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  1. perthpete

    Hi from WA

    welcome Pete, Pete [emoji41]
  2. perthpete

    CJ's intro!

    In WA and Coffee expert.. great!
  3. perthpete

    Newbie from W.A

    No we don’t ..... [emoji41]
  4. well, indeed.. not working on the ipad, however totally visible on the PC... Interesting... should not make a difference these days you would... So, yeah I chose quite satisfied (2nd answer) with current sound (no doubt there is or we can always go better if willing to 'invest' more). My current 'deadlock' is that the investment is in our system (HT with bypass for main speakers through Parasound A21) in the living room which is not the most ideal room. And I don't want to (spend the money to:-)) build a separate setup in the actual theatre room (which would probably be a bit better). Some day maybe....
  5. perthpete

    New baby

    Hmmmm got one too.... love it!!
  6. Ehhhh... where are the poll options? I cannot see / find them? Is it because of using ipad??
  7. Yeah, I think some GTGs would work well. Absolutely true what is said too about listening experience being very personal. Particular challenge in some places (lets say Perth to name ‘my place’ [emoji16]) is that there are not very many places to go and have a listen to various different hifi level speakers for example. While west coast hifi is doing (i think only somewhat recently) is having various high level (aka expensive) speakers available for listening, however each shop has the one brand. So quite tough to go out and listen to different brands given having to drive to different shops all the time.
  8. perthpete

    Hi there

    Indeed... another Sandgroper.. there is life after all! (In Perth that is[emoji1])
  9. perthpete

    New Here, From WA!

    Hmmm, yeah, joining from WA, but you are leaving WA as well? Pity...
  10. perthpete

    Hi from WA

    Welcome, another sandgroper 🤪
  11. perthpete

    AMP for B&W CDM7

    Nerrrrro, i have B&W CDM7SE (yes 20 years old now). Always been connected to various (over those years) Denon receivers. A number of years ago I added a Parasound P2 power amp (2x250 watts) to run my main speakers. That was a very important addition. Much more consistency across the board. So yeah CDM7s are thankful speakers to feed power into..
  12. perthpete


    Hi Djb, not sure if your response was to my post, but it did make me realise I should have added that the latest B&Ws ‘that would be in same range (even if price is incomparable across 29 years:))’ are up to scratch in comparison to my own. And of course very much so to my ears only. I totally agree it is a great experience to be listen to other peoples setup ..
  13. perthpete


    Yeah, all of the above... I own B&W speakers (CDM7SE) for over 20 years. Have been looking (well, listening) around every now and then (just to try and be prepared if they’d ever give up the ghost) but am still very happy with my current ones... not sure that the latest B&Ws are up to scratch (unless of course willing to spend car level money :-))
  14. perthpete

    GoldenEar Triton Reference new model

    I was listening to some speakers at West Coast hifi. Just before leaving they asked me if I had heard their latest addition yet.. the GoldenEar Triton reference ones... I had 5 minutes left, so had a very quick listen.. gotta say - as a very brief first impression - they sounded very very good indeed...
  15. Found one more setting, trying it out right now.. Under General settings and ECO there is an option "Auto Standby". This one was set to (default) 15 minutes... Changing this to OFF ... seems to have done the trick!! Leaves two questions, one why this setting was changed (which I can only assume I must have done unintentionally) two why playing music to the AVR through the modem /cable is seen by the AVR as 'no input' after 15 minutes.. Because any other input (TV, Apple TV, DVD, Blue Ray) never triggered this auto power down .. Anyways, found it ... Happy again!!!