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  1. Voicing the question most of us had I guess😀😀
  2. I guess the question is also whether the measurements way up against what your ears hear? Nice 'little' toy btw...
  3. Hi @Lars V, jazeker uit NL. Geboren vlak bij Ermelo (Putten). Slechts 1 keer verhuisd naar het buitenland, Australia waar ik nu bijna 15 woon:-). 7 countries in 25 years.. that’s quite a bit. For work I assume?
  4. Of gewoon welkom bij de groep 😁
  5. Ermelo, Gelderland? If so: welkom bij het forum😄😄.
  6. Yeah saw that when I looked up the specs.. looks like a great device! 😁
  7. Hmm, so wondering if the Lumin is a Roon certified (or tested) device... if so I could connect my laptop to your network (my laptop has roon core) I think to then play to your Lumin. Showing the full UI of roon... 🙂 edit: hang on is the Lumin MQA capable? If not might still be worthwhile taking my Project boxes ..hmmm so much (to me) new stuff in this streaming business .. :-):-)
  8. No turn table unfortunately. Do you have a USB or Bluetooth input? or alternatively, if you Rca input AND have Router sort of in the neigbourhood (requiring some setup effort) I could bring my project S2 streamer and dac box maybe? Thinking to bring laptop with roon core etc - saying this only in case you don’t have similar setup yourself of course......
  9. if they are going to sound as beautiful as they look you've got a winner there! (Seconding Paul comment with one adjustment: coffee, snacks and music session soon? :-))
  10. Welcome. Good to see another sandgroper looking for new speakers 🙂
  11. Hi Daniel, welcome! Yes, weird year this one. Saying that though, very lucky to live where we are! 😀😀
  12. I think I need to add another highly favorite album: ”Temptation” by Chantal Chamberland absolutely love it!
  13. Nice website. a little too far away to visit unfortunately Did saw two typos under the ‘my story’ area... (can I say that here in public? 🧐🧐)
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