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  1. “More than the family car”... can mean two different things... :-). Is that car a 20 year old Datsun for example or is it a - say - new Porsche Cayenne?? [emoji41][emoji41]. Jokes aside! Welcome!
  2. Welcome, Mark... indeed, tell more.......
  3. Hi A J, that sounds great! Will send a PM to set something up for in a few weeks time (recovering from a minor surgery atm, not allowed to drive for another 2 weeks or so).
  4. Fortitude... a little bit like Fargo, a little bit like Ozark.. but darker... (getting darker with almost every episode).
  5. Hoi Andre, welkom van nog een andere Hollander.. (alhoewel al wel effe weg uit NL(13 jaar). Indeed much info to be found here. Improving sounds without investing may proof to be a challenge is my guess tbh :-):-)
  6. Hmmm was happy to see this topic, given I am also pondering and pondering and pondering... (about roon software yes or no). Is there anyone (in Perth) who is using Roon and willing to maybe demo sometime during a day in a weekend?
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