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  1. perthpete

    AMP for B&W CDM7

    Nerrrrro, i have B&W CDM7SE (yes 20 years old now). Always been connected to various (over those years) Denon receivers. A number of years ago I added a Parasound P2 power amp (2x250 watts) to run my main speakers. That was a very important addition. Much more consistency across the board. So yeah CDM7s are thankful speakers to feed power into..
  2. perthpete


    Hi Djb, not sure if your response was to my post, but it did make me realise I should have added that the latest B&Ws ‘that would be in same range (even if price is incomparable across 29 years:))’ are up to scratch in comparison to my own. And of course very much so to my ears only. I totally agree it is a great experience to be listen to other peoples setup ..
  3. perthpete


    Yeah, all of the above... I own B&W speakers (CDM7SE) for over 20 years. Have been looking (well, listening) around every now and then (just to try and be prepared if they’d ever give up the ghost) but am still very happy with my current ones... not sure that the latest B&Ws are up to scratch (unless of course willing to spend car level money :-))
  4. perthpete

    GoldenEar Triton Reference new model

    I was listening to some speakers at West Coast hifi. Just before leaving they asked me if I had heard their latest addition yet.. the GoldenEar Triton reference ones... I had 5 minutes left, so had a very quick listen.. gotta say - as a very brief first impression - they sounded very very good indeed...
  5. Found one more setting, trying it out right now.. Under General settings and ECO there is an option "Auto Standby". This one was set to (default) 15 minutes... Changing this to OFF ... seems to have done the trick!! Leaves two questions, one why this setting was changed (which I can only assume I must have done unintentionally) two why playing music to the AVR through the modem /cable is seen by the AVR as 'no input' after 15 minutes.. Because any other input (TV, Apple TV, DVD, Blue Ray) never triggered this auto power down .. Anyways, found it ... Happy again!!!
  6. The curious case of the 15 minutes timed AVR shutdown: Since just over a month I am running Spotify on my Ipad sending the music to my AVR 6200W. Ipad connects thru wireless to router, the AVR is connected thru network cable. This went well for a couple of weeks, I really started enjoying this setup listening for hours to nice music.. As of a few days ago however, within 15 minutes the receiver shut down (powered off), and the music continued playing but just on the ipad. I thought it weird, but just choose the AVR again as output, music continued there all good. However, 15 minutes later, the AVR powered down again ... It has been like that since the first time, each and every time I play music from the ipad/Spotify to the AVR, after (and I timed, every time the same!) 15 minutes it powers down. I am aware that only a few days ago there was an update of the IOS on the IPAD that was installed, I cannot exactly recall though if this problem started directly after that. I have been trying many things over the last few days, including searching for this particular problem on Google etc.. however, nothing that I can find sounds similar. Things I tried / checked (notably: I have NO such problems when watching TV): - Restart of ipad - restart of modem - log out, delete and re-install Spotify on ipad - checked for firmware updates on AVR (none) - checked that the 'sleep' timer on the AVR has not accidentally been set to 15 minutes - playing internet radio on Apple TV (also connected to AVR) which has no problem continuing over 15 minutes - installed Spotify on PC to try and see if I could play from there to AVR. Alas, it seems not an option at all (can play to ipad from PC, as an option provided in the Spotify app, but the AVR is not 'seen' in there as an option) EDIT: - Currently I am trying one more thing which is to output the music (from Ipad/Spotify) to the Apple TV and see if that runs over 15 minutes mark .. This works, no problem going over the 15 minutes mark. I am however pretty much at rock bottom, so very much in need of useful advice / ideas / experiences (hoping I am not the first / only one ....). At the moment I don't even seem to be able to pinpoint with any certainty even where the problem should be (Ipad / software / AVR / ...). (Happy to offer a nice coffee for whoever is located here in Perth and has a solution for me :-))
  7. perthpete

    Hello from the Netherlands !

    Hi Toni, ZB.. Is dat Zevenbergen? (Niet dat ik daarvandaan kom:-)). Welkom hier.. Back to english: welcome here. I've become a member a couple of years ago, and after a while stopped visiting. However as this interesting hobby of us does (in smaller or bigger way) we always return back to it....
  8. perthpete

    Help choosing new Receiver / Amp

    Hi Peter, any reason for not putting a Denon (X6200 or X7200) on your list?
  9. perthpete

    SOLD: FS : Modwright LS100 Pre-amp

    Not sure what I can add here.. except this is a bargain!! You are crazy, Dave:-)
  10. perthpete

    Why is Al :) always :)

    :D :D :D
  11. perthpete

    Audiophile noob from Perth

    Very welcome!!
  12. perthpete

    The voice

    Hold on, did you miss Victoria? (..bang, bang). Thought that was very good!
  13. perthpete

    hi from Perth

    welcome!! Another sandgroper out of the woodwork .. :-)
  14. I would have suggested the same:-). WIth indeed the comment that they are very much majorly focussed on HT stuff, not so much on 'proper' audiophile stuff, for that you would indeed need to look for others (like Frank Prowse).
  15. perthpete

    Another West Aussie

    But surely ..