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  1. Think you have it wrong!!! Why use wall switch? Its not the attenuators and you are going down the wrong road. Attenuators only reduce signal(resistance) to next component. Remove them and see if that changes things. I keep my amps on all the time to save warmup. Never ever had a thump. I have 1200 watt x 2 sub amps and 100 watt per speaker amps on mains thats 400 watts each speaker left and 400 right. Anyway keep playing.
  2. I tried inline attenuators about 10 years ago and they didn't last, I still have them in the discard box. They may improve some things but you are adding another connection and when removed its sounds better. With regards to the 205 its best run direct as pre/dac with volume above 70 for best sound. The only issue I've had is on some older DVD's like Fleetwood Mac The Dance does not have enough output to run volume louder than 100. Never had a problem with blue ray live concerts. Its time this Dvd was upgraded to Blueray with better sound output anyway. If you are running into a preamp then read this by Bob AVsforum site(Pg10 Official OPPO UDP-205 UHD Blu-ray Player Owner's Thread) in fact this forum posts about Oppo 205 and has everything, worth reading the lot sometime. Personally if you run a preamp I'd suggest what Bob says below is the best approach. I find the 205 volume control run between 70 and 100 has no influence on the sound quality. Do not add anything in the line between 205 and preamp. Mind you removing the preamp has a bigger effect on the sound, running direct to power amps. I've been running this way for 15 years and can't go back. Try it sometime make sure you have set volume to variable and reduced it to 20 to start with. Launching this at 100 is very unnerving to ones body I know I've done it fortunately nothing broke except my heart. Robert
  3. Yes very happy with the Boulders. I will upgrade to the MKII's perhaps later this year but currently looking at NOS Dacs. The MKII's are measured down to 33hz and this is adequate depending on the music type and room for bass. I already had the subs with the Tannoy's as they only went down to 45hz. Filling in the bottom frequencies with a good sub does improve the treble, quiet surprising this one. Going active crossover is even better. Splitting off the low frequencies allows the Boulders to shine even more effortlessly. There is no cheap approach to subs, that's accurate. I see the Presonus T10's are $590A so really are at the low end of subs and ported. I find ported subs and speakers soft, less accurate in the bass/lower midrange. Integrating these can be problematic especially if one is ported and the other isn't. I think the Super Rocks with a better sub would be a good option for you. Unity Audio make subs also but I have not heard them. If you have the ability Boulder MKII's with two JL10 subs or 12's would be superb. All accurate, fast and easy to integrate. Finding the money may be a challenge.
  4. You won't regret trying these speakers. If you check the Unity Audio web site(http://unityaudioproducts.co.uk/) there is both a HiFi(http://www.indimports.com/contact/) and Pro dealer(https://www.audiochocolate.com.au/) in Australia. I bought the Pro Boulder MKI's direct from Unity UK as a London Studio had upgraded to MKII's on new release. I did not hear them before buying as there are none in New Zealand and I still probably have the only pair. Studios here are always tight for money so very small market. I previously owned Tannoy DMT12's(15 years) and online figured the Boulders were a logical upgrade as they had very good reviews. They do stack up design wise and on paper, excellent Elac ribbon tweeter/midrange driver, active de Paravicini amps, sealed solid enclosures. I've had mine for two years. I run them in conjunction with 2 x JL Audio 12 subs(also sealed enclosures) and a bespoke active crossover. The sound is what you feed them so recording quality is paramount. In saying that old recordings are still good as these speakers reveal so much detail. I have thought about the MKII's, but as I run subs havn't bothered. The MKII's do have an improved sound(bass to midrange) over the I's going by review. Hi-Fi versions are a recent addition to the Unity range probably due to enthusiasts buying them like me for one, although my wife is a singer/ guitarist and we do use them to monitor her recordings. On playback of Live concert Blueray recordings especially in Hires 24/96 you are at the concert. Jeff Beck and Leonard Cohen to name two(I've been to both concerts to compare). Everybody who has heard them have never heard a sound like it. Mind you most musicians don't have great playback systems at home. I notice that some top level UK studios are now running them so they are gaining ground in popularity. I've included a photo. I run the Benchmark DAC2L as pre dac.
