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  1. My current build and to be my final hopefully. Would be nice if I could find my headshells and cartridges from shipping all my stuff from nz in January!! Got the red pnp for the mean time. Denon DP80 motor. Furatech cable to be upgraded but until I have a house and finish the plinth, in no rush. I am a fan of heavy tts so this is baltic birch plywood that I made using a mates/customer of mines cnc machine from Germany and was larger than a courier van but bloody fun to play with Built a custom step down transformer, awaiting a nice terroidal upgrade when i get the confidence and connections to test it in sydney I also need to build a deeper/bigger rack for it lol!!!
  2. This was the man I used to buy all my equipment from before moving from nz!
  3. Nah bro! Its my first time with the new series!! Only got 6 hours at work tomorrow, hope I get a chance
  4. No!!! What "efficiency" is the 802s? When I first got my Rhb10 with the passive Rhc10 I was a university party boy lol so I had Cerwin vega vf15s I think they were and man did the mids melt...the coil turned almost in to a tube!!! I want to run these with xlr cables from montaudio and run the personas. I am a paradigm lover but not a fan of metal woofers. So hoping the match the lower end montaudio xlr with them and check the results xlrs will be the Chatham range.
  5. Arrived today at lifestyle store Parramatta! Hopefully get a chance to set these up today:)
  6. Morning guys! Well I am a michi boy through and through. Oldskool too. I moved to Sydney on the first a jan after selling my pharmacy in nz for a change in lifevand to close to my wife's family for our children. In this process I registered here as a legal drug dealer but was lucky enough about 6 weeks ago to pop into a store and get a job. Currently in my 4th week at lifestyle store sydney and loving it. Rather different to drug dealing thats for sure but bloody exciting and I am very lucky to have found something I am passionate about!!! In the next couple of weeks, as long as tnt don't loose the michis (have done twice for one guy) ill be setting up the m8s and p5 combo at lifestyle store. Would love to take my system in and run side by side! Please excuse the photo as obviously until we buy a house the granny flat my brother inlaw lives in was the only option Also for those interested https://www.facebook.com/groups/384918068350254/?ref=share this is the Facebook group I started years ago only had 4 members until about November last year when it sky rocketed for obvious reasons lol. Good community. Easy going. Note it is a private group as had a few bloody advertising accounts get in there. anyway have a great day guys! Andrew
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