a masterclass with Bach and Glenn Gould when playing the Goldberg Variations, or a lesson in abject funkiness when listening to Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns. And you get this on almost every disc played. If there is a downside to the Guarneri Mememnto, it’s that it won’t let you play music in the background - the sound (even at low levels) draws you in. This isn’t a product you simply listen to. It’s a product you fall in love with. It’s not simply a high-end sound; it’s a magical sound, backed up by one of the best-looking cabinets money can buy. The Guarneri Mememnto will seduce you. Give in to its charms! Pictures:
  7. I'm surprised these speakers haven't sold. They're really that good with top flight amplification. You get a slice of serious performance for not much money. I'd buy them but I have too many speakers but so tempting. If youve got a really good amp then buy without hesitation as these speakers will shine.
  8. Brilliant speakers. Had a pair. Drive them with a gutsy amp that has lots of current drive and they will reward you with a lively, accurate and punchy sound. Comparable in speed and imaging to a pair of Wilson Sashas, just not as much absolute bass extension, but at a fraction of the price, a top quality audiophile speaker. Great buying!
  9. Not sure you understood my post Snoopy8. By ‘aggressively priced’ I meant very cheap. When you add up the time it takes to add components to the board, the different case rear for the extra ports and the extra parts, you wonder how Clay makes any money.
  10. Hmmmm $300 extra is aggressively priced!
  11. Item: Chord Epic Speaker Cable Stereo Pair 2.3 Metres Location: Melbourne Price: $350 Item Condition:One month old and in as new condition Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As new Chord Epic come with genuine Chord OHMIC plugs and the new Chord cable trousers. I was so impressed with these cables I upgraded to Chord Signature. Total RRP was $660 Pictures:
  12. I have also acquired a pair of PL300II. Hows your search going for amplification? I've recently tried Audio Research Pre/Power combination and its a sublime combination with these speakers!
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