  5. Heavy metal requires two 10/12 inch active subs and two decent active monitors with at least a 8/10inch mid/bass driver. Active crossover is handy. Power is everything but with active you can run lower power as its more efficient. In my book 100 watts is minimum per driver for mid/bass and 500 watts for a sub. My JL Audios 12's are 1200 watt Class D. You need to move air and there is no cheap way to do it bar good second hand speakers and amps. There are some very good active speakers available in the Pro field in New Zealand Genelec, JBL and ATC to name 3 good ones. I personally have Boulder MKI active speakers from Britain. Plus good subs. I've imported all my stuff direct from overseas. Check Ebay for good buys. Trade me has some good stuff but not often. I just sold my 12inch Tannoys which were good for heavy metal and any other music you threw at them for $1000. They did need amplifiers with them. I ran 2 Plinius SA100MKII's but all gone now. Active is the standard in the Pro field now, probably, HiFi does not go down this road as they make more money by selling you more boxes then you need more cables and on it goes.
  6. Yes I know the feeling, Sennheiser are struggling with Bryston I had to wait for ages to get a quote on a Bryston active crossover. I had to explain in detail what I wanted. The person at the other end had no knowledge about the product. I guess they are use to selling headphones. These guys are the problem not Bryston or the retailer. I would inform Bryston directly as you say you have done, perhaps give them the name of the repairer.
  7. Tannoy 6 Monitors: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=787335419 Tannoy 10 Monitor: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=787338879
  8. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=787321123
  9. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=788107548
  10. Wow thought he may have lasted longer. Saw him with Randy Crawford and his son on bass at the Civic Theatre and drummer, Auckland about 7 years ago. The best piano player I've ever seen live. He said in a break "I practise 8 hours 5 days and play one 2 hour concert every week" The concert was under promoted and a small but musician like audience turned up. He also featured on the Quincy Jones birthday tribute BR concert(Montreux) which parts off are stunning. Glad I saw him. A master of the piano.
  11. My God we now live in the era of super mass production and yes you could be unlucky to get more than one dud. Keep going back you will get a good one in the end. Most people don't realise, end mass produced products are not QC'ed anymore its cheaper for the end user to return it. Unfortunately you probably got a line of stuffed products(runs of product can have the same problems). Your issue although unusual is common nowadays even with reputable brands. My Cambridge 751 has served me well and Cambridge Audio is a reputable company and will put it right. It just takes time. We are at the end of the line by location in NZ. Perhaps you have a problem in your system mains power spikes or whatever.
  12. I concur with Marantz, I find myself visiting less. I liked to hover over threads and you could read the initial words before going into the thread. I mean some threads I'm just not interested in, well actually a lot of the threads on this site. I suspect we are not alone in visiting less. Anyway I'm no expert on web sites but compared to "Computer Audiophile" the main web site I currently visit and XXhighend this seems difficult and clumsy.
  13. Yes it seems to be improving as we go along, keep going.
  14. Patricia Barber - Smash (hirez 24/192) (Love this jazz singer piano latest) Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (remastered hirez 24/192) (Classic jazz album from HD Tracks) Mark Knopfler - Privateering (hirez 24/96) (From HD tracks of probably the best solo album Mark has done to date) The Orb - With Lee Scratch Perry - The Orbserver in the star house (More madness from Lee combined with Alex Paterson) Nick Cave - Live from KCRW (Excellent live voice and sound) Jimi Hendrix - Miami Pop Festival (Surprisingly good, considering there can't be much left in the vault) Billy Cobham - Compass Point (One of the best Jazz fusion drummers latest efforts) Larry Carlton & Robben Ford Live unplugged (Excellent blues guitar on this from 2 experts) Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird (Superb NZ album) Best concert Leonard Cohen but was not as good as the previous in 2010 still enjoyable (Vector seating is horrible but sound was great)
  15. My God I can't believe this story. Audiomods what is the problem in a tone arm cable what voltage and current are we dealing with here .1, 1 or 10,000 volts???? Very low safe current and voltage in reality. This is rubbish. They should have wired it they way you wanted it with the proviso that if you incurred hums or issues they were not at fault. No law against this here. Forget the Din plug the most awful plug invented even though Naim used it for years. The Poms are prone to quirky things. Hind sight which is a wonderful thing probably should have bought the standard arm and had someone like Chris Marquet(Auckland) tweek it for you. Rats you say rats gosh you need a good CAT. They love sleeping on warm amplifiers. The only rats I ever see are dead under my kitchen table thank God, while the cat sleeps on my amps(Plinius are good for something).
